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Thursday 29 May 2014


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Puketāpapa Local Board






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9.1       Garry Bryant, Local Resident.

A.      G Bryant Presentation                                                                                            3

9.2       Pulbic Forum - Greg McKeown

A.      G McKeown presentation                                                                                       5

9.4       Public Forum - Garth Houltham

A.      Letter from Lottery Grants Board dated 28/4/2014 approving $50,000 grant and Letter to Lottery Grants Board dated 9/5/2014 from Jane Aickin, Manager Local & Sports Park, Central, Auckland Council                                                                                    23

14        Puketapapa Local Board Performance Report - March 2014

A.      Updated Puketāpapa Local Board Performance Report, March 2014               27

B.      Memo from Richard Butler dated 21/4/14 re Performance Report, March 2014 81

16        Onehunga Foreshore Project. Swimming access for the disabled

A.      Accessibility Assessments of Waikowhai Park & Goodall St Reserve Hillsborough Report by V Naylor in March 2014                                                                                  83

B.      Disabled access diagram                                                                                   117

19        Mt Roskill Village Upgrade Consultation Plan

A.      Mt Roskill Village Upgrade Consultation Plan Report                                        119

B.      Review of 2010 project plan - Project priorities from Placemaking Analysis    121

23.3     Board Member Report - E Kumar

A.      E Kumar Report, May 2014                                                                               123

Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Memo                                                         21/5/14    

To:               Puketapapa Local Board members     

cc:                 Shirley Atatagi-Coutts, Senior Local Board Advisor

                      Brenda Railey, Democracy Advisor            

From:            Richard Butler Community Development Manager Central



Subject:           Q3 Omnibus Report: Community Development Arts and Culture Department


At the local board workshop on the 14th of May, local board members raised the following queries with the Community Development Arts and Culture Department’s section of the omnibus report. 


How many floats were there on the 2014 Christmas Parade compared with the previous year?


Auckland Council did not deliver the Christmas parade.  An external group delivers it on behalf of the local board so we don’t have ownership over the information.


The local board has requested that the Pah Homestead Gallery included in future omnibus reports.


The request is noted.  The visitor numbers for the first three quarters are:   



Visitor Numbers

Quarterly Total






















Year-to-date Total:



The local board want a commentary on why graffiti has increased or decreased and for the information provided to identify where problem areas for graffiti are


The Safety Team has just completed a major piece of research on graffiti prevention.  The Safety Team is keen to meet with the Local Board’s Safety Portfolio Holder to discuss the research and explore how it can support the Local Board to further reduce graffiti.


The local board wants an update on the status of the Wesley Community Centre roof replacement


The works should be completed by the 30th of May, if not a week later at the latest.  The work has been delayed due to the need to sort out Health & Safety requirements.



Please contact me if any further information is required


Richard Butler

Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Mt Roskill Village Upgrade Consultation Plan


File No.: CP2014/10467





1.       The purpose of this paper is to seek endorsement from the Puketapapa Local Board (the Board) on the consultation plan for the Mt Roskill Village Upgrade.

Executive summary

2.       The Puketāpapa Local Board has a budget of $515,000 for the upgrade of Mt Roskill Village. The Board made a decision in 2013 to delay the implementation of this project so that it can be aligned with delivery of another major capital project planned for the same area – the Dominion Road upgrade project.

3.       Physical works for the Auckland Transport-led Dominion Road upgrade project is now confirmed to start in late 2014. The Board now needs to proceed with confirming its approach and finalizing plans for the Mt Roskill Village Upgrade project.

4.       The Board intends to carry out consultation with key stakeholders to help determine the communities’ priorities for this local centre. The consultation will inform and determine the allocation of the available budget to improvements that can be delivered in conjunction with the Dominion Road Upgrade and identify any other aspirations that the Board can consider for inclusion in the Local Board Plan being developed.




That the Puketapapa Local Board:

a)      Approves the consultation approach for the Mt Roskill Village Upgrade project outlined in paragraphs 12-14 of this report.

b)     Requests officers prepare a consultation plan and delegates sign-off to the Economic Development portfolio holder (Julie Fairey)





5.       The Mt Roskill village upgrade project is a priority in the Puketapapa Local Board Plan 2011. The location for the proposed upgrades is the section of Mt Roskill village on Dominion Road, between Mt Albert Road to the south and Jasper Avenue / Keystone Avenue to the north.

6.       There is currently $515,000 allocated to the Mt Roskill village upgrade project in the Puketāpapa Local Board Agreement (Auckland Council Long Term Plan 2012-2022).

7.       To date Council staff have been working with the Puketapapa Local Board to help define the project scope and objectives for this project. This has included a review of Mt Roskill urban design plans prepared in 2010 for the former Community Board, and seeking to add value and align the upgrades with the Dominion Road upgrade project, a major capital project to be delivered by Auckland Transport.

8.       The June consultation will primarily focus on identifying projects that can be delivered within the available budget and that add value to the Dominion Road upgrade project. Any longer term aspirations or project ideas which cannot be accommodated will be referred to the Board to consider for inclusion in the Local Board Plan being developed.

9.       Following endorsement by the Puketapapa Local Board of the proposed consultation outlined below, Council staff and Local Board members will carry out consultation.  The consultation will be with key stakeholders including the affected businesses and owners along this section of Dominion Road, the Business Association and Maori.

10.     This consultation will occur throughout June and July 2014.

11.     The budget to upgrade the Mt Roskill Village sits with the Council’s City Transformation team and is independent of the Dominion Road upgrade project being managed by Auckland Transport.


Consultation Plan June-July 2014


12.     The Board wishes to seek community feedback to inform the plans to be developed and funded.

13.     The board would like to deliver engagement that:

·   Involves the community at a variety of levels in decision-making about the upgrade.

·   Pilots participatory budgeting sessions with two audiences (community and businesses)

·   Support the growth in membership and capacity for Mount Roskill Business and Community Group Association (MRBCGA)

·   Creates a concept plan for implementation that is realistic and supported by the community.

14.     They are keen for this engagement to incorporate:

·   Participatory budgeting exercise: Participatory budgeting is a different way of managing public money.  It is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. It enables people to work with government to make the budget decisions that affect their lives.

The Board will run a participatory budgeting exercise with the MRBCGA on 10th June.

·   Survey: Seeking feedback through an online survey that targets businesses and community in the local area.

Dates for the survey – to be confirmed

·   Content of survey/consultation: The starting point for the discussions with the community will be the review of the 2010 Mt Roskill Village Centre Upgrade plans (Attachment A). The community will be invited to identify any other improvements to be considered as part of this project including any long term aspirations that the board can consider in the development of the Local Board Plan.

·   Stakeholder meetings and information booths: Officers will work with the Economic Development Portfolio Holder to arrange and deliver any meetings and/or information booths that may be needed during the consultation period.

15.     Following consultations in June and July 2014 the Board, Council staff will report the outcome of this consultation along with recommendations and a confirmed timeline for the project to the Board in late July. A concept design will be developed for the Mt Roskill village upgrades in August 2014.  



A: Review of 2010 project plan - Project Priorities from Placemaking Analysis



Shirley  Atatagi-Coutts - Senior Local Board Advisor


Victoria Villaraza - Relationship Manager

Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014


Puketāpapa Local Board

29 May 2014