Governing Body






Minutes of a meeting of the Governing Body held in the Reception Lounge, Auckland Town Hall, 301-305 Queen Street, Auckland on Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 4.28pm.





Len Brown, JP


Deputy Mayor

Penny Hulse



Cr Anae Arthur Anae



Cr Cameron Brewer



Cr Dr Cathy Casey



Cr Bill Cashmore



Cr Ross Clow



Cr Linda Cooper, JP



Cr Chris Darby



Cr Alf Filipaina

From 4.44pm, Item 12.1


Cr Hon Chris Fletcher, QSO



Cr Denise Krum



Cr Mike Lee



Cr Calum Penrose



Cr Dick Quax



Cr Sharon Stewart, QSM



Cr Sir John Walker, KNZM, CBE



Cr Wayne Walker



Cr John Watson



Cr Penny Webster



Cr George Wood, CNZM






Cr Alf Filipaina

For lateness





Governing Body

08 May 2014




1          Affirmation


There was no affirmation.


2          Apologies


Resolution number GB/2014/44

MOVED by Mayor LCM Brown, seconded by Cr CM Casey:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      accept the apology from Cr AM Filipaina for lateness.





3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


            There was no confirmation of minutes.


5          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


6          Petitions


There were no petitions.


7          Public Input


There was no public input.


8          Local Board Input


There was no local board input.


9          Extraordinary Business



Extraordinary Business - Adoption of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee's Annual Plan resolutions



The reason that this item was not included on the agenda is that the intention was to follow previous practice for the Governing Body to adopt the Budget Committee’s recommendations on 26 June 2014, however, providing the Governing Body with the opportunity to debate the Budget Committee’s recommendations now is a better process and means there will be certainty around the Governing Body’s decisions.


The matter cannot be delayed until the next meeting of the Governing Body because certainty on the recommendations of the Budget Committee is required before then so that the final Annual Plan can be prepared for adoption on 26 June 2014.



Resolution number GB/2014/45

MOVED by Mayor LCM Brown, seconded by Cr MP Webster:  

That the Governing Body:


a)      consider the Annual Plan recommendations of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee as Extraordinary Business under Item 12.1.





10        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.



Rates related policies and changes to fees and charges



Secretarial note:          This item was withdrawn as the recommendations are included in                                       Item 12.1 – Adoption of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee’s Annual                                     Plan recommendations.



12        Consideration of Extraordinary Items



Adoption of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee’s Annual Plan recommendations



Deputy Mayor PA Hulse left the meeting at 4.33 pm.

Deputy Mayor PA Hulse returned to the meeting at 4.39 pm.

Cr Filipaina entered the meeting at 4.44pm.



Resolution number GB/2014/46

MOVED by Mayor LCM Brown, seconded by Cr MP Webster:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      receive the Annual Plan recommendations of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee          meeting.

b)      adopt the budget as set out in the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 with the following changes made at the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee meeting ($000):

                                                                                                                        Opex  Capex

i)          Previous political decisions impact                                   4,445                           ii)         Bylaw implementation and other Licensing and             

               Compliance capex                                                                  310      9,860

iii)        Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall                              82

            iv)        Independent Māori Statutory Board additional funding   150

v)         Auckland Transport additional rates funding                   5,100   - 50,000
(note 1, Attachment A, Mayor’s proposal)

            vi)        Auckland Council Property Limited budget shortfall

                        and other adjustments (note 2, Attachment A, Mayor’s

                         proposal)                                                                              2,110      5,000

            vii)       Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic

                        Development budget shortfall – Foodbowl and

                        depreciation                                                                          1,210     1,500

            viii)      Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development

                        other requests (note 3, Attachment A, Mayor’s

                        proposal)                                                                                 500         200

            ix)        Regional Facilities Auckland – Art gallery operating

                        funding (note 4, Attachment A, Mayor’s proposal)            800

            x)         Advisory panels                                                                      365

            xi)        The Southern Initiative (note 5, Attachment A, Mayor’s

                        proposal)                                                                                 500

            xii)       Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act etc. levies    (920)

            xiii)      Additional revenue from property activities (note 2,

                        Attachment A, Mayor’s proposal)                                      (2,190)

            xiv)      Airport capital repayment interest savings                       (4,750)

            xv)       Auckland Council Investments Limited dividends           (4,700)

            xvi)      Waterfront Auckland dividend                                            (3,000)

            xvii)     Jubilee Bridge repairs (Maungakiekie-Tāmaki)                        3      150

            xviii)    Avondale Citizens’ Advice Bureau rental                                13

            xix)      Ngāti Whātua Orakei Reserves Board                                   156

xx)       One-off grant to The Rescue Helicopter (Auckland) Trust    20     900

c)         request Auckland Transport to re-prioritise a further $1 million to the sealing of rural roads from within its existing capital budget, to be applied to the areas of highest need, as identified in the January 2014, Auckland Transport report on Local Board seal extension.

d)        request the Chief Executive to instigate an immediate review of the capital programmes of the council and council controlled organisations to identify savings, and possible deferrals, with a target of $300 million (in addition to existing deferral assumptions) to be reported back to the Budget committee as part of the preparation for the Long-term plan 2015-2025.

e)      note that the Annual Plan 2014/2015 will implement the council’s previous decisions on fees and charges including:

i)     an annual inflation adjustment of one per cent, made under the revenue and financing policy.

ii)    the final transition to target fee levels that recover 60 per cent of the animal management cost.

iii)   the continuing transition to uniform fee levels for food premises licensing.

f)       approve the following changes to the fees and charges as consulted on through          the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015:

i)     a uniform five per cent increase to all social housing rents.

ii)    changes to health protection licensing fees.

iii)   changes to building control (including land and property information) fees and charges.

g)      adopt the full schedule of regulatory fees and charges included in the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015, including the fees and charges for animal management (Attachment A of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee report called “Rates related policies and changes to fees and charges”) and environmental health and licensing (Attachment B of the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee report called “Rates related polices and changes to fees and charges”).

h)        delegate to the Chair or Deputy Chair of the Budget Committee and the Chief Finance Officer, authority to make such other minor editorial amendments to the schedules of fees and charges as are deemed necessary to provide clarity.

i)       agree the extended boundary for the Otahuhu Business Association targeted rate and that new targeted rates for Devonport and State Highway 16 business associations be included in the Annual Plan 2014/2015 (pending local board ratification) and the Business Improvement District targeted rates for 2014/2015 be set accordingly.

j)       agree the changes to performance measures and targets for 2014/2015 set out in the 8 May 2014 Budget Committee report called “Annual Plan 2014/2015 – Budget Update” and its Attachment D.

k)      agree that before the capital grant of $900,000 is released to The Rescue Helicopter Auckland Trust (TRHAT), TRHAT must provide to Council, for the approval of Council’s Chief Finance Officer, a business case that establishes the need for the funding contribution from Council.

l)       agree that the $5.1 million transport opex increase is dedicated to public transport and that the $50 million reduction in transport capex will not be applied to public transport.

m)     recommend  “That Auckland Transport be requested to enable the Local Board Auckland Transport Capital Fund to be allocated outside the transport corridor, where there is clear benefit in terms of supporting alternative means of transport including walking and cycling” to the Infrastructure Committee.

n)      note that, as part of developing Long-term Plan policies, there will be a review of the Uniform Annual General Charge.

o)      adopt the proposed Independent Māori Statutory Board funding agreement for the 2014/15 financial year.




Secretarial note:          Pursuant to Standing Order 3.15.5, Crs CE Brewer, D Quax and SL Stewart requested that their dissenting votes against clauses a) – m) be recorded.




a     Mayor's Proposal for the final Annual Plan 2014/2015   



4.53 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.