Albert-Eden Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Albert-Eden Local Board held in the Albert Eden Local Board Office, 135 Dominion Road, Mt Eden on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 at 1.14pm.





Peter Haynes


Deputy Chairperson

Glenda Fryer



Helga Arlington



Lee Corrick



Graeme Easte



Rachel Langton



Margi Watson



Tim Woolfield




Albert-Eden Local Board

15 October 2014




1          Welcome



2          Apologies


There were no apologies.



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number AE/2014/69

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson GJ Fryer, seconded by Member GD Easte:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)         confirms the minutes of its ordinary meeting, held on Wednesday, 1 October 2014, as a true and correct record.



5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


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7          Petitions


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8          Deputations


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9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.


10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


11        Notices of Motion


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Review of Albert-Eden Local Board's Local Dog Access Rules


Toni Ferdinands, Principal Policy Analyst, was in attendance to speak to this report.


Resolution number AE/2014/70

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson GJ Fryer, seconded by Member RAJ Langton:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      resolves to review local dog access rules in the Albert-Eden Local Board area as follows:

I)       review time and season dog access beach rules;

II)      clarify rules by identifying

i)       which dog exercise areas meet the new criteria or are more appropriately referred to as under control off-leash areas;

                   ii)     ‘picnic areas’, ‘fitness apparatus areas’, safe swimming areas or lanes, significant ecological areas.

b)      notes that the review of local dog access rules in Albert-Eden will be a whole-of-board process.

c)      authorises expenditure of up to $4,000 from its Community Engagement budget for community engagement and communication material.

d)      thanks Toni Ferdinands, Principal Policy Analyst, for her attendance.





Adoption of the Albert-Eden Local Board Plan 2014


Robyn Allpress, Senior Local Board Advisor and Nicola Flynn, Project Manager, were in attendance to speak to this report.


Resolution number AE/2014/71

MOVED by Chairperson PD Haynes, seconded by Deputy Chairperson GJ Fryer:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      adopts the Albert-Eden Local Board Plan 2014, subject to the following changes;

          i)    adding the following to the beginning of the third sentence, paragraph four, page 21 of the Albert-Eden Local Board Plan 2014 - ‘The state of the current facility and’.

b)      delegates authority to the Chair to approve any minor wording changes that may be necessary.

c)      thanks Robyn Allpress, Senior Local Board Advisor and Nicola Flynn, Project Manager, for their attendance and work on the Albert-Eden Local Board Plan 2014.

d)      thanks the local community and all the submitters who were involved in the development of the Albert-Eden Local Board Plan 2014.









Long Term Plan 2015-2015 feedback on mayoral proposal


Resolution number AE/2014/72

MOVED by Member MJ Watson, seconded by Member H Arlington:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      receives the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 feedback on mayoral proposal report.

b)      approves the following priority advocacy areas for discussion with the Governing Body regarding the Long Term Plan 2015-2025:

Advocacy item


Ensure the completion of the Mt Albert Town Centre renewal: deferred funding of $1.971m needs to be retained for 2015/2016, along with funding in the Long Term Plan for FYs 16, 17 & 18; to develop a public open space in the Mt Albert Town Centre next to the railway station, on 915 – 927 New North Road and carry out wider streetscape improvements in the town centre.

The Mt Albert Town Centre renewal provides a fantastic opportunity to leverage the recent train station investment and increase public transport patronage.  Auckland Transport has completed stage one of the Mt Albert train station renewal. The train station concourse is future-proofed to provide a bridge linking it to the public open space or plaza in the Mt Albert town centre.  Auckland Council has acquired the ground lease for the land next to the station and is soon to procure professional design services to develop a public open space on and to improve streetscapes in the town centre. The Board is investing $1.5 million for design, consultation and consenting work this financial year.    After extensive consultation spanning over more than a decade, public expectations are running high. In recent months the town centre has lost its two largest employers and other longstanding businesses, so the need for progress is urgent. Public investment in the plaza and wider streetscape improvements through the town centre are expected to provide a catalyst for private investment and generate economic development and urban regeneration, making Mt Albert a destination. Mt Albert Town Centre is part of the Inner West Triangle, in close proximity to the ‘Mt Albert 1 SHA’ and to the soon-to-be redeveloped UNITEC site.    $1.971 million was deferred from the 2014/2015 local board budget to 2015/2016; $3.390m, $0.986m & $0.563m are budgeted in FY16, FY17 & FY18 in the Inner West Triangle Geographical Priority Area in the draft Long Term Plan.

Bring forward funding for the renewal of village centres as part of the Albert-Eden Transformation Programme (currently funded in years 5 and 6) to improve Pt Chevalier, Greenwoods Corner and Sandringham village centres

Village renewal is as much about local economic development as it is about place making. We have prioritised three of our village centres as having high needs for renewal. One of them (Pt Chevalier) is located in the Inner West Triangle.

(a) Sandringham: The mayor has identified community-led planning as a Long Term Plan priority. The community-led planning and development of Sandringham village centre is to be used as a pilot project for neighbourhood planning in Auckland.

(b) The upgrade of Pt Chevalier centre will be guided by two recently completed investigations: the Pt Chevalier place audit and the Point Chevalier Community and Recreational Facilities Action Plan. Pt. Chevalier centre has suffered as a result of the St Lukes Mall development, and an upgrade is needed to counter the planned expansion of St Lukes Mall. 
The state of the current facility and the projected population growth in Pt Chevalier means we need to either extend the current community centre or develop a new facility on a different site.

(c) The community in Greenwoods Corner is very involved in defining the scope of the renewal.  It has already developed a detailed architectural plan for the redevelopment.

Retain sportsfields capacity development funding for sports fields for which development is advanced: Fowlds Park, Nixon Park and Phyllis Reserve (see below)  and progress the Sportsfields Capacity Programme on a longer timeframe

The three areas with the largest identified shortfall in sportsfields capacity in the region are located in Albert-Eden. With no sportsfields upgrade delivered in Albert-Eden under the SFC Programme to date, and a fast growing population, the current shortfall in sportsfields hours is worsening and needs addressing with urgency.  The local board seeks a commitment from the governing body to a programme of renewal and acquisition of sportsfields and sports facilities. At a minimum, the local board would like funding for Nixon Park, Fowlds Park and Phyllis Reserve (see below) sportsfields retained as significant council and community investment has gone into planning.

Retain funding in the Long Term Plan to ensure that the New Zealand Transport Authority SH20 mitigation funds are invested in their totality, as projects require a top-up from the governing body (Phyllis Reserve) or Auckland Transport (SH20 shared path)

The delivery of the SH20 Waterview shared path between Alan Wood Reserve, Mt Albert and Great North Road, Waterview is a condition of the decision of the Waterview motorway connection.  Funding by New Zealand Transport Authority is capped at $8m. Auckland Transport  agreed to top up funding to realise the project. This funding needs to be retained. The planned and approved upgrade of Phyllis Reserve mitigates the loss of Waterview Reserve. As a jointly funded project, we would like to ensure that funding currently included in the Mayor's proposal is retained in the final version of the Long Term Plan.

Provide appropriate on-going funding to the Maunga Authority to ensure acceptable levels of maintenance, renewals and improvements to the Maunga

The Maunga Authority must be funded at a level that prevents further deterioration in the maunga. The maunga are invaluable in cultural, geological and archaeological terms, and are a critical part of Auckland's identity and heritage. The Albert-Eden Local Board is home to three largely intact Maunga

Ensure sufficient Resource Recovery Centres are established in the central Auckland area, drawing on the scoping research and a business plan developed in collaboration with the Waitemata and Puketapapa Local Boards

The Regional Strategy and Policy Committee has recently approved the strategic direction, budgets (subject to the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan) and site selection criteria for community recycling centres to enable the continued delivery of the Resource Recovery Network. We would like to ensure that the delivery of a resource recovery centre in the central isthmus is prioritised within the first three years of the Long Term Plan, as it leaves a large gap in the network. The principal purpose of Community Recycling Centres is to divert waste to landfill; experience demonstrates accompanying social benefits, such as: employment, local business growth, increased opportunities for innovation, community engagement and education.


Ensure that intensification in Albert-Eden is managed in accordance with excellent design principles and heritage consideration

It is critical to the Council's credibility that intensification be high quality in terms of urban design. For many, including Board members, acceptance of planned intensification is predicated on improved urban design.  To ensure high quality urban design, Auckland Council must adequately resource those functions that support this.

Improve and make safe cycling and walking networks, through the Greenways project

The local board wants to provide a safe and comprehensive network of cycling and walking connections in its area, requiring further investment over the next ten years.  The Greenways network also increases recreational opportunities and can deliver environmental benefits through expanding habitats for native fauna and wildlife.

Carry out the appropriate development of the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre

The draft Community Facilities Network Plan identifies a gap for aquatic and leisure facilities in the western corridor running from Mt Albert to Glen Eden. Remedial works on the pool will start in early 2015.






Financial Policies Issues for Long-term Plan 2015-2025


Resolution number AE/2014/73

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson GJ Fryer, seconded by Chairperson PD Haynes:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:


a)      considers that the residential rates increases for our area over the last three years have been too onerous, with many ratepayers having increases of 10 per cent per annum.

b)      notes that the Board’s ability to comment on the proposed financial policies for the Long-Term Plan is impacted by the lack of information available regarding the effects of the new capital valuations from 2015/2016 onwards.

c)      requests further information regarding the impact of various Uniform Annual General Charge levels combined with the analysis of the new capital valuations data for the Albert-Eden Local Board area. 

d)      recommends a review of the reduction in the business rates differential – including options such as spreading the reduction over a longer period, and pausing the reduction in the short term - to lessen the impact of rates increases for residential ratepayers.

e)      supports the use of a 10 per cent cap to keep rate increases tenable, while the transition to the new rating system continues.

f)       supports the use of the general rate to fund local initiatives as local initiatives are core council activities, essential to cohesive communities and Auckland being the world’s most liveable city.  

g)      supports in principle a decrease in the Uniform Annual General Charge to better balance fairness and affordability issues.

h)      supports rates postponement for superannuitants, based on levels of income and ability to pay, in addition to the Department of Internal Affairs’ rebate.

i)       supports a review of community, sporting and heritage remission and postponement policies in an effort to promote transparency and fairness across Auckland.

j)       notes that if legacy community, sporting and heritage remission and postponement policies are replaced by grants, the funding associated with the legacy policies should be allocated to local boards so that the local boards’ discretionary budgets are not impacted.

k)      requests that the Governing Body advocate to Central Government to ensure that the rates exemption for government owned land (such as schools and hospitals) is lifted.

l)       requests an investigation into alternative funding mechanisms, including the feasibility of a ‘bed tax’ in Auckland.

m)     requests that clear, well-developed scenarios are consulted on as part of the draft Long-term Plan, including an option for a higher rate increase, noting that it is important that Aucklanders understand what services they can expect with different levels of rates.


n)      supports in principle a standardisation and simplification of fees and charges in Auckland over time in an effort to promote transparency and fairness across Auckland.

o)      favours social housing rents to be aligned to Housing New Zealand rent policy – i.e. 25 per cent of net income.

p)      supports a move to charging for street trading and supports a fair and equitable charge for street trading licences in town centres, reflecting the vitality benefits to town centres.


q)      supports an increase to the level of development contributions as a proportion of the median new house cost in order to increase the level of provision of open space and other community infrastructure to residents.

r)       supports a variation of development contributions according to size and type of housing in order to encourage more efficient use of residential land.

s)      requests that the local board projects in parks and reserves and community facilities be exempted from development contributions charges as the projects are providing essential community infrastructure to cater for a growing city.

t)       requests that the Governing Body advocates for a change to the existing development contribution laws to enable development contributions to be spent in established suburbs.



Secretarial Note:       Pursuant to Standing Order 3.15.5, Member Langton requested that her dissenting vote against d), g) and m) be recorded and Member Woolfield and Member Corrick requested that their dissenting vote against d) and g) be recorded.




Central Facility Partnerships Committee


Resolution number AE/2014/74

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson GJ Fryer, seconded by Chairperson PD Haynes:  

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a)      agrees to re-establish the Central Facility Partnerships Committee for 2014/2015 with the Albert-Eden, Great Barrier, Maungakiekie-Tamaki, Orakei, Puketapapa, Waiheke, and Waitemata Local Boards, collectively to administer the legacy Facility Partnerships fund.

b)      endorses the Terms of Reference 2014/2015 and Guidelines 2014/2015 for the Central Facility Partnerships Committee, which will be adopted by the Committee at its first meeting:

i)       The Central Facility Partnerships Committee has a member from each of the following Local Boards: Albert-Eden, Great Barrier, Maungakiekie-Tamaki, Orakei, Puketapapa, Waiheke, and Waitemata.

ii)      The Central Facility Partnerships Committee has the authority to make funding decisions in 2014/2015 in relation to the central facility partnerships guidelines.

iii)     The Central Facility Partnerships Committee will appoint and may remove its own chairperson and deputy chairperson.

iv)     The Central Facility Partnerships Committee will meet as required. It is envisaged there will be two procedural meetings and no less than one funding decision meeting in each financial year.

v)      The Central Facility Partnerships Committee has the authority to amend the Terms of Reference on the basis of a formal resolution from each participating Local Board that endorses the proposed change.

c)      appoints Member Haynes, and Member Fryer as alternate, to the Central Facility Partnerships Committee with appropriate delegated authority to bind the board on decisions relating to the Central Facility Partnerships Fund made by the Committee.

d)      notes that the next meetings of the Central Facility Partnerships Committee for 2014/2015 will be held on 3 November 2014 (workshop), 8 December 2014 (business meeting) and Stage Two: 9 March 2015 (workshop) and 13 April 2015 (business meeting).

e)      notes that a draft region-wide community grants policy is being developed which will help inform a review of the legacy facility partnership funding schemes.






17        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  






2.24 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.