I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Albert-Eden Local Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Albert Eden Local Board Office
135 Dominion Road
Mt Eden


Albert-Eden Local Board









Peter Haynes


Deputy Chairperson

Glenda Fryer



Helga Arlington



Lee Corrick



Graeme Easte



Rachel Langton



Margi Watson



Tim Woolfield



(Quorum 4 members)




Michael Mendoza

Democracy Advisor


3 December 2013


Contact Telephone: (09) 623 6090

Email: Michael.Mendoza@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Welcome                                                                                                                         5

2          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

3          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

4          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               5

5          Leave of Absence                                                                                                          5

6          Acknowledgements                                                                                                       5

7          Petitions                                                                                                                          5

8          Deputations                                                                                                                    5

9          Public Forum                                                                                                                  5

9.1     Albert-Eden Youth representative update                                                        5

9.2     Public consultation on proposed work by Auckland Transport                    6

9.3     Kingsland Business Society Incorporated                                                       6

10        Extraordinary Business                                                                                                6

11        Notices of Motion                                                                                                          7

11.1   Notice of Motion - Mont le Grand                                                                       7

12        Local Board Agreement 2014/2015                                                                              9

13        Bangor Street Car Park Coyle Park                                                                           13

14        Approval of the Albert-Eden Local Board Community Lease Workplan 2013/2014     23

15        Streams Enhancement Budget Allocation and Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks                                                                                                         29

16        Auckland Transport Monthly Update Report – November 2013                            53

17        Auckland Transport Quarterly Update to Local Boards -
For the quarter - 1 July to 30 September 2013                                                        

18        Chairperson's Report                                                                                                  75

19        Board Members' Reports                                                                                           77

20        Governing Body Members' update                                                                           83

21        Reports Requested/Pending                                                                                      85

22        Albert-Eden Local Board Workshop Notes                                                              89  

23        Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Welcome



2          Apologies


At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.


3          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Tuesday, 26 November 2013, as a true and correct record.


5          Leave of Absence


At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.


6          Acknowledgements


At the close of the agenda no requests for acknowledgements had been received.


7          Petitions


At the close of the agenda no requests to present petitions had been received.


8          Deputations


At the close of the agenda no requests for deputations had been received.


9          Public Forum


A period of time (approximately 30 minutes) is set aside for members of the public to address the meeting on matters within its delegated authority. A maximum of 3 minutes per item is allowed, following which there may be questions from members.


9.1       Albert-Eden Youth representative update

Executive Summary

1.       Agnes Wong, Albert-Eden local area youth representative to the Youth Advisory Panel, will be in attendance to present a Public Forum presentation to the Albert-Eden Local Board, regarding an update on youth-related activities and events attended during the past month.


That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      Receives the tabled update report from the Albert-Eden Youth representative.


a          Albert-Eden Youth representative report............................................. 101



9.2       Public consultation on proposed work by Auckland Transport

Executive Summary

Cathy Catto will be in attendance to present to the Albert-Eden Local Board regarding the proposed speed humps, cycle routes, threshold treatments for Dominion Road / Halesowen Avenue as proposed by Auckland Transport.



a)      That Cathy Catto be thanked for her public forum presentation regarding the proposed speed humps, cycle routes, threshold treatments for Dominion Road / Halesowen Avenue.



9.3       Kingsland Business Society Incorporated

Executive Summary

Christine Foley, Manager Kingsland Business Society Incorporated, will be in attendance to present a Public Forum presentation to the Albert-Eden Local Board regarding upcoming events in Kingsland including the Kingsland Karnival 2014, urban amenity at the Kingsland gateway area to link in with the Urban Design Competition and route changes for PT, traffic and pedestrians.


a)      That Christine Foley, Manager Kingsland Business Society Incorporated, be thanked for her public forum presentation.



10        Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”


11        Notices of Motion


11.1     Notice of Motion - Mont le Grand

In accordance with Standing Order 3.11.1, the following Notice of Motion has been received from Member Tim Woolfield for inclusion on the agenda for the Albert-Eden Local Board meeting being held on day, Wednesday, 11 December 2013:


That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      Requests Auckland Transport to urgently assess the  design, cost and installation of barriers to prevent vehicles hitting the houses at No. 2 and 4 Mewburn Avenue in Mt Eden.


On 25-Apr-2013 a vehicle travelling at high speeds along Mont le Grand Road failed to negotiate the sharp and downward sloping corner with Mewburn Avenue. As a consequence the house at 4 Mewburn Avenue was hit by the vehicle, and the occupants including a young baby narrowly escaped serious injury.

Herald report at http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10879852

In early 2014 this house is being completely rebuilt as a consequence of this accident. The owners have not lived in this house since.

The view expressed by this resident and others is that had the vehicle hit 2 Mewburn Avenue then it is quite likely due to its different construction that the vehicle would have caused considerably more damage and consequently greater potential for injury to the occupants.

This initiative was first communicated to Auckland Transport on 6-Jun-13 by the Maungawhau Transport Portfolio Holder. The subsequent verbal response was to wait until traffic calming initiatives on Mont le Grand Road had been completed and then reassess the situation. However there have been significant delays in this project and with the imminent re-development of this site due to commence there are no enhancements to the safety of these residents.

The issue is not so much the frequency of accidents but that when they do occur the potential for serious injury to residents is high. The topography is not ideal due to the sloping ground at this corner. It is recognised that the site is well marked with chevron signs but once an error of judgement is made by the driver there are no natural barriers to prevent a collision with these houses.

While traffic calming measures are welcomed by the occupants, they do not believe that these measures alone will prevent accidents occurring at this corner. Based on the reasons above, this view has support from the author of this report.



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Local Board Agreement 2014/2015


File No.: CP2013/27840




1.       This report seeks agreement from the Albert-Eden Local Board on content for the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 (including the draft Local Board Agreement 2014/2015) and a draft Fees and Charges Schedule.

2.       The report also provides information on the next steps in the process to finalise local board budgets and agreements for 2014/2015.

Executive Summary

3.       For each financial year, the Auckland Council must have a local board agreement (as agreed between the governing body and the Local Board) for each local board area. 

4.       The draft local board agreement is largely based on year three of the Long-term Plan 2012-2022[1] (LTP) and reflects the priorities in the local board plan, shows intended provision of local activities, and the capital and operating expenditure required to fund these activities.   A separate consultation section has been developed to identify any proposed budget changes and to highlight any new areas of advocacy for 2014/2015. 

5.       The draft local board agreement must be included in Auckland Council’s draft Annual Plan 2014/2015, which the governing body will meet to adopt on 19 December to be released for public consultation on 23 January 2014.

6.       A summary of the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 must also be prepared as part of the consultation. The summary will contain both regional and local board specific information. The local information focuses on the local priorities for 2014/2015 and what might change from year three of the LTP.

7.       Following the consultation phase, each local board will reconsider its agreement and budget for 2014/2015 and, if required, reprioritise proposed local activities within its fiscal envelope before adopting a final local board agreement in June 2014.  The governing body will adopt Auckland Council’s Annual Plan 2014/2015, including 21 local board agreements, on 26 June 2014.  

8.       Local fees and charges schedules will be finalised in May 2014.  A draft schedule is provided for agreement by the Local Board to support draft financial statements.  The Community Development Arts and Culture department are currently reviewing a fees and charges model and will commence engagement with local boards in December 2013. 

9.       A review of the capital expenditure programme is currently underway by the operations division, to improve long term delivery and prioritisation of capital projects.  Engagement with local boards on a re-forecasted capital project delivery programme will commence in early 2014.  Financial statements included in this draft local board agreement remain based on year three of the LTP, adjusted to reflect approved budget changes since the adoption of the LTP.



a)         That the Albert-Eden Local Board agrees its:

i)          Local content for the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 (To be tabled), including:

1)     draft Local Board Agreement 2014/2015 (including intended level of service provision and financial statements)

2)     introduction to the draft Local Board Agreement (including chairs message and proposed changes for consultation)

ii)         Draft Fees and Charges Schedule 2014/2015 (To be tabled)


b)         That the Albert-Eden Local Board Chair be delegated the authority to make any final minor changes to the local board content for the draft Annual Plan before it is released for public consultation, and to the summary of the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015.




10.     The governing body will meet to adopt the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 on 19 December 2013, which must include the draft local board agreement for each local board. 

11.     This report seeks approval of local board content for the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 and agreement of draft local fees and charges for 2014/2015.  It also provides information on the process that will be followed to finalise the local board budgets and agreements for 2014/2015 following public consultation.

12.     The resolutions of this meeting will be reported to the governing body on 19 December 2013, when it meets to adopt the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 for consultation.

13.     Local board financial statements are based on year three of the LTP and adjusted to reflect revised budgets endorsed by the Budget Committee on 21 November 2013 to achieve a reduced rates increase of 2.5% for 2014/2015, as well as other approved budget changes since the adoption of the LTP. 

14.     Whilst operational savings are reflected in revised budgets, these changes will not impact service levels.


Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 content (Attachment One)

15.     The draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 content includes:

a)           the draft Local Board Agreement 2014/2015 which outlines:

       i.           a description of each group of local activities

       ii.          key initiatives planned for 2014/2015

       iii.         intended levels of service provision

       iv.         financial statements

       v.         capital projects list


          b)           an introduction to the draft Local Board Agreement which outlines:

i.          a message from the chair

ii.         areas for consultation with local communities

iii.         proposed budget changes

iv.        new advocacy areas for 2014/2015

v.         about the local board area

vi.        local board plan priorities


16.     Community, development, arts and culture performance measures were reviewed this year to improve clarity.  This resulted in the removal of two performance measures and amendment to wording of six other performance measures.  


Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 summary


17.     A summary of the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 must be prepared as part of the consultation.  Local information focuses on local priorities for 2014/2015 and what might change from year three of the LTP.  It includes both content and images and this year will be presented in OurAuckland.

18.     Officers will work with local boards using the usual OurAuckland approval process for signoff of the summary content.

Draft Fees and Charges Schedule 2014/2015 (Attachment Three)


19.     Local fees and charges schedules will be finalised in May 2014.  A draft fees and charges schedule has been provided for your agreement to support draft financial statements.  The Community Development Arts and Culture department are currently reviewing a fees and charges model and will commence engagement with local boards in December 2013. 



20.     Officers will undertake a budget refresh in February and updated prioritisation models will be developed for each local board that reflect adjustments made as part of the budget refresh.

21.     The opportunity for a more in depth examination of budgets across the organisation begins early next year as we start to develop the next 2015-2025 LTP and the next Local Board Plans.

22.     The timeline for finalising the local board agreement for 2014/2015 is set out in the implementation section of this report.


Local Board Views

23.     This report seeks agreement from the Local Board for its draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 content and draft Fees and Charges Schedule.

Maori Impact Statement

24.     Many local board decisions are of importance to Maori and there is a need to continue to build relationships between local boards and relevant Iwi.  The draft local board agreement is based on the local board plan and the LTP which have both been developed through engagement with the community, including Maori.

Implementation Issues

25.     The timeline and high-level process for finalising the local board agreement for 2014/2015 is set out below.


Process for finalising local board agreements

9 – 18 Dec

Local boards meet to agree draft local board agreements and content for consultation

19 Dec

Adoption of draft Annual Plan 2014/2015, including 21 local board agreements


23 Jan – 24 Feb

Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 consultation

Released for public consultation on 23 January using the special consultative procedure


Budget Refresh

Officers review budgets to inform adjustments that will feed into the local board prioritisation models

Feb - early April

Engagement on local board advocacy with departments and CCO’s

Assess progress and inform development of an updated set of advocacy for 2014/2015

17 Mar –

17 Apr

Local board hearings, workshops and decision meetings

Reconsider agreements (including budgets) and advocacy areas and hold a formal meeting to agree a final balanced budget and set of advocacy areas for 2014/2015

Late April

Governing body discussions with local boards

1 May

Governing body discussions with CCOs

5 - 23 May

Local board agreements and financial statements updated

9 - 26 Jun

Adoption of Local Board Agreements and Annual Plan 2014/2015

Local boards meet to adopt their agreements between 9 - 19 June.  Governing body meets to adopt draft annual plan, including 21 draft LBAs, on 26 June



There are no attachments for this report.      



Blaire Lodge - Local Board Democracy Advisor


Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Bangor Street Car Park Coyle Park


File No.: CP2013/27668





1.       To provide the local board with updated information following public consultation on the Bangor Street car park project.

Executive Summary

2.       The Bangor Street car park project involves the building of a sealed, secure car park on the footprint of an old car park in Coyle Park, whose purpose historically has been to serve as an overflow car park during weekends and public holidays, and for special events. The car park area is currently separated from the rest of the park by a low post and rail fence, and its surface is mainly gravel, with some grass.

3.       The Albert-Eden Local Board endorsed this legacy project from the Western Bays Community Board, and approved funding for design and consultation in 2012-13 and construction in 2013-14.

4.       Public consultation for the project focused on a Public Drop In Day in the Point Chevalier Rugby League Clubrooms. Residents attending were generally not in favour of the proposal, but they indicated they were prepared to accept a slightly smaller, reconfigured design that would reduce the impact of the car park on nearby properties.

5.       This report sets out two options for the Board’s consideration, Option A was presented at the Drop In Day (Attachment A) and Option B is an alternative design developed following consultation (Attachment B).

6.       Officers recommend Option A as it is considered that maximising park open space values and minimising visual effects within the park are central to a balanced and comprehensive evaluation between the two options.  Using these as determining criteria, Option B could compromise those values and Option A would be less likely to adversely affect park open space and amenity values.



That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      Approves for implementation the Bangor Street Car Park Coyle Park concept plan with a capacity for 28 car park spaces (Option A), as shown in Draft Developed Design Plan (Attachment A);

b)      Requests Auckland Transport to investigate the wider issue of accommodating heavy peak summer demand for beach and park facilities at Coyle Park and Point Chevalier Beach, using public and private transport.



7.       Coyle Park is a popular destination with a citywide catchment and consequent high demand for parking spaces in the summer months. The main car park at the end of Pt Chevalier Road contains 50 car park spaces, but its capacity is often exceeded during weekends and public holidays during warmer months.  Nearby on-street parking is largely unrestricted. Historically, the car park at the Bangor Street entrance has provided space for overflow parking. This neighbourhood has seen an increase in visitation numbers since the Point Chevalier Beach sand was replenished in 2009.

8.       In 2005, following continuing problems from antisocial behavior and noisy cars, the legacy Western Bays Community Board approved the temporary closure of the car park. Local residents were assured that it would be reopened when budget became available, with design improvements that would prevent these recurring problems. A report to the October 2011 business meeting of the Albert-Eden Local Board presented five options for the future of the old toilet block and car park considered together. Four car park design options were appended to the report.

The local board resolved:

i.          that the Albert-Eden Local Board support an upgrade of the Bangor Street car park, subject to funding being made available with the community to be consulted on design options prior to work proceeding

ii.         that the toilet block be removed immediately as part of the parks “renewal” programme on parks”

The local board then obtained funding for design and consultation in 2012-13 and construction in 2013-14, and the project was included in the 2012-13 Local Board Agreement.

9.       A workshop with the full local board on 21 May 2013 secured local board endorsement of the concept plan presented to it as the basis for proceeding to consult with the local community (Attachment A). This plan shows the proposed car park as linear in shape and occupying a similar-sized footprint to the previous unsealed car park. A single line of 28 car park spaces runs parallel with Boscawen Street, and a storm water swale (rain garden) swale and shrub planting separates the car park spaces from the common boundary, providing a further 1,630 square metres.

10.     A local resident spoke at the Public Forum of the Local Board’s September 2013 business meeting about problems that had been experienced by local residents from antisocial behavior in the previous car park before it was locked.  It was questioned whether a new car park at the Bangor Street entrance would solve the problem of accommodating the large numbers park visitors’ cars at peak times. The local board was urged to delay the project and deal with the wider issues of parking in Point Chevalier as a whole, in consultation with local residents.

11.     Letters were sent to local residents within a radius of 500 metres, inviting those with an interest in the project to attend a public Drop In day at the Point Chevalier Rugby League clubrooms on 14 September 2013. Approximately 20 local residents attended, about half of whom lived in Bangor and Boscawen Streets, closest to the park. They expressed a range of views, but all indicated they would reluctantly accepted the car park being rebuilt, provided it were smaller and had less visual  impact on local properties.

12.     Summary of residents’ feedback:

·          They do not object to the streets being used for parking; in peak use times the existence of this car park would not alter the numbers of cars on nearby residential streets

·          The justification for the car park development was questioned; several residents referred to past problems with undesirable behavior and questioned whether the council could operate an effective locking regime for the proposed car park

·          The vicinity of the old toilet is used by families and children for informal sports, picnics and walking dogs, and is the only sheltered area in that part of the park. Residents would like to see it retained as useable green space. The residents were keen to see visitors continuing to use that part of the park.

·          Since for most of the year the car park would not be full, and the area between the car park and the playground is boggy for most of the year, the car park is not required to be as large as proposed. Its design is unacceptable because of the close proximity to houses and unnecessary maximum impact due to the length of the car park on the common boundary.

·          Safety of the entrance was a concern, especially for children. That said, the use of materials shown and its low impact design qualities were acceptable, and a litter bin was requested.

·          Residents’ suggestion: reorientation of the car park within the current footprint and reinstate the remainder of that footprint into parkland.

13.     Subsequently a plan was drawn up (Option B) showing an alternative car park layout that could satisfy the residents’ concerns, as well as provide for overflow parking in the park in a way that had minimum impact on the amenity values of Coyle Park.  This plan shows the car park reoriented 90 degrees, within a slightly smaller footprint to accommodate 18 vehicles. It shows the same separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the same use of materials to minimise visual impact. However, its intrusiveness on the park as a whole is greater. Despite a smaller footprint, its realignment brings it closer to the Te Toka Roa wood sculpture than option A, and it bifurcates this end of the park into the area where the toilet used to be, behind 18 Boscawen Street, and the triangular area to the east (city) behind 19 Boscawen Street. In addition, to keep the footprint as small as possible, there is no provision for a rain garden.

14.     The following table summarises an evaluation of the two options in terms of  relevant criteria:




Option A



Option B


Effect on park open space



ü Sited adjacent to park boundary, intrudes less into main park open space


û 847m2 footprint                                 



û Intrudes further into main park open space


û Breaks up one area into two smaller areas: one on each side of the car park       


ü 435m2 footprint                                           



Visual Effects




ü Sited adjacent to park boundary, minimising effects on sightlines within the park     


ü Respects Te Toka Roa sculpture


û Can be clearly seen from the main recreation area of the park


û Encroaches on Te Toka Roa sculpture



Maximisation of space



û 30 sqm of open space required per car park



ü 24sqm of open space required per car park


Car park Numbers



û 28 number


û 18 number





ü Permeable grass surface                  


ü Storm water run off is treated via a native shrub planting swale before it connects into the existing storm water line to the Waitemata Harbour


û 3 small trees to be removed   


û Excavations of 847m2 required for car parking   


ü Extensive native shrub planting


û Moderate encroachment over drip line of trees



ü Permeable grass surface                  


û Storm water is untreated and captured via subsoil piped system that connects to the existing storm water line to the Waitemata Harbour 


ü No trees to be removed             


ü Excavations of 435m2 required for car parking   


û Minimal native native shrub planting


ü Minimal encroachment on drip line of trees




û Pedestrians have to walk through the car park to open space - however the area is defined by an alternative paved surface


û Less highly visible, oriented parallel to boundary



ü  Pedestrians do not have to walk through car park to open space



ü  More highly visible, therefore more passive surveillance




ü Neighbours at second storey level will look beyond the car park



û  Neighbours at second storey level will look out directly at the car park


Value for Money



û More expensive per car park space



ü  Less expensive per car park space




û More maintenance required for swale, extra planting and area of gobi block surfacing.



ü  Less maintenance required due to no swale, less planting and smaller area of gobi block surfacing.


The above table identifies relevant selection criteria and evaluates each option in terms of how these would be addressed. On the grounds that the main consideration is predicted effects on the park, Option A is preferred. It would have has less impact on the park’s amenity and landscape values, including the artwork “Te Toka Roa”, which references a maori legend about the Patupaiarehe people and Meola Reef (Te Toka Roa).  Park visitors are invited to view the reef through or beside the wooden arch, and a certain amount of space around the artwork is desirable to enhance the appreciation of the space. Inclusion of a storm water swale makes this option more environment-friendly, and the car park takes up less usable space in relation to the entire park, even though its footprint is larger. This layout would also be more open to opportunities for configuring a future perimeter path. If maximising numbers were not an object, and the local board wishes to reduce the size if the impact on Boscawen Street residents, five car park spaces could be removed on the eastern end, so that the car park does not adjoin 19 Bangor Street.

15.     From the feedback provided at the public Drop In day, it may be concluded that broadly speaking, either option could meet the local board’s objectives of providing for overflow parking in Coyle Park. Examination of the two options presented makes it possible to evaluate each in terms of all the issues that have been identified, including the impact on neighboring residents. Using this criterion alone would tend to favour Option B. However, it is submitted this would be at the expense of park amenity and landscape values, which would be best safeguarded by Option A. The recommendation for Option A is therefore based on an assumption that the most important evaluation criteria are maximizing park open space values and minimising visual effects within the park.


Local Board Views

16.     In endorsing this legacy project, the Albert-Eden Local Board acknowledged there was a documented need for a supplementary car park accessible from Bangor Street. This had been recorded in the 1995 Point Chevalier Coastal Edge Strategy, which referred to overflow effects on nearby streets at times of peak demand and the need for a formal car park in that part of the park.

Maori Impact Statement

17.     Parks and open spaces contribute significantly to Maori well-being, values, culture and traditions.  Where any aspects of the proposed work programme are anticipated to have a significant impact on sites of importance to Tangata Whenua, appropriate consultation will follow. Evaluation of effects on park values of each option takes full account of the significance of the relationship of “Te Toka Roa” art work with its immediate park environs.


18.     One of the main concerns of local residents is that existing parking at the main park entrance and the proposed car park at Bangor Street are inadequate to accommodate peak summer demand, particularly for Point Chevalier beach. Improving car park space marking at the main car park, investigating the feasibility of adding to car parking capacity on Harbour View Road adjacent to the beach, in conjunction with public transport, walking and cycling initiatives to improve the accessibility of this area would be positive measures to address this concern.

Implementation Issues

19.     Once the decision is made to approve the final design, it is not expected there would be any significant implementation issues







Coyle Park Carpark Option A



Coyle Park Carpark Option B





Michael Mendoza - Democracy Advisor


Ian Maxwell - Manager Parks, Sports & Recreation

Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Approval of the Albert-Eden Local Board Community Lease Workplan 2013/2014


File No.: CP2013/27162





1.       This report seeks Albert-Eden Local Board approval for the Albert-Eden Local Board Community Lease Workplan 2013 /2014 (the workplan).

Executive Summary

2.       At a workshop portfolio meeting on 27 August 2013 the draft workplan was presented for discussion.

3.       The workplan prioritises leases with a final expiry or renewal term expiry up to 30 June 2014 together with other lease projects (Attachment A). Prioritising the workplan allows visibility of the portfolio and gives staff clear direction on expectations and reporting.

4.       As part of the workplan process the Local Board is also requested to consider and approve outstanding lease renewals (Attachments B).



That the Albert-Eden Local Board approves:


a)      The Albert-Eden Local Board Community Lease Workplan 2013/2014.

b)      The renewal of the leases specified in the Community Lease Renewal schedule for:

·    Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand Incorporated

·    New Zealand Nepal Society Incorporated

·    Umma Trust

·    Jigsaw Childcare Centre

·    Mt Albert Rugby League Football Club Incorporated

·    Anderson Park Tennis Club Incorporated.




5.       At a portfolio meeting on 27 August 2013 the workplan was presented with an opportunity to discuss and develop the prioritisation of matters outlined. 

6.       The workplan prioritises leases with a final expiry or renewal term expiry up to 30 June 2014 together with other lease projects. The prioritising of the workplan allows visibility of the lease portfolio and gives staff clear direction on the Local Board’s expectations and reporting requirements.

7.       As part of the workplan process, the Local Board is requested to consider and grant approval of the outstanding lease renewals detailed in the Community Lease Renewals schedule attached. Approval through this report process will allow the deeds of renewal to be prepared and executed. The renewal process includes confirmation of the Tenant’s performance during the course of the lease term that the Tenant is not in breach of any of their obligations under their lease, financial sustainability, legal status, compliance requirements, a review of the operation of the group and a site inspection to ensure the facility is being maintained to an appropriate standard.




8.       It is recommended that the Albert-Eden Local Board grants approval of:

·    The Albert-Eden Local Board Community Lease Workplan 2013/2014

·    The renewal of the leases specified in the Community Lease Renewals schedule


Local Board Views

9.       The recommendations within this report fall within the Local Board’s allocated authority relating to local, recreation, sport and community facilities.

10.     The workplan and prioritisation has been discussed with members of the portfolio holders.

Maori Impact Statement

11.     Ensuring community facilities are well maintained and accessible for members of the community is of benefit to all, including Maori.


12.     The recommendations within this report do not trigger the Auckland Council Significance Policy

13.     Council staff have sought input from relevant Council departments.

Implementation Issues

14.     Additional work will be required to implement all resolutions resulting from the community lease local board work plans, staff estimate this will result in a six month turnaround. Council staff will work with organisations and groups to manage expectations and will, where required, issue a letter to groups outlining the Local Boards resolution to assist with funding requirements.







Attachment A - Albert -Eden LB Community Lease Workplan 2013 - 2014



Attachment B - Albert-Eden Community Lease Renewals schedule





Ron Johnson - Community Lease Advisor


Louise Mason - Manager Community Development, Arts and Culture

Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Streams Enhancement Budget Allocation and Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks


File No.: CP2013/26012





1.       To agree the 2013/2014 Albert-Eden Local Board (Board) budget line for stream enhancement and request that the Board endorse the Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks (Prioritisation Report).

Executive Summary

2.       The Biodiversity team are currently preparing ecological prioritisation reports for all central local boards areas.  The general objective is to rank local parks within the board area based on their potential to deliver biodiversity gains in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.  This report requests that Board endorse the attached Prioritisation Report (Attachment A).

3.       The 2013/2014 Board Local Board Agreement (LBA) allocates $30,982 to stream enhancement through combining its dual budgets for stream enhancement and riparian budgets. This report recommends that in 2013/2014 this budget fund selected restoration projects along Oakley and Meola Creeks.



That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      receives the Streams Enhancement Budget Allocation and Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks report.

b)      endorses the Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks report, noting that the projects included in recommendation c) below are all identified as ‘medium’ priority in the prioritisation report.

c)      agrees to fund the following projects from its 2013/2014 stream enhancement budget line:



Moa Reserve (delivered by St Lukes Environmental Protection Society (STEPS)


Oakley Creek – Harbutt Reserve (delivered by Friends of Oakley Creek)


Upper Meola Creek – Roy Clements Treeway (delivered by STEPS)


Lower Meola Creek – Pasadena and Motions Road Reserves (delivered through Wai Care groups)




Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks

4.       The Biodiversity team is preparing reports for local boards identifying priorities for ecological restoration within local parks. The key purpose of these reports is to ensure that ecological restoration initiatives across the local park asset are prioritized to deliver optimum ecological outcomes cost-effectively.

5.       The preparation of priorities for ecological restoration reports supports directive 7.2 in the Auckland Plan to ‘Recognise and promote opportunities for conservation of natural heritage on public open space and private land”. The reports also support objectives in the Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy, in particular,

·    Conserve the greatest number and most diverse range of Auckland’s indigenous ecosystems and sequences (objective 1)

·    Maintain and enhance the goods and services provided by our natural environment in a way that supports indigenous biodiversity (objective 3); and

·    Improve knowledge and understanding of biodiversity in the region in order to protect and manage it effectively (objective 6)

6.       The Prioritisation Report assisted the identification of proposed ecological restoration projects on four reserves that could be funded from the Board’s 2013/2014 streams enhancement budget line. These projects are outlined in paragraphs 11 to 15 below.

7.       The prioritisation report identified three reserves as high priority. However, two of these are not stream reserves and therefore were not considered in identifying stream enhancement projects. The third reserve is the Oakley Creek Walkway which receives funding from other local board budget lines.

Streams Enhancement Budget Allocation

8.       In 2012/2013, the Board agreed to grant funding from its two separate ecological restoration budget lines (riparian margins and streams enhancement) to two local stream restoration groups - the St Lukes Environmental Protection Society (STEPS) and Friends of Oakley Creek (FoOC) (resolution number AE/2013/51).

9.       In order to receive the grant, STEPS and FoOC were supported by Council staff to develop a detailed project plan for specific sites. STEPS undertook restoration work at a new site along Meola Creek at Moa Reserve. FoOC carried out riparian planting along several sites in Oakley Creek identified in the Watercourse Management plan.

10.     In 2013/2014, the separate stream restoration budgets were consolidated into one budget line for streams enhancement totaling $30,982. Paragraphs 11 to 15 below provide detailed information on proposed projects for funding from the 2013/2014 streams enhancement budget line.

Oakley Creek projects ($9450)

11.     It is recommended that the Board fund maintenance at work at several sites along Oakley Creek bordering Harbutt Reserve (a medium priority site) that were supported in 2012/2013, to a total value of $1,725. This project will continue to be managed by FoOC.

12.     In developing this draft work programme, staff worked with FoOC to identify an additional site along Oakley Creek to undertake restoration activities. Funding would support new planting, initial weed control and an archaeological assessment. The total cost of this project is $7,725.

Moa Reserve ($6,000)

13.     In 2012/2013, the Board’s stream enhancement budget supported STEPS to undertake restoration work at Moa Reserve along Meola Creek. The project scope identified a requirement for ongoing funding for weed control and site maintenance.  Therefore, it is recommended that $6,000 of the 2013/2014 streams enhancement budget be allocated to that work.

Meola Creek ($15,000)

14.     In addition to continuing to fund existing project at Moa Reserve, it is recommended that the Board support STEPS to continue restoration work at the Roy Clements Treeway along the Upper Meola Creek. As Local Parks are already funding weed control at this site, it is recommended that funding be for new planting at a total cost of $5000.

15.     A number of other groups operate along the Meola Creek, coordinated by Wai Care. It is recommended that the Board’s stream enhancement budget also support these groups to undertake restoration activities, particularly weed control. It is also recommended that some interpretation signage be developed to acknowledge the contribution of the Board and volunteers to restoration of this Creek, and to alert visitors to this important work. The total cost of this project is $10,000.


Local Board Views

16.     The Albert-Eden Local Board Plan highlights Oakley and Meola Creeks as ‘green heritage’ under the ‘Value and Protect Heritage’ priority. Involving the community in the protection and management of local streams is noted as a means to encourage sustainable communities.  Therefore, the Board allocated $30,982 to stream enhancement in its 2013/2014 LBA.

Maori Impact Statement

17.     No consultation with Maori was undertaken for the purposes of this report. It is recognised that freshwater has integral links with the mauri of the environments and concepts of kaitiakitanga.


18.     Representatives from FoOC and STEPS were involved in the scoping of the projects recommended in paragraphs 11 to 15 above.

19.     Ongoing communication with and between groups operating in the Meola Creek is through the regular stakeholders meeting.

20.     The projects recommended in paragraphs 11 to 15 above were developed in consultation with key staff across Environmental Services, Stormwater and Local Parks.

Implementation Issues

21.     Ecological restoration projects often require the provision of future funding for ongoing maintenance work (including weed control and infill planting). The Board may wish to consider this requirement when developing its 2014/2015 budget.

22.     Ongoing advice and support to the projects will be provided by technical experts in the Environmental Services Unit.

23.     Regular reporting on project delivery will be through the quarterly report from the Infrastructure and Environmental Services department, or as required.







Ecological Prioritisation Report for Albert-Eden Local Parks





Miranda Bennett – Senior Biodiversity Advisor

Su Sinclair – Ecologist


Gael Ogilvie – Manager: Environmental Services Unit

John Dragicevich - Manager Infrastructure and Environmental Services

Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Auckland Transport Monthly Update Report – November 2013


File No.: CP2013/27438





1.       This report provides an update on local transport matters over the last month for the Albert-Eden Local Board.

Executive Summary

2.       This report contains a general monthly update on transport matters both locally and from across Auckland and a list of issues currently being addressed by Auckland Transport for the Albert-Eden Local Board.



That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      Receives the Auckland Transport Monthly Update Report – November 2013.

b)      Notes the Final Cost of $ 20,000 provided by Auckland Transport for the Wheturangi Road project funded from the Albert-Eden Local Board Transport Capital Fund.

c)      Authorises expenditure of $ 20,000 from the Albert-Eden Local Board’s Transport Capital Fund for construction of the Wheturangi Road project.





3.       Auckland Transport provides a monthly update report about transport matters that affect the Albert- Eden Local Board.

4.       The report generally includes:

·    Responses to requests for information or for resolutions passed by the local board;

·    Information about key on-going projects in the local area;

·    Updates on the projects that are being funded using the local board’s capital fund; and

·    An ’issues’ register that records progress on issues that the local board has asked Auckland Transport to address.

5.       The monthly update report serves as public record of interactions between the local board and Auckland Transport with requests, resolutions and responses being recorded.

6.       Quarterly, Auckland Transport provides a detailed report that lists:

·    Work carried out both locally and regionally in the preceding three months;

·    Work planned both locally and regionally in the next three months;

·    Traffic Control Committee decisions such as changes to parking spaces, installation of broken yellow lines and changes to transport associated by laws;

·    Reporting on the Local Board Plan; and

·    Information about Auckland Transport’s position regarding Local Board advocacy points.

7.       Between the monthly update report and quarterly report Auckland Transport aims to ensure that local board members are well informed of this CCO’s activity.


Albert-Eden Local Board Transport Capital Fund

8.       The Albert - Eden Local Board has $ 664,933 per annum of discretionary funding for transport-related capital projects.

9.       Albert – Eden Local Board can either spend $ 664,933 per annum or may use up to three years’ worth of funding i.e. $1,994,799

10.     The uncommitted $ 119,016 from the previous electoral term are also rolled over giving the Albert – Eden Local  Board a total pool of approx. $ 2,113,815 available in this electoral term to spend on transport projects.

11.     This money can be used for projects identified by the Local Board, the principal constraints being that the project:

i.          Will not compromise transport safety;

ii.          Is transport-related;

iii.         Is in the ‘road corridor’; and

iv.        Does not compromise the efficiency of the road network.

12.     In its first electoral term the Albert Eden Local Board requested that the following projects (in the accompanying table) are investigated and their progress is summarized below.



Approx. Potential Commitments to Date

Status Update


Traffic Calming - Mont Le Grand, Mewburn, Dexter


$ 1,040,000


These projects have been grouped together under one project manager who will be responsible for planning, consultation and delivery of these projects.


In November 2012 a ROC for these projects was provided. The Albert-Eden Local Board then passed resolution AE/2012/272 that noted the ROC and authorised construction of these projects if costs were “in line” with the ROC.


The project costs are within the ROC provided in November 2012 although the original scope of the project has been refined through the planning process.


On 22 August 2013 maps of the proposed works were circulated to the Albert-Eden Local Board and the members asked to comment.


At the time this report was submitted no objections or concerns had been raised by the Members of the Albert-Eden Local Board so Auckland Transport is starting work on the projects.


The first step was consultation that started in September 2013.


Consultation is currently still underway and a verbal report will be provided at the meeting.


Traffic Calming - Balmoral North and South



Morningside Drive Pedestrian Refuges



Valley Rd Pedestrian Crossing Smartstuds Installation

$ 38,000




Carrington Road



Construction of this project has been authorised for this project but a date for delivery is estimated as February or March 2013.


School Travel Zone in The Drive

$ 17,000

Construction of this project has been authorised by the Albert-Eden Local Board and by the Traffic Control Committee for this project but a date for delivery is estimated as February or March 2013.


Pedestrian Crossing Signals - installation of Countdown Timers (Various locations)

$ 7,850

Project completed.


Wheturangi Road


Auckland Transport has investigated this project and provided a ROC of $17,000


Detailed assessment of this project has been completed and a Final Cost of $ 20,000 has been provided.


Resolutions noting receipt of the Final Cost and authorising construction have been drafted above.


Walters Road


This project involves very similar works in the LATM areas listed in Serial 1-4 (as marked In the first column of this table). Therefore the project managers are willing to use this information to provide a Final Cost of $30,000.


This project was authorised to start construction by the Albert – Eden Local Board in the previous electoral term and design work is progressing.  A start date was not available when this report was submitted.


Milton Road


This project involves very similar works in the LATM areas listed in Serial 1-4(as marked In the first column of this table).. Therefore the project managers are willing to use this information to provide a Final Cost of $30,000.


This project was authorised to start construction by the Albert – Eden Local Board in the previous electoral term and design work is progressing.  A start date was not available when this report was submitted.


Cycle delineators on St Lukes Road


This project will not be pursued at this stage.


After an onsite meeting with Local Board members it was agreed that this project would be too difficult to deliver at this time because of planned road works in the immediate area.

Total - potentially committed in the previous electoral term


Total funds potentially committed in the projects listed above


13.     A key point is that the Albert – Eden Local Board now has a significant amount of money that can be used to pursue Local Board transport initiatives.

AT HOP Update

14.     Auckland Transport is just over halfway through the roll-out of its new integrated public transport card, AT HOP.

15.     Just under 150,000 AT HOP cards are being used by customers, accounting for approximately 77 per cent of all trips on those parts of the network which are live.

16.     In the past month there have been more than 1.2 million AT HOP transactions across bus, ferry and train (an average of 41,348 transactions per day).

17.     Meanwhile, the roll-out continues on the bus network. AT HOP can now be used on LINK (City, Inner and Outer) buses and some Metrolink buses. Remaining Metrolink buses are planned to launch AT HOP on 24 November 2013.

Issues Register



AT Response

New North Road pedestrian  refuge

Consultation regarding this pedestrian refuge was not completed in an appropriate manner.

The consultation was repeated and a new solution developed using a traffic island instead of a refuge.


The traffic island was installed in early November 2013.

Cornwall Park Primary

The safety of making a right turn into Cornwall Park Primary parking area from Greenlane Road and of turning right out of the school has been raised.

Auckland Transport engineers are still looking into this issue.  The issue appears to have been ‘lost in the system’ but after being followed up, the engineers will be able to provide a response soon. 


Parking in Epsom in vicinity of Queen Mary Avenue

Concerns have been raised about a lack of retail parking for the cinema and shops on Manukau Road in the vicinity of Queen Mary Avenue.


Auckland Transport has investigated this issue and the problem appears to be generated by students from the Sports Academy across the road parking out the side streets and preventing retail and cinema customers parking.


Auckland Transport’s Parking Policy Team proposed introducing ‘Pay and Display’ with a free short stay (30/60mins) option in the area to dissuade long-stay parking.


This idea was not supported by local residents or the Albert – Eden Local Board without a supporting resident’s parking scheme.


The exact plan and areas are not confirmed.  Auckland Transport cannot commit to a resident’s parking scheme until it is approved by the Auckland Transport Board. Discussion about a policy for resident’s parking schemes is programmed for the Auckland Transport Board’s December 2013 meeting


After this meeting Auckland Transport’s Parking Team can discuss the matter with greater certainty and we will keep the Albert – Eden Local Board informed of progress.

New North Rd ‘No Stopping at All Times’


‘No Stopping at All Times’ lines were added to the Bus Stop outside 520 New North Road and a local business owner has raised concerns about the effect of this of this on their  business.

Auckland Transport staff are investigating options for minimizing the length of the “No Stopping at All Times’ line and support extension of the broken yellow lines.


The Traffic Control Committee has signed off their installation and they have been installed.

Owens Road Safety Issues

Residents have raised concerns about the curved section of Owens Road that extends from Epsom Ave to approx. Numbers 113/78.

Residents are concerned about speeding drivers ‘spinning out’ on the corners.

The Road Corridor Operations Team investigated this issue in the previous term and signs were installed in mid – September 2013 to provide early warning of the curve.


Based on the concerns, traffic engineers will visit the site and re-assess the signs and investigate other options.

Manukau Road Bus Stop Changes

Auckland Transport is currently proposing to re-assign a number of bus stops on Maunkau Road.


The reasons for this planned change are:


·    Ensure that the distances between bus stops are consistent;

·    Try to make the placement of bus stops more user friendly (i.e. closer to shops more sheltered etc)

·    Enhance the efficiency of the bus network (i.e. if one shelter or stop can service two routes it makes it easier for a passenger to transfer between routes.

Consultation information has been provided to the Albert – Eden Local Board Transport Representatives and they have provided feedback.

On 21 November 2013 a meeting was held with the Transport Representative responsible for this part of the Local Board Area and the team managing this project is currently re-assessing the placement of bus stops, based on this discussion.

Mountain Road Traffic Issues

Residents have raised concerns about the volume and behaviour of traffic on Mountain Road during school morning and afternoon peaks.


Of particular concern was the ability for traffic to negotiate the intersections of Mountain Road and:


·    Glenfell / Almorah Roads; and

·    Gilgit Road.

This issue has been logged and is under investigation.


Auckland Transport is currently working with  Auckland Grammar School to develop a School Travel Plan and this should provide analysis of local road system as it relates to these concerns.

Auckland Transport’s Road Corridor Operations and Community Transport, teams will work together to analyse the issue and report back as soon as possible.

Mount St John Ave

Currently there is a Kea crossing installed in front of Dioscesan School for Girls is Margot Ave. 


It is requested that this crossing be moved from its current location in Margot Street to Mount St John Ave and installed just east of the intersection of Margot Street and Mount St John Avenue.

The reasons for this request are:


·    Margot Ave is quiet and has slow traffic;

·    The current crossing is under utilised because the students normally cross Mt St John Ave east of the intersection of Margot Street  and Mount St John Avenue; and

·    Moving the crossing to the location in which the students actually cross would seem to be safer than retaining a crossing that is not well utilised.

This issue has been logged and is being investigated. 

Kingsland parking

The Kingsland Business Association, the Albert – Eden Local Board and Auckland Transport are working together to improve parking options in Kingsland.


The aims are to develop a parking regime that provides turnover for businesses and can be used without change during events at Eden Park.

All parties have engaged in a series of meetings and discussions and two potential options have been developed.


The options will be made public and feedback requested from 28 November 2013.





There are no attachments for this report.    



Ben Stallworthy, Elected Member Relationship Manager, Auckland Transport


Jonathan Anyon , Council Engagement Manager, Auckland Transport

Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Auckland Transport Quarterly Update to Local Boards -
For the quarter - 1 July to 30 September 2013


File No.: CP2013/27455




Executive Summary

1.       The purpose of this report is to inform Boards about progress on activities undertaken by AT in the three months July-September 2013, and the planned activities anticipated to be undertaken in the three months October-December 2013.

2.       Attachments include:

A.   AT activities, broken down by Local Board

B.   Decisions of the Transport Co-ordinating Committee, by Board

C.  Report against local board advocacy issues (replaces the previous reports against the Local Board Plan and Local Board Agreement)

D.  Report on the status of the Board’s projects under the Local Board Transport Capital Fund



That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      Receives the Auckland Transport Quarterly Report - For the quarter - 1 July to 30 September 2013.



Main activities during the period under review

Capital Programming

3.       The current approved forecast for the 2013/14 Capital Programme is $887M. It is made up of Core Business Capital Projects at $471M, Renewals at $217M, Local Board Initiatives at $12M and CRL/EMU/SMART at $187M.

4.       During the period July to September the organization was able to deliver/achieve 13% ($115M) of the approved programme. And from the period October to December the projected expenditure is at $218M or 25% of the total programme. It is anticipated that the organization will be able to improve the delivery of the capital programme during the regular construction period (October to May).

5.       Seal extension validation and prioritisation analysis to determine the 10 year programme is at the final stage with new traffic counts received, and all high priority road asset data checked externally. This will determine which road will be committed to over the summer construction period.

Infrastructure Development

Road Development

6.       Taharoto/Wairau Stages 6 and 8 – 1939 bridge replacement completed, new utility ducting 95% complete, cable installation ongoing, retaining wall 27-33 Wairau Rd completed, new cantilever footpath on remaining bridge complete, footpath and kerbing 60% complete, pavement construction 50% complete.

7.       Tiverton Wolverton Route upgrade - management of construction phase of project. With Wolverton St construction at 95% completion, pavement reconstruction is being progressed on Tiverton Rd. Planned for 60% completion on Tiverton Rd by 31 December. Kerb and Channel and footpath renewal target is 85% completion for full length of Tiverton Rd

8.       Pukekohe Town Centre - Design work has been completed for the 2013-2014 programme of works. (West Street; Queen to Tobin and Tobin Street; Edinburgh to Seddon).  Tender documentation will be released in October. The programme is to commence construction of these projects in January 2014, (approximate value $1.3m over two financial years).

9.       King-Queen-Constable Intersections – Design is complete and tender document released for public tender. The programme is to commence construction of these projects in January 2014, (approximate value $1.3m).

10.     Flat Bush School Road Stage 4 Murphy’s Road Intersection Upgrade – relocation of power cables is ongoing with completion expected in early December 2013; this will be followed by the installation of pipeline along Murphy’s Road by Watercare.

In addition to the works already in progress, further works are to be carried out during the period from October to December 2013.  The major projects include:

11.     Tiverton Wolverton Route upgrade – complete all works on Wolverton Rd and complete 60% of pavement renewal works on Tiverton Rd. Complete 50% of works on New Windsor Rd including retaining wall package. Complete all works on Blockhouse Bay Rd at intersection.Overall project completion in March 2014.

12.     Khartoum Place Upgrade – this is an Auckland Council contract managed by Auckland Transport – tender due to go out in October 2013

13.     Taharoto Wairau Upgrade Stages 6 and 8 – complete installation of utilities, all widening works, new pavement, surfacing, signs, signals and road markings.  Likely completion date has moved to late November.

14.     Evaluate and award both the Pukekohe Town Centre and King-Queen-Constable Intersections as early as possible to provide the successful contractor as much lead time as possible to organise the works prior to 6 January 2014 expected commencement date.

Road Design

15.     Hibiscus Coast Busway Station:  Auckland Council has received a claim from a third party for a judicial review with regard to the granting of the resource consent for Stage 2 on a non-notified basis.  The construction of Stage 2 has been put on hold until the matter is resolved.

16.     Albany Highway Upgrade:  NZTA has brought forward the SH1-SH18 Connection project in its programme and has requested further analysis of the impact of this on the Albany Highway Upgrade project.  Construction is now programmed to start in January 2014.

17.     Upper Weiti Bridge: The feasibility study is complete.  Three options are recommended to go forward to scheme assessment: Curley Avenue to East Coast Road link road; signalisation of Silverdale Street; and signalisation of Wainui Road.

18.     Taharoto/Wairau Upgrade: The construction of Stages 6 & 8 is well underway.  Negotiations are proceeding with Atlas Concrete with regard to the encroachment onto the road reserve.

19.     Upper Harbour Drive Walking and Cycling:  The final scheme assessment report has been received and the road safety audit has been completed.  The preferred option of on road cycle lanes on both sides and a footpath on the northern side will be taken forward to detail design.

20.     Warkworth SH1 Intersections: NZTA’s construction contract for the Hudson Road intersection is well underway.

21.     Warkworth Western Collector:  16 of the 17 submissions on the Notice of Requirement were in support of the project and Auckland Council has confirmed that no hearing will be required.

22.     Gills to Oteha Valley Link:  The Notice of Requirement has been served on Auckland Council.  The notification period commenced on 17 October 2013.

23.     SH17/The Avenue Lucas Bridge Upgrade:  The design tender has been withdrawn due to new information coming to light about the structure of the existing Lucas Creek Bridge.  Further investigation is required to confirm that the widening of the bridge is still viable before the design contract can be re-tendered.

24.     Onewa Road Westbound Transit Lane:  The design has been amended to address feedback received during the public consultation process.  Construction funding has been brought forward to 2013/14.

25.     Albany Highway South Upgrade: Internal traffic modelling review of original NSCC assumptions and feasibility has shown that the design provides capacity beyond what is reasonably required for future growth.   Decision over full redesign is on hold however until NZTA modelling into the SH1/SH18 connection is complete; as this has potential traffic implications for the project due to the removal of access to Albany from SH18. NZTA decision is expected before December 2013.

26.     Te Atatu Road Corridor Improvements: Continuation of both land take and consents works in the second quarter of 2013/14.  Out of 111 properties, 74% of land acquisitions have been settled, with a further 1% verbally-agreed or signed (approaching settlement).

27.     Lincoln Road: The funding application for NZTA’s subsidy is at the final stage.   The consultation with the directly affected properties owners will commence by the end of October. The public consultation with the wider community and the designation process is planned to start early 2014.

28.     Glen Eden Park N Ride: The preferred option has been agreed amongst various stakeholders and this has been communicated to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board. Consultation with the Glen Eden Business Association is completed, and public consultation with the affected parties is underway. The detailed design is anticipated to be completed before Christmas this year.

29.     Brigham Creek Road (SH16-SH18): The scoping investigation has started and expected to be completed in February 2014.  The outputs of this scoping investigation will be used to set the scope and required outputs for the feasibility phase which will be subject to a separate exercise later in this financial year.

30.     Te Atatu Ferry Terminal: The feasibility study to investigate the physical possibility of establishing a ferry terminal and associated facilities at Te Atatu Peninsula has been completed.  The study has concluded that it appears physically feasible to construct a ferry terminal and associated facilities on the foreshore of Te Atatu Peninsula on the downstream side of the Whau River Bridge.  Further investigation is underway into the operational aspects of the ferry terminal in order to build a business case.

31.     Te Atatu Bus Interchange: The investigation and evaluation of location options for the Te Atatu bus interchange has reached a hold point and is waiting for NZTA to release the final design for the SH16/Te Atatu Road intersection upgrade.   The investigation has identified 11 potential locations and will be evaluating all options against a set of criteria that are based upon Auckland Transport’s strategic objectives and the feedback received from local residents to date.  NZTA are expected to release the final design for the SH16/Te Atatu Road intersection upgrade in late October.

32.     Tamaki Drive/Ngapipi Intersection: The tender for the detailed design has been published and closes on 25 October 2013. Public engagement commences in late November; feedback from this process will be integrated into the detailed design as appropriate.

33.     Federal Street Upgrade: Construction of the upgrade has started and is on track to be completed in May 2014.

34.     Mill Road: The scheme assessment for the northern section is undergoing legal review.  A documentation review is under way for the southern section to support preparation of the investigation tender.

35.     Half Moon Bay: The investigation phase of this project will be tendered by September 2013.  Auckland Transport is continuing to develop the NZTA funding application.

Key Agency Initiatives

36.     AMETI: Footpath, kerb and channel construction has begun on Ellerslie Panmure Highway between Forge Way and Mt Wellington Highway. Work continues on construction of the local road with landscaping and planting underway and finishing works on top of the 220m long covered box adjacent to the Panmure station.  Inside the box fire protection, with the installation of electrical and mechanical components being installed.The first fix of services for the station building is complete and internal linings and glazing are being installed. Canopies, Lift shafts and escalators are substantially complete,with large areas of architectural finish now being unveiled. The plan is to commission the new building on 19 January 2014.

37.     Work has continued on construction of the northern portion of the AMETI Link Road which will extend from Morrin Road to Mt Wellington Highway. Archeological issues have been resolved and documented in this area with construction of the retaining wall and bulk fill for the level of the link road progressing well. However a portion of the new road north of Mountain Road Bridge has been sealed. Construction of the southern portion is advancing with the main storm water line substantially complete. Road sealing has begun on the AMETI link road south between Ellerslie Panmure highway and William Harvey Place. A temporary footbridge between William Harvey Place and Ireland Road has been installed and is being well patronised. Work on Ireland Road is progressing well with approximately 50m of the 200m diameter culvert already tunneled. Work has been delayed in the southern area due to archaeological discoveries and delays in NCI Building Consent. Considerable progress has been made on storm water construction on the southern portion, including the new outfall to Van dames Lagoon. The access track into Van Dammes Lagoon is being constructed. Watercare works and NCI accommodation works are yet to commence.

38.     The investigation and design of the busway extending from Panmure to Pakuranga continues.  The design of the busway between Panmure and the Panmure Bridge is complete and the Scheme Assessment Report for the busway between Panmure Bridge and Botany is being finalised.  The Request for Tender of the planning services required for consenting of the Panmure to Pakuranga section of busway and Reeves Road Flyover has been issued. The project is also preparing tender documentation for specimen design of the Reeves Road flyover and final design of the Pakuranga Road section of the busway.

39.     The final design of the bus interchange development at Sylvia Park is near complete. Consent documentation has been prepared. An environment court hearing regarding the compulsory acquisition of a property at 430 Mt Wellington Highway has been deferred to November. This acquisition is required to enable consenting and construction to advance.

40.     East-West Link (MMEWS): The project team has scheduled options workshops with AT, NZTA and Auckland Council staff to further investigate, develop, assess and agree on programme options. These workshops will incorporate land use planning, social/environmental impacts and other opportunities associated with this project.  AT and NZTA plans to further update local boards on the project within the next few months. An approved preferred programme option will be taken forward for full public consultation in early 2014. The feedback from the public consultation will be incorporated into the draft programme business case which will be presented to the AT and NZTA Boards for approval. This is planned for mid-2014. Any preferred programme of work is likely to include a mix of various elements of the options above, not just one of them.

41.     Dominion Road: The design contract was awarded to Beca on 14 August 2013.  Initial design work will be completed late this year with the plan for stakeholder final review to occur before finalizing the design.  The project team is confident that final design work will be completed by April 2014 with a start on construction in August 2014.

42.     NorSGA: Construction is continuing on Rua Rd south however wet weather and limited site access is likely to result in the Rua/Fred Taylor intersection not being constructed before the shutdown for the Xmas Moratorium. The resource consent application for the Don Buck Rd extension has been notified and a hearing is scheduled for 15 November to address issues with an adjoining land owner who has not given his approval as an affected party. The Northside Drive East Notice of Requirement has been notified and submissions close 1 November. (A date is yet to be confirmed for the hearing). Resource consent has been lodged for the Fred Taylor/Garelja intersection and it is anticipated that land acquisitions and affected party approvals will be obtained by mid November. (Construction is planned to commence late January 2014). DVAC approval has been obtained to progress the Hobsonville Road project based on the revised design which incorporates transit lanes through Hobsonville Village. The existing Notice of Requirement documentation for Hobsonville Rd is to be updated to incorporate the effects of adopting the revised design.

43.     Harbour Edge Development (HED): A master delivery plan for the harbour edge projects is being developed in conjunction with the City Rail Link project, based on earliest delivery of projects with minimum disruption to the city Centre. Four new PT Interchanges for the city centre are being investigated to enable the roll-out of the 2016 PT Network. An early focus is on site locations, layouts and operational efficiencies for Downtown, Wynyard Quarter and the Learning Quarter, as well as the connecting corridors. Concept design options for the Quay St Seawall seismic upgrade are underway, which will inform options for both the Quay St Upgrade and the Ferry Basin Redevelopment master-plan. Early improvements to Quay St start this month and a programme of events on the harbor edge is being developed with ATEED and Waterfront Auckland over summer. A HED Manawhenua Forum meets quarterly to discuss portfolio issues and seek input from interested iwi on the issues and opportunities in this space. Tenders have been called for the design of roading infrastructure in Wynyard Quarter, with construction targeted to start in 2014/15. Waterfront Auckland starts work on the Westhaven Promenade in October. Options to provide a coastal walkway from Westhaven to St Heliers are being investigated.

PT Development

44.     Papakura Station: The project is now complete including the cycle storage area. The temporary park and ride adjacent to the bus interchange is under review and towards assessment as a permanent parking area.

45.     Mount Albert Station: Stage 2 of the project is to develop the link bridge connection into New North Rd and to upgrade the existing underpass. Confirmation of budget is in progress with expectation that the works will be completed by mid-2014.

46.     Half Moon Bay Ferry Terminal and Precinct Plan: The Master Planning report and Concept plan were reviewed by the AT Board and will be presented to the local stakeholder forum in late 2013/early 2014. Over the next 3 months the staging of the overall plan will be reworked to ensure the most important issues are prioritised, taking account of the overarching focus on the achievement of efficient and effective public transport outcomes. Parking remains key to unlocking the HMB marina and a number of parking demand measures are being planned or in progress over the next 3 months.  Reclamation and land use strategies are will be reviewed further over the next 3 months.

47.     Manukau Rail Station: The Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) works have now restarted with a new main contractor Hawkins Infrastructure. As a result the completion date for the station and the tertiary building is now targeted for May 2014 Good progress is being made with building water tightness.  Full construction recommenced in September 2013.  The new ticketing gates will be installed during March 2014.  Detailed design for the bus interchange is still making good progress towards completion in 1st half of 2015. Construction tender has now been awarded for the North Davies Ave linear park works. The agreed construction completion date for these works is by the end of February 2014.

48.     Parnell Station: The final enabling works on the Domain pathways and signaling were substantially completed in September 2013. Over the recent wet period the new soil nail retaining area has been subject to detailed scrutiny that has resulted in the need for some further retaining works and some pathway repair works. This work will be completed over the labour weekend. The Auckland Transport board approved the detailed design funding for the station in September 2013 and over the next months the programme for delivery will be refined towards an anticipated completion date late in 2015. Planning is underway for the access ways, connections to the Domain and Carlaw park development and up to the University precinct. The NZTA are working on plans for better connectivity across Stanley St.

49.     Newmarket Rail (formerly Sarawia St) Level Crossing: Public consultation has been finalised including a more detailed analysis of an underpass to Sarawia St. The feedback on all options has been evaluated and a preferred option was recommended to the AT board in September 2013. The AT board requested further information and analysis before any final decision. Over the next month the requested further analysis will be provided to the AT board with an expected final decision by the end of October 2013. Commencement of the detailed design is scheduled for December through to March 2014 during which time there will be further community engagement. Construction works are anticipated to be from April 2014 through to March 2015.

Strategy and Planning

50.     Auckland Integrated Transport Programme (ITPv2) and its key components

Work is underway on delivering the next version of the ITP which is due by the middle of 2014.  Work are also continuing on the development/updating of the key components of the ITP including:

·      Regional Rapid Transit Review (RTN) review – further analysis required in view of the RDS update

·      Rail Development Strategy (RDS) update – in progress

·      Rail Level Crossings Study – joint review with KiwiRail in progress

·      Park and Ride and Parking Strategy – review and update of legacy strategies in progress

·      Regional Passenger Transport Plan – formally adopted by the AT Board on 23rd September 2013.  Consultation of the new network for the other areas in Auckland will be undertaken in 2014-15.  Implementation of the new network will commence in early 2015.

51.     Regulatory planning

Strategy and Planning continues to lead and co-ordinate AT’s responses to proposed plan changes and Notices of Requirements (NoRs) to ensure that land use and transport are integrated and that proposed land use changes enable AT to deliver its capital works programme.  During the first quarter, there are 33 applications including 3 new applications that are in progress.  5 applications were completed this quarter.

AT also continued working closely with the Auckland Council on the review of the draft Unitary Plan.  AT has been assisting the council on matters such as cycle parking, Integrated Transport Assessments, parking, loading and access provisions.  AT has also been working with the Auckland Utility Operators Group on trees in road corridor provisions.

Over the next quarter, AT will be reviewing the Proposed Unitary Plan as notified on 30 September 2013.

52.     Corridor management plans (CMPs)

The 10 priority arterial CMPs in the 2012/13 year are now nearing completion:

·      Great North Road-Rata St-Ash St corridor - draft plan reviewed

·      Albany Highway-Greville Rd-Tawa Dr corridor – draft plan reviewed

·      Takapuna North (East Coast Road Stage 2) – draft plan reviewed

·      East Tamaki Road-Springs Rd-Harris Rd corridor – draft plan completed

·      City East West Transport Study – draft plan completed and initial recommended projects are under concept design

·      Tamaki Drive-Ngapipi Rd-Kohimarama Rd-Kepa Rd corridor – draft plan under review

·      Ellerslie-Panmure Highway – draft plan under review

·      Balmoral Road-St Lukes Road corridor – draft plan under review

·      Great South Road Stage 2 – scope of the CMP was extended to include Shirley Road and those sections of Coronation and Rangitoto Road that are currently bus routes

·      Pakuranga Road – in progress.

The 2013/14 CMP programme was finalised, three of which are currently at scoping stage:

·      Great North Road (between Ash Street and Karangahape Road) – scoping completed

·      New North Road (Blockhouse Bay Road to Mt Eden Road) – scoping underway

·      Manukau Road (Broadway to Royal Oak roundabout) – scoping underway.

53.     Transport modelling

Work is continuing on the update/development of transport models including:

·      Local area traffic modelling – Takapuna town centre, Ponsonby Road, proposed Convention Centre

·      CRL transport model in parallel with the APT3 update

·      Updating the Auckland Passenger Transport (APT3) model

54.     Asset Management Plan 2015-2018

The development of the next Asset Management Plan 2015-2018 is continuing.  The plan will give effect to the ITPv2 and will support forward investment decisions.

55.     Seismic Screening Programme

Work is continuing on the screening of all transport assets for earthquake susceptibility.

56.     Asset Condition Surveys

The asset condition surveys for higher risk transport assets is continuing and is on schedule for completion by the end of December 2013.  Minor safety and other issues are prioritised and addressed through the maintenance teams. More extensive defects are included in the long term forward renewal works programme and, where feasible, coordinated with the capital new works programme.

There were no major safety issues requiring immediate action or restrictions on access have been identified.

Community Transport

57.     School Transport Programme and Road Safety Education

·      The number of schools signed onto the TravelWise Programme has now reached 343.

·      Key activities that were undertaken with the schools included, safety at the school gate parking enforcement, speed enforcement campaigns undertaken with the NZ Police, cycle training, scooter training, school leadership programme for intermediate and high school students and school curriculum transport related activities targeted at road safety and school travel options.

·      Walking School Buses now number 354 in the region with a continued programme of recruitment and recognition for the volunteers who accompany the buses.

·      Demand for cycle training is still strong from schools and greater partnerships with the NZ Police, Sports Trusts and Bike NZ have been developed to deliver cycle training and cycle safety.

·      The following regional road safety education campaigns are being developed for the coming eight months:

i.          The Sober Driver campaign – with a focus on the Christmas

ii.          Pedestrian safety campaign – pay attention or pay the price

iii.         Motorcycle safety and training campaign

iv.        Back to school speed campaign focused on targeting drivers speed around schools

v.         Distractions campaign

58.     Travel Planning and Cycle and Walking

·      Commute travel planning packages and personal journey plans being delivered across the region targeting business, communities, business associations and tertiary institutions.

·      The spring “Cycling’s the go” safety and promotional campaign is being delivered over the coming months targeting, cycle training, safety, guided rides and maintenance programmes.

·      The development of the Auckland Cycle network continues with priority being placed on working with the NZTA on Grafton Gully, working with Local Board Greenway proposals, Beach Road, Great South Road, Puhinui Road and the New Zealand Cycle Trail network expansion programme of the Airport to City & Waiheke routes.

Road Corridor Access

59.     Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) Rollout

Good progress has been made in closing out the Year 1 (2011/12) and Year 2 (2012/13) cabinet areas with 163 cabinet areas now completed and moved into warranty.  The linking of the Year 3 CAR approvals to the completion of the Year 1 and 2 work has had the desired effect and focused the contractor on completing this work.  The next milestone is the completion of 230 cabinet areas by 31 October 2013.

There are now 31 Year 3 cabinet areas which have completed the civil and hauling phases and are undergoing final quality assurance checks by VisionStream and Chorus before being handed over to Auckland Transport for sign-off.  There are currently 86 cabinet areas under construction with a further 28 cabinet areas awaiting build commencement.

60.     Hunua 4 Watermain

The construction of Watercare’s Hunua 4 bulk water watermain is continuing westwards on Puhunui Road.

The final reinstatement of the Great South Road/Puhunui Road intersection has been satisfactorily completed and the general issues around the construction methodology and reinstatement have been resolved.

The crossing of the Puhinui Road/Lambie Drive intersection was carried out over the weekend of 11/13 October 2013.  This work was undertaken in much the same manner as that at the Great South Road/Puhunui Road intersection and required the closure of Lambie Drive over the weekend.   There were no significant problems experienced and the intersection was fully reopened before the morning peak period on Monday.


61.     Waterview Tunnel Boring Machine

62.     There are a further 8 components of the Waterview Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) which are expected to arrive at the Port of Auckland in October 2013 which will require transport to the Waterview Tunnel site.

63.     We are working with the Well Connected Alliance and the transport contractor regarding the movement of 22,000 reinforced concrete segments from East Tamaki to the Waterview Tunnel site.  These precast segments will be used to line the new tunnel and weigh 10 tonnes each.  Approval is being sought to move 3 segments on each vehicle which will require a High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) permit as the gross weight will exceed 44 tonnes.  The movement of these precast segments will require in excess of 7,000 laden trips over the next 2 years.  Most of the travel will be on SH20.

Road Corridor Maintenance

64.     West

·      The new contract for west area road maintenance which include the wider scope of the Henderson – Massey, Waitakere and the Whau local board areas started in July and levels of service and contractor resources scaled up to allow for the larger size & scope of  works included in this contract.

·      Extensive reconstruction works in pavement and footpath assets have been programmed and are well underway across the region. Initial focus has been in the Whau ward to balance out the levels of service and standard of asset condition. Major pavement works are currently underway in Margan Ave, Kinross St and Birdwood Rd. Four other sites are programmed to be rehabilitated this construction season dependent on final design criteria vs. available budget.

·      A large programme ($7M+) of resurfacing is also underway throughout the central – west region. This schedule of activities includes approx. 15.6km of Asphaltic Concrete surfacing and 63km of various Chip Sealing (resealing) sites. This programme continues on from the previous 3 years, in the RCM undertaking to raise the standard of road surface condition in the western area.

·      Very wet and poor weather conditions encountered in August & September caused multiple slip sites in the Waitakere ward which needed major design and investment in retaining structures. These sites are also well underway, that’s to a quick response from the contractor. The hardest hit area of the storms was Titirangi Road & Titirangi Beach Roads where 5 separate minor under slips required treatment over the last 2 months. Fortunately the torrential cyclone season has passed and two major slip sites within the Waitakere Ranges (Candia Rd & Laingholm drv.) are nearing completion with another two awaiting final detailed design & funding approvals.

65.     Streetlights

·      Completed the section of Tamaki Drive (Okahu section) with new poles and luminaires in accordance with the Tamaki Drive approved upgrade report. There are only 25 poles and lights to complete the upgrade between Ngapipi Road and The Strand.

·      St George Street Papatoetoe is currently being upgraded with new poles and lights.  The former decorative type lights will become gas look alike lights for decorative purpose only.

·      Bowen Street in the CBD has been upgraded to provide increased safety for pedestrians walking into the city especially from the university at night.

·      Installation of new lights and poles supporting the Vector undergrounding programme removing overhead lines.  Areas where undergrounding has taken place are Epsom, and Penrose.

66.     South

·      Approval has been given to proceed with the second section of the East Street road reconstruction project in Pukekohe.  This project is being undertaken by John Filmore Contractors as a separate contract to the RCM South contracts and work is programmed to start in January 2014.

67.     Central

·      Foot path upgrades in Raumati road, and Poto Street are in the final stages. Foot path work has also commenced at the Remuera road end of Orakie road.

·      Preparation for major road works on Orakei road (Shore to Ngapipi roads) is in progress, with construction scheduled to commence early Jan 2014. This project is in conjunction with the Auckland Council Shore road Boardwalk project and in consultation with the local Iwi.

·      RCM Central Contract has completed several Footpath and Kerb & Channel Upgrades in the Arch Hill area over the last few months. These upgrades have significantly enhanced the streetscapes of this area within the Waitemata ward.

·      A major road rehabilitation upgrade of Hukanui Crs was undertaken over the October Schools holidays which will eliminate on-going maintenance activities on this busy residential road. Our contractor modified their construction programme to ensure that parents and teachers from the school had access into Marist School first week back following the break.

68.     North

·      During the period of 24-25th September 2013 the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and greater Auckland area were subjected to a severe weather system that brought high winds and heavy rainfall.  High winds toppled a significant number of trees and the heavy rainfall caused flooding and minor slips. Contractors worked hard to ensure that all sites were made safe with only minimal disruption to traffic flows.

·      Area wide pavement treatment activities have been completed on Argent Lane, Station Road, Nobilo Road and Wintour Road. Other works completed I September includes Makarau Road Slip reinstatement and Kaipara Flats Walkway and Footbridge

Road Corridor Operations

69.     One Network Road Classification project

AT is a Road Controlling Authority member of the One Network Road Classification project with NZTA. This is a national initiative which is a recommendation of the Ministerial Road Maintenance Task Force, which aims to develop a national road classification which will support better asset management across the country.  Benefits are:

Planning, investment, maintenance and operational decisions relating to each road will reflect its function as part of the broader network

Over time road users can expect to have a similar experience across the country, on roads with the same classification.

An integrated classification system will also make collaboration easier, leading to a more efficient roading network and improved value for money.

Progress to date includes:

·      A draft One Network Road Classification (ONRC) framework has been developed

·      Roadshows introducing the draft ONRC to all Road Controlling Authorities in NZ have been completed and feedback sought

·      The next step is to collate all feedback and update the ONRC Framework.

70.     Route optimisation Investigation and analysis

Route optimisation was completed on 30% of the arterial road network for the second year of the programme (2012-2013) with 100km of routes being optimised.

This year, 2013/14, our primary focus will be in the Central area of Auckland with a focus on the inner city. This will align our network operations to accommodate recent changes to the Public Transport services and land use changes that have occurred in the Central City.

The Central City has been divided into five key zones and each zone has an assigned technical lead. Approximately 103 intersections in the central area will be reviewed and optimised. Work has commenced on Stage 1 reports to establish the existing conditions, known planning and possible improvements. Internal workshops have been held to understand the programme and the likely effect of Changes to Bus services, The Central East West Transport study and Foreshore development.

Work is in progress on 16 identified routes in the Central City

71.     Physical Works Programme (other routes across the region):

·      6 projects are at the scheme design stage

·      5 projects are at the detailed design stage

·      1 project is under construction

Road Safety

72.     Version 1. of Urban KiwiRAP risk mapping software has been developed and all Auckland routes, intersections, and vulnerable user groups have been mapped and prioritised.

The software methodology will be further revised in Oct/Nov, and is due for launch in December 2013.

73.     An Urban Motorcycle Route demonstration project brief has been developed for West Auckland and the project is expected to commence in November.

74.     The high risk rural roads SERR (Self Explaining Rural Roads) project working group has confirmed parameters for option development. Investigation is expected to commence early in the New Year.

75.     The Red light camera policy has been agreed with NZ Police and now working on technology applications. AT has completed a site selection report on 22 of the highest red-light running crash risk intersections.

Parking and Enforcement

76.     Waitemata

Freemans Bay – A questionnaire survey on parking issues in residential streets was completed in August. 87% of residents felt that crowded parking was a problem in Freemans Bay.

St Marys Bay – A questionnaire survey on the trial parking zone was completed in August. 65% of residents supported the trial parking zone in St Marys Bay.

Eden Terrace – Pay and display on-street parking was introduced into several streets in Eden Terrace in July. Parking in the paid area costs $1.00 per hour. There is no time limit. Paid parking operates from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. The Eden Terrace Business Association is very happy with the parking management system and has even received positive comments from some businesses. No formal surveys have been carried out but there has been an observed improvement in availability.

K Road Car Park – AT exited the K Road Car Park on 13 August ending 40 years of council tenure.  The car park was sold by the previous landlord to Tournament Parking.

Parnell – The Parking Design Team completed the review of on-street parking in Parnell in August. This included several minor parking restriction changes and removing a lot of signage on Parnell Road.

77.     Waiheke

Matiatia – AT gave notice of termination to all car park leaseholders during September.  These 145 leased car parks are often vacant and underutilised, giving rise to complaints from casual users wishing to find a park.  Seventy of the currently leased car parks are being converted to pay and display parking, to satisfy the growing demand for casual parking.  The remaining 75 will be available for lease at commercial rates.  Expressions of interest from current leaseholders are being sought for these car parks.


78.     Orakei

Remuera – Time restrictions were removed in August in Remuera town centre along Remuera Road.  AT will be using demand responsive pricing to manage the parking.

79.     Howick

Howick – Parking occupancy surveys has been completed in August and business questionnaire surveys are being collected currently.

Halfmoon Bay Car Park – Changes have been approved by the Local Board and a report is currently being prepared for approval at Traffic Control Committee. The changes include a 14 hour time restriction and priority for car pool users.  Implementation expected in November.

80.     Franklin

Pukekohe – Strategy and Planning commenced a Comprehensive Parking Management Plan to coordinate with the Area Plan. The parking report is expected to be completed early next year.

81.     Takapuna – Devonport

Killarney Street Car Park – The owner of this car park, Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA), decided to put the car park services up for tender in July.  AT did not submit a tender.  A contract was awarded by RFA to Wilson parking.  AT has exited the car park.

82.     Hibiscus and Bays

Orewa – A P120 town centre parking zone was implemented in August.

83.     Manurewa – Papakura

Papakura – AT has agreed to seek a temporary consent for the continuation (eighteen months) of the temporary Park and Ride site.  This action will enable a further review when more information is known about the possible electrification of the railway to Pukekohe.

Public Transport

84.     During the third quarter of 2013, the Public Transport Department focused on analysing feedback on the new on the new network in South Auckland. Planning for implementation of the PTOM contracting model continued.

85.     Rail patronage is showing signs of renewed growth after a period of relative stability while rail service reliability has shown pleasing improvements over the last few months.

86.     The final quarter of 2013 sees changes to the proposed South Auckland new network bus services in response to public feedback finalised and communicated to customers. This will be followed by preparing the South Auckland bus network for a competitive tendering process.

87.     The implementation of Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) on buses was briefly paused while an intermittent technical issue was resolved but has now resumed with implementation on North Star services on 13 October 2013. It is envisaged that the roll-out on remaining NZ Bus services will be completed by the end of 2013.

88.     A new train timetable is to be implemented on 29 October 2013 doubling Western Line weekend train frequencies during the day from hourly to half-hourly and extending Sunday train service to Swanson. In addition, weekend Southern Line train services will start earlier and a number of adjustments made to other services, primarily to improve reliability.

89.     An ongoing programme of bus timetable adjustments, in partnership with our service providers, continues so that published timetables more closely reflect actual bus running times. This is leading to a significant improvement in bus service reliability.

90.     Consultation began on Green Bay / Titirangi route changes began on 21 October 2013 to improve the frequency on key routes and simplify the bus network as an interim improvement step towards the future new bus network.

91.     The closure of most Northwestern Motorway bus lanes for up to 2-3 years for the Waterview Connection project has delayed many bus services by 6-8 minutes in the afternoon peak. AT has reviewed bus timetables; changed some bus routes and added more express bus service to help address the delays to service. Meanwhile, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) opened a bus/transit lane on the westbound approach to the Great North Road interchange on 20 October 2013 to significantly reduce bus delays.







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Jonathan Anyon , Council Engagement Manager, Auckland Transport

Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Chairperson's Report

File No.: CP2013/27560




Executive Summary

The Chairperson will update the Board on projects, meetings and other initiatives relevant to the Board’s interests.



That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

1)         That the Chairperson’s report be received.




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Michael Mendoza - Democracy Advisor




Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Board Members' Reports

File No.: CP2013/27564




Executive Summary

An opportunity is provided for members to update the Board on projects/issues they have been involved with since the last meeting.

(Note:  This is an information item and if the Board wishes any action to be taken under this item, a written report must be provided for inclusion on the agenda).



That Board members’ reports be received.








Local Board Member Margi Watson Report - Dec 2013





Michael Mendoza - Democracy Advisor


Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Governing Body Members' update

File No.: CP2013/27569




Executive Summary

An opportunity is provided for Governing Body Members to update the Board on Governing Body issues they have been involved with since the last meeting.



a)      That Standing Order 3.9.14 be amended to allow Governing Body Members Cathy Casey and Christine Fletcher to have speaking rights.


b)      That Governing Body Members' verbal updates be received.




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Michael Mendoza - Democracy Advisor




Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Reports Requested/Pending

File No.: CP2013/27674




Executive Summary

Attached is a list of reports requested/pending as at December 2013.



1)         That the list of reports requested/pending be received.








Reports Requested and Pending - December 2013





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Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board Workshop Notes

File No.: CP2013/27675




Executive Summary

Attached are copies of the Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes taken during workshops held on the 30 October and 13, 21 and 26 November 2013. 



That the Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes for the workshops held on the 30 October and 13, 21 and 26 November 2013 be received.







Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes 30 October 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes 13 November 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes 21 November 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board workshop notes 26 November 2013





Michael Mendoza - Democracy Advisor


Adam Milina - Acting Relationship Manager - Albert-Eden & Orakei Local Boards


Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013



Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013





Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013











Item 9.1 - Appendix a - Albert-Eden Youth representative report - Page 101

Albert-Eden Local Board

11 December 2013




[1]  2014/2015 financial statements reflect reprioritisations made during the 2013/2014 annual planning process and revised budgets endorsed by the Budget Committee on 21 November 2013 to achieve a 2.5% rates increase for 2014/2015.