I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Henderson-Massey Local Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Thursday, 5 June 2014


Council Chamber
Civic Centre
6 Henderson Valley Road


Henderson-Massey Local Board









Vanessa Neeson, JP


Deputy Chairperson

Shane Henderson



Brenda Brady, JP



Peter Chan, JP



Warren Flaunty, QSM



Will Flavell



Tracy Kirkley



Luke Wilson



(Quorum 4 members)




Glenn Boyd

(Relationship Manager)

Local Board Services (West)



Busola Martins

Local Board Democracy Advisor


28 May 2014


Contact Telephone: (09) 839 3514

Email: busola.martins@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Welcome                                                                                                                         5

2          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

3          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

4          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               5

5          Leave of Absence                                                                                                          5

6          Acknowledgements                                                                                                       5

6.1     Recognising outstanding young people and volunteers                                5

7          Petitions                                                                                                                          5

8          Deputations                                                                                                                    6

8.1     Heart of Te Atatu South                                                                                      6

8.2     Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust - Deputation                                                                                                             6

9          Public Forum                                                                                                                  6

10        Extraordinary Business                                                                                                6

11        Notices of Motion                                                                                                          7

12        Auckland Transport Update Report - Henderson-Massey local board                  9

13        Auckland Transport Quarterly Update to local boards                                          37

14        Glendene and West Harbour Hub project: Funding To be tabled at the meeting

15        Quarterly Performance report March 2014                                                               77  

16        Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Welcome / Prayer


2          Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.


3          Declaration of Interest

Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


4          Confirmation of Minutes

 That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)         Confirms the minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 15 May 2014, as a true and correct record.



5          Leave of Absence

At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.


6          Acknowledgements

6.1       Recognising outstanding young people and volunteers


1.       To recognise outstanding young people and volunteers in the Henderson-Massey local board area for their contributions to the community.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Thanks and acknowledges the Henderson-Massey awards recipients for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the community.



7          Petitions

At the close of the agenda no requests to present petitions had been received.


8          Deputations

8.1       Heart of Te Atatu South


1.       To update the Henderson-Massey local board on the success of the Heart of Te Atatu South Community Fun Day and to seek support in principle from the board for a Community Cafe and Book Exchange in the old library room at the Te Atatu South Community Centre. 


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the deputation from the Heart of Te Atatu South group.



8.2       Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust - Deputation


1.       To update the Henderson Massey Local Board on the diversity of arts and cultural activity at Corban Estate Arts Centre.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)  Receives the deputation and update from the Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust.



a          Deputation from Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust................................................................................. 81


9          Public Forum

A period of time (approximately 30 minutes) is set aside for members of the public to address the meeting on matters within its delegated authority. A maximum of 3 minutes per item is allowed, following which there may be questions from members.


10        Extraordinary Business

Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:

“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and

(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and

(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:

“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-

(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and

 (ii)       the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but

(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”


11        Notices of Motion

At the close of the agenda no requests for notices of motion had been received.


Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Auckland Transport Update Report - Henderson-Massey local board


File No.: CP2014/10788




Executive summary

1.       The purpose of the report is to respond to Local Board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to Elected Members about Auckland Transport’s activities in their Board area.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the Auckland Transport Report.

b)      Approves $28,000 be allocated from the Henderson-Massey Local Board Transport Capital Fund for:

i)        the construction of two ground sockets for new Electronic Speed Advisory Signs in each of Glen Road, Waitemata Drive, Summerland Drive, and Bruce McLaren Road

ii)       and purchase two Electronic Speed Advisory Signs that can be rotated around these sites on a regular basis.






1.   The Tiverton/Wolverton Route upgrade project is now substantially complete. All pavement works, footpath renewal and commissioning of new signalised intersections are complete. Revisions to the alternative cycle route design on New Windsor Road south are being finalised



2.   An exciting new era in public transport has been ushered in with the launch of Auckland’s half billion dollar electric train fleet. The trains were launched at Britomart by Mayor Len Brown along with Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee and Auckland Transport Chairman Dr Lester Levy. Len Brown says the new trains are world class. “Now is the time for Aucklanders to get on board and I know they absolutely will”.


3.   Recently we hit the 11 million mark for annual trips, and given these trains and agreement on the City Rail Link, our aim of 20 million trips is now a very realistic target in the coming years”. “The new trains are setting up public transport in Auckland for the future. Combined with the City Rail Link, the new trains mean that in time we will see trains operating every seven to ten minutes on all lines”. The City Rail Link with its three new stations will see journey times reduced dramatically, the trip from New Lynn to Aotea will take just 23 minutes and from Panmure to Newton 27 minutes.


4.   “The new trains are a huge step up from what our customers have been used to. They are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and produce no air pollution. The trains are modern, comfortable, safe and a pleasure to ride”. The trains travel faster than the current fleet and will allow services to run more often and get passengers to their destination quicker. Each train has seating for 232 passengers and standing room for more. The trains have wider doors making it easier for passengers. The central carriage is at platform level for wheelchairs, prams or bikes and automatic ramps mean a seamless transition between the platform and the train. Open gangways between cars mean passengers can move from one end of the train to the other. Fifty-seven trains are being put into service across Auckland between now and the middle of next year. On Monday 28 April, the first paying services started with the electric trains running on the line between Britomart and Onehunga.


5.   Some facts and figures:

·    There are now 12 electric train units in Auckland. Seven have been commissioned - that is, they have their registration and warrants with five more about to be tested.

·    The supplier, CAF has used equipment from Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain - taking the best from the world to create trains specifically for Auckland.

·    It takes more than 15,000 hours to fabricate and assemble one electric train unit; there is 110km of wiring in each unit.  Each train is tested for 1000 hours on the tracks.

·    To create the weight of passengers while The trains were tested with 1800 20kgs sandbags were used on each train. 

·    To date 47 drivers, 86 train managers and 13 supervisors have been trained.

·    3008 hours have been spent on driver training and 1504 hours on theory. Drivers have spent 752 hours on the electric train simulator.

To date 25,000kms have been driven with the electric trains during testing and commissioning.





“The Love Your Local” speed campaign will be running in Clevedon, Te Atatu and Kumeu from June until August 2014 and is aimed at local residents. Auckland Transport met with police, volunteer fire fighters, resident’s associations, schools and community leaders to ask them about speed in their area and what could be done to do to encourage local residents to slow down. The groups responded by asking to have recognisable local residents on billboards around the town. They also asked for a series of tools such as pull up banners and resources which the community can use to engage fellow residents through markets, schools and local events.  As a result photo shoots were held in each area and the following speed campaign has been designed.’  They are attached to this report for information. Auckland Transport is looking to launching this at the beginning of June 2014.




Electronic Speed Advisory Signs Installation

6.   The NZ Police initially approached the local board to request funding for trailer-mounted speed indicator boards that could be used by the Police in the local community. This request for funding from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund was turned down as the trailer-mounted boards are fixed assets that would be owned by the Police, rather than infrastructural assets owned by Auckland Transport.

7.   The Police and the Auckland Transport Traffic Operations team subsequently reassessed the issue and proposed that a number of fixed speed advisory signs be installed in four streets in the Henderson Massey Local Board area; Waitemata Drive, Glen Road, Bruce McLaren Road and Summerland Drive. These are Auckland Transport assets and can be funded from the LBTCF.

8.   Traffic Operations determined two appropriate locations in each of the streets and the Local Board approved these for detailed design and consultation. One minor change was made in the consultation phase and the project is now ready for the Local Board to approve them for installation.

9.   Attached to this report is the sites and locations on where the speed indicators boards will be installed.





10. A request for Auckland Transport to investigate the best solution to make the accessway/walkway safe.


11. Auckland Transport is investigating the long term option for this accessway.  In the interim AT will be constructing a temporary track (steps to negotiate through "safely”) and maintaining the overgrown sections of the accessway



12. The Local Board has requested Auckland Transport to investigate the number of cars using Corban Avenue and their speed to determine what measures are necessary to make the road safe for children to cross.


13. Auckland Transport has undertaken an initial review of the feedback provided.  Further detailed investigation now needs to be undertaken to ensure a comprehensive review of this feedback. The existing traffic data was obtained in 2008 and a new survey is required to obtain traffic data, such as traffic volume, average travel speed, heavy vehicle usage. A prioritisation process is required once the data is available.

14. Auckland Transport will also be talking to Bruce McLaren Intermediate School as well.


15. This investigation has been prioritised and programmed for review, with an expected completion date of early July 2014 following which Auckland Transport will be able to provide the outcome and recommendations of it’s assessment.


16. Auckland Transport is reviewing all feedback that has been received from the public consultation period that closed on 7 February 2014. 161 submissions were received on the proposal.  Once the review has been completed Auckland Transport will discuss the next steps with the Local Board.



17. Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL) is undertaking the acquisition phase of the Te Atatu Corridor Improvement Project.


18. At this stage ACPL has been working on this project for over two years and reports that:

·      102 property interests have been secured with an owner signed agreement and 99 interests have now settled

19. Of the remaining property interests:

·      7 have now been served a notice pursuant to Section 23 of the Public Works Act 1981 - being a Notice of Intention to Take the Land with 3 of the owners having reached verbal agreement but are yet to sign. 4 applications for action pursuant to Section 26 are underway with the first due to arrive at LINZ next month.

·      1 has been served a notice pursuant to Section 18 of the Public Works Act 1981 and has yet to reach agreement.

·      2 belong to 1 party for whom a Section 18 notice will be served as no agreement has been reached to date.

·      2 belong to 1 party for whom notices under the Public Works Act 1981 cannot be served. This owner has yet to provide a formal acceptance of the proposed compensation package although we understand this is pending.




Subject Name


Date Requested

Request Due Date

Bus Stop Glass Artwork

The Local Board has recently been provided a list of bus shelters in the Henderson/Massey Local Board area.  The Local Board now needs to determine which of these sites they would like to progress with the installation of artwork for the glass.  When this is determined Auckland Transport PT Operations team will work with the Local Board and engage a local artist to design appropriate artwork with a local flavour.  The approximate order of cost per shelter is $2,000.

November 2013

June 2014

Antisocial Use Of Cars And Future Planning Mihini Road, Ranui

A request to Auckland Transport to address the issues of Boy Racers in Mihini Road, Henderson.

September 2013

June 2014




Subject Name

 Workshop Date



Street Cleaning Contracts for Hsn/Massey Town Centres

1 May 2014

Auckland Transport presented the Street Cleaning contracts and areas to the Local Board for information.


Cycleway Projects in the Hsn/Massey Local Board Area

1 May 2014

Auckland Transport presented the cycleway projects that are currently been worked on in the Henderson-Massey Local Board Area.





Subject Name


Subject Requested Date

Subject Closed Date

Cranwell Park/ Sel Peacock - Footpath And Path Safety Hazards Into Park

Auckland Transport has undertaken urgent maintenance repairs to the concrete path and willl be undertaking water blasting.  The steps will be “marked” with anti-skid strips at the edges of the steps.

April 2014

May 2014

Proposed Parking Restrictions – 89, Central Park Drive, Henderson

The local board supported the proposed park restrictions at 89, Central Park Drive, Henderson.

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed To Install Speed Humps On Hindmarsh Street

The local board supported the location of the proposed speed humps on Amesbury rise and Summerland Drive. Henderson

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed to Install a Stop Control at The Strid Road and Te Atatu Road Intersection

The local board support the location where proposed stop control will be placed on Strid Road and Te Atatu Road Intersection

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed No Stopping At All Times Restrictions – Metcalfe Road/Riserra Drive, Ranui And South Kensington Way, Henderson

The local Board is happy where the proposed stopping at all times restrictions on Metcalfe Road/Riserra Drive, Ranui And South Kensington Way, Henderson

March 2014

April 2014

Installation Of Driver Feedback Sign On Amesbury Rise/Summerland Drive

The local board supports the location for the proposed feedback signs will be placed on Amesbury rise and Summerland Drive

March 2014

April 2014

Summerland Drive Roading Issues

Auckland Transport is working with the Henderson-Massey Local Board to install two electronic speed advisory signs between Harvest Drive and Sturges Road and Auckland Transport expects these to be installed by the end of July 2014.   Auckland Transport has passed the incident details provided to the Road Corridor Maintenance Department, who will also look into doing maintenance works on the cycle track outside the constituent’s property.

March 2014

April 2014

Dust Nuisance Swanson Road

Auckland Transport has investigated the issue.  Auckland Transport has sealed the lay-by on Swanson Road which will mitigate the dust nuisance.

 April 2014

April 2014

Taikata Road Crossing Request

Auckland Transport observation did show a small number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing here and it is believed that there would be benefit for the wider community if access to the park was improved. Therefore Auckland Transport proposes that a pedestrian refuge island (centre crossing) should be constructed at this location as part of the Minor Improvements Programme.

February 2014

April 2014

Installation Of Driver Feedback Sign On Amesbury Rise/Summerland Drive, Bruce McLaren Road, Craiburn Street/Waitemata Drive And Glen Road

Auckland Transport has received a request from the Local Board to assess a number of streets in the Henderson Massey area for the installation of electronic Driver Feedback signs which display the speed of approaching vehicles.  The Transport Portfolio Leads have considered this and support what is being proposed.

November 2013

March 2014

Kintara Drive - Kea Crossing


Auckland Transport has received a request from Colwill School to improve pedestrian safety on Kintara Drive. Auckland Transport is proposing to install a Kea Crossing on Kintara Drive. The Transport Portfolio Leads were happy with what was being proposed.

February 2014

 March 2014

Gallony Ave Bus Stop Removal


Auckland Transport is proposing to remove the existing bus stop from outside 2 and 9 Gallony Avenue, Massey.  These changes are planned to be implemented in early to mid-2014. The Transport Portfolio Leads were supportive of what was proposed.

February 2014

 March 2014









Auckland Transport Report Attachment





Enter name/s here, Elected Member Relationship Manager (West), Auckland Transport)


Jonathan Anyon, Elected Member Relationship Team Manager

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Auckland Transport Quarterly Update to local boards


File No.: CP2014/09613




Executive summary

1.   The purpose of this report is to inform Boards about progress on activities undertaken by Auckland Transport in the three months January - March 2014, and the planned activities anticipated to be undertaken in the three months April – June 2014.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)   Receive the Auckland Transport Quarterly Report.


Significant activities during the period under review


Key Agency Initiatives


SMART (South Western Multimodal Airport Rapid Transit) Project


2.   Investigation into protecting a corridor to expand the rail network to the Airport.

As part of planning for the future public transport network, Auckland Transport has been talking to Auckland Airport about making provision for a potential rapid transit corridor in their master plan. Rail has been identified as the best long term public transport option for improving transport in Auckland’s airport and south western area. The Auckland Airport has allowed for a rail corridor and station at the terminal as part of their latest master plan. There are no confirmed alignments for rapid transit links outside the airport property yet and further work is required to confirm this and the timing of any construction. The project is currently in the development phase and public consultation will be carried out when more certainty on feasible alignments and station locations are reached. 


East West Link

3.   The primary objective of the project is to provide an improved freight connection between SH20 SH1 and the Onehunga/Penrose industrial aria. Public Transport, Cycling and safety upgrades will also be considered.

The project team has started the process for procurement of professional services contract for the production of the Detailed Business Case in FY 2014/15, subject to approval of funding. The contract will be led by the Transport Agency, as principal, but the project will continue to be jointly led by AT and the Transport Agency. Indicatively, the construction is scheduled to start by 2016/2017 with forecast completion by 2019/2020.


AMETI Package 1 - Panmure Phase 2

4.   This phase encompasses the replacement of existing Panmure roundabout with a signalised intersection. Construction of a two lane busway on the northern part of Lagoon Drive and a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists along the north side of Lagoon Drive from Queens Road / Jellicoe Road to the new Panmure Bridge, Re-allocation of road space within existing kerb lines to provide for bus priority, cycle lanes, improved footpaths and landscaping along Ellerslie-Panmure Highway from Forge Way to Mt Wellington Highway. Widening of existing footpaths to provide shared footpath/cycle paths at Mt Wellington Highway. This piece of work is part of the AMETI Programme.

The base design is complete. The design will be updated to align with the requirements of the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and to ensure effects (e.g. on cultural heritage sites) are appropriately mitigated. Work has commenced on the consenting phase and a designer is being procured.


PT Development


Distributed Stabling - Detailed Design

5.   The project entails the development of outstabling facilities which support Rail Services throughout the region. These facilities are located in Auckland South/CBD and West and comprise facilities for overnight stabling of trains, staff facilities for operational staff as well as lighting and security systems for the remote monitoring of the facilities.


Platform Extensions

6.   Extending the platforms of 11 stations 5-15m each to bring them into line with other platforms on the network addressed by KiwiRails DART projects and to accommodate the stopping of 6 car EMU services (147m in length + stopping distances)

First three stations with platform extensions are now nearing completion. Good progress is being made on the next 4 stations. Project Manager has accelerated works to complete all extensions by June 2014.


City Rail Link

7        The City Rail Link (CRL) is a 3.5km double track underground electrified rail line running under Auckland City centre from Britomart Station to the Western Line near the existing Mt Eden Station. Britomart would become a through station and provide for 3 intermediate stations in the Aotea, Karangahape Road and Newton areas.

The Independent Commissioners’ recommendations, in relation to Auckland Transport’s Notice of Requirement for the designation to construct and operate the CRL, have been received and are under review. The Principal Technical Advisor has completed their Establishment Phase and has commenced the Design Definition Phase in preparation of the Reference Design. The project team continue preparations to be collated in an integrated project office by early April.


Upgrade Downtown Ferry Terminals

      Scope of work is being worked through with Public Transport Operations. A new covered waiting area will be installed on Pier 2 by the end of April 2014

Upgrade Downtown Ferry Terminal Pier 3 & 4 - Scoping and initiation works under development is in coordination with the Harbour Edge Programme.


Harbour Bridge Pathway

8.   Harbour Bridge Pathway The purpose of the project is to construct a cycle/foot-bridge below/alongside the Auckland Harbour Bridge.



Road Design and Development


Route optimisation CBD

9.   Improving Auckland Transport's transport network by maximising use of existing infrastructure, considering all transport modes, improve consistency and customer experience, with a high focus in the City Centre on moving people.


Corridor Management Plans (CMPs)

10. Corridor Management Plans identify the long term (< 30 year) strategic vision for each corridor, based on projected growth and development.  Potential network deficiencies, across all modes, are analysed and the CMPs set an integrated transport and land use approach to enable the anticipated growth.  CMPs also inform Network Operating Plans, for the day-to-day management of the corridor and influence the planning for other AT projects and operations.  A key focus for CMPs is to create robust implementation plans of prioritised projects to address future issues – creating a large portion of AT’s forward programme.


January- March 2014

11. Onewa Rd CMP starts

Mt Albert Rd-Carrington Rd CMP starts

Great South Rd Stage 3 starts

Greenlane East/West starts

Manukau Rd CMP starts

New North Rd CMP starts

Pakuranga Rd CMP underway

Great North Rd CMP underway

Brigham Creek Rd CMP finishes

Oteha Valley Rd CMP finishes


April-June 2014 (planned)

12. Mangere-Otahuhu-Sylvia Park CMP starts

Great North Rd CMP finishes

Onewa Rd CMP finishes

Mt Albert Rd-Carrington Rd CMP finishes

Great South Rd Stage 3 finishes

Greenlane East/West finishes

Manukau Rd CMP finishes

New North Rd CMP finishes

Pakuranga Rd CMP finishes

Great North Rd CMP finishes

Community Transport


School Transport Programme and Road Safety Education


·    The number of schools signed onto the TravelWise Programme has now reached 387.

·    Key activities that were undertaken with the schools included, safety at the school gate parking enforcement, speed enforcement campaigns undertaken with the NZ Police, cycle training, scooter training, school leadership programme for intermediate and high school students and school curriculum transport related activities targeted at road safety and school travel options.

·    Walking School Buses now number 362 in the region with a continued programme of recruitment and recognition for the volunteers who accompany the buses. 

·    Demand for cycle training is still strong from schools and greater partnerships with the NZ Police, Sports Trusts and Bike NZ have been developed to deliver cycle training and cycle safety. 

·    The following regional road safety education campaigns are being delivered over the for the coming six months: 

1.   Local speed  campaign – focused at all road users

2.   Pedestrian safety campaign – focused on youth and at risk sites

3.   Cycle safety- winter campaign focused on be bright be seen

4.   Back to school speed campaign  - focused on targeting drivers speed around schools


Travel Planning and Cycle and Walking


·    Commute travel planning packages and personal journey plans being delivered across the region targeting business, communities, business associations and tertiary institutions.

·    The development of the Auckland Cycle network continues with priority being placed on working with the NZTA on Grafton Gully and Waterview, working with Local Board Greenway proposals, Beach Road, Great South Road, Puhinui Road and the New Zealand Cycle Trail network expansion programme of the Airport to City route.


Road Corridor Access


Corridor Access Request Applications (CAR)

15.     There were 1,366 CAR applications approved in March with 80% processed within 5 working days and 94% processed within 15 working days of lodgement.

In the last 3 months to the end of March 2014 there have been 3,872 CAR applications approved to carry out work on the road network. 


Ultra-Fast Broadband Rollout (UFB)

16.     There continues to be a high volume of work underway on the network as Chorus looks to complete the Year 3 (2013/14) build before the deadline set by Crown Fibre Holdings of 31 May 2014.  As at the end of March there have been 252 cabinet areas completed of which 133 of these have been signed off and commenced their warranty period.

To date 478 of the 522 Year 1 (2011/12) and Year 2 (2012/13) cabinet areas have had the outstanding remedial work completed and have either been moved into warranty or are awaiting final sign off.  


The completion of the remaining work remains a high priority for both VisionStream and Chorus and it is expected that the remedial work on the remaining cabinet areas will be fully completed by the end of May 2014.

The demand for customer connections is continuing to grow as the rollout of fibre continues and more retailers enter the market.  Due to improved architecture, Year 3 connections are less disruptive however the connections relating to the Year 1 and Year 2 cabinet areas sometimes require additional deployment and excavation to be undertaken.


Watercare Hunua 4 Bulk Watermain

17.     There are currently three crews working at Tidal Road in Mangere, Tutare Road in Papatoetoe and Mountain Road in Mangere Bridge.

The works on Tidal Road are currently taking place between Gee Place and Waokauri Place.  The works are moving northwards and when they reach the industrial part of Tidal Road the work will be undertaken in shorter sections to minimise the impact for adjoining businesses as much as possible. 


18.     Discussions are underway with Watercare on future stages of this project between Onehunga and Campbell Crescent and then from Campbell Crescent through to the Khyber Pass reservoir.  Despite best endeavours from Watercare they have not been able to obtain approval from the Cornwall Park Trust Board to install the pipeline through Cornwall Park and therefore they now intend to follow local roads around the perimeter of Cornwall Park.  The proposed route follows Campbell Road, Wheturangi Road, Wapiti Avenue and Market Road.  This outcome is disappointing as the construction of the pipeline will result in considerable disruption and inconvenience to residents and road users along the proposed route.  Investigation is also underway to determine the preferred route and construction methodology between Campbell Crescent and the Khyber Pass reservoir.  Watercare are investigating the use of tunnelling and other trenchless methods so as to reduce the traffic impacts.

Road Corridor Maintenance


·    Good progress has been made with the resurfacing programme with 16.2 km of asphaltic concrete (AC) resurfacing and 88.4 km of chipsealing completed to date. 

·    There has been 19.3 km of pavement renewals completed to date with projects recently completed on Bentley Avenue and Whangaripo Valley Road.


·    The chipsealing programme was completed by the end of March and comprised the resealing of 32.3 km of sealed roads in the central area

·    To date this year there has been 19.9 km of footpaths either resurfaced or replaced in the central area.  The UFB rollout has adversely impacted on the delivery of the footpath renewal programme as it has it has affected the availability of suitable resources to carry out the concrete works and the need for coordination of works.


·    There has been 13.2 km of AC resurfacing and 33.5 km of chip sealing completed to end of March. 

·    There has been 10.1 km of footpaths either resurfaced or replaced to date. 


·    There has been 17.8 km of AC resurfacing and 140.4 km of chipsealing completed to date.  The remainder of the chipsealing programme will be completed in April with the remaining AC resurfacing carried out during April and May.

·    There has been 13.2 km of pavement renewals completed to date with projects recently completed Great South Rd (Coles Crescent to Subway Road), Carruth Rd


·    To date there has been 2,903 luminaires renewed and 603 street light poles replaced this year.

Road Corridor Operations


Route Optimisation: Investigation and analysis.

19. Focus for this year is central Auckland.

The Central City has been divided into five key zones and each zone has an assigned technical lead.

Stage 1 Investigation and traffic signal optimisation has now been completed on the following routes:





Quay Street

Lower Hobson St

Solent St

Customs Street

Lower Hobson St

The Strand

Victoria Street


Stanley St

Wellesley Street


Grafton Rd

The Strand

Quay St

Alten Rd

Albert Street

Quay St


Queen Street

Quay St

Newton Rd

Mayoral Drive/Cook Street

Wellesley St W

Wellseley St E

Nelson Street


Fanshawe St

Hobson Street

Quay St


Karangahape Road

Ponsonby Road

Grafton Rd

Wellington Union


Karangahape Road

Symonds Street

Mt Eden


Grafton Road

Khyber Pass

Symonds St


Route optimisation has also begun on:

Highbrook Drive

Jervois Road

Ponsonby Road, and

Rosebank Road.


Network Safety & Operations Improvement Programme

20.     This programme is part of the region wide School Travel Planning process. 2013/14. Safety engineering programme developed for 25 Schools and advance designs for 20 Schools for 2014/15 implementation:


21.       As at 31st March 2014:

15 projects at design stage

13 projects under construction

30 projects have been completed

18 projects at procurement stage


22.       Advance Design for 2014/15 schools programme developed for 20 schools:

As at 31st March 2014:

11 projects under investigation

60 projects at scheme stage

67 projects at design stage


23.     40% of 2013/14 Minor Safety Improvement Programme delivered to date and 40% of 2013/14 Regional Safety Programme is under construction


Urban Kiwi RAP and Red Light Camera Programmes

24.       Kiwi RAP

Version 1 of the Urban KiwiRAP risk mapping software has been developed and all Auckland routes, intersections, and vulnerable user groups are mapped and prioritised.

Urban KiwiRAP star-rating tender responses have been evaluated and the tender is expected to be awarded by the end of April.


25.       Red Light Cameras

A meeting with NZ Police in February updated AT on the tender process and investigated the possibility of AT buying poles in advance of NZ Police procurement of cameras, expected to be in early 2015.

Parking and Enforcement

City Centre Parking Zone price review

26.     The project entails adjustment of on-street tariff based on the demand as per the price adjustment policy that was approved by the AT Board in 2012. The policies both state that prices should be adjusted regularly to achieve gradual behaviour change and ensure parking is available for customers to use. The price changes will be first since the implementation of the City Centre Parking Zone in December 2012. The proposed on-street price changes will be communicated to LB and Heart of the City. These will also be made available on AT web site.


Newmarket parking review

27.     The proposal is to remove time limits from paid parking areas in Newmarket and move towards a demand responsive pricing approach similar to the Central City Parking Zone.  


Howick village parking study

28.     "The purpose of this parking review is to provide guidance on parking management within the Howick town centre to support existing activities and future growth. The scope of the Howick Village parking review was to:

(i) Review the existing parking demand and determine the public parking supply in Howick Village.

(ii) Identify the location and nature of parking problems.

(iii) Identify and evaluate potential measures to address the problems and improve the overall parking management.

(iv) Recommend specific short -term actions for implementation and longer term options for future parking management.

29.       The development of the Howick Village parking review involved:

(i) Parking utilisation and turnover survey

(ii) Local business perception survey

(iii) Consultation with internal and external stakeholders (the Howick Local Board and the Howick Village Business Association).

Privately owned and controlled parking provision was not included in this review.


Public Transport


Rail Electrification

30.     The delivery of 9 from 57 new electric trains, of which seven have been commenced and two are currently being tested and commissioned.
KiwiRail is continuing the installation of the overhead system and the section from Wiri to Otahuhu was commissioned to allow night time testing of the trains.  Some Sunday to Thursday evening services have been replaced by buses on the Western and Eastern lines to progress the installation of the overhead power supply.
Rail patronage for the twelve months to March 2014 exceeded 11 million, an increase of 11% on the same period the previous year and a new record for heavy rail in the Auckland region.
Rail service punctuality continues to improve and was 87.9% for the twelve months to March 2014, an improvement from 82.9% the previous year.  In January 2014, service punctuality was 91.7% the first time on record that punctuality has exceeded 90%.


Bus - Improvements

31.     The major marketing campaign that went live late 2013 is on-going for the “Central Corridors” (Mt Eden Road, Sandringham Road, Dominion Road, Great North Road and New North Road) and is focused on breaking down “myths” and encouraging non-users to change their perceptions of bus travel. The campaign will rolled out to the North Shore region in April 2014. Targeted local direct marketing campaigns providing an overview of local bus services and free tickets to generate trial by non-users that went live late 2013 is on-going with 7,400 households in Tamaki Drive and Albany Central targeted the first quarter of 2014. NZTA has tendered the Total Mobility (TM) Administration System and is expected to better manage the TM scheme leading to efficiencies and reduced risk of fraud.  AT Public Transport staff have been involved in the specification development and the subsequent tender evaluation (which is currently on-going) is expected to reach is successful conclusion. 


Bus - Integrated ticketing & fares

32.     In March 2014, with the implementation of Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) “HOP” on the remainder of the buses, HOP is now available across over 100% of the bus network marking a major milestone for PT.  AT staff were on the road at key locations to support drivers and customers during the entire roll-out process that began in late 2013.









QR 1403 Henderson-Massey A.pdf



QR 1403 Henderson-Massey B.pdf



QR 1403 Henderson-Massey C.pdf



QR 1403 Henderson-Massey D.pdf





Various Auckland Transport authors


Jonathan Anyon, Elected Member Relationship Team Manager

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



Quarterly Performance report March 2014


File No.: CP2014/08452





1.       To update the Henderson Massey Local Board members on progress towards their objectives for the year from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014, as set out in their Local Board Agreement.

Executive summary

2.       The attached performance report consolidation contains the following this quarter

·   Local board financial performance report

·   Local Community Development, Arts and Culture (CDAC) activity overview

·   Local Libraries overview

·   Local Sports, Parks and Recreation (LSPR) overview

·   Work programmes for CDAC and LSPR

·   Treasury report and estimate of impact on existing ratepayers by local board for 2014/2015.


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receive the Quarterly Performance Report for the Henderson Massey Local Board for the period ended March 2014.


3.       In consultation with local boards this report has been created to give the elected members a comprehensive and common overview of local activities from council departments and CCO’s. Future reports are expected to include additional departmental and CCO reports as these are developed for inclusion and discussion


Maori impact statement

4.       Maori, as stakeholders in the council, are affected and have an interest in any report of the local board financials.  However, this financial performance report does not impact specific outcomes or activities. As such, the content of this report has no particular benefit to, or adverse effect on Maori






Quarterly Performance Report-March 2014 (Under Separate Cover)




David Rose - Lead Financial Advisor


Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau

Christine Watson - Manager Financial Advisory Services - Local Boards



Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014











Item 8.2      Attachment a    Deputation from Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust                         Page 81

Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 June 2014



CORBAN ESTATE ARTS CENTRE – A SNAPSHOT                                        June 2014

Deputation from Corban Estate Arts Centre/Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust

1.            INTRODUCTION:

Corban Estate Arts Centre was set up in 2002 under the Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust (WACDT) established by Waitakere City Council from 2002 and has, since then, held an annual contract with council to deliver arts and cultural services.  It aims to primarily serve the communities of West Auckland, but its reach does extend across Auckland for a significant number of  programmes.

The aim of this brief report is to give the Henderson Massey Local Board a sense of the scale and diversity of arts and cultural activity at Corban Estate Arts Centre, together with an understanding of how CEAC’s objectives meet with those in the Auckland Plan and the Henderson Massey Local Board Plan.

2.            KEY SERVICES:

·    Exhibitions (in the galleries and other CEAC informal venues)

·    Gallery Shop

·    Classes & workshops

·    A schools programme (LEOTC = Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom, subsidised by the Ministry of Education)

·    Venues for hire (8 venues of varying size and atmosphere)

·    Studios tenanted by artists

·    Office space tenanted by arts organisations

·    Events (in venues and on grounds)


3.            CEAC SCALE & USAGE:

USAGE:  2013/2013 = 118,000 users  (2011/2012 = 89,000 users)

Users include:

·    Visitors/attendees at events, exhibitions, gallery shop, classes/workshops, café

·    Hirers = 63,799 (July 2012 – June 2013)

·    Tenants & their visitors (20 artists in studios, 5 arts organisations)

·    School visits = 4,000 – 5,000 per year (LEOTC)

Customer Satisfaction: Council’s 2013 Colmar Brunton research exceeded a 90% overall satisfaction rating from participants and visitors.

BUDGET:  2012/2013 = $1,386,231

Council grant = $530k, (represents 40% - 45% of total income)

Other income from revenue generated and additional grants from funding sources.



·    A culturally rich and creative Auckland. 

·    Put children and young people first.

·    Strengthen communities.

·    Value and foster Auckland’s cultural diversity.

·    Value our artists, our creative sector and our cultural institutions.


·    Liveable growth.

·    Empowering and investing in our children and young people.

·    Fostering economic vitality – supporting business growth and job creation.

·    Strong and connected neighbourhoods – valuing our diverse communities by providing for community and cultural events, easily accessible community facilities, and support for community led initiatives.


CEAC’s key objective is to primarily respond to and serve its diverse communities of West Auckland with its arts and cultural services and programmes.

Affordability:  CEAC exists in a relatively low income area of Auckland therefore:-

·    With the onset of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the WACDT Board made a conscious decision to focus on building activity rather than focus on development plans for the site.

·    CEAC aims to make opportunities affordable – examples are subsidised art classes to children and youth, low rents and hire rates to individuals, groups and organisations.

Diversity:  CEAC aims to be inclusive and attract diverse groups to be based at CEAC –

Mixit (refugee & migrant youth performing arts),

Deaf Arts Network,

Phoenix and 3D youth performing arts,

Interacting (theatre for disabled young adults),

Gay/bi/transgender youth,

Hip hop dance workshops


CEAC develops special programmes to engage disadvantaged sectors in West Auckland, such as:

Rangatahi Arts Programme (RAP) for a small group of recidivist youth offenders since October 2013 (funded by CYFs)

Navigator, a one-year performing arts programme for a small group of youth with high needs, July 2012 to June 2013 (funded by Vodafone Foundation and HealthWest Youth Hub.)

Maori:  CEAC works with Maori arts organisations and Maori artists.

·    CEAC has consistently offered a comprehensive programme at Matariki

·    CEAC is home to Atamira Dance Co (NZ’s leading Maori contemporary dance company)

·    CEAC features a range of contemporary Maori artists in its galleries

·    CEAC partners annually with the Wairoa Maori Film Festival to show seven short Maori films during Matariki.

·    CEAC is currently in a partnership with haka theatre company, Hawaiki Tu to recreate the highly successful Te Manawa theatrical performance in 2013, for Matariki 2014. 

·    CEAC offers workshops in traditional and contemporary Maori artforms to the community and schools

Pacific:  CEAC works with many partners and artists in the Pacific community.

·    CEAC supports the Pacifica Mama’s based at Corban Estate to offer Pacific arts and cultural experiences and works in a close partnership with the Pacifica Mamas based to offer Pacific culture workshops at CEAC events and within CEAC’s visiting schools programme(LEOTC)

·    CEAC supports the Pacifica Centre with its Pacifica Living Arts Festival each November.

·    CEAC features a range of contemporary Pacific artists in its galleries

·    CEAC will be the base of the West village for a new contemporary Pacific festival to be held this November, ‘Urbanesia’.

·    The majority of young people involved at CEAC in 2013 were of Pacific/Maori origin.

Children:  CEAC makes arts activity available to children, free or at affordable rates.

·    Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) available to 4,000 to 5,000 children annually.

·    Children’s quality art classes subsidised by TTCF annually (30% - 50% less than other children’s art classes).

·    Free events to children annually (Kids Arts Festival with 3,000 – 4,000 attending), Kids Gift Making workshops (cater for 600 to 800 children).

Youth:  CEAC actively encourages free or low cost youth arts programmes to be based at CEAC and offers low cost youth arts workshops.

·    CEAC is home to Mixit (refugee & migrant performing arts) since May 2011.

·    CEAC was home to Phoenix, a large youth performing arts group from June 2011 to December 2013.

·    CEAC was the base for Fresh Movement hip hop dance crews 2012/2013.

·    CEAC led a 12 month performing arts pilot project with a small group of high needs youth, July 2012 – June 2013.

·    CEAC is home to 3D youth performing arts since May 2014 (free workshops to youth 14 – 19, from local communities).

·    CEAC began Rangitahi Arts Programme for youth offenders in Term 4 2013.  This programme currently has secured funding till December 2014.


6.            CONCLUSION:

The strategic direction undertaken by the Waitakere Arts and Cultural Development Trust (WACDT) is still to make serving the needs of the diverse communities of the West the absolute priority.  This sense of direction and purpose, initiated at the beginning of the global recession in 2008, continues to be the driving force behind the CEAC programme.  However, the trust also holds to a long-term strategy, which will involve the upgrading of existing heritage buildings and the development of new, sympathetically designed facilities for the future.  Core to that will be vehicle access to Henderson Valley Road and pedestrian friendly access to Henderson main-street.  The trust looks forward to working with the Local Board to further those longer-term plans.

7.            FEEDBACK:

CEAC welcomes feedback, questions from and dialogue with the Henderson Massey Local Board. 

Report by:

Martin Sutcliffe: Director, Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Naomi McCleary: Trustee, Waitakere Arts & Cultural Development Trust.