I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board will be held on:




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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Committee Room
Level 15
1 Greys Avenue


Auckland City Centre Advisory Board









Dr Lucy Baragwanath

University of Auckland

Deputy Chairperson

Earl Gray

Partner, Simpson Grierson, Committee for Auckland


Dick Ayres

Member, CBD Residents Advisory Group


Mayor Len Brown, JP

Auckland Council


Shale Chambers

Chair Waitemata Local Board


Tim Coffey

Member, CBD Residents Advisory Group


John Coop

Warren and Mahoney, NZ Institute of Architects


Jillian de Beer

de Beer Marketing & Communications


Kate Healy

Ngati Whatua o Orakei Corporate Limited


Barbara Holloway

Karangahape Road Business Association


Mike Lee

Councillor, Auckland Council


Nigel Murphy

Auckland University of Technology


Connal Townsend, JP

Property Council of NZ


David Wright

Heart of the City


(Quorum 7 members)




Tam White

Democracy Advisor

20 November 2014

Contact Telephone: (09) 307 7253

Email: tam.white@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

26 November 2014



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

2          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

3          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               5

4          Extraordinary Business                                                                                                5

5          Auckland City Centre Advisory Board Members Update

Providing board members with the opportunity to update the board on projects and issues they have been involved with since the last meeting.


6          City Centre Integration Progress Update for Auckland City Centre Advisory Board - for period 1 October to 31 October2014                                                                           7

7          Myers Park Stage II Development                                                                              13 

8          Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Apologies


An apology from Deputy Chairperson Member Earl Gray has been received.



2          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.



3          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Wednesday, 22 October 2014, including the confidential section, as a true and correct record.



4          Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”


Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

26 November 2014



City Centre Integration Progress Update for Auckland City Centre Advisory Board - for period 1 October to 31 October2014


File No.: CP2014/27383




1.       Updating the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board on City Centre Integration progress between 1 October 2014 to 31 October 2014.

Executive Summary

2.       LTP Budget Review

a.       CCI prepared a consolidated budget for the Budget Committee (31 Oct), which reflected the individual Council and CCO positions.  The Committee accepted the budget for consideration.

b.       The Committee recommended funding based on an average annual general rate increase of 3.5% commencing 2015/16.

·        The CCI consolidated budget is aligned with the (earlier) Mayor’s Proposal (2.5% increase 2015/16 and 2016/17 followed by 3.5% annual increases).

·        It is noted that, if approved, additional transport funding will enable city centre transport initiatives to be brought forward into the first 5 years of the LTP – currently deferred under AT’s response to the Mayor’s Proposal.  The CCI programme would need to be amended accordingly.

c.       City Centre Targeted Rate (TR) discussions with the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board (ACCAB) resulted in a proposal for a new Targeted Rate model which effectively sees the consequential opex and depreciation being funded by the general rate from 2019/2020.  The ACCAB agreed to using surplus funds from the current TR to minimise the impact on general rates over the first three years of the 2015 LTP.

·        A report to the Budget Committee on 6th November recommended the renewal of the TR from 2016/17, with amended guidelines.  This was accepted by the committee.

·        All projects and initiatives in the City Centre are subject to review and amendment through the current LTP Budget review process.  This may affect the scope and timing of projects outlined below.

3.       Lorne Street Shared Space Upgrade

·        Installation of the repaired and relocated bronze ‘REO’- text seats is complete. The significant costs associated highlight the need to specify future materials and fittings which are robust and cost-effective including repair and replacement.

·        Activation opportunities (events, kiosks, outdoor dining etc) are being explored for the upcoming Spring/Summer period.

4.       O’Connell Street Shared Space Upgrade - Completed

·        The installation of art work (O for O’Connell) is due end of 2014.

5.       Federal Street Shared Space Upgrade

·        A successful joint opening event with Auckland Council and SkyCity was held on 7th November 201, attended by several Board members.

·        The Federal Street PCG is currently looking to complete minor physical works improvements, and initiatives to support an enhanced public experience in the space.

6.       Bledisloe House Customer Services Centre and Bledisloe Lane Upgrade

·        Construction is progressing on target to enable the opening of the Customer Service Centre in November 2014. Final completion of the laneway and parklet will follow.

7.       Myers Park Development

·        Construction is progressing for Stage 1 of the Myers Park Development Plan, to be completed ahead of the Park Centenary in February 2015.

·        The Auckland City Centre Advisory Board has advised support in principle from the City Centre targeted rate for the next Stage of the Myers Park Development Plan, to be delivered in 2015/16.  A follow-up presentation will be provided by the project leader to the Board at the November meeting.

8.       Freyberg Square and Ellen Melville Hall

·        Appointment of design consultants will be procured shortly for a project which combines the Ellen Melville Hall upgrade and improvements to Freyberg Square. 

·        Developed design will commence early 2015.

·        An independent traffic engineering update on the Freyberg Place Transport Model was provided to the Board in October 2014, advising that the effects of closure of Freyberg Place to general traffic would be minor. This will inform the design and engagement with stakeholders including emergency services.

9.       Precinct Frameworks

·        Framework documents will be compiled for key city centre precincts, to collate planning and project information and inform decisions on projects and initiatives from Council and CCOs for:

§ Wynyard Quarter – complete.

§ Downtown – complete. An engagement plan has been developed for communication of the scope, purpose, issues and purpose to key stakeholders.

§ Aotea – development has recently commenced through a CCI-led working group. A draft framework briefing paper was provided to the Board in October for feedback, to be explored in a workshop immediately prior to the November meeting. 

§ Learning Quarter – to commence early 2015.

§ Victoria Quarter – to commence 2015.

§ City Centre Transport - This framework is currently under development. The framework will collate initiatives from Auckland Transport and NZTA that effect and influence the city centre, and consider further issues and opportunities to deliver effective transport outcomes.

10.     Central Wharves / Vessel Berthage Strategy

·        The strategy will inform options for redevelopment of the harbour edge and central wharves, including Queens Wharf and the ferry / cruise basins.

§ Noted that the Port Study Stage 2 review is underway separately (due end 2014), and will inform the strategies.

§ Key drivers, issues and options will be explored in a workshop with the Board immediately prior to the November meeting. 

11.     Ferry Basin Redevelopment

·        Development of options is currently on hold, pending outcomes of the vessel Berthage Strategy.

·        Initial redevelopment will be staged to align with planned Quay St streetscapes and seawall upgrades.

12.     Quay Street Seawall

·        Investigations have determined that sections of the seawall may fail in a moderate seismic event. Auckland Transport as the asset owner intends to upgrade or replace the seawall to current seismic design standards.

·        The procurement & delivery strategy is being developed, for a planned start of physical works 2015/16 (subject to funding). 

13.     Public Open Space – Queen Elizabeth (QE) Square

·        Following a decision regarding the sale or lease of QE Square by the Auckland Development Committee in September 2014, the Downtown public open space review is developing responses to the ADC resolutions, including detailed consideration of planning and design options.

·        An online survey for Aucklanders to provide their feedback of what they would like to see in Downtown public space is currently open until 12 December 2014. www.shapeauckland.co.nz

14.     Quay Street Streetscape Upgrade

·        The further issue of tender documentation for consultant services has been placed on hold pending clarification of funding through the LTP budget review.

·        A review of early proposals to underground Quay Street was provided to the Auckland Development Committee in November. The independent assessment of the options considered public realm, transport and economic benefits plus whole of life cost estimates.  The report confirms that an at-grade proposal to upgrade Quay Street will provide significant transformational benefits, and that undergrounding provides little if any additional benefit, but at very much higher capital and operating costs and with major disruption and constructability risk. The Committee confirmed the report’s recommendation not to pursue an underground option for Quay Street.

15.     Wynyard Quarter Integrated Roading

·        Roading and infrastructure upgrades for Wynyard Quarter are being rolled out to align with development during 2014-2020, subject to confirmation of LTP funding.

·        Design is progressing for the southern sector – first stage of construction is due to align with completion of the Fonterra HQ development on Fanshawe / Halsey St by end 2015.

·        Design and construction of roads in the northern sector is progressing well. A further stage of the Daldy St Linear Park was completed in November.

16.     Wynyard Quarter – Te Wero Bridge

·        The existing Te Wero Bridge was designed & built for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, with a limited design life (5-8 years). Options for upgrade / replacement / maintenance are being considered, within the constraints of the LTP budget review.

17.     Westhaven Promenade

·        Work is progressing well and will be completed in stages through 2014/15 and Stage 2 from 2015/16.

18.     City Centre PT Infrastructure

·        The programme business case of city centre bus infrastructure is due to be completed shortly (delayed), and will inform engagement with stakeholders on options for project scope and functional requirements.

·        An operational plan has been completed for the bus network during the proposed CRL Enabling Works period, and will be presented to the Board in the workshop prior to the November meeting.

·        Concept planning is progressing well for Downtown Interchange, for engagement with stakeholders in late 2014.

·        A Request for Tender for Indicative and Detailed business cases (Scheme assessment) for the Fanshawe Street Busway / Wynyard Station design were issued in early November, for award in early 2015.

·        Stakeholder workshops will commence in December 2014 to inform options for bus movements across the city centre, acknowledging concerns expressed regarding the proposed Wellesley St Corridor.

19.     City Centre Cycle Network

·        The Board supported the proposed concept design for Beach Road Stage 2 – Cycleway and public realm improvements in October 2014. Design and pun=blic consultation is underway.

·        Accelerated implementation of the city centre cycle network is being investigated with short / medium term cycle routes to link the existing cycle routes leading into the city. Priority routes include:

o   Nelson St (incl the Nelson St Off ramp),

o   Quay St,

o   Victoria St,

o   Beaumont St, and

o   K’Road,

·         Initial options will be presented to the Board in the workshop prior to the November meeting.

20.     Hobson and Nelson Street upgrade

·        No further update.

·        Funding and timing will be staged in accordance with LTP Budgets – Stage 1 is required to support the opening of the NZICC in late 2017.

21.     Victoria Street Linear Park

·        No further update.

22.     Digital Auckland

·        Council and CCOs are investigating the roll-out of a digital data and modelling tool which will collate information for above and below ground infrastructure as a planning and communication tool for the region.

·        A Business case is being prepared by Council to consider and clarify the problem definition, costs and benefits, resource requirements and timeframes for delivery. 

23.     Wayfinding Signage

·        The Board has previously advised funding support for implementation of a city centre Wayfinding Strategy.

·        A joint Council / CCOs working group is developing materials for a proposal which will be presented to the Board in December. It is envisaged that this commence with trials in a number of precincts including the Downtown area of the city centre.



That the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board:

a)      receive the City Centre Integration progress update for the period of 1 October to 30 October 2014.




There are no attachments for this report.     



Andrew Guthrie – Programme Director – City Centre Integration


Rick Walden – General Manager – City Centre Integration


Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

26 November 2014



Myers Park Stage II Development


File No.: CP2014/27189



1.       To provide a scope of works for Stage II of the Myers Park Development, and seek support and funding for this work.

Executive Summary

2.       In 2012, following extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement, the Waitematā Local Board approved the Myers Park Development Plan.

3.       The plan identified 22 elements designed to improve public safety and perception of Myers Park, increase activation and provide greater facilities for public enjoyment.

4.       Stage I implementation of the plan has been funded through a contribution of general rate and City Centre Targeted Rate (overall total of $3.5m).

5.       Stage I is scheduled to be completed in time for the park’s centenary celebrations in February 2015, and will deliver a new playground, improved lighting, CCTV, wayfinding and interpretation signage, new event infrastructure and planting.

6.       A high level scope for Stage II implementation of the remaining elements identified in the development plan was presented to the Waitematā Local Board in October and subsequently to the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board, which has indicated in principle support for allocating an additional $3.3m of targeted rate (refer Minutes of the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board meeting 23 July 2014.

7.       Stage II works are detailed in the report and would include improvements to the northern park entrances (Mayoral Drive and Greys Avenue steps and Mayoral Drive underpass), the Poynton Terrace pedestrian link to Pitt Street, investigation of restoration options for the heritage buildings in the park and improvements to the parking around the kindergarten building.


That the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board:

a)      allocate $3.3m of targeted rate for Stage II development works at Myers Park, in accordance with the Myers Park development plan, noting that all Stage II works are currently at conceptual design phase only and further consultation, detailed design and consents will be required before the exact scope of work can be confirmed. 

b)      request that staff progress with detailed design and a budget update for the works detailed below and, if appropriate, associated amendments to implementation priorities, noting that this must occur in parallel with progressing works given the constraint that works funded by the targeted rate are to be delivered by June 2016:

i)             Greys Avenue and Mayoral Drive stairs

ii)            Mayoral Drive underpass

iii)           Stormwater detention dam and bio filtration area adjacent the underpass

iv)           Pedestrian link from Pitt Street via Poynton Terrace to Myers Park

v)           Queen Street entrance and kindergarten parking

vi)           Investigate restoration options for changing shed and caretakers cottage

vii)                      Design and consent for restoration of heritage buildings (to inform a business  case for use but not including a strategy or physical restoration at this point).



Stage I works

8.       There has been $3.5m allocated to the implementation of the development plan in financial years 2013/14 and 2014/15 – referred to here as Stage I works.  This was made up of:

·    $1.6m allocated from the general rate, including $600,000 from the Waitematā Local Board budget for a new playground, upgraded lighting, event infrastructure, wayfindng signage and new planting.

·    $1.9m allocated from the City Centre Advisory Board from the City Centre Targeted Rate (CCTR) to further assist with the implementation of the development plan. The CCTR was allocated to the following elements:

§ New playground: additional funding to create a unique destination playground, designed to draw families into the park. Features include bespoke play elements which reference the special cultural and physical context of the park ($505,000)

§ Providing new furniture at strategic locations, including seats, water fountain, litter bins ($100,000)

§ CCTV ($400,000)

§ Improving the area between St Kevin’s Arcade and the park entrance to strengthen the pedestrian link and calm traffic ($380,000)

§ Queen Street Entrance upgrade including a new pedestrian access way and sculptural terraces ($425,000)

§ CCTV ($400,000)

§ Interpretative elements within the park, including Maori, Mana Whenua and European histories and stories ($90,000)

Stage II works

9.       At their June 2014 meeting, the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board (CCAB) considered projects in Auckland City Centre that could be funded from currently unallocated City Centre Targeted Rate.  The CCAB indicated in principle support to allocate targeted rate to ongoing improvements of Myers Park, particularly around the northern entrances and underpass.

10.     It was requested that staff provide more detail of the ongoing strategy and costs associated with the implementation of the next stage of the Myers Park Development Plan, prior to the CCAB supporting allocation of additional targeted rate funds.

11.     The improvements to the park are guided by the Myers Park Development Plan (Attachment A) which was adopted by the Waitematā Local Board in 2012. The focus of the improvements is to attract more people and families to use the park by enhancing facilities, improving park entrances and addressing issues of safety. There are 22 elements identified for implementation in the development plan.

12.     At the October 2014 CCAB meeting, staff provided a visual overview of the potential scope of work and included a commentary on some of the interdependencies and preliminary work completed. 

13.     Following discussions with the Waitematā Local Board, staff recommend that the next stage of the implementation of the Myers Park Development Plan focus on continued improvements to the northern entrances of Myers Park, further improvements to Poynton Terrace and the restoration of the heritage buildings within the park, to accommodate new uses and activities.

Breakdown of works

Improvements to Northern Entrances

14.     $200,000 allocated to the improvements to Greys Ave/Mayoral Drive entrance

15.     $400,000 allocated to improvements to the stormwater detention dam and bio filtration area adjacent the underpass to create a ‘natural’ and wildlife feature within the park.

16.     $1.2m allocated to the upgrade of the Mayoral Drive Underpass to make it a safer and more inviting entrance to the park, including new lighting, art features, level changes and materials. The scope and nature of works will be tested through development of Aotea Precinct Framework.

17.     $500,000 allocated to Queen Street and Mayoral Drive entrance to address safety, anti-social behaviour and accessibility issues, including the provision of a seating plaza area on Mayoral Drive.

18.     A critical part of the implementation of improvements to the northern entrances of Myers Park is addressing the issues with the car park at 34-38 Greys Avenue which is a critical pedestrian link between the park and Aotea Quarter.  At the June 2014 meeting it was resolved that staff develop a strategy for the future use of Grey’s Avenue car park area as part of the Aotea Framework.

Improvements to Southern Entrances

19.     $800,000 allocated to improving the quality of pedestrian link from Pitt Street via Poynton Terrace. The improvements would make Poynton Terrace more pedestrian friendly, to become a safe and well used pedestrian route from the proposed City Rail Link Karangahape Road Rail Station in Beresford Square to the park.

Restoring and activating the heritage buildings within the park

20.     $100,000 for the design and consent to enable activation and restoration of currently dilapidated heritage buildings in the park, including the former changing sheds and the Caretakers Cottage.  This is a key element of the development plan.  The purpose of the restoration/repurposing is to improve the perception of safety through surveillance, reducing anti-social behaviour and improving public use and enjoyment. Feedback from the public during consultation on the development plan included using the refurbished heritage buildings as community space, art space, heritage display, small museum or for a coffee concession.

21.     There are a number of constraints to achieving these outcomes and further work is required to identify the viability of achieving these new uses including commercial activity and understanding the potential costs to Auckland Council. 

22.     At this point in time it is proposed that the scope of work proposed for the buildings is constrained to design and potentially consent for building restoration.  This constraint is largely due to the timeframe available for expenditure of the budget which will not be sufficient to cover a strategy for deployment of the building, community engagement as well construction. 

23.     Given it is desirable to retain the heritage integrity of the buildings detailed design, consent and costing can occur reasonably independently of the strategy and community engagement.  Completing the design and consent will inform the business case for future use.

Queen Street entrance and kindergarten parking

24.     $100,000 for the extension of the Queen Street paving was removed from Stage I entrance improvements due to budget constraints, but should be included in the scope for Stage II.

25.     Other works, identified as a priority for Stage II by the Waitematā Local Board include rationalisation of kindergarten parking, to improve children/public safety, by relocating the majority of parking spaces to the side of the access road from Queen Street.

Splash pad/Water play feature

26.     The development plan identified the opportunity to repurpose the existing former paddling pond feature as a splash pad/water play feature.

27.     Concerns about public safety and the need to prioritise Stage I project budgets led to this element being removed from the Stage I scope of works, but this project was always supported by the Local and Sports Parks Team and the Waitematā Local Board, and should be revisited in the context of ongoing safety improvements and greater activation resulting from Stage I works.

28.     These works are not currently able to be achieved within the budget being asked for, but there is potential for funding a playground extension in the future from the regional playground fund currently proposed in the draft LTP budget.

Next steps

29.     It is proposed that staff proceed with developing designs and detailed costings for the work detailed above and report back to the CCAB in the New Year.

30.     This process will be coordinated with the planning being undertaken for the Aotea Quarter and also consider the private development at 48 Greys Avenue, examining all options for the existing access points at this end of the park

31.     All detailed designs will be workshopped with the Waitematā Local Board, prior to being presented to the CCAB.


Local Board Views and Implications

32.     The Waitematā Local Board approved the overall development plan for Myers Park in 2012.

33.     As a local park, the board have governance over all decision making and have been involved at all stages of the progression of Stage I developments.

34.     A high level scope for Stage II implementation of the remaining elements identified in the development plan was presented to the Waitematā Local Board in October 2014

Maori Impact Statement

35.     As with the Stage I developments, ongoing Iwi engagement will occur as the specific projects for Stage II are progressed.

Implementation Issues

36.     Experience from delivery of Stage I developments has shown there could be delays associated with the significant heritage and tree constraints and other consenting/regulatory requirements.

37.     It is worth noting that any such delays to Stage II could have an effect on delivery of the majority of the projects within the required Targeted Rate timeframe (by June 2016).

38.     Some aspects of Stage II are interdependent on external projects:

·        The northern entrances are linked to the Aotea Quarter development and private development at Greys Avenue.

·        The southern entrance improvements are linked to the City Rail Link project

39.     Other Stage II projects are less dependent on external projects and should be easier to implement; these include:

·    Design and consents for heritage building restoration

·    Queen Street improvements and kindergarten parking



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Mark Miller - Parks Advisor - Waitemata


Jane Aickin - Manager Local and Sports Parks Central

Andrew Guthrie – Programme Director – City Centre Integration