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9.1       Richard Barter, Puketapapa Active Transport Haven (PATH) group

A.      Improving the health of children - cycling (NZ Herald article)                               3

13        Pah Homestead - Climate Control System Upgrade

A.      Climate Control System options memo from John Duthie                                    5

21.1     Board Member Woode

A.      E Kumar Report - 24 February-20 March 2014                                                     7

Puketāpapa Local Board

27 March 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

27 March 2014


Memo                                                          25 March 2014

To:                   Brenda Railey

From:              John Duthie



Subject:           Pah Homestead Climate Control


Hi Brenda


Thanks for your note on the climate control report to the Puketapapa Local Board, and their queries about other options that were investigated as part of the climate control upgrade.


Four options were evaluated.


1.         Status Quo:  


This would see the existing system operating with improved ongoing maintenance. 


The difficulty with this system is it is under-designed for the premises.  The reason for this is partly because of the much higher visitor numbers (100,000 pa instead of 35,000 pa anticipated) and partly other issues relating to the building itself around air leakage into and from the building.


The cumulative problem is that too much air from outside the building is leaking into the climate controlled downstairs, to enable the current system to consistently operate to the required standard.  Consequently, this option effectively says that we will not offer appropriate climate control at the Pah Homestead.  While this is probably not in breach of the Council’s contractual obligations, it certainly does not meet the stated verbal commitments made to the James Wallace Arts Trust (JWAT) at the time.


2.         Upgrade of the current system


This is the recommended option and the one outlined in the report to the Board.  Essentially, it is a $180,000 upgrade to the system.  It involves a number of measures which cumulatively will make a difference.


Essentially, the existing subfloor units are upgraded to a higher specification, and double glazing is achieved throughout the windows of the downstairs gallery to reduce the amount of air leakage into the building.


As described in the report, this will not meet the full specification 100% of the time, but it will significantly improve the operation.


3.         Complete new system


A third option was investigated, which is the replacement of the existing system with a complete new system.  This would involve a major unit being located in an outdoor courtyard adjacent to the Homestead and ducting of air under the building to the ground floor units.  The size of the new unit is substantially bigger.  This approach would still need the double glazing.  The Council would also still be in the position of not being able to meet the full climate control standards for 100% of the time.


This option had a $400,000 price and was therefore rejected.


4.         Reduced scope:


We did consider reducing the scope of the project by upgrading the subfloor climate control units, but not proceeding with the double glazing.  The difficulty with this is that to achieve the targeted specification for climate control, we need the double glazing to reduce air leakage and temperature loss through the extensive windows in the ground floor area.  No one element, such as upgrading the units, will achieve the level of climate control we are targeting.


This had about a 25% reduction in the cost.  However, the functionality required was not achieved.  Consequently, this was felt to be of false economy.


Targeted Climate Control Level:


As outlined in the report to the Board in the report, Pah Homestead will not 100% of the time achieve 100% of the standard for climate control in galleries and museums.  This is because of the nature of a wooden heritage building.  Modern galleries are effectively sealed off from external air and 100% controlled through climate control.  This is not an option at the Pah Homestead.  However, the approach recommended in the report will ensure that for the majority of the time, the New Zealand standard will be met or very nearly met.




John D

Consultant Programme Manager

Ph 09 480 6878 | Mobile 0274 924 387

Puketāpapa Local Board

27 March 2014


Report NameBoard member report –Ella Kumar

Portfolio activities for the month 24th February 2014 to 20th March 2014



Portfolio: Events, Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture, Library,

Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings





Brief Description

25th Feb

Lovelock Track

Owairaka Athletic Club

Met with Sydney, Ofisa, Jill to discuss the opening of the track.

This track has a long history it is the "The legendary track used by Lydiard, Snell, Magee, Baillie, Halberg and others".  For Puketapapa Local board it is one sporting asset we should be proud to have in our community that holds a legendary history for the sporting athletes.

I will put in a sport and recreation proposal to the local board to have an event for the re-opening of this track due to the significance and histories held and attach this event to other sporting needs that can be met. The Lovelock Track, in Mount Roskill. Opened on 15 April 1961, Five world records have been set on the track.

26th Feb

Recreation Facilities

Local Board office

Met Susan Jones to plan the needs of facility workshop.

27th Feb

Business Meeting

Fickling Centre

Monthly Business meeting

4th March

Sport and Recreation

Tri Star Gymnastics

Keith Hay Park User Group  monthly  meeting

5th March

Local board Workshop

Fickling Centre


8th March

Festival of Colours event

May Road War Memorial Hall

Sport and Rec event with Holi.

Connect2sport delivery.

10 March

Meet Chief executive

Local Board Office


12th March

Local board Workshop

Local Board Office


13th March

Events Portfolio Meeting

Local Board Office

Meeting with Jill to update portfolio actions to be completed.

13 March

Empowered Community and Wellbeing Forum

Help shape tomorrow’s Puketapapa

Community centre

Community drop in for feedback.


17th March

Community facilities grants policy workshop

Fickling centre


18th March

Mika Foundation

Arts and Culture

Mika Foundation

May Road

Met Mika to discuss possibilities for Matariki and other arts and cultural activities.

19th March

Annual Plan Hearings


Local Board Workshop


Tri Star Gymnastics and Council Officers

Local Board Office





Scout Hall Demolition

20th March


Hockey Turf

Mt Roskill Grammar School

Turf trust meeting.

Future of the turf and current operational matters discussed.

Trees on Sommerset Road, roots are an issue for premier games and games of any other nature due to health and safety.

Roots have damaged the surface of the turf.

This means less income for the turf.  Options discussed all trustee’s to  investigate how where we can increase income to continue the great work Barry does in connecting, engaging youth and keeping activity within Puketapapa.

20th March

Agenda run through

Local Board Office



Any other issues: Nil

Events/Arts and Culture Update


Events in scoping and planning


Disco for Disability

Matariki end of June

Try a Craft date



Met with the library staff to have the “Try a Craft event within the library 2014.

Library meeting with officers: a quarterly basis to coincide with the Quarterly Omnibus report which contains the Auckland Libraries report so we can discuss.


Sport and Recreation Centre

Tri Star Gymnastics

Met with Tri Star board members and Helen and sport and rec team with regards to the demolition of scout hall.  To see how this can proceed so the Keith Hay Park project can continue as planned.

This is currently in the process of both groups taking away options that suit all and best outcome for Puketapapa.

Meeting many sports codes to seek our local community participation and barriers that may be a effecting the sport participation.  Working with the codes to help with sport structures, codes plans where possible to meet our community needs.


Lovelock Track

Postponed the opening to later in the year.

Meeting with Council team is set for April to discuss the dates for the finish of the lovelock track.

This is to avoid another athletic season disrupted.

I will organise a meeting for Council team and club to help understand the reasons the dates have been set but not met for the completion.




That the report be received




Ella Kumar