I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Henderson-Massey Local Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Thursday, 3 July 2014


Council Chamber
Henderson Civic Centre
6 Henderson Valley Road


Henderson-Massey Local Board









Vanessa Neeson, JP


Deputy Chairperson

Shane Henderson



Brenda Brady, JP



Peter Chan, JP



Warren Flaunty, QSM



Will Flavell



Tracy Kirkley



Luke Wilson



(Quorum 4 members)




Glenn Boyd

(Relationship Manager)

Local Board Services (West)



Busola Martins

Local Board Democracy Advisor


27 June 2014


Contact Telephone: (09) 839 3514

Email: busola.martins@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






Henderson-Massey Local Board

03 July 2014



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Welcome/Prayer                                                                                                             5

2          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

3          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

4          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               6

5          Leave of Absence                                                                                                          6

6          Acknowledgements                                                                                                       6

7          Ward Councillor’s Update                                                                                            6

8          Deputations                                                                                                                    6

8.1     Waitakere Festival                                                                                                6

8.2     Ultrafast broadband briefing                                                                              6

8.3     The NZ Peace Foundation                                                                                   7

8.4     Waitemata City Football club                                                                              7

8.5     Robynne Pringle, Te Atatu Town Centre Manager - Seat outside 544 Te Atatu Rd                                                                                                                                7

9          Public Forum                                                                                                                  8

10        Extraordinary Business                                                                                                8

11        Notices of Motion                                                                                                          8

12        Auckland Transport Update                                                                                         9  

13        Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Welcome/Prayer


2          Apologies


At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.


3          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


The following are the declared interests as at Thursday 19 June 2014





Vanessa Neeson, JP (Chairman)

Ranui Sector Trial


Shane Henderson (Deputy Chairman)

Waitakere Community Law Service
Ranui Action Project


Brenda Brady, JP

Keep Waitakere Beautiful
Safer West Community Trust
Sunnyvale Residents & Ratepayers Society Inc.
West Auckland Historical Society
District Licensing Committee


 Peter Chan, JP

Cantonese Opera Society of NZ
Asian Leaders Forum
NZ-Hong Kong Business Ass.
NZ-China Business Ass.
Auckland Chinese Environment Protection Association (ACEPA)


Warren Flaunty, QSM

Westgate Pharmacy
West Auckland Hospice
NorSGA Properties
Westgate Pharmacy Ltd
The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd Rodney Local Board
Waitemata District Health Board
Waitakere Licensing Trust
Massey Matters Inc.
Massey Birdwood Settlers Ass.
Taupaki Residents & Ratepayers Ass.

Elected Member
Elected Member
Elected Member

Will Flavell

Rutherford College


Tracy Kirkley

District Licensing Committee

Heart of Te Atatu South         



Luke Wilson

NZ Police - Massey Community Constable
D.A.R.E. West





4          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)         Confirms the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 19 June 2014, including the confidential section, as a true and correct record.



5          Leave of Absence


At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.


6          Acknowledgements


At the close of the agenda no requests for acknowledgements had been received.


7          Ward Councillor’s Update


Ward Councillors are given the opportunity to update the board on matters relating to the Henderson-Massey local board area.


8          Deputations


8.1       Waitakere Festival


1.   To thank the Henderson-Massey local board for their support in the year 2013.

2.   To share the successes of the 2013 Waitakere Festival and plans for 2014.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the presentation from Waitakere Festival.



a          Presentation from Waitakere Festival.................................................... 23



8.2       Ultrafast broadband briefing


1.       To update the local board on the scale and timings for the UltraFast Broadband rollout within the Henderson-Massey local board area for the 2014/2015 build year commencing on July 1st 2014.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the deputation from Chorus on the UltraFast Broadband rollout within the local board area for the 2014/2015 build year.




8.3       The NZ Peace Foundation


1.       To update the Henderson-Massey Local Board on the activities of The Peace Foundation.


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the deputation from Laurie Ross of NZ Peace Foundation.



8.4       Waitemata City Football club


1.       To speak to the Henderson-Massey local board on the construction of a baseball pitch at McLeod Park, Te Atatu South.


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the deputation from the Waitemata City Football Club.



8.5       Robynne Pringle, Te Atatu Town Centre Manager - Seat outside 544 Te Atatu Rd


1.       To request that the Henderson-Massey local board authorise the relocation of the seat outside 544 Te Atatu Road.


That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the deputation from Robynne Pringle, Te Atatu Town Centre Manager, requesting the relocation of the seat outside 544 Te Atatu Road.



9          Public Forum


A period of time (approximately 30 minutes) is set aside for members of the public to address the meeting on matters within its delegated authority. A maximum of 3 minutes per item is allowed, following which there may be questions from members.


At the close of the agenda no requests for public forum had been received.


10        Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”


11        Notices of Motion


At the close of the agenda no requests for notices of motion had been received.


Henderson-Massey Local Board

03 July 2014



Auckland Transport Update


File No.: CP2014/14094





The purpose of the report is to respond to Local Board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to Elected Members about Auckland Transport’s activities in their Board area.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the Auckland Transport Report for the Henderson-Massey Local Board.







1.   Following on from cluster workshops which were attended by Local Board Members in early-mid May, Auckland Transport has now distributed copies of the Parking Strategy discussion document to Elected Members and key stakeholder groups, including community organisations.

2.   The discussion document is the first to comprehensively review issues associated with parking region-wide.  Key elements of the discussion document include an analysis of issues associated with the city centre, the city fringe, metropolitan and town centres and residential streets across the region.  There is a clear link to the region’s public transport strategy through consideration of the role of park-and-rides, and the needs of the forthcoming (bus) Frequent Transport Network, and the possibility that the AT HOP card may be able to be used for payment for parking, in some situations.

3.   The discussion document was made publicly available on-line on 31 May in anticipation of a month-long period of public consultation that will extend until 31 July. 

4.   The review looks at the use of Park and Rides, residential parking zones, managing on and off street parking in the central city, clearway times on arterial roads and parking in town centres.

5.   Auckland Transport is aiming to set a clear and consistent direction for Auckland’s parking in future, which will be good for all road users, adjacent businesses and residents and, Auckland Transport wants to make sure they are making the right decisions for Auckland’s future.

6.   It is important to note that as the city grows and develops rapidly, now is the time to take a look at how Auckland Transport most effectively manage the range of parking options for the city. Parking affects everyone in the region in one way or another.  The submissions Auckland Transport receives, will form the development of a Parking Strategy for Auckland.

7.   Parking is not only vital to the safe and efficient operation of that network, but also supports economic development and has a major impact on place making, public transport, walking and cycling.

8.   Auckland Transport is keen to get the public’s thoughts on a range of recommended approaches to improve Auckland’s parking, but specifically those relating to:

•    The city centre, metropolitan and town centres

•    Residential streets

•    Off-street parking facilities (parking buildings)

•    On-street parking restrictions

•    Arterial roads (phasing out on-street parking)

•    Parking permits

•    Park and rides



9.   Auckland Transport has completed its Annual Fare Review which sees ticket prices on buses, trains and ferries change from 6 July. From that date adults who use the AT HOP card for their travel will receive a 20% discount off the single trip adult cash fare (excluding NiteRider, Airbus Express and Waiheke ferry services). Child and tertiary AT HOP users will also continue to receive discounts on most services, when compared to the equivalent cash fares. In contrast most cash fares for bus and train and some cash fares for ferry will increase (some AT HOP fares for ferries will also increase).

10. The annual review takes into account operator cost increases (e.g. fuel and wages), revenue and patronage movements.  Auckland Transport is also undertaking a strategic review of all public transport costs and pricing and this is due to be completed towards the end of the year.

11. Auckland Transport believes that Public transport must be seen as a viable alternative to the car if Auckland is to even begin to resolve its transport problems and by making travel even more attractive on the AT HOP card it is hoped that more people will switch to public transport.

12. In addition to an increased discount on AT HOP Auckland Transport will remove the 25 cent top-up fee and reduce the minimum top-up amount on the card from $10 to $5, both from 6 July. The card itself will also remain at $5 until at least 31 January 2015.

13. From 6 July when the new fares are implemented, cash fares will be in 50 cent multiples which will reduce cash handling on buses in particular (with the exception of the City LINK child cash fare which will remain at 30 cents). Auckland Transport is hoping to move to implementing an exact fare/no change given policy in the future and will investigate the potential of removing cash fares altogether, as has recently been introduced in Sydney.



14. Auckland will be the recipient of six of the twelve new digital Fixed Speed Cameras released by the New Zealand police to help reduce speed-related crash risk across the country.


15. This is a significant national and regional milestone for road safety as a whole, and  attached is the NZ Police media release for your info, as you may get public enquiries in response to this.

Key points include:

·         12 new digital Fixed Speed Cameras announced, six of which are in Auckland: two replacing old sites and four new sites (locations in media release below)

·         New robust digital and wireless Fixed Speed Camera technology

·         Proven to reduce speed and crash-risk at high-risk locations

·         Located at high-risk crash sites, & based on robust site assessment

·         Site selection included input from Police, NZTA, Auckland Transport, Councils, AA

·         Part of national Safe Journeys Action Plan to create Safe Speeds

·         76% of New Zealanders support speed enforcement to help reduce fatalities on the roads

·         Speeding tickets do not generate revenue for Police

·         Another 44 digital speed cameras to be rolled out nationally in the next 18 months

·         Progress also underway on three Red Light Cameras based on a similar methodology and technology

16.  The New Zealand Police will be installing and replacing six Fixed Digital Speed Cameras at the following high-risk speed-related crash locations:

17.  Replacement of Existing Wet-film Fixed Speed Camera with New Digital Fixed Speed Camera:

·         620 Great South Road, Otahuhu:  Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board

·         3236 Great North Road, Fruitvale: Whau Local Board

18. Installation of New Digital Speed Cameras:

·         57 Mill Road, Totara Park: Manurewa-Papakura Local Board

·         79 Murphys Road, Totara Park: Howick Local Board

·         174 Candia Road, Waitakere: Waitakere Ranges Local Board

·         3 Tamaki Drive, Orakei: Orakei Local Board





19.   Auckland Transport is currently working on an Urban Motorcycle Demonstration project on Great North Road/Parrs Cross Road and West Coast Road/Swanson Road.

20.   Motorcycle riding requires a higher level of both vehicle control and cognitive skills than car driving.  The potential outcomes of any crash, whether caused by the rider, other road users, the road environment or the vehicle itself, are severe. The risk of a motorcyclist being killed or seriously injured in a crash is about 18 times higher than for a car driver.

21.  As part of the investigation Auckland Transport are looking at the options of the removal of clearways and parking to be able to achieve a more consistent road layout throughout the routes.


22.  As part of the investigation AT are also looking at some intersection improvements, signage improvements, pedestrian improvements, potential operational capacity improvements. This is all in early stages and AT has received feedback from the Local Board in which will be considered.


23.  The Local Board has requested Auckland Transport to investigate the number of cars using Corban Avenue and their speed to determine what measures are necessary to make the road safe for children to cross.


24. Auckland Transport has undertaken an initial review of the feedback provided.  Further detailed investigation now needs to be undertaken to ensure a comprehensive review of this feedback. The existing traffic data was obtained in 2008 and a new survey is required to obtain traffic data, such as traffic volume, average travel speed, heavy vehicle usage. A prioritisation process is required once the data is available.

25. Auckland Transport will also be talking to Bruce McLaren Intermediate School.

26. This investigation has been prioritised and programmed for review, with an expected completion date of early July 2014 following which Auckland Transport will be able to provide the outcome and recommendations of its assessment.



27. Auckland Transport has a proposal to install some No Stopping At All Times restrictions on Buscomb Ave as shown in the attached diagram.

28.  A proposal was initiated by some local residents requesting AT to review the existing on-street parking at the bend near No 80, Buscomb Avenue, and the intersection of Jubaea Place and Buscomb Avenue.  Staff and visitors to Waitakere Hospital have generated high on-street parking demand in this section of Buscomb Avenue.   Safety concerns have been raised with regards to restricted visibility of oncoming vehicles around the bend and the intersection due to parked vehicles on Buscomb Avenue.

29.  Following the site investigations, it was concluded that installing broken yellow lines are justified at these locations.

30.  The proposed changes are to;

·         install broken yellow lines between the driveway Nos. 80 & 82, Buscomb Avenue

·         Install broken yellow lines at Jubaea Place/ Buscomb Avenue intersection as shown on the attached plan.

Local Board Response

31.  The Local Board Transport Portfolio Leads were consulted on the proposal and were happy with what was being proposed.



32.   Auckland Transport undertook a safety review at the intersection of Henderson Valley Road and Gareja Road. Through the assessment, it was identified that the visibility for vehicles exiting out of Gareja Road is restricted by vehicles currently parked too close to the intersection on Henderson Valley Road.


33.   Following the assessment, Auckland Transport propose installing “No Stopping At All Times” road marking on Henderson Valley Road to provide improved visibility for vehicles exiting out of this intersection.

Local Board Response

34.   The Local Board Transport Portfolio Leads were consulted on the proposal and were happy with what was being proposed.



35.   Auckland Transport undertook a safety review assessment at two intersections along Henderson Valley Road. The two intersections are:

·         Henderson Valley Road and Keeling Road.

·         Henderson Valley Road and Woodruff Avenue. 

36.     Through this assessment, it was identified that the visibility for vehicles exiting out of these intersections is restricted by existing property fences, vegetation and road side utility poles.

Following the assessment, Auckland Transport proposes the following changes:

·         Installation of a “Stop” sign and “Stop” road marking at both intersections. The proposed “Stop” will reinforce to drivers that they need to stop and to give the drivers enough time to check for all traffic and then proceed when it is safe.

·         Installation of “No Stopping At All Times” road marking on Henderson Valley Road to provide improved visibility for vehicles exiting out of these intersection.

37.     Please find attached two plans showing details of the proposed improvement works described above.

Local Board Response

38.     The Local Board Transport Portfolio Leads were consulted on the proposal and were happy with what was being proposed.



39.   Residents have raised concerns about the Henderson Creek bike and walkway, as there seems to be several cyclists travel at high speeds on this track and creates a hazard for the elderly and young users of this track.  The Local Board has asked Auckland Transport to investigate these concerns.



40.  The Henderson Creek Walk and Cycleways are well used by walkers and cyclists.  Auckland Transport (AT) is working to ensure mutual benefits and safety. As with other similar shared areas educating the users is important to ensure these benefits are realised.

41.  Auckland Transport are aware of the concerns raised by your constituent and are addressing this with educational campaigns. An example of this is AT’s Community Transport teams attendance at the Safety in Parks Day at Tui Glen Reserve in March 2014.

42.  At this event the “Share with Care” campaign promoted safe interaction on the pathway, signage reminded all users of consideration for others and in a number of cases of bells were provided to cyclists to ensure they were able to alert other users of their presence.

43.  In May as part of the “ Share with Care” campaign, chalk art was installed in the area, that along with signage, kept the message fresh (chalk art).


44.  Auckland Transport’s on-going campaigns will continue to get the message out to “Share with Care” on the shared pathways. Attached is the signage that Auckland Transport currently uses, and a number of these corflute signs will be installed along Henderson Creek and the Twin Streams pathways as fixed signs.



45.  Auckland Transport has been requested to investigate installing traffic signals on the corner of Garela and Henderson Valley Road.


46.  Several factors are carefully considered in the assessment, such as traffic volume and flows, the general road environment and police recorded crashes. It is important Auckland Transport undertakes this type of assessment because installing traffic signals where they are unnecessary may cause; excessive delays, driver frustration, non-compliance with the signals and an increased crash frequency, especially rear-end type crashes. Overall, AT need to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety are not negatively impacted by the implementation of any changes to road design.

47.  The assessment has shown that the intersection of Garelja Road and Henderson Valley Road does not meet the warrant for traffic signals and cannot therefore be prioritised for signalisation. Garelja Road is a cul-de-sac with relatively low traffic volume, when compared to other roads in the region. The analysis has shown that there are sufficient gaps in Henderson Valley Road traffic, for side road traffic to exit and any delays were not observed to be excessive. While Auckland Transport cannot justify traffic signals, it does propose to install additional parking restrictions on Henderson Valley Road to improve visibility for vehicles exiting Garelja Road and this should improve safety.

48.  With regards to the request for a pedestrian crossing facility at this location, Auckland Transport has investigated the feasibility of installing a zebra crossing. AT undertakes assessments of proposals such as this, under rules established by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), which recommend that pedestrian crossings should only be installed where pedestrian numbers and traffic volumes suggest they are warranted. The underlying concept behind this requirement is that unless the crossing facility is well used by pedestrians, drivers will not expect pedestrians and their awareness of the pedestrian crossing will decrease, resulting in a less safe pedestrian environment.

49.  Furthermore, pedestrians naturally feel more confident crossing at a pedestrian crossing and can take less care than they would where there is no facility. Combined, these two aspects can have the adverse effect of the facility becoming a dangerous crossing point. This concern is supported by research and as a result it is recommended practice that pedestrian crossings only be installed where pedestrian number thresholds are reached.

50.  The survey has shown that pedestrian numbers at this location are insufficient to justify the installation of a pedestrian crossing at this stage. There are pedestrian refuge islands south of the intersection and a pedestrian refuge island 100 metres from the intersection and, it is recommended that pedestrians use these facilities.

51.  Auckland Transport works closely with Henderson South Primary to address road safety issues and to encourage active forms of transport. The New Zealand Police also work with the school to train students about road safety and personal safety. The school has a teacher appointed to work with AT and any feedback or suggestions around ways to increase the awareness of safety issues in the school and community is welcomed.




52.   Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL) is undertaking the acquisition phase of the Te Atatu Corridor Improvement Project.


53.   At this stage ACPL has been working on this project for over two years and reports that:

·         103 property interests have been secured with an owner signed agreement and 100 interests have now settled

54.    Of the remaining property interests:

·         7 have now been served a notice pursuant to Section 23 of the Public Works Act 1981 - being a Notice of Intention to Take the Land.  2 of these owners have reached verbal agreement and are expected to sign next week. 4 applications for action pursuant to Section 26 are underway with another pending.

·         2 properties belong to 1 party for whom a Section 18 notice will be served as no agreement has been reached to date.

·         2 properties belong to 1 party for whom notices under the Public Works Act 1981 cannot be served as the owner has formally accepted the proposed compensation package and AT are currently negotiating terms of the agreement.



Subject Name


Date Requested

Request Due Date

Bus Stop Glass Artwork

The Local Board has recently been provided a list of bus shelters in the Henderson/Massey Local Board area.  The Local Board now needs to determine which of these sites they would like to progress with the installation of artwork for the glass.  When this is determined Auckland Transport PT Operations team will work with the Local Board and engage a local artist to design appropriate artwork with a local flavour.  The approximate order of cost per shelter is $2,000.

November 2013

June 2014

Antisocial Use Of Cars And Future Planning Mihini Road, Ranui

A request to Auckland Transport to address the issues of Boy Racers in Mihini Road, Henderson.

September 2013

July 2014



Subject Name

Workshop Date


Border Road Crossing Assessment Discussion

5 June 2014

Auckland Transport presented options on the Border Road Crossing proposal for the Local Board to give feedback on.

Local Board Transport CAPEX Fund Applications

5 June 2014

Auckland Transport was present to answer any process questions about the Local Board Transport Fund.





Subject Name


Subject Requested Date

Subject Closed Date

Alwyn Avenue/Bridge Avenue Walking Track

Auckland Transport is investigating the long term option for this access way.  In the interim AT will be constructing a temporary track (steps to negotiate through "safely”) and maintaining the overgrown sections of the access way.



Cranwell Park/ Sel Peacock - Footpath And Path Safety Hazards Into Park

Auckland Transport has undertaken urgent maintenance repairs to the concrete path and will be undertaking water blasting.  The steps will be “marked” with anti-skid strips at the edges of the steps.

April 2014

May 2014

Proposal Parking Restrictions – 89, Central Park Drive, Henderson

The Local Board is happy where the proposed park restrictions at 89, Central Park Drive, Henderson will be located.

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed To Install Speed Humps On Hindmarsh Street

The Local Board is happy where the proposed speed humps on Amesbury rise and Summerland Drive. Henderson

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed to Install a Stop Control at The Strid Road and Te Atatu Road Intersection

The Local Board is happy where the proposed stop control will be placed at the intersection of Strid Road and Te Atatu Road.

March 2014

April 2014

Proposed No Stopping At All Times Restrictions – Metcalfe Road/Riserra Drive, Ranui And South Kensington Way, Henderson

The local Board is happy where the proposed stopping at all times restrictions on Metcalfe Road/Riserra Drive, Ranui And South Kensington Way, Henderson

March 2014

April 2014

Installation Of Driver Feedback Sign On Amesbury Rise/Summerland Drive

The local Board is happy where the proposed feedback signs will be placed on Amesbury rise and Summerland Drive

March 2014

April 2014

Summerland Drive Roading Issues

Auckland Transport is working with the Henderson-Massey Local Board to install two electronic speed advisory signs between Harvest Drive and Sturges Road and Auckland Transport expects these to be installed by the end of July 2014.   Auckland Transport has passed the incident details provided to the Road Corridor Maintenance Department, who will also look into doing maintenance works on the cycle track outside the constituent’s property.

March 2014

April 2014

Dust Nuisance Swanson Road

Auckland Transport has investigated the issue.  Auckland Transport has sealed the lay-by on Swanson Road which will mitigate the dust nuisance.

April 2014

April 2014

Taikata Road Crossing Request

Auckland Transport’s observation did show a small number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing here and it is believed that there would be benefit for the wider community if access to the park was improved. Therefore Auckland Transport proposes that a pedestrian refuge island (centre crossing) should be constructed at this location as part of the Minor Improvements Programme.

February 2014

April 2014









Auckland Transport Report Update





Owena Schuster (Elected Member Relationship Manager (West), Auckland Transport)


Jonathan Anyon, Elected Member Relationship Team Manager

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Henderson-Massey Local Board

03 July 2014





Henderson-Massey Local Board

03 July 2014











Item 8.1      Attachment a    Presentation from Waitakere Festival             Page 23

Henderson-Massey Local Board

03 July 2014