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Tuesday 14 October 2014


Council Chamber
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Unitary Plan Committee






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5.1       Richard Burton - Unitary Plan Processes

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Unitary Plan Committee

14 October 2014


Presentation By Auckland 2040

To Auckland Council Unitary Plan Committee



1.  Auckland 2040 represents approximately 100 community groups and organisations throughout Auckland. We act as the umbrella group representing the collective voice of our members on the Unitary Plan.


2.  The over 20,000 submissions on the Draft Unitary Plan demonstrated the degree of community concern.


3.  Given nearly 10,000 submissions and over 100,000 points of submission the magnitude of the task given to the Independent hearing Panel is overwhelming.


4.  Major distinction between IHP process and former two stage Council and Environment Court process. The single stage IHP process severely disadvantages community groups and lay submitters.


5.  Government requires that IHP must report back to Council by July 2006. This places a virtually impossible time frame on IHP and submitters.


6.  The processes involved in participating in the IHP are so complex we needed to write a guideline and then hold a workshop to guide groups through the hearing process. To many without guidance it is just too difficult.


7.  IHP Process is heavily stacked against lay submitters:


a.   Huge inequities between the resources of large corporates versus community groups.

b.  Lay submitters do not have significant financial resources to engage lawyers and expert witnesses.

c.   Expert planners and urban designers fully committed to development clients or reserved by Council.



d.  Procedures adopted by IHP require multiple attendances at:

i. Pre-hearing meetings

ii.            Mediation

iii.           Expert Conferencing

iv.           Hearings


8.  Compressed timeframe causing huge difficulties in budgeting time for the many appearances and managing the hugely complex process.


9.  Request that council”


a.   Seek from Government an extension of time to July 2017.


b.  Request to the Minister to make available funding from the Ministry For the Environment “Environmental Legal Assistance Fund” to Community Groups so that they can effectively participate in the process.




Richard Burton


Auckland 2040