Waitākere Ranges Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Waitākere Ranges Local Board held in the Waitakere Ranges Local Board Office, 39 Glenmall Place, Glen Eden on Thursday, 24 July 2014 at 6.30pm.




Deputy Chairperson

Denise Yates, JP





Neil Henderson





Greg Presland





Steve Tollestrup





Saffron Toms













Sandra Coney, QSQ







Julie Fairey

Puketapapa Local Board






















Waitākere Ranges Local Board

24 July 2014



Secretarial Note:  In the absence of the Chairperson the Deputy Chair presided.


1          Welcome


The Deputy Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed those present.


2          Apologies


Resolution number WTK/2014/97

MOVED by Member NR Henderson, seconded by Member SR Tollestrup:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

Accepts the apology from Chairperson Sandra Coney for absence.



3          Declaration of Interest

Members were reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.

Specifically members are asked to identify any new interests they have not previously disclosed, an interest that might be considered as a conflict of interest with a matter on the agenda.

At its meeting on 28 November 2013, the Waitakere Ranges Local Board resolved (resolution number WTK/2010/5) to record any possible conflicts of interest in a register. 


Board Member

Organisation / Position

Sandra Coney

·       Waitemata District Health Board – Elected Member

·       Women’s Health Action Trust – Patron

Neil Henderson

·       Portage Trust – Elected Member

·       West Auckland Trust Services (WATS) Board – Trustee/Director

·       Weedfree Trust – Employee

Greg Presland

·       Portage Trust – Elected Member

·       Lopdell House Development Trust Trustee

·       Titirangi Residents & Ratepayers Group – Committee Member 

Steve Tollestrup

·       Waitakere Licensing Trust – Elected Member

·       Community Waitakere – Trustee

·       West Auckland Trust Services (WATS) Board – Trustee/Director

·       Henderson Valley Residents Association – Committee Member

Saffron Toms

       No current conflict of interest.

Denise Yates

·       Ecomatters Environment Trust – Deputy Chair

·       Keep Waitakere Beautiful Trust Board Member

·       Huia-Cornwallis Ratepayers & Residents Association – Co-chairperson

·       Charlotte Museum Trust – Trustee                           


Member appointments

Board members are appointed to the following bodies. In these appointments the board members represent Auckland Council.

Board Member

Organisation / Position

Sandra Coney

·       Friends of Arataki Incorporated – Trustee

Neil Henderson

·       Friends of Arataki Incorporated – Trustee

·       Living Cell Technologies Animal Ethics Committee – Member

Saffron Toms

·       Ark in the Park – Governance Group Member


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number WTK/2014/98

MOVED by Member NR Henderson, seconded by Member GB Presland:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)         Confirms the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 10 July 2014, as a true and correct record.




5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Update from Ward Councillors


Councillor Linda Cooper acknowledged the Deputy Chair and Member Henderson for their attendance to the Local Government Conference, also Member Toms for her attendance

to a recent Citizenship Ceremony.  She also provided an update on matters being addressed by Governing Body including LTP, Animal Management Bylaw and City Rail Link.


Secretarial note:  Apology from the Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse was noted.


8          Deputations


There were no deputations.


9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.


10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


11        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.




New Community Licence to Occupy for Additional Land to Glen Eden United Sports Club Incorporated, 331-335 West Coast Road, Glen Eden


Resolution number WTK/2014/99

MOVED by Member GB Presland, seconded by Member S Toms:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)      Approves granting a new community licence to occupy for additional land to Glen Eden United Sports Club Incorporated for part of Singer Park, being part of part Allotment 544 Waikomiti Parish contained in certificate of title NZ1800/99, 331-335 West Coast Road, Glen Eden (Attachment A) subject to the following terms and conditions:

i)       Term – commencing 24 July 2014 until 31 August 2020 with one 5-year right of renewal;

ii)      Rent - $1.00 plus GST per annum if requested;

iii)     Auckland Council has adopted a Smoke-Free Policy to apply on Council land, which Policy the Lessee is obliged to abide by during the Term. The Lessee will use its best endeavours to ensure its members, employees, invitees, contractors and agents abide by the Policy;

iv)     All other terms and conditions as contained in the existing community lease dated 6 September 2010.






Local board role in alcohol licence applications


Resolution number WTK/2014/100

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson DA Yates, seconded by Member S Toms:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)         Provides feedback on the preferred option for local boards to provide input into alcohol licence applications.

b)         Delegates that the Chair, Deputy Chair and Member Toms to prepare feedback on alcohol licence applications.




Secretarial note:          Members Henderson, Presland and Tollestrup declared conflict of interest in this item and took no part in the discussion or voting on the matter.





Draft Allocation of Decision Making Review


Resolution number WTK/2014/101

MOVED by Member S Toms, seconded by Member GB Presland:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)         Provides feedback on the allocation of decision making review issues paper and identify any additional issues relevant to the scope of the review.

b)        Provides the following amended feedback on the allocation of decision making review issues paper:

1.      The Board welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Allocation of Decision Making Review.

2.      The Board supports the continued approach of section 17 of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009, where the legislative presumption is that decisions will be made by local boards. Decisions made regionally will be the exception, where precise provisions apply.

3.      With respect to Issue 1: Local asset renewals

       The Board strongly supports any decision-making on local asset renewals should remain with the local board.  This is because keeping it local allows for budgets to be allocated accordingly, which can reflect the needs of their constituents.  Local boards are best placed to hear the views of the community and are familiar with and better informed about the condition of the asset and its appropriateness to the needs/aspirations of the community.

       Therefore it is the Boards view that if this decision making ability was moved back to the governing body, they would apply a one size fits all approach which may not be the best solution, given they do not know those particular needs and aspirations of the local community. 

       The Board considers that keeping it local could save on budgets as their view is that the governing body can at times replace assets on a time schedule basis, when in fact that asset might not require replacement until a later date.  Simple maintenance applied in a timely fashion may suffice.

4.      With respect to Issue 2: Local economic development

       The Board strongly supports that decision-making responsibility remains with the local board and does not move to ATEED.

       The Boards view is that if the decision-making responsibility was transferred to ATEED that their focus would be too high level and not locally focused at all.

       Also the Board is concerned that if LED was transferred to ATEED there could be governance implications.  LED activities and initiatives sit with local boards and the local board plan and should continue to do so.

5.      Additional Feedback

·           Procurement - more ability to have local procurement, “buying local”;

·           Development Contribution - is a local issue;

·           The board would wish to see better sharing of information in a timely manner especially from regional meetings to local boards;

·           Budgets/money does not promptly or appropriately follow decisions that come to local boards from governing body;

·           Generally how matters work between local board and governing body is very haphazard;

·           Decisions made on a regional level needs better input from local boards;

·           Decisions made regionally impact locally so local input is essential.

c)        Delegates to Deputy Chair and Member Tollestrup to make any final minor changes to the feedback






Confirmation of  workshop records – 15, 22, 29 May and 12, 19, June 2014


Resolution number WTK/2014/102

MOVED by Member SR Tollestrup, seconded by Member NR Henderson:  

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)         Confirms that the tabled records of the workshops held on the following dates are true and correct records:  

i)          15 May

ii)         22 May

iii)       29 May

iv)       12 June

v)         19 June




a     Workshop Records - 15, 22, 29 May and 5, 12, 19 June 2014


Secretarial note:  Workshop Records 15, 22, 29 May and 5, 12, 19 June 2014 were tabled and a copy have been placed on the filed copies of the minutes and can be viewed at Auckland Council website.


Secretarial note:  Workshop Record for 26th of June  to be included in the agenda for the next Waitakere Ranges Local Board meeting. 



16        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  



6.46 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.