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Friday 7 March 2014


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Rural Advisory Panel






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Apologies Rural Advisory Panel -  7/03/2014

A.      Rural Advisory Panel members brief biographies                                                 3

5          Local Board Plans

A.      Local Board Plans Presentation                                                                             9

6          Role of Rural Industry Group

A.      Rural Advisory Panel priorities for the current term and topics for the Rural Industry Group meetings                                                                                                               17

7          Heritage Incentives Policy

A.      Heritage Incentives Policy Presentation                                                              19

3.1       Greater Tamaki Stormwater Network Consent consultation

A.      Greater Tamaki Stormwater Network Consent consultation presentation          29

B.      Stormwater priorities consulation information brochure and request for feedback 43

C.      Feedback form                                                                                                     65

Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014


Rural Advisory Panel Brief Biographies 2014

Alan Cole – Elected Member


Franklin Local Board representative. Was previously a representative of Federated Farmers, found it was good to work with Council staff and got some really good understanding of Unitary Plan rules.

Alan was a dairy farmer, has now gone to beef farming. Represents a diverse rural economy.

Andrew McKenzie – Beef & Lamb NZ


Andrew is a sheep and beef farmer from Helensville.

Andrew is also Chair of the Farmer Council, and is on the Beef and Lamb Executive.

Astrid Lambert – Equine Industry (alternate)

Astrid represented the equine industry on the last panel. The Auckland equine group is well established, and represents all across the sector, it is a diverse group of different industry organisations.

Geoff Smith is the Chair of group and is taking over for this term. Astrid will be stepping in for Geoff when he is not available. Astrid’s passion is business performance.

Bill Bourke – Aggregate & Quarry Association


Bill is back-up to Roger Parton, his aim is to pursue the key interests of the industry, for example, concerns over the sterilisation of potential quarrying assets and reverse sensitivity of existing quarries.

Bill feels that working with staff last term was excellent, although they didn’t get everything they wanted in the Unitary Plan.


Bill Cashmore – Elected Member

Chair of the Rural Advisory Panel, Franklin Ward Councillor, Farmer.

Brian Mason – Landowners & Contractors Protection Association Inc


Landowners is a grass roots advocacy group. Brian enjoyed the relationships built last term and found them valuable.

Brian has been a dairy farmer in Tomorata for 45 years, this is near the northern extremity of Auckland and the area has diverse problems.

Bronwen Turner – Western Rural Property Owners


Bronwen is a retired volunteer representing rural property owners in the west; this is difficult with the Heritage Act affecting Bethells to Huia.

Bronwen’s Great Grandfather bought a property in Huia; he was the Turner of ‘Turners and Growers’.

Bronwen has worked in the US in business development in Denver and for a coal company and in government relations in rural America.

Callum MCallum – Acquaculture Industry

Clevedon Oysters, beef farmer, been farming since 1986. Callum runs a couple of blocks of land, sheep and beef.

Callum’s main aim is to talk about aquaculture and to promote water quality.

Chris Keenan – Horticulture NZ


Horticulture NZ works for growers, Chris represents them around the country and is involved in 48 planning processes across NZ, which he really enjoys.

Chris is involved in many of these sorts of groups and feels it is important as a way to improve processes.

Chris is also a member of the Gisborne Freshwater Advisory Group, Waikato, Northern Horticulture Forum, an advisory group in Canterbury and setting up horticulture groups like this to work with Council, improving the way we farm.

Chris feels that farmers have made a lot of changes and that there is a need for all parties to continue to change, not just the farmers.

Chris enjoys all of the challenges of becoming better at what we do, for all New Zealanders.

Chris has spent four years on the Land and Water Forum and has a keen interest in Auckland, he moved from Greymouth when he was15 and lives in Wellington with his wife and two children.

Geoff Smith – Equine Industry

Vice President of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand – Chairman of the Auckland Equine Industry Group, balance of rural and urban ensuring people understand the significance of agriculture to the economy.

Helen Moodie – Dairy NZ

Based in Whangarei, Helen has a history in Auckland; she was with the Auckland Regional Water Board, then Auckland Regional Council until 1996. Her role is in Dairy NZ catchment engagement, sustainability space - covering Northland and Auckland.

Helen’s focus is to get up to speed with what is happening in Auckland and to identify issues that affect the dairy industry.

John Glasson (Federated Farmers alternate)

John has been a dairy farmer all his life, except when away studying, lives to the south of the Kaipara harbour on a 54 ha dairy farm.

John joined Federated Farmers 45 years ago to see what they were doing and was impressed so he stayed on.

Keith Vallabh – Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Association


Keith is representing growers from one coast to the other, covering a large area.

Keith is an active grower and past president of the Pukekohe Vegetable Growers, he has been the Pukekohe chair for the last six years and a member of numerous other horticulture committees.

The Association is affiliated to Horticulture NZ and Chris Keenan does a lot of work for it. The group has a good relationship with the Council, since the sustainability project, which was born in 1997/8 due to floods. Council was a funder of the project, which has worked extremely well re sediment control, there is less sediment going into the rivers and have avoided abatement notices working with council. The group is committed to keeping up the good work with both councils.

Keith is also a representative of the Indoor Growers Association.

Marie Appleton – Rural Women NZ

Marie is from Pukekohe and is the National Finance Chair of Rural Women NZ, interested in a rural perspective and ensuring that people working on farms are taken note of.

Peter Spencer - NZ Forest Owners Association

Peter’s day job is working for a forestry company.  Looking back at the last term, Peter enjoyed the interaction and getting closer to staff and politicians.

Richard Gardner – Federated Farmers


Senior Policy Advisor, Richard was bought up with his sisters on a large farm in Glorit which was bought in the 1860s; the farm is converting to dairy and has 70 acres of forest.

The farming operation includes sand mining, conservation and is engaged in a pest management programme which introduced kiwis and is a tourism venture.

Richard has a diverse range of interests – policy and legal work, fresh water and salt water in Hawkes Bay.

Roger Parton – Rural Contractors NZ and Aggregate & Quarry Association


Executive Director of Aggregate & Quarry Association and rural contractors.

Roger is based in Wellington and enjoyed the last three years on the Panel.

Thomas Grace – Elected Member


Rodney Local Board representative. Thomas is a former dairy farmer, now farming beef. Thomas was a two-term councillor in Rodney, and is now a local board member.

Thomas is passionate about the rural sector and fighting for a fair deal for people in his patch. Thomas is a member of the Auckland Conservation Board and enjoys being a member of the RAP.

Trish Fordyce - NZ Forest Owners Association

Trish is a lawyer by profession; she has been involved in the forestry industry for 35 years.

Wendy Clark – Federated Farmers

Wendy’s Auckland Council priority for the last two years has been the Unitary Plan and it will continue to be until it is put to bed, there are further submissions to be made.









Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014


Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014




1.    Rural economy

How it is evolving and the opportunities this presents for Auckland Council and the industry.

2.    Smart comms

A method to tell the good stories.

3.    Food Plan

A clear map of resources.

4.    Our three harbours

Sea Change. Hauraki Gulf Forum.

5.    Water

Access, harvesting, ground water, allocation

6.    Nutrient management

Sector separation and management.

7.    Rural Urban Boundary (RUB)

Now and in the future 30 years.

8.    Aquaculture

The present and the future. Reality and challenges.

9.    Marginal land management

West  coast of Auckland. The challenges.

10.  Mana Whenua relationship

Independent Māori Statutory Board

11.  Wet land protection.

Management, compliance. SEA Rules, incentives,

12.  Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan


13.  LAWA

Land and Water Aotaeroa

14.  Rural  events

A&P shows, Farmers Markets, etc.

15.  Potential risks

What are the potential risks and how can Auckland Council act as a positive influence?




Two items each meeting except for the first when we will only have one. Member introductions will take the place of the other.


Item 1

Item 2



Land & Water Aotaeroa  (LAWA) explanation



Update / explanation of PAUP. Rural Provisions

Catchment Management Plans


Latest on the SHA. Explanation, results to-date. Environmental responsibilities

Management of Auckland Council


LTP UP opportunities

Rural Economy and ATEED


Civil Defence. The Auckland perspective (Clive Manley – full session)




Rural Economy / food plan

Enabling of volunteers / groups


This is a summation of feedback plus some of my ideas. You may well have additions and that would be welcomed.





Councillor Bill Cashmore

Chair Rural Advisory Panel

Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014


Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014


Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014


Rural Advisory Panel

07 March 2014