Disability Advisory Panel






Minutes of a meeting of the Disability Advisory Panel held in the Board Room, Ground Floor, Town Hall on Monday, 24 November 2014 at 11.00am.




Interim Chairperson

Dr Huhana Hickey





Colleen Brown, MNZM, JP





Dan Buckingham





Jade Farrar





John Herring





David Hughes





Nicola Keyworth





Clive Lansink





Don McKenzie, CNZM, OBE





Susan Sherrard




Liaison Councillor

Sharon Stewart, QSM

Until 12.20 pm, item 6




Disability Advisory Panel

24 November 2014



1          Apologies


There were no apologies.


2          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


3          Confirmation of Minutes


There were no minutes to confirm.

Secretarial Note:         The minutes of the final meeting of the Disability Strategic Advisory                                     Panel, held on Monday, 15 September 2014, have been confirmed                                     as a true and correct record by the Chairperson and the Lead Officer                                     Support.


4          Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.




Purpose of Disability Advisory Panel


Kevin Wright, Lead Officer Support, encouraged members to share their aspirations about how they could best contribute to the purpose of the Panel and what they wished the Panel to achieve. Comments from members included the following:

  • Huhana Hickey – not to make submissions – advise within Council – representing the disabled community.
  • John Herring – asked whether issues relating to the Panel’s conflicting submission had been resolved.
  • Don McKenzie – represent the views of our community – early advice on submissions Council is making is essential.
  • Clive Lansink – strategic advice including advice not actually been sought – getting support and accountability from senior management – need to lift the importance of the disabled community and draw to Council’s attention key issues.
  • Colleen Brown – strategy and accountability – Housing issues with two storey houses with no ground floor toilet – Leisure issues with city not being inclusive especially regarding aquatic facilities – Transport example of recent issue at Newmarket demonstrating a lack of accountability.
  • David Hughes – queried the fact that there were proposed to be fewer meetings of the Panel and whether they would still be able to deliver on their purpose.



Resolution number DIS/2014/78

MOVED by Interim Chairperson H Hickey, seconded by Member D McKenzie:  

That the Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      acknowledge the aspirations of the members in relation to how members can best contribute to the Panel’s purpose and what advice the Panel wishes to provide to the council to make the biggest difference ensuring full accessibility and inclusion to the disability community.





Work Programme - Review and Update


Kevin Wright, Lead Officer Support and Bruce Thomas, Principal Advisor Panels lead the discussion on this item. Comments from members included the following:

  • Don McKenzie – need to develop relationships with the Seniors Advisory Panel, Urban Design Panel and Auckland Transport’s Capital Projects Accessibility Group and Public Transport Accessibility Group – support Council’s development of a Disability Strategy – input to the Long-term Plan.
  • John Herring – sought clarification of the Panel’s priorities.
  • Huhana Hickey – priorities identified by DSAP were: 1. Transport 2. Housing 3. Communications 4. Environmental access 5. Employment.
  • Clive Lansink – referred to Attachment C to the report and the difficulty for those sight impaired people to read it – queried whether the request made by the Panel at its May 2014 meeting to present to the Governing Body on the need for Council to develop a Disability Strategy had been responded to – the work programme guides but does not determine everything the Panel can do.
  • Jade Farrar – commented on the need for synergy between the Panels.
  • Don McKenzie – queried the availability of minutes from other Panels.
  • Susan Sherrard – asked for the original paper regarding a Disability Strategy to be recirculated amongst members - requested an outline of disabled staff providing support to the Panel – inclusion and accessibility need to be the two high level visions of the Panel.



Resolution number DIS/2014/79

MOVED by Interim Chairperson H Hickey, seconded by Member D Hughes:  

That the Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      receive suggestions from its members regarding the review and update of the Panel’s work programme

b)      approve a subgroup comprising Huhana Hickey, John Herring, Clive Lansink, Don McKenzie and the Lead Officer Support to develop the Panel’s 2014/2015 work programme and bring it back to the Panel prior to submitting to the Regional Strategy & Policy Committee

c)      request a response from the organisation on the development of a Disability Strategy.



Councillor Sharon Stewart left the meeting at 12.20 pm.



Auckland Council Inclusive Employment Forum


Kevin Wright, Lead Officer Support reminded members that this forum was taking place on 27 November 2014 and that Councillor Sharon Stewart would be welcoming forum attendees on the day.



Resolution number DIS/2014/80

MOVED by Interim Chairperson H Hickey, seconded by Member CB Brown:  

That the Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      receive this update on the Auckland Council Inclusive Employment Forum.






Auckland Transport’s Accessibility Groups


It was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting and an update was requested about what happens at the meetings of these accessibility groups.




Schedule of Meetings 2015


It was agreed to hold future meetings generally on a six weekly basis on a Monday starting at 10 am. It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Monday, 15 December 2014 in order to approve the work programme.



Resolution number DIS/2014/81

MOVED by Interim Chairperson H Hickey, seconded by Member CB Brown:  

That the Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      authorise the Lead Officer Support to finalise a schedule of meetings of the Panel for 2015 based on discussions at this meeting.




10        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  






12.40 pm                                            The Interim Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.










INTERIM CHAIRPERSON:........................................................