I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Great Barrier Local Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Wednesday 9 July 2014


Council Chambers
Auckland Town Hall
301-305 Queen Street



Great Barrier Local Board




Attachments Under Separate Cover





12        Local Alcohol Policy Project - Draft Policy for Local Board Feedback

A.      Draft Local Alcohol Policy 2014: Statement of Proposal                    3

B.      Regional Strategy and Policy Committee meeting May 2014 - Resolutions on draft Local Alcohol Policy                                      119

C.      A3 Copies of Tables 7 and 8 from report                                       121

D.      Key Topics for Feedback from Local Boards                                 123

13        Allocation of Decision Making Review

A.      Allocation of Non-Regulatory Decision-Making Responsibilities - Issues Paper – Local Boards                                                         125    

Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014



Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014



Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014



Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014



Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014



Key topics for local board feedback


1.  Proposed broad areas

2.  Priority Overlay

3.  Temporary Freeze in Broad Area A

4.  Temporary Freeze in the Priority Overlay

5.  Presumption against new off-licences in neighbourhood centres and in former freeze areas after two years

6.  Use of the Environmental and Cumulative Impact Assessment (ECIA) tool based on location and risk of premises

7.  Matters to be covered within the ECIA

8.  Proposed maximum hours for off-licences

9.  Proposed maximum hours for club licences

10. Proposed maximum standard hours for on-licences

11. Ability for best practice on-licences to apply for trial extended hours

12. Assessment process for trial extended hours

13. Proposed discretionary conditions for on, off and club licences

14. Proposal for special licence hours to be determined on a case by case basis

15. Proposed discretionary conditions for special licences

Great Barrier Local Board

09 July 2014