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Disability Strategic Advisory Panel






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6          Universal access and design position paper

A.      Creating an accessible Auckland                                                                           3

8          Input to Local Boards

A.      Accessibility in Local Board Plans                                                                        13

10        Significance and Engagement Policy

A.      Significance and Engagement Policy presentation                                             15

Disability Strategic Advisory Panel

19 May 2014


Disability Strategic Advisory Panel

19 May 2014




MEMO TO:                  Disability Strategic Advisory Panel


COPY TO:                   Kevin Wright


FROM:                         Karen Titulaer


DATE:                          16 May 2014


SUBJECT:                   Accessibility in Local Board Plans  



This memo is in response to the paper provided by members of the Disability Strategic Advisory Panel to local boards on the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities in Manurewa and Papakura Local Board areas. 


The paper provides valuable insights for local boards to consider in both the development of the 2014 local board plans and their ongoing work in representing the priorities and preferences of their communities.  The paper will be circulated to Local Board Services staff noting that while it is focused on Manurewa and Papakura, the points made are relevant to all local board areas. 


The informal engagement on the draft local board plans 2014 finished at the end of March and the plans are currently being drafted. The draft plans will be available for feedback on 7 July 2014 with the formal consultation period ending on 6 August, followed by hearings in August and September. The final plans will be adopted by 31 October.  The process for developing the plans is shown below:

Local Board Plans Diagram_web3


Ensuring that all members of our communities have the opportunity to input into the development of the local board plans has been considered through:


1.   Making sure that the documentation is available in large print and in a format that is compatible with screen reading software. The option to consider sign language, easy read translations and translations into other languages is available to local boards wanting to target specific areas of the community. These translations are not planned across the 21 local boards due to the cost and the timeframes required to translation 21 documents.


2.   Using different methods of engagement to target specific areas of the community such as partnering with community groups, residents associations or networks.


Inclusive engagement to understand the needs, preferences and priorities of all people in their community is an ongoing focus area for local boards. Local board engagement advisors are preparing a stand for the Auckland Council Inclusive Engagement Expo planned for 24 June to highlight the role that local boards and local board engagement advisors play.


Local Board Services would welcome the opportunity to speak to the Disability Strategic Advisory Panel about the role of local boards and to seek feedback on potential areas of focus for local boards to further develop an accessible and inclusive approach.



Disability Strategic Advisory Panel

19 May 2014