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Monday 8 September 2014


Howick Local Board Meeting Room
Pakuranga Library Complex
7 Aylesbury Street


Howick Local Board






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12        Notice of Motion - Fees and Charges

A.      Tabled Attachment A                                                                                              3

18        Auckland Transport Update – September 2014

A.      Tabled document relating to item 18c.                                                                   5

Howick Local Board

08 September 2014


Appendix A: Existing Affected Hirers


·    B.B. Men's Probus

·    U3A

·    Fat Quarter Quilters

·    Howick Combined Probus Club

·    Rainbow Ringers /Margaret Smith

·    Howick Orchid Society

·    Auckland Vintage Jazz Society

·    Pakuranga Indoor Bowling

·    Church Of The Risen Lord Jesus Christ

·    East Auckland Table Tennis Club

·    Faith Community

·    Auckland Mulan Boxing

·    Howick East Combined Probus Club

·    Friday Quilting Friends

·    Howick & Districts Cardiac Club

·    Stitch N Fun

·    The Friendship Force of Howick

·    Lions Club Of Howick Incorporated

·    Howick Toastmasters

·    Fencible Quilters of Howick


·    Howick Quilting Friends

·    Sathya Sai Service Organisation

·    Yoga 4 You

·    Samoan Assembly of God

·    Howick Spinners

·    Howick Art Group

·    Gentle Exercise For Elderly

·    The Performance Net Limited

·    Fitness League

·    U3A Howick History Group

·    Pakuranga Highway Playgroup

·    East City Japanese Playgroup

·    Special Olympics Howick- Pakuranga

·    Australasian Toyakwai Karate Association

·    Eastern Districts Country Music Club

·    Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga

·    Ladies Probus Halfmoon Bay

·    Ladies Probus Club Of Howick

·    And 4 users groups booked under individuals names



Howick Local Board

08 September 2014


Report Name: Auckland Transport Update – September 2014 addendum

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1.          Following its meeting on 2 September 2014, the Howick Local Board’s Transport and Planning Portfolio team decided to refer a new proposal as detailed below to the Howick Local Board for consideration at its 8 September 2014 business meeting, and recommends that the Board consider the proposal for construction utilising the Local Board Transport Capital Fund.




That the Howick Local Board approves construction of a section of new footpath (including removal and replacement of an old driveway crossing mountable kerb) at the northern end of The Parade, Bucklands Beach, as indicated in the report below, to be funded from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund, based on the rough estimate of cost of $5,800.




Proposed new footpath, The Parade, Bucklands Beach

2.       In response to a request from the public for new footpath to be extended from Musick Point Road to the beach front, the Board’s Transport spokespersons propose that the Howick Local Board allocates funding from its Local Board Transport Capital Fund towards the construction of new path, including the removal and replacement of an old driveway crossing mountable kerb, at the very northern end of The Parade, Bucklands Beach, where indicated by a red line on the aerial plan below.  The proposed path would generally follow the arc of the existing kerbline, between where the public footpath currently ends and the semi-circle parking bay.

3.       Footpath was not previously formed in this location due to the land being privately owned.  However, an area of land was purchased by Auckland Transport in 2013 and this now forms part of the road reserve.

4.       New construction has recently been completed at the property immediately north of the proposed new footpath, and the property owner is required to reinstate areas of the road reserve negatively affected during construction.

5.       The Board’s transport spokespersons consider it beneficial that public footpath should be constructed at this location in order to improve pedestrian access to the beach front, and further consider that the new footpath should be constructed prior to the required reinstatement in order to avoid the necessity of reinstating the berm twice.  The proposal has therefore been referred to the Howick Local Board for consideration at its meeting on 8 September.

6.       Auckland Transport has provided a rough estimate of cost of $5,800 for installation of new footpath at this location.  This amount includes removal and replacement of an old driveway crossing mountable kerb at the same location.






Jenni Wild – Elected Member Relationship Manager (South); Auckland Transport


Jonathan Anyon – Elected Member Relationship Team Manager; Auckland Transport