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7 May 2014


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Manurewa Local Board

08 May 2014



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Manurewa Local Board

08 May 2014



Manurewa Local Board - Funding Allocations


File No.: CP2014/08863






1.       This report seeks approval for the re-allocation of funds to a number of activities to progress desired Manurewa Local Board Plan outcomes.

Executive summary

2.       Various new priorities have been identified by the Manurewa Local Board which can be implemented in the 2012/14 financial year. As a result there is a need to reallocate funding to enable these to take place.

3.       The new priorities are as follows:

-     Enabling a scoping study for the advancement of Resource Recovery centres in south Auckland. To be undertaken in partnership with other neighbouring local boards. The cost of this is estimated to be a maximum of $10,000

-     Providing a book detailing the history of soldiers from Manurewa who were killed during the World War One. The cost of research and publication to be no more than $30,000

-     Review work undertaken on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. This cost of the review is estimated to be a maximum of $7,000

-     Develop a work programme for planning initiatives which will support enhancements to the Manurewa Town Centre. The estimated cost for this work is a maximum of $15,000

-     Randwick Park and the story of the area from crisis to cohesion and the development of a community. The estimate costs for interviews and writing the story will be a maximum of $15,000




That the Manurewa Local Board approve the following budget reallocations:

i)        up to $10,000 for scoping resource recovery initiatives

ii)       up to $30,000 for a publication on the history of soldiers who lost their lives in World War I

iii)      up to $7,000 for a review of work on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

iv)      up to $15,000 to plan initiatives in support of the Manurewa Town Centre development

v)      up to $15,000 to write the story of Randwick Park.




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Lee Manaia - Local Board Democracy Advisor


Rex Hewitt - Relationship Manager