Puketāpapa Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Puketāpapa Local Board held in the Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 at 10.51 am





Harry Doig




Deputy Chairperson






David Holm





Ella Kumar





Nigel Turnbull





Michael Wood








Julie Fairey





1          Welcome



2          Apologies


Resolution number PKTPP/2014/57

MOVED by Member NJ Turnbull, seconded by Member DA Holm:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)         accept the apology from Board member JM Fairey for absence due to attendance at the Community Recycling Centre presentation before the Finance and Performance Committee,



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.




Fees and charges for the hire of community venues, centres and arts facilities - Puketapapa Local Board


Resolution number PKTPP/2014/58

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson HAJ Doig, seconded by Member DA Holm:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      Confirms the activity types eligible for priority discounts for hire of local council-run facilities as per Attachment A

b)      Notes the administrative changes to facilitate implementation.




Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 submissions analysis and responses to information requests


Resolution number PKTPP/2014/59

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson HAJ Doig, seconded by Member NJ Turnbull:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      considers any amendments to its draft Local Board Agreement 2014/2015, advocacy areas and any feedback on regional proposals arising from the special consultative procedure for the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015.




Report Name: Local board decisions for 2014/2015 Annual Plan


Resolution number PKTPP/2014/60

MOVED by Member MP Wood, seconded by Member NJ Turnbull:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)        agrees to the following amendments to its draft Local Board Agreement 2014/2015 arising from the special consultative procedure for the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015:

             i)             Increase the Oakley Creek budget line to $12,757 to accommodate additional costs as requested by officers.

            ii)             Reduce the Precinct Plan Three Kings (opex) budget to $30,000 in view of the fact that this planning exercise is near completion

          iii)             Reduce the Local improvement programme (opex) budget to $118,451 in order to accommodate new projects

          iv)             Remove Arthur Faulkner Reserve Scout Hall (opex) budget line as this facility has been demolished and no longer incurs any expenses

            v)             Allocate $30,000 (opex) to a Community Facilities Needs Assessment (Three Kings) which will enable a study of the facility needs in the Three Kings area with a specific focus on potential future use options for the former Roskill Borough Council Building

          vi)             Allocate $25,000 (opex) to a murals programme which will provide anti-graffiti murals in problem graffiti locations

         vii)             Acknowledges receipt of $60,000 (opex) for Youth connections across Auckland project from Tindall Foundation and allocates a further $60,000 (opex) for Youth Development Initiatives as part of the agreement to provide matching funds towards youth development.





Resolution number PKTPP/2014/61

MOVED by Member NJ Turnbull, seconded by Member E Kumar:  

b)         That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

i)       agrees a balanced budget for 2014/2015 for the Annual Plan 2014/2015 that reflect the allocation of decision-making

ii)      Notes that all outer years are balanced except for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 due to the cost of implementing an agreement with Tindall Foundation to provide matching funds of $60,000 per annum which was not anticipated and cannot be absorbed.

iii)     advocates to the Governing Body for additional funds to achieve a balanced budget in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.

iv)     agrees a local fees and charges schedule for 2014/2015 as proposed in Attachment C.

v)      confirms an updated list of advocacy areas for the Governing Body and council-controlled organisations, for inclusion in the Annual Plan 2014/2015 as per attachment D with the addition of:

             support the investigation of a regional funding model for Auckland Regional Migrant Services Trust with an aim to ensuring consistent support and positive outcomes for migrants and former refugees throughout the Auckland region.

vi)     resolves on any feedback on regional proposals being considered as part of the Annual Plan process for Governing Body consideration.

Notes and acknowledges the local concerns expressed in the submissions on the proposed regional Stadium Strategy





Resolution number PKTPP/2014/62

MOVED by Member MP Wood, seconded by Member E Kumar:  

c)         That the Puketapapa Local Board notes:

i)          local board budgets for 2014/2015 and outer years are required to balance in every year

ii)         if budgets do not balance in every year, the Budget Committee will respond to any advice provided by the local board about how to balance its budget if required.  If this has not occurred, budgets will be balanced by proportionately reducing the budgets for the local boards discretionary projects to address the overspend

iii)        local board budgets will be updated in May to reflect local board prioritisation decisions, any final decisions made by the Budget Committee on 8 May, and updated central cost allocations.  Updated financial statements for 2014/2015 will be provided to local boards in time for local board agreement adoption meetings in June.

iv)        that capex budgets for Keith Hay Park and Fearon Park are subject to change owing to corrections and reprioritisation, and that such changes will be managed to achieve a balanced budget.

v)         its concern that the Fearon Park budget line was changed for the second consecutive local Board agreement process without consultation with the Board.

vi)        its concern that the Board does not have a designated permanent and full time Parks Adviser and ask the Parks, Sports & Recreation manager to rectify this situation as soon as possible.




7          Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  





11.28 pm                                            The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.