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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


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Ann Hartley, JP



Dr Grant Gillon



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Danielle Grant



Richard Hills



Lorene Pigg



Lindsay Waugh



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Rebecca Turner

Democracy Advisor


6 December 2013


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Kaipatiki Local Board

11 December 2013


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24.1†††† Members' reports††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 5


Kaipatiki Local Board

11 December 2013


Members' reports

File No.: CP2013/28287




Executive Summary

1.†† An opportunity is provided for Members to update the Board on the projects and issues they have been involved with since the last meeting.

2.†† The attached report was received before the specified deadlines and omitted from the agenda in error.



That the Kaipātiki Local Board:

a)†† receives Member Lindsay Waugh and Member Richard Hillsí written report.







Member Lindsay Waugh and Member Richard Hills' report





Rebecca Turner - Democracy Advisor


Eric Perry - Relationship Manager

Kaipatiki Local Board

11 December 2013


Transport Portfolio Update.† October to November 30th 2013

Portfolio lead:††††††††††††††††††††† Richard Hills

Portfolio alternate:†††††††††††† Lindsay Waugh


Meeting date

Topic discussed


27th November

Portfolio Briefing

Richard Hills, Lindsay Waugh, Danielle Grant, Marilyn Nicholls and Sarah Broad

Actions† taken and recommendations to the Kaipatiki Local† Board


We have requested that Auckland transport consider the installation of speed cushions in Roseberry Avenue to respond to residential concerns regarding speed in the area. This matter has been bought to the Boardís attention on two occasions in the last term with no remedial action initiated. The advice received is that traffic assessment is unlikely to meet the traffic count threshold for speed bumps but the cushions are considerably cheaper but are effective in reducing speed. We also recommend that the Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust investigate opportunities for placemaking initiatives in partnership with the Community constable to improve driver awareness and reduced speed.


The planned and designed intersection improvements at Chivalry Road, Diana Drive and Chartwell Avenue.


The current offset alignment of this intersection has been identified as inhibiting efficient PT operation as well as dangerous for pedestrians and motorists.† This intersection is patronised by a lot of traffic linked to local schools but due to the offset alignment the light phasing is a three stage phase is inefficient and causes holdups for traffic and pedestrians. The improved layout design needs to be tweaked to ensure it responds to the KLB Plan to improve walking and cycling as well as public transport.†

This project is no longer in the RLTP because of the NZTA subsidy cuts so in the absence of ATís progress on this intersection improvements we recommend this project be progressed with the Local Board discretionary fund as it represents a significant project for our community.

We recommend that in the first instance we advocate that AT reinstate this into its forward work programme for 13/14 as it is long overdue. In the absence of ATís support the Board would allocate the necessary funds to get this project finally completed.

This is a legacy project that was well developed before the NZTA subsidy was withdrawn. The property was purchased and the detailed design completed so the physical works could be started early in 2014.

The advice received is that If the board contributed the value of the lost subsidy AT would commit the balance of the funding.

The Board have resolved on this matter twice in the last term that confirms our interest in progressing these improvements.




Auckland Transport Report 28th August 2013 Item 23 pages 249/250

Minutes 28th August 2013 Item 23



Glenfield Road Bus Shelter update


The Glenfield Road bus shelter is awaiting final sign off for the licence to occupy over the McDonalds part of the land. This is not a problem but the paper work has taken some time to work its way through the sign off process. Until this is officially signed off the physical works canít begin.


Glenfield Road Wairau Road intersection U-Turn


The reinstatement of the permitted U-Turn sign at the traffic lights at the Glenfield Road Wairau Road intersection has still not been delivered.

This signage, to indicate that U-turns were permitted at this intersection, was an absolute clear commitment between the community and the Auckland Transport at the consultation stage for the Glenfield Road upgrade.

Urgent action is required to resolve this matter which is not only affect existing businesses but impacting on new businesses considering taking tenancies in this precinct.†

The light phasing at this intersection was specifically designed to allow for traffic to U-Turn and the absence of this sign is leading to confused and dangerous traffic movements from motorists trying to access these local shops.

†ATís on-going delay in addressing and resolving this matter and the current confusion is unacceptable and unsafe.

Lindsay will write to David Warburton to request immediate resolution to this unacceptable impasse.


Hinemoa Street pavement renewal


Resin and pebble surrounds were planned for the street trees in Hinemoa Street as the final stage of the resealing of the pavement delivered in partnership between Auckland Transport and Watercare. However the UFB roll out is currently active in this area so this final stage of renewal may need to be delayed until the UFB work is finished.


Road Corridor Maintenance schedule


The report on planned maintenance in the road corridors is published on the Auckland Transportís Internet Website under the following link.  



Members can access this information to see if there are any planned maintenance or renewal projects scheduled in areas of interest. There could be opportunities to align projects or capitalise on renewals to initiate minor improvements††


Follow up on matters raised by community.

Access to Crowís-nest for Birkenhead Boat club

Access to the Race Tower in Auckland Transportís Birkenhead Ferry Terminal is for open application as it continues to be used by other organisations including, New Zealand Water Skiing Association, various Waka groups and power boat race organisers. Auckland Transport has been liaising with Mr Thow to reconfirm that the same access arrangements established by ARTA remain operative. The established method for access requires it to be booked by e-mail or phone call prior to the scheduled event. 

The race tower underwent significant renewals and works to make it compliant for multi race use as part of the consent requirements and recent fire rating works were carried out to make the site fully compliant.  The race tower has a no children access requirement, controlled numbers and is accessed by an exceptionally steep navy access ladder, which requires sensible use. On that basis uncontrolled access would compromise H&S and insurance.


Lack of cycling infrastructure in Kaipatiki

Partly in response to Steve Southallís recent deputation, Richard and I want to undertake a review of the project priorities for the walking and cycling track network plan with key stakeholders. The primary objective of this plan was to improve connectivity and reduce traffic around trip generators. I have expressed concerns in the past that the emphasis on park tracks may be out of balance with the primary objectives and want to review the priorities to ensure both aspects (walking and cycling), on and off road, is addressed through the progressive roll out of the projects identified.

The section of motorway between Northcote Road and Wairau Road along the motorway shoulder adjacent to the Fred Thomas Golf course has long been discussed as a walking and cycling route. The Board needs clarification from NZTA and Auckland Transport on how this link fits with regional plans for connectivity.††






Richard Hills

Lindsay Waugh