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25        Local board role in alcohol licence applications

A.      Feedback on Local Board's role in alcohol licence applications                            3

Howick Local Board

11 August 2014


Alcohol Licence Applications: Options for Local Board Involvement


Howick Local Board Response


Howick Local Board (HLB) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on potential options for Local Board involvement in alcohol licence applications.


It should be noted that HLB strongly believe that their community has a clear expectation that local board representative’s act as advocates and spokespeople on their behalf.  This has been at the forefront of HLBs discussion around its potential involvement in alcohol licence applications.


Option 1: Input to Local Alcohol Policy


HLB has provided feedback during the development of the Local Alcohol  Policy and will be providing a formal submission as part of the consultation process.


Option 2: Views provided to District Licensing Committees


HLB are in favour of this option but would suggest a more formal process for bringing licensing applications to the boards attention.


It suggests that the liquor licensing inspector (or other suitable position) assess applications against a given criteria (eg licensing location, proximity to sensitive areas, likelihood of high public interest) to establish a rating system as to the relative significance of each application.  This would alert the local board to those applications where a submission to the District Licensing Committee should be particularly considered.


Option 3: Delegated or allocated power to object


So long as the Local Boards views are heard and taken into consideration by the District Licensing Committee (as per option 2), HLB does not feel that delegated or allocated power to object is required.


Option 4: Local Board supporting community involvement


HLB are supportive of any opportunity to educate, encourage and enable community involvement – including in the context of ensuring community accessibility to information around how to object to licensing applications and participate in the hearings process.


The board notes that while the internet remains a core means of communication, consideration needs to be given as to appropriate means of reaching those who do not have computer access or who would benefit from material in languages other than English.