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12 December 2013


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Great Barrier Local Board

18 December 2013



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22        Great Barrier Local Board Community Funding: Round Two 2013-14                  5 



Great Barrier Local Board

18 December 2013



Great Barrier Local Board Community Funding: Round Two 2013-14


File No.: CP2013/28138





1.       The purpose of this report is to present applications for the Great Barrier Local Board Community Grants, round two to the Great Barrier Local Board for their consideration.

Executive Summary

2.       In the first community grants round the board approved a total of $118,569.40.  Please refer to the Financial Summary Report on available budgets.

3.       Three applications have been received for the round two, requesting a total of $37,807.72. 

4.       A summary of the applications received was tabled for consideration at this meeting, and to support the funding decisions.



That the Great Barrier Local Board:

a)      considers the applications listed in Table 1 and agrees to fund, partially-fund or not fund each application in this round.

Organisation name

Funds requested for

Amount requested

Amount recommended

Aotea Community Radio Trust

Upgrade of solar power system at Station Rock transmitter site



Tryphena Community Hall Society Incorporated

Upgrade and maintenance of hall (flooring, empty septic tank, insurance)



Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust

Community van, North









5.       In March 2013, the Regional Development Operations Committee (RDOC) resolved to continue the interim community funding approach for the 2013/2014 financial year, noting that there would be no proposed changes to the decision-making budget structures already in place for the 2013/2014 financial year (RDO/2013/32).

6.       Through the Local Board Community Grants Fund, the Great Barrier Local Board focuses on assisting Great Barrier based groups to provide activities, projects, programmes, facilities, initiatives, and events that make a positive contribution to the local community and where they align with the objectives of the Great Barrier Local Board Plan.

7.       This fund is allocated at the local board’s discretion. In accordance with its fiduciary duties, the local board is to act honestly, avoid conflicts of interest and act in what the local board believes to be the best interests of the community.

8.       Round two of the Great Barrier Local Board Community Funding closed on 11 October. The fund was advertised through local community networks and on Auckland Council website.  


9.       When reviewing applications, the local board should be guided by the following criteria (these are not eligibility criteria; rather they are guidelines to help the local board when considering the merits of each proposal):

·      How well the project or proposal aligns with the objectives of the Great Barrier Local Board Plan,

·      How well the project helps the wider island community,

·      The number of residents who benefit, and

·      The group‘s record of undertaking activities beneficial to the community and accounting for previous funding received.

10.     Additional criteria are:

·      Activities must not have already taken place before the local board has the opportunity to consider the application.

·      Applicant groups must be based on Great Barrier Island.

·      Applicant groups must be legally constituted, i.e. be registered charitable trusts or incorporated societies. Other groups must apply under the umbrella of such a group.

·      Generally, the local board will not fund legal costs associated with legal action, funds to be used to advance activities promoting particular political goals or religious ministry, or wages and salaries.

·      The local board reserves the right to accept or refuse applications, including where the required information has not been adequately provided.

·      Where an application seeks funding to develop a new facility or to redevelop an existing facility on private land, which provides a service to the Great Barrier community, the local board may recommend that this be in Auckland Council ownership where it considers this is in the long term benefit of the community, and provided that council officers report back in support, and the landowner and applicant agree with this approach.

·      The board reserves the right to alter or amend any of the above criteria by simple board resolution made at an ordinary meeting.

·      The local board will allocate funds in accordance with its agreed criteria and to the amount it considers appropriate.

·      The local board reserves the right to reallocate funds between its budgets, by ordinary board resolution, where it considers this can best assist in the achievement of its funding objectives.


11.     Please refer to the Financial Summary Report, which provides a breakdown on the budget available. 

12.     Three applications were received for round two, requesting a total of $37,807.72. Staff recommendations total $35,949 for this round.

13.     A fourth application was withdrawn, and is being managed by the SLIPS team. This was for an improved access way to the Nurses’ Cottage at Port Fitzroy.

Application analysis

Types of projects

14.     Figure A below shows a comparison of costs applied for in rounds one and two.


15.     Contractors and “capital purchase – other” are the most frequently requested categories across the rounds. Equipment hire and transport/freight are also regular project costs. Whilst energy costs are a less frequently requested item, they do represent a large portion of funding allocated, as they are high-cost items (solar panels, generators).

Application Process

16.     In July 2013, an online application process was launched. All applications for community funding are now submitted online.

17.     Once the local board have made their final funding decisions, all applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application. Applicants will be required to provide an accountability report to council once their project has been completed.

18.     An online accountability process has been introduced, to make the funding process more efficient and this will also enable clearer reporting on each applicant’s funding history.


Local Board Views

19.     Local board feedback on the discretionary applications was sought at an agenda run-through with the Great Barrier Local Board, on 17 December. This report reflects the views expressed at that meeting.

Maori Impact Statement

20.     Community funding is a general programme of interest and accessible to a wide range of groups, including Maori. Maori represent just over 20% of the Great Barrier population and are therefore likely to benefit alongside other groups in the community.


21.     The allocation of grants to community groups is within the adopted annual plan.

22.     The decisions sought by this report do not trigger the Auckland Council Significance Policy.







Funding application Aotea Community Radio Trust



Funding application Aotea Family Support Charitable Trust



Funding application Tryphena Community Hall Society Incorporated





Sarah Zimmerman - Community Funding Advisor

Karyn McLeod - Community Funding Programme Manager

Carminia Adona - PA/Business Coordinator


Louise Mason - Manager Community Development, Arts and Culture

John Nash - Senior Local Board Advisor


Great Barrier Local Board

18 December 2013



Great Barrier Local Board

18 December 2013



Great Barrier Local Board

18 December 2013