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Upper Harbour Local Board

14 October 2014



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Upper Harbour Local Board

14 October 2014



Auckland Transport Report - October 2014 - Upper Harbour


File No.: CP2014/23920





1.       The purpose of the report is to respond to local board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to elected members about Auckland Transport (AT) activities in the local board area.

Executive summary

2.       This report covers matters of specific application and interest to the Upper Harbour Local Board and its community, matters of general interest relating to Auckland Transport activities or the transport sector, and relevant Auckland Transport media releases for the information of the board and community.

3.       In particular, this report provides an update on:

·        Annual Road resealing - Chip Seal

·        Consultation documents on proposed safety improvements

·        Media

·        Issues register.



That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      receive the Auckland Transport Report – October 2014.




Annual Road resealing – Chip Seal

4.       Auckland Transport is about to embark on its annual road resealing programme.

5.       Wherever possible chip-seal will be used, as it provides a cost effective and good durable road surface, which is well suited to Auckland’s flexible road pavements.

6.       Resealing the road surface waterproofs the surface and improves the road skid resistance to ensure that the roads stay in good condition. 

7.       Regular maintenance of the roads means that they do not need to be totally reconstructed. Generally the road surface will last between 10 to 15 years.

8.       In general a typical reseal would follow this timeline:

·    Some weeks prior to reseal;

Fix any road failures in the street – localized road pavement repairs


·    A few days prior to reseal;

Letter drop informing residents of the road reseal


·      Day of reseal;

Set up traffic management

Sweep road for debris

Chip seal applied

Roll chip into road surface


·   Within a few days of reseal;

Sweep excess chip off the road

Reinstatement of road marking


·   A week or so after reseal;

Road surface checked

Further sweeping to pick up any excess loose chip

Remove traffic management


·   3 – 4 Weeks after reseal;

Additional sweeping if required, to remove any remaining loose chip


9.       The contractor responds to any call center service requests relating to the chip sealing during the course of the works.


Consultation documents on proposed safety improvements

10.     Consultation documents for the following proposals have been provided to the Upper Harbour Local Board for its feedback. As the Board’s transport portfolio holders provide feedback on the Board’s behalf, the material below is included for general information purposes only.

11.     Piermark Drive, Rosedale - Consultation Plan - Proposed No Stopping at All Times (NSAAT) Restriction -  In order to improve visibility and accessibility issues caused by cars parking too close to this intersection. Auckland Transport is proposing to install NSAAT “Broken yellow lines” as shown on the plan, Attachment “A”.



Two-way separated cycleway designed to keep people safe

12.     The first stage of the Beach Road cycleway in downtown Auckland is now complete and Auckland Transport is urging cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to take care while they become familiar with the new road layout.


13.     New Zealand’s first dedicated two-way separated cycleway, Beach Road is a key component of the Auckland Cycle Network and is part of the Harbour Edge initiative, which seeks to better connect Aucklanders with the sea and deliver on the Mayor’s objective of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city.

14.     The new infrastructure links to the newly completed grafton Gully and Upper Queen Street Cycleways, the North-Western cycle route, Quay street, Tamaki drive, North Wharf and Westhaven promenade.

15.     Physically separated from vehicles with a 0.8m raised concrete kerb ‘separator’, the Beach Road cycleway runs along the western side of Beach Road from Churchill Street toward the city centre before crossing diagonally to the eastern side of the road via a dedicated cycle traffic signal at the Te Taou Crescent intersection (near the old Railway Station).

16.     Walkers use a separate pedestrian crossing perpendicular to Beach Road. The cycleway then turns right into Mahuhu Crescent before turning in to a new three metre shared path on Tapora Street where a new signalised crossing has been installed at Quay Street.

17.     Auckland Transport has published safety messages for people on bikes, walkers and motorists at www.AT.govt.nz/beachroadcycleway.  A safety video showing cyclists how to utilise the new cycleway is also online. http://youtu.be/fNlu7xaS2KA

18.     The second stage of the Beach Road cycleway, to be constructed next year, involves installing a raised kerb separation along Beach Road between Mahuhu Crescent and Britomart Place


Issues Update

19.     The following Issues Update comprises issues raised by Elected Members and Local Board Services staff to 24 March 2014:




Attwood Road

·   Requests from residents and LB re safety assessment due to speeds down the road

·   Safety assessment being carried out

·   Discussion with Police, NZTA, Automobile Association, taking place

·   Now expected mid October 2014

Hobsonville Road Footpath opposite old petrol station

·   Reported as dangerous for pedestrians 


·   AT has temporarily fixed the hazards to make these locations safe for pedestrians. 

·   In addition, AT’s Area Engineer will be conducting further investigations of this area.

·   On-going monitoring until area fully developed


Clemow’s subdivision

·   Footpaths damaged by the roots of large trees

·   temporarily patched

·   may pose further issue’s for users if not extensively repaired.

·   Remedy determined

·   Expected start of remedial work to start 3rd week of October 2014  

·   Ongoing until finished


Pinehurst School re Bus stops

·   School requested the bus stops to be moved across the road

·   Local consultation was conducted with business, of which only two officially supplied feedback on

·   Local Board also consulted

·   Awaiting Traffic committee approval to install bus stops as per consultation


The Avenue/SH17 intersection, Albany

·   Request for safety assessment of The Avenue/SH17 intersection, Albany.

·   Scoping investigation phase complete

·   Feasibility study complete

·   Scheme assessment complete

·   The detail design is programmed for the 13/14 and 14/15 financial years and will take about 9 months to complete

·   The project is not included in the current LTP 2012/22

·   AT is working to see if this project can be brought forward

·   As part of the State Highway revocation agreement, NZTA has agreed to fund 50% of the project – this should enable AT to raise the priority of the project.


Lucas Creek Bridge design

·   LB have requested an opportunity to see the designs for the proposed strengthening and widening and The Avenue upgrade 

·   Awaiting reply from Investigation and design as to what stage they are at and if this is possible

·   A workshop with the LB will be held once plans available



Local board views and implications

20.     The board’s views will be incorporated during consultation on any proposed schemes.


Māori impact statement

21.  No specific issues with regard to the Maori Impact Statement are triggered by this report.



22.     The activities detailed in this report do not trigger the Significance Policy. All programmes and activities are within budget/in line with the Council’s Annual Plan and LTP documents and there are no legal or legislative implications arising from the activities detailed in this report.



23.     All proposed schemes are subject to prioritisation, funding and consultation.







 Piermark Drive Rosedale - Proposed NSAAT Lines - September 2014






Ivan Trethowen – Auckland Transport Elected Member Relationship Manager


Jonathan Anyon – Auckland Transport Elected Member Relationship Team Manager


Upper Harbour Local Board

14 October 2014