Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel






Minutes of a meeting of the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel held in the Council Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, Ground Floor, 301-305 Queen Street, Auckland on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 at 9.30am.





Rev Uesifili Unasa





Toleafoa Sina Aiolupotea-Aiono





Dr Monique Faleafa





Tupou Manapori





Richard Pamatatau





Taualeo'o Stephen Stehlin





Filemoni Timoteo





Sione Tuitahi





Dr Robert Woonton













Cr Anae Arthur Anae



Deputy Chair

Orchid Atimalala







Cr Alf Filipaina













Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel

15 October 2013


1††††††††† Apologies

Resolution number PPAB/2013/1

MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member F Timoteo:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

a)         accept apologies from Cr AJ Anae and Member O Atimalala for absence.




2††††††††† Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



3††††††††† Confirmation of Minutes

Resolution number PPAB/2013/2

MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member R Pamatatau:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 as true and correct record.


Resolution number PPAB/2013/3

MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member M Faleafa:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

b)        confirm the notes of its informal meeting , held on Tuesday, 15 September 2013, as a true and correct record.




4††††††††† Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.





Great Tamaki Stormwater Network Discharge Consent - Stormwater Priorities Consultation


Resolution number PPAB/2013/4

MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member T Manapori:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

a)††††† receive the report

b)††††† agree that the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel and pacific communities receive future updates on the stormwater priorities consultation

c)††††† agree that the future Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel provide feedback to the project consultation process on behalf of pacific communities.







Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan Steering Group update


Member Richard Pamatatau provided feedback that he received from the community regarding the Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan for information.


MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member T Manapori:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

a)         receive the update regarding the Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan

b)        agree that the PPAP be kept up to date on progress made regarding the Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan.







End of Term - Reflections


Councillor Filipaina updated the Panel regarding the Te Papa project.

The Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel (PPAP) members spoke of their reflections during their inaugural term of council. The reflections were as follows:


Member Tupou Manapori:

         there were no resources and funding as requested in 2010 by the panel

         there was no support for Legacy Board members in this term

         thank panel members for the work done during this term and should be in an advisory role

         there had no funding for the Moana Pasifika Festival in Manukau that started in 2010.


Member Taualeoío Stephen Stehlin:

         frustrated by the invisible representation of pacific people in the democratic process

         had a great experience during this the term however there is a need to express more for our pacific people in the city.


Member Dr Monique Faleafa:

         disappointed the Panel had not been involved at a strategic level

         frustrated at lack of clarity of the Panelís role, function and purpose

         the perception of Panel members as elected representatives which needs clarification.



Member Sione Tuitahi:

         good work in contributing to plans and reporting back to communities

         need more emphasis of advice at the governance level

         initially inspired by the Ďfour well beingí of Local Government Act

         structure and focus of the future panel should be at a strategic level

         need to set clear outcomes

         need leadership qualities

         need to build relationships with mana whenua.


Member Richard Pamatatau:

         the Panelís role needs to have strategic focus

         need to build relationship with CCOs

         Panel to have more involvement working collaboratively with officers and councillors.


Member Filemoni Timoteo:

         need to form partnership and collaboration with the Independent Maori Statutory Board (IMSB)

         build relationships with iwi and mana whenua

         build more effective connection with our pacific communities

         there been no resources for the panel; one of the big challenges we have experienced

         people infrastructure investment; our peoplesí skills and dynamics in various areas, i.e. digital market, economic strategy

         need to co-ordinate resources by way of forward planning for our communities i.e. communicate to our people about council plans and issues that may affect them

         inform our communities about Ďrates rebatesí and other opportunities that are available

         get our communities engaged.


Member Dr Robert Woonton:

         councilís consultation with the Panel Ė LTP consultation process was excellent then we got cut off

         council need more consultation with pacific communities not just to the Panel

         lack of support from council for legacy pacific boards

         thereís a need for representation of other ethnic groups of our pacific islands in the Panel

         recent events i.e. the chairís conflict of interest Ė itís still unclear of what the process was

         conflict of interest needs to be clarified more for the next Panel

         encourage our pacific graduates to be involved and express their views within this forum

         thank the council support team for supporting the panel.


Member Toleafoa Sina Aiolupotea-Aiono

         itís been an exhilarating and interesting 3 years

         voter turnout this year was not so good, however successes in number of Pacific candidates who stood in recent elections partly attributable to the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel (PPAP) membersí advocacy

         issues and challenges with structure and processes of Council, in so far as PPAP advice channelled to council for action, the Panel wished to document the following concerns:

  • where did the advice go ?
  • was the advice auctioned ?
  • how did the Panel know ?
  • did the PPAP receive feedback ?
  • the fundamental issue around this process is still a challenge.



         with regard to the PPAP and other Councilís Panels, e.g. Ethnic, Business, Rural and Youth, the value for these panels to meet e.g. annually to be more informed about the other panelsí interests, possible some alignment with priorities, value in ensuring these panels do touch base

         the Terms of Reference of the Panel need to include the calibre/skills and of members functions

         itís been an honour and privilege to serve alongside talented, smart and beautiful panel

         thank council officers.


Councillor Alf Filipaina:

         suggested a fono with IMSB twice a year

         support for the Panel on the Governing Body (advocacy role).


Mr Will Ilolahia:

         council to take our people seriously.



Member Rev Uesifili Unasa:

         the Panelís role been underutilised

         concern with the Councilís processes versus the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panelís role

         need to improve how we engage our people with council.


Resolution number PPAB/2013/5

MOVED by Member U Unasa, seconded by Member F Timoteo:

That the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel:

a)        agree that the reflections be noted, and forwarded to officers developing the report to the Governing Body on the future model for the panel

b)        agree that Councillor Filipaina update the new PPAP on community consultation regarding the Te Papa project.




8††††††††† Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There were no extraordinary items.


11.50 am††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.














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