Meeting Room:



Thursday 27 February 2014


Waikowhai Meeting Room
Fickling Convention Centre
546 Mt Albert Road
Three Kings


Puketāpapa Local Board






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9.1       Sarah Scobie, 'Plane Truth group

A.      Presentation                                                                                                            3

14        Three Kings Precinct Plan: Support in Principle for Land Exchange

A.      Antipodean Properties letter dated 12 February 2014                                           7

22        Board Member Reports February 2014

A.      E Kumar Board Report 28 January to 24 February 2014                                      9

B.      M Wood Board Report 30 January to 26 February 2014                                    13

Puketāpapa Local Board

27 February 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

27 February 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

27 February 2014


Report NameBoard member report –Ella Kumar



Portfolio: Events, Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture, Library,

Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings


Portfolio activities for the month 28th January 2014 to 24th February 2014





Brief Description

29th Jan

Board workshop

Fickling Centre


30th Jan

Puketapapa Local Board Business meeting

Fickling Centre


3rd Feb

Indian Visa’s for NZ citizenships

Phone conversation

Community are not able to communicate to the India High commission office, phone messages full and no response.  Contacted the office to find out what are the issues and how this can be ratified and how this can be related back to community.

I will organise a follow-up with the high commission to see how we can sort the issues  out smoothly for the NZ citizens.

4th Feb

KHUPG meeting

Tri Star Gym

Park Stakeholders



Tri Star Gymnastics


Local board and Council staff

Meet monthly to discuss the park and sporting needs for the codes.

4th Feb

Try A Craft event

Mt Roskill library

Met with Mary-Ann and staff in regards to the Try a Craft event to be delivered within the library.


The library staff are happy to run this event, logistics of how will be confirmed once the Puketapapa Local Board has confirmed the event proposal at the next business meeting.

5th February

Local board Workshop

Fickling Centre


12th February

Local board Workshop

Fickling Centre


15th February

NZICA Women’s


Ellerslie Convention Centre

Speaker for Women and career’s -  elected position in Auckland Council

16th February

Brahma Kumaris


Rockfield Road, Penrose

Attended on invite for the

Grand Shiv Darshan

First time in NZ and 8 feet tall unique flower Shivlingam event.

24th Feb

Justine Sew Hoy

Chinese Senior Citizen’s

Health and Exercise group Inc.

Local Board office

Met Justine in regards to the local board plans 2014 to 2017.

Justine will work with the group to give us feedback.


Any other issues: Nil



Events/Arts and Culture Update


Movies in the Park January 31st Friday 8.30pm starting 4.30pm with entertainment in collaboration with James Wallace Arts centre and within the park then followed by movie. Well received event.



Met with the library staff to have the “Try a Craft event within the library 2014.


Sport and Recreation Centre

Met with Eden Roskill Softball Club

Sport Auckland

Softball NZ

Regards to the current situation with sport and future for the code.

Currently the code have not received clear information with some outstanding council projects from 2012, where local board funded the dugouts and funded the move of the lights, which is in the way of one of the diamonds.  Local board staff Jill Pierce will collate updated information from Council officers.


Meeting many sports codes to seek our local community participation and barriers that may be a effecting the sport participation.  Working with the codes to help with sport structures, codes plans where possible to meet our community needs.


Lovelock Track

Renovations and update coming to an end.

This track has a long history it is the "The legendary track used by Lydiard, Snell, Magee, Baillie, Halberg and others".  For Puketapapa Local board it is one sporting asset we should be proud to have in our community that holds a legendary history for the sporting athletes.

I will put in a sport and recreation proposal to the local board to have an event for the re-opening of this track due to the significance and histories held and attach this event to other sporting needs that can be met. The Lovelock Track, in Mount Roskill. Opened on 15 April 1961, Five world records have been set on the track.




Still having a problem with Auckland Transport, an elderly resident who has given in a doctor’s certificate in December and had a reply January the Auckland Transport cannot mow her berm; she is 82 years of age widow.  I contacted Auckland Transport in January 2014 who mentioned the AT have now considered periodically cutting berms, in February  she received another letter without specific outcome to her berm and another standard letter.  This letter does not give dates and clear information for the resident to know what and when her berms will be cut.

I will call AT to get more information of the letter.





a)   That the report be received




Board Member Ella Kumar



Puketāpapa Local Board

27 February 2014


Report NameBoard member report – Michael Wood

30 January 2014 – 26 February 2014



Portfolio:  Parks, Open Spaces, and Heritage

Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings

Participated in Board workshops (12 February, 19 February)


Attended Board business meeting (30 January) and Extraordinary meeting (10 February)


Attended Board business meeting run through – 21 February


Attended Local Board Funding Political Working Party on 5 February



Portfolio activities

Portfolio areas:

Parks & Open Spaces:


Attended Keith Hay Park User group meeting – 11 February


Worked with Council officers on plans for ‘Friends of Maunga’ group including planning meeting on 13 February

Attended regular monthly Parks meeting with Council officers. Main topics for discussion were:

·    Keith Hay Park upgrade and management issues

·    Playground upgrade project

·    Turner and Freeland Concept Plan

·    Manukau Foreshore wayfinding project

Ongoing liaison with local residents concerned about the impact of construction works at Keith Hay Park including site meeting on 19 February.

Meeting with Council officers to discuss Keith Hay Park upgrade financials – 21 February

Supported community volunteer group to organize a litter cleanup at Waikowhai Reserve and surrounds – 22 February

Met with Council officers and Board Member Doig to discuss funding for Oakley Creek restoration initiatives – 27 February

Met with Council officers and Board Member Doig to plan Parks & Environment Forum as a part of Local Board Plan consultation – 27 February

Ongoing work with officers on confirmation and delivery of new playgrounds at West Park, Quona Reserve, John Moore Reserve, and Buckley Reserve.





Met with local community member to discuss status of local heritage building – 3 February

Ongoing work to support Mt Roskill War Memorial upgrade project including attendance at committee meeting on 17 February and support to identify and approach community groups for fundraising.

Worked with Council officers to plan 2014 Puketapapa Heritage Forum, scheduled for March 25.


Any other issues


Attended Fletchers Quarry Masterplan public open day – 1 February

Met with community member to discuss views about 3 Kings Quarry issues – 8 February

Attended Roskill Community Network – 13 February

Participate in 3 Kings design charette – 15 February

Attended meeting of Pah Homestead Joint Liaison meeting – 17 February

Ongoing participation in the Local Board Funding Political Working Party to develop Local Board position for further work and consultation.

Attended Winstones Site Liaison Group meeting – 24 February










Board Member Wood