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Youth Advisory Panel






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5          Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members

A.      Report: Finance and Performance Committee - 22 May 2014 - Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members                                                              3

B.      Attachment 1: Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members  7

C.      Attachment 2: Code of Conduct for Members Appointed to Advisory Panels    21

6          Draft Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy for Feedback

A.      Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy Statement of Proposal (including Draft Local Alcohol Policy)                                                                                                      25

10        Subcommittee update

A.      Goal 4 Subcommittee Update June 2014                                                          133

11        Updates from Youth Advisory Panel Members

A.      Albert-Eden Local Youth Board May                                                                 135

B.      Franklin Youth Advisory Board                                                                          137

C.      Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board Youth Board                                              139

D.      Manurewa Youth Council Update                                                                      141

E.      Albert Eden Youth Board June Update                                                              145

F.      Waitemata Youth Update June                                                                          147

G.      Kaipatiki Youth Board Update June 2014                                                          149    

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members


File No.: CP2014/08039





1.       To adopt the Auckland Council Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members.

2.       To approve the Code of Conduct for advisory panels.

Executive summary

3.       The Remuneration Authority sets remuneration for elected members and approves their expenses policy.  The Authority does not have jurisdiction over appointed members and there is a need to develop a robust system for determining appointed members’ fees and the basis for reimbursing expenses.

4.       An “Auckland Council Fees Framework” has been developed based on the “Cabinet Fees Framework”, which is used for deciding fees for members appointed to government bodies.  This approach means that fees paid to members appointed by Auckland Council will now be benchmarked and will change when there are changes to the Cabinet Fees Framework.

5.       The Expenses Policy is based both on the provisions in the Cabinet Fees Framework and the Elected Members Expenses Policy.

6.       The Code of Conduct for members appointed to advisory panels has been developed to provide guidelines on the expected conduct of appointed members of panels.




That the Finance and Performance Committee:

a)      adopt the Auckland Council Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members, including the proposed fees.

b)      approve the Code of Conduct for Members appointed to Advisory Panels




7.       The Council has a number of panels and other bodies with appointed members.  It is important to establish a framework that sets fees in a consistent manner.  In addition to proposing an Auckland Council Fees Framework, this report recommends fees for:

·   the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel

·   the Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel

·   the Seniors Advisory Panel

·   the Disability Strategic Advisory Panel

·   the Youth Advisory Panel

·   Independent Planning Commissioners.

8.       Attached as Appendix A is the proposed Auckland Council Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members.

9.       The proposed Auckland Council Fees Framework is based on the Cabinet Fees Framework, which determines fees paid to a number of organisations in which the Crown has an interest. 

10.     A Fees Framework, which uses a scoring system for assessing the level of fee, provides a more robust way of determining fees than in the past.

11.     A summary of suggested fees determined under this Framework follows.  The details of how these are assessed are contained in the Appendix.


Ethnic Peoples, Pacific Peoples, Seniors and Disability Strategy Advisory Panels

12.     The proposed meeting fees for members of the Ethnic Peoples, Pacific Peoples, Seniors and Disability Strategy Advisory Panels are as follows:

Meeting fee


Previous term






The chairs of the Ethnic and Pacific Peoples Advisory Panels received annual fees of $7,000.  Other chairs received the members’ rate.


Youth Advisory Panel

13.     The proposed meeting fees for members of the Youth Advisory Panel are as follows.



Previous term








14.     Deputy Chairperson

Where a deputy chairperson is appointed to share the workload with the chairperson for the course of the term, the deputy chairperson’s fee is the fee for a member plus 25%.


Equivalent annual fee

15.     The Fees Framework provides that the Manager Democracy Services may convert the meeting fee into an equivalent annual fee where meetings are held regularly.  Such a fee is paid in instalments throughout the year, but is a fixed salary paid for all estimated work during the year.


Other panels

16.     The Fees Framework provides for the Manager Democracy Services to determine fees for other panels that are to be consistent with the Fees Framework.  Currently other panels include the Rural, Business and Heritage Advisory Panels.  In the past, those who have attended meetings of these Panels as a part of the role for which they are otherwise employed have not sought payment of meeting fees but payments are made to those who are appointed in a personal capacity and who are not otherwise compensated. 

17.     The Auckland City Centre Advisory Board Terms of Reference state that members will meet on an unpaid voluntary basis.



Independent Planning Commissioners

18.     An assessment of rates for independent planning commissioners was carried out in 2012.  The Fees Framework proposes that the rates established then are maintained, and that increases are applied when the Cabinet Fees Framework is increased.


Expenses Policy for appointed members

19.     The Expenses Policy sets out the rules for compensating appointed members for personal costs arising from undertaking Council business.

20.     Previously the Ethnic and Pacific Peoples Advisory Panels received communication allowances of $750 per annum per member.  Other panels did not receive that allowance.  This is the rate that has been determined by the Remuneration Authority for elected members and it is not expected that members of all of the Council’s advisory panels have the same level of requirements as elected members.  There is not sufficient budget to provide all panel members (about 70) and commissioners with this level of allowance and therefore this allowance is not included in the Expenses Policy for Appointed Members.


Code of Conduct for Advisory Panel members

21.     A Code of Conduct is attached as Appendix B.

22.     It includes principles, descriptions of roles and relationships, dealing with the media, confidential information, conflicts of interest and complaints about conduct.   These are based on the Council’s Code.


Local board views and implications

23.     The Fees Framework will apply to advisory panels set up by local boards.

Maori impact statement

24.     From time to time panels, working parties or steering groups are set up for a limited period and include tangata whenua representation.  The approach taken in the Fees Framework for Appointed Members will be of assistance with determining fees payable to tangata whenua, if applicable.


25.     There is provision within the Democracy Services budget for the fees recommended for appointed members.

26.     The Auckland Council Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members will be implemented from 13 May 2014 in order to apply to the induction day for Panel members that was held on that date.








Fees Framework and Expenses Policy for Appointed Members



Code of Conduct for Members Appointed to Advisory Panels





Warwick McNaughton - Principal Advisor - Democracy Services


Marguerite  Delbet - Manager Democracy Services

Grant Taylor - Governance Director

Andrew McKenzie - Chief Finance Officer

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



DRAFT Code of Conduct for members appointed to Advisory Panels

[to be considered by the Finance and Performance Committee on  22 May 2014]

1      Purpose

The Code of Conduct sets out expectations for the general conduct of members of Auckland Council advisory panels.

2      Principles

The principles underlying the expected conduct of members include:

2.1     Honesty and Integrity

Members have a duty to act honestly and with integrity at all times.

2.2     Impartiality and Accountability

Members should consider issues on their merits, taking into account the views of others.  This means co-operating fully and honestly to ensure the best advice is provided to the Council.

2.3     Openness

Members should be as open as possible about their actions and advice.  This includes having an open mind and a willingness to listen to differing points of view.  This means giving reasons for advice given; communicating clearly; not being close minded and taking personal ownership of comments made publicly.

2.4     Respect

Members should treat others, including staff, with respect at all times.  This means not using derogatory terms towards others, or about others, including in public-facing new media; not misrepresenting the statements or actions of others (whether they be other individual members, the Governing Body, Local Boards, committees or staff); observing the rights of other people; treating people with courtesy, and recognising the different roles others play in local government decision-making. 

2.5     Duty to Uphold the Law

Members should uphold the law and, on all occasions, act in accordance with the trust the public places in them.

2.6     Stewardship

Members should ensure that they and the Council use resources prudently and for lawful purposes.

2.7     Leadership

Members should promote and support these principles by example.

3      Relationships

3.1     Chairperson

The chairperson is the presiding member at meetings and is the spokesperson for the Panel.

3.2     All members

Members will conduct their dealings with each other in ways that:

·    maintain public confidence in the office to which they have been appointed

·    are open and honest

·    focus on issues rather than personalities.

3.3     Employees of Auckland Council

Members will:

·    recognise that employees of the Auckland Council or any other organisation providing advice or services to the Panel, are subject to employment  relationships and may only be hired, dismissed, instructed or censured by their respective employer

·    not do anything which compromises, or could be seen as compromising, the impartiality of an employee

·    avoid publicly criticising any employee in any way

·    raise concerns about an employee only through the employee’s employer.

4      Media

4.1     Spokesperson

The Chairperson is the first point of contact for the official view of the Panel on any issue. Where the Chairperson is absent, any matters will be referred to the Deputy Chairperson.

No other member may comment on behalf of the Panel without having first obtained the approval of the Chairperson.

4.2     Personal views

Members are free to express a personal view in public or in the media, at any time. When doing so, they should observe the following:

·    comments must make clear that they represent a personal view and must not state or imply that they represent the views of the Panel

·    where a member is making a statement that is contrary to a Panel policy, the member must not state or imply that his or her statements represent a majority view

·    comments  to the media must observe the other expectations of general conduct, e.g. not disclose confidential information, or compromise the impartiality or integrity of staff.

5      Confidential information

If members receive information that is confidential they must ensure it remains confidential. Confidential information is normally deemed to be such because its public release will cause some harm, either to the Council or to other parties. 

6      Ethics

Members will:

·    claim only for legitimate expenses

·    not influence, or attempt to influence, any officer or employee to take actions that may benefit the member, or the member’s family or business interests

·    not use the resources of the Panel for personal business

·    not solicit, demand, or request any gift, reward or benefit by virtue of the member’s position.

7      Members’ interests

7.1     Acting in the interests of the advisory panel and the public

Members act in the interests of the advisory panel and not in their own interests.

A financial conflict of interest arises when a member stands to benefit financially, either directly or indirectly,  from  advice given by the Panel.

A non-financial conflict may arise from a personal relationship or association with another organisation or from conduct that indicates prejudice or predetermination.  In these situations a member may be influenced by interests that conflict with the duty to act in the best interests of the Panel.

Members must declare any private interests or personal benefits relating to their public duties and take steps to resolve any conflicts of interest in such a way that protects the public interest.  This means fully disclosing actual or potential conflicts of interest; avoiding any financial or other obligation to any individual or organisation that might reasonably be thought to influence them in the performance of their duties.

8      Complaints

A complaint about a member’s conduct will be made to the chairperson of the Panel in the first instance, who will counsel the member concerned.   Alternatively, concerns about the conduct of any member or chairperson may be raised with the Democracy Services Manager, who will give advice on options available to resolve the concerns.

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel May 2014 Member Report

ALBERT-EDEN – Agnes Wong


1.       Attended the ANZAC Day Dawn service at Auckland Museum and helped sell poppies and distribute programmes.

2.       Attended Mt Eden’s ANZAC Day Service and gave an address on behalf of the young people of Albert-Eden and the Order of St John.

3.       Attended Mt Albert YMCA’s Family Fun day on May 3

4.       Attended the Albert-Eden local board’s think tank discussion on engaging the community with Civil Defence and emergency preparedness on May 5.

5.       Attended a workshop on May 6 with other Youth Advisory Panel members and lead community facilitators of youth boards to discuss how YAP and youth councils can provide feedback on the local alcohol policy.

6.       Attended the Aspiring Young Leader’s Forum, held in Wellington from 8-11 May. This was fully sponsored by Auckland Council.


Albert-Eden Youth Board

1.       AEYB is looking at hosting a recruitment evening during youth week. We think that AEYB would benefit from having a larger number of members and increasing its diversity.

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel Member Update – May 2014

Marek Townley – Franklin Youth Advisory Board:

·    Guest speaker on behalf of the Franklin Youth Advisory Board (FYAB) at the Pukekohe Civic Service on Anzac Day. FYAB members handed out programmes and laid a wreath.

·    FYAB are involved in planning for the upcoming South Regional Youth Jam, part of the We Are Auckland summit.

·    FYAB is currently preparing for upcoming Youth Week events.

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



 MAY 2014





·    Attended the Central Jam Meeting (with facilitators and Yap members)

·    Attended the Ko Au Te Awa Meeting

·    Met  with Senior Community Development Facilitator (planning and support meetings)

·    Attended the Young Free Pacific Women’s Conference Planning Meeting

·    Attended the HeartTamaki  Planning Meeting

·    Attended the Mental Health Youth Focus Group Meeting

·    Attended the Onehunga and Oranga Community Centre Meeting

·    Attended the UPPIN IT music Planning Meeting

·    Attended a Youthline Meeting

·    Attended ODCOSS


·    Attended the Sod Turning for the Music and Arts Centre in GI

·    Was MC at the Oranga Festival

·    Attended the Sod turning Celebration

·    Attended the dress rehearsal of the pacific Conference

·    Say Yeah Nah Alcohol Campaign (team Tyotez)


·    MC at Young Free Pacific Women’s Conference

·    Youth Week Open MIC Night

·    Youthline event



·    I AM M-T an event where we bring young people across Maungakiekie-Tamaki to take part in a fun filled day with activities.


·    Chatting with the Young people in Panmure about upcoming Events in the area.

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



June 2014 YAP meeting - Members Update

Agnes Wong - Albert-Eden Youth Representative


·    Attended the Central sub-regional youth meet, held at Metrolanes to discuss the potential sub-regional jam and networking with other Central Auckland youth boards and caucuses

·    Attended the Mt Albert YMCA Family open day

·    Attended a workshop on the submissions process for the Local Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Bylaws, run by the respective policy analysts.

·    Attended the Aspiring Young Leaders Forum, held at Parliament/ Wellington (8-11 May)

·    Attended the Albert-Eden Local Board Civil Defence Emergency Planning workshop to develop an Emergency management plan within the Local Board.

·    Attended the Epsom Library Music Month concerts.

·    Attended the Auckland EthnicA conference, hosted by Office of Ethnic Affairs.


Albert-Eden Youth Board


The Albert-Eden Youth Board organised a recruitment evening that was held on Wednesday 21st May at the Local Board offices during Youth Week. A good number of potential recruits attended, and we are now progressing with the recruitment process. AEYB current has 7 members, including the YAP representative, and ideally we would like to increase our numbers to 16.

AEYB has also helped develop and will be supporting three “Think Big” project at local Intermediate Schools, and the “New Kiwi Voices” creative writing workshops for young people to be held in June.

Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Youth Advisory Panel

09 June 2014



Kaipatiki Local Youth Board: update to YAP 9/6/14

Our actions in the past month have included: 

1)         Intergenerational Forum:

The KYLB has been part of organising and facilitating an event that happened on Friday 23rd May (in Youth week) called the ‘Intergenerational Forum’  The event was held at the Rawene Centre in Birkenhead.  This event was about our Youth and our Older generation coming together to discuss/debate different topics, and for both generations to gain an understanding from each. 

Our KYLB members had identified earlier in the year that they would like to do more with our ‘older’ generation. 

Members of the KYLB were apart of creating the questions to be debated and helped to facilitate the debates on the day.

Young people were invited to attend from all of our 4 secondary schools, as well as  Alternative Education etc.  Our Older community were invited from the Council Social Housing complex’s, Older Person’s community groups etc.

A fantastic day was held, with both young People and Older people thoroughly enjoying the event, and would like to see it happen again next year.

2)         Our Events team are working on an event called Amazing Places- Bayview.  

This is a community Treasure Hunt, with the Treasure being the Community Groups. Participants will follow a map, and stop at stations along the way where they have to complete a challenge, this could be doing the Haka -  dressing up and having your photo taken. No cars are allowed. All participants will travel by foot, bike, scooter etc.  

·                The event is about getting to know the different community groups in the area, including schools, kindergartens etc.

·                Date yet to be confirmed.


2)         Kaipatiki Local Youth Board in partnership with Raeburn House addressing anti Bullying campaign.

Raeburn House will be working alongside 4 specific ethnic populations on the Shore – Korean, Chinese, South African and Middle Eastern to explore the development of an online reporting tool for racial bullying, and to define the priorities for each group.

The purpose is to support community-wide commitment to addressing bullying of children and young people.  It is the intention to increase knowledge and understanding of the impacts of bullying and provide tools and strategies to support positive change. This will make the most of getting the word out there through media, social media, websites and other information channels.

This project is led by the “Youth” team of Kaipatiki Local Youth Board to go around to create a video around their suggestions of "how best to support those that are being bullied”, with specific focus on racial bullying.