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Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

18 November 2014





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2014 – 2019


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Text Box: A collaborative programme of action aimed at improving outcomes for disengaged young people in Tamaki


Text Box: Contents


The Issue                                                                                         4                 

The Project                                                                                      4

Current Situation   6

The Opportunity  7

Implementation   7

Work Stream 1: 8

Work Stream 2: 9

Expected Outcomes  10

TABLE 1: Project Timetable  11

TABLE 2: Project Structure  12

Conclusion   13

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The Issue


Tāmaki is currently experiencing a rise in anti-social and unlawful behaviour by groups of disengaged young people which is causing concern in the community.  Whilst there have been effective curtailment initiatives in the past, this trend has always reoccurred as new groups of young people become disengaged from family, school and work. 


Representatives from agencies and NGO’s involved with this issue have met with the view to deciding how to improve the current situation.  Two findings have emerged through these discussions:

·    Based on historical evidence, short term interventions, whilst effective at containment, will not solve the underlying causes of this behaviour.

·    There are currently at least 24 entities working on aspects of this issue in Tāmaki.   It does not make sense to us to add a 25th.


The Project

As a result of the findings above, we believe that the most effective course of action will be for our organisations to collaborate more effectively to achieve better outcomes.   This belief is also informed by discussions with representatives from two Social Sector Trials (Ranui and Kawerau) where collaborative action has resulted in improved outcomes for young people in similar circumstances.


As a demonstration of our commitment to collaboration, the groups listed below have collectively developed this proposal.  It involves focusing on two interrelated work streams, namely:

·    Enforcement: An initial 12 month programme of initiatives to reduce the current level of offending and anti-social behaviour.

·    Prevention: Increasing support to local preventative programmes aimed at reducing the likelihood of more young people heading along the same path.

During the development of this project, a platform of good will has been established.  We hope to seek funding to resource this project with the full support of the organisations identified below as we commence the implementation phase.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

18 November 2014



Representatives from the following organisations have collaborated to develop this project proposal and are committed to ongoing support to ensure that it is successfully implemented.  It is hoped that other organisations will be added to the list as the project gets underway.


HEART (Healthy Relationships in Tāmaki)

Panmure Library

Glen Innes Family Centre

Tamaki Redevelopment Company

Panmure Business Association

Glen Innes Business Association

NZ Police: Glen Innes and Mount Wellington Stations

Child Youth & Family, Panmure

Auckland City Education Services (ACES) Attendance Services

Tāmaki College,

Tamaki Community Patrols Charitable Trust

Tamaki Community Development Trust

Genesis Youth Trust


Ruapotaka Marae

City Impact Church

Maungarei Christian Church

Community Representatives



Current Situation


A group of young people from Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure are engaging in anti-social and sometimes unlawful activity in and around Panmure, Glen Innes and beyond.  This activity has reached a threshold that is unacceptable to the community and business owners. There is a strong desire to see an immediate improvement in the current situation.  


In summary the facts of the current situation are:

·     As at August 2014, there were between 20 & 30 young people (approximately 50/50 male female) not in school employment or training that were at risk of engaging in this behaviour.  This is a fluid situation with young people moving in and out of this group.  Currently most are known to agencies, Police and local NGO’s.


·     There are at least 24 organisations involved either directly or indirectly with aspects of this issue.  (Refer Attachment 2).  The nature of this involvement ranges from case workers to organisations who seek to address the underlying issues that have resulted in this outcome.


·     Practitioners acknowledge that privacy issues hamper collaborative working across boundaries.  Several agencies are often working with the same people at any given time.


·     It is widely accepted that focusing primarily on containing the immediate problems will not sustainably address the underlying causes of the problem.  History shows that if young people are not better supported by their families/Whanau and the wider community the same patterns of behaviour will be exhibited by a new group almost immediately. 


·     Scott (2003) estimated that the average lifetime societal cost of chronic anti-social adolescent males is $3M.



The Opportunity


We believe that this situation should be relatively easy to improve, for the following reasons:

·   There are already at least 24 well respected organisations working in relative isolation in roles ranging from prevention to enforcement.  In developing this project it has become apparent that they want to collaborate more effectively.


·   Effective collaboration amongst agencies around similar issues has proven to work in other communities such as Kawerau’s Social Sector Trial and in Ranui.


·   All of the organisations in Tāmaki are well run and committed to the community, most simply require additional resource to achieve their potential.


·   The Tāmaki community is geographically contained and the numbers manageable with additional support.


·   There is a ground swell of positive change underway in Tāmaki through education programmes, skills development and urban regeneration.


·   We know what works; it is a question of improving execution.




This project aims to implement two work streams simultaneously, namely:

1.   A programme of short term collaborative initiatives over 12 months to address the immediate unlawful and anti-social behaviour.


2.   Increased on-going support to existing well run preventative programmes to limit the likely reoccurrence in the future.


The following sections describe these two work streams in more detail.



Work Stream 1:


Short term, collaborative action to address the immediate unlawful and anti-social behaviour

Estimated cost: $130,000

Duration: 12 months


There is an expectation in the community that the level of anti-social and unlawful activity will be reduced as soon as possible.  Given the number of agencies and NGO’s actively involved with this issue (Refer Attachment 2), the suggested approach is to improve what is already being done to make it more effective rather than inventing something new.    If after 12 months there is no improvement in the current situation an alternative community focused approach will be considered. 


The short term initiatives proposed include:

1.   Employ a person for 12 months to facilitate an improvement in collaborative activity amongst the 24+ agencies and NGO’s working in this space.  This person will achieve improvements by focusing on the following issues: 

a.   Identifying and removing barriers to effective collaborative action between agencies and NGO’s both on the ground and at administrative levels.

b.   Establishing or strengthening operational connections amongst agencies and NGO’s where there currently are none or they are ineffective.

c.   Coordinating projects aimed at curtailing unlawful and anti-social behaviour, in particular:

i. Truancy campaigns x4 (Police, ACES, MoE,)

ii.      Truant Free Town Centres trial (Council, Business Associations, Police, ACES)

iii.     Pastoral Care (Churches, NGO’s)

iv.     Advocacy to funders (e.g. for more social workers and systemic changes)

v.      Others as they emerge over 12 months.

Work Stream 2:


Increase Preventative Action

Estimated cost: $100,000 (HEART)

Duration: On going


Past experience shows that whilst there may currently be 20 – 30 young people who are engaging in anti-social and unlawful activity, there are many more that are at risk of making the same choices. This group of young people is not well supported by existing structures, and significant change is required to better support these young people to enable them to thrive.


The aim of this work stream is to better support existing well run organisations to enable them to carry out their programmes more effectively.  We will work with aligned partners with a proven track record to achieve lasting cultural change in the community, so that young people’s strengths are focused on and fostered, and they are supported by family/whānau and the wider community to thrive.   It is anticipated that this work stream will continue after the first year.





To initially support the HEART Movement to work with community and agency partners and young people to implement targeted preventative initiatives.  There are 2 strands to this work namely;

·    Mobilising young people to be involved in positive community change initiatives, and start to change community attitudes towards children and young people.

·    Building organisational capacity and collaboration to assist organisations that are working in this area to work more effectively with children and young people and their families/ whānau.



Expected Outcomes


By March 2016:

·    Agencies and NGO’s report an improvement in collaborative working to support children and young people and their families/ whānau


·    Services report a decrease in the number of young people categorised as “High Involvement”


·    A more effective Police/community response results in lowered concern about youth from community members


·    A number of youth initiatives have been implemented in the community that focus on young people’s strengths


·    Young people report they have an increased voice within the community


·    Community members report more reasons to celebrate children and young people






TABLE 1: Project Timetable



Project Timetable




Project Group Sign off Project Plan

11 Sept 14

Secure stakeholder support and funding (6 weeks)

23 Dec 14

Establish Implementation Steering Group

30 Jan 15

Employ Project Facilitators

20 Feb 15

Priority 1 initiatives commence implementation

13 March 15

Short Term collaborative responses concluded

30 March 16

Conclude evaluation of short term responses (2 weeks)

15 April 16

Preventative Programmes continue/scale up

On going




TABLE 2: Project Structure


Project Structure



Steering Group

(To be finalised)

Representatives from key stakeholder organisations who act as  Unblockers/Advisors/Mentors, Suggested Membership:

·    Child Youth & Family:

·    NZ Police:

·    Maungakiekie Tāmaki  Local Board:

·    School Cluster Representative:

·    Tāmaki Redevelopment Company:

·    NGO Rep:

Project Facilitators

x 2

Fixed term contractors, senior project leaders, cross organisational influencers, create momentum.  Organise projects in each work stream.  Report to the Steering Group. Based at a local organisation

·    Project Facilitator Work Stream 1: Contractor

·    Project Facilitator Work Stream 2: Contractor, Probably based at HEART Office

Work Stream 1

Short Term Immediate Response Projects:
A cluster of short term collaborative projects over 12 months aimed at addressing the immediate issues on the ground.  Each of these collaborative projects to be led by a person from the most appropriate agency or NGO.  Supported by others with a stake in the project.  The Project Facilitator will plan and oversee the implementation of these projects.

Work Stream 1 Projects identified so far:

·    4x Truancy Campaigns

·    Trial Truant Free Areas

·    Pastoral Care

·    Securing Additional social workers

·    Improving collaborative action

Work Stream 2

Increasing Preventative Action:

Initially to be led by the HEART Coordinator and delivered by stakeholder NGO’s and Agencies.  Implements a series of programmes aimed at prevention and long term gains, namely:

·    Mobilising Young people

·    Building capacity of organisations working with young people




Tāmaki does not need another new initiative aimed at addressing its “youth problem”.  There are already enough organisations working in this space.


What we do need is the capability to collaborate more effectively; to share our resources and expertise with the full backing of agencies and other stakeholder organisations.


Evidence from the social sector trials and elsewhere, suggests that improved collaboration is working in other parts of NZ that are facing similar issues. 


This project has been developed from the ground up by practitioners working in the community.  We believe that it has a realistic opportunity to succeed because the will to collaborate already exists.  It is simply a question of enabling it to happen.   


If adequately resourced, this project will provide the catalyst for this to occur. 


We look forward to its implementation.


Attachment 1


Agencies and NGO’s known to be currently working with youth in Tāmaki:



·    MoE: Education Assessments, Attendance Services. others

·    ACES: Attendance Service.  Contracted to the MoE 

·    Individual Schools: Own rules & systems to manage student’s anti-social behaviour

·    CYF: Referrals within jurisdiction. Case workers from the Care & Protection Stream and Youth Justice Stream.  Part of an inter-agency collaborative for high involvement children & youth

·    Ministry of Justice: Youth Crime Action Plan Fund. Create policy settings

·    NZ Police: Youth Policing Plan 2012, Youth Action Team, Youth Aid Service, Neighbourhood Policing Team.  Recently implemented a 2 week operation with 35 extra police targeting the GI, Panmure,
Mt Wellington areas, (23 June 2014)

·    MSD: Contract local service providers, Solomon Group.  Youth Services, Youth Payments.  Ministry of Youth Development

·    Te Puni Kokori: Whanau Ora Programmes, locally Ngati Whatua Orakei, Mai Whanau Programme, Kaitoko Whanau workers

·    Tāmaki Redevelopment Company: Delivery of a comprehensive urban regeneration programme which is tasked with delivering social, economic, Urban design and housing outcomes in collaboration with partners

·    Auckland Council: CPTED, graffiti eradication/education,   safety assessments, support to Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Youth Board,  working with young people to take part in democratic processes and neighbourhood development, Trailed Truant Free Areas (in Franklin), Youth Connections, own & manage facilities such as pools, sports & recreation facilities, libraries & various other more specially targeted youth initiatives

·    Tāmaki Community Patrols:  Act as eyes and ears also provide Intel for Police.  Currently patrol on Friday and Saturday nights 

·    Genesis Youth Trust: Based in the GI Police Station.  2 Social Workers on the books

·    YMCA: Have created a role to work alongside the Youth of Panmure/GI, 20 hours per week

·    Ruapotaka Marae: Involved with many of the young people and their whanau

·    City Impact Church: Wrap around service for families in the area. Friday night youth events

·    Samoan/Catholic Church: Taimua at Risk Youth Programme

·    Glen Innes Family Centre: 1 social worker, may be a waiting list

·    Maungarei Community Trust: Currently at capacity, unable to take referrals

·    Anglican Trust for Women and Children: Social Workers in Schools (SWiS)

·    Tāmaki Community Development Trust:

·    Panmure & GI Business Associations - have 21 cameras operating 24/7.  Advocacy role

·    Concerned individuals Local Champions: Advocacy, awareness raising, individual support

·    Other Churches, e.g. City Impact Church, Grace International Church



Attachment 2

Extract from Youth Policing Plan 2012


Research shows that children and young people are MORE at risk of offending and victimisation if they:

·    Have a mental health condition

·    Abuse alcohol and drugs

·    Are from low socio-economic background

·    Have a conduct disorder

·    Are disconnected from family and/or community

·    Come from single parent families

·    Witness family violence and/or live in a family where intimate partner violence occurs

·    Have close affiliation with anti-social peers

·    Have poor parental supervision and discipline

·    Are disengaged with education, training or employment

·    Have low achievement in primary school

·    Have a learning disability

·    Have been in the custody of Child Youth and Family

·    Have a lack of positive male role models.

Research shows that children and young people are LESS at risk of offending and victimisation if they

·    Are actively engaged in education, training or employment

·    Have a sense of self-worth

·    Have recognition and praise for positive behaviour

·    Have stable, warm, affectionate relationships with one or more parents

·    Have positive and pro-social friends

·    Have strong connections to local community (e.g. sport/cultural activities)

·    Have healthy boundaries and standards set by parents, teachers and the community

·    Have positive role models.


Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

18 November 2014





Our aim is to become a multi-sport club, with strong and meaningful links with suitable community groups. Our strategic plan has been developed with Sport Auckland. We seek your support for our application for Facility Partnership funding.





We have received a coaching grant and have a new programme running for over 40 children on Saturdays



We are an accredited Junior Futsal Centre by the Auckland Football Federation. Our own year round weekly coaching sessions has an enrolment of over 70 boys and girls coached by a team of 6 volunteer coaches. The AFF have used our club for Junior Futsal Tournaments and coaching courses. The introduction of futsal has had a very positive effect on the fortunes of our club.



They have used our courts for the last two winters for training when their fields are flooded. They have keys to access courts and floodlights. This could be expanded with better lighting and the resurfacing of the two old tarmac courts with artificial grass. Our plans to mark out netball courts on the back courts will enable them to bring their Marist Ladies Netball group to the Reserve for training and use of their own clubhouse.



We are in the process of bringing in a newly formed netball club – Stonefieds United Netball. They share our vision and values, will bring 60 junior and 30 senior members plus 6 coaches. They have considerable expertise, their members are quite local and have a large volunteer base for fundraising activities etc.



With the above 4 sports working together on the same site, each sport will prosper.



When the Leisure Court is completed, this sport will be introduced.



This school which is very close to us, has keys to the club and use our courts and clubhouse for small groups of special needs children as part of sports programme in school hours.



An Application has been submitted for the following.

1.       To build a multi- sport playing area with an adjustable height net. This will be enclosed and be equipped to develop a variety of ball skills. Parents will be able to leave small children playing in a safe area whilst playing their own sport on the adjacent courts. Thus removing a barrier to participation.


2.       To continue floodlights around courts 1-3.


3.       To lay a multi-sport artificial grass surface over the existing old and tired tarmac back two courts.



The club will cover all maintenance costs for the new surfaces.

The club will make efforts to put aside funds towards turf replacement. Well managed courts last approximately 15yrs.

To ensure a sustainable approach the club is keen to work with the local board and other funders to put in a plan for long term asset replacement.

The club is keen for public access to continue and will work with lease advisors in regards access for other sport and community groups. To this end we are helping the Pacific Island Warden Group and Genesis Youth Trust as a base for their patrols and youth mentoring. In addition we have close links with Grace Church International in Glen Innes. They used our club for a recent church holiday programme, distributed 2,000 leaflets throughout the area for us and have offered us the use of their indoor sports hall.

The club wants to partner other sport organisations in order to maximise use of the courts by the community (as allowable within the terms of the lease)

The club frequently talks to non-members who access the back courts to inform them of future plans and to engage them in club activities where possible.



We are confident that with the complete upgrade of our facilities, the efforts and passion of our intended partners, plus good management we can create an enviable facility for the community.



Neville Pegg

Club Development Officer

Mt. Wellington Tennis Club


Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

18 November 2014



Mt Wellington Tennis Club application support emails



From: Gina Dignan []
Sent: Sunday, 16 November 2014 11:52 p.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: supporting Mt. Wellington Tennis Club's Application for Facility Partnership Funding.


Good evening Philippa


My extended family are members of MWTC participating in both Tennis/Futsal activities

I support the club's vision to create a family multi-sport facility (Tennis, Futsal and hopefully Netball and Volleyball soon) for the community

It is crucial is for the club to complete the facility upgrade urgently as having more sport choices at one venue makes life easier for the parents.

This is a terrific opportunity to enhance the community spirit. To bring families from surrounding areas together under one roof and to support our youngsters in their sporting activities. 

Your attention is appreciated

Kind regards
Gina Dignan
Have a good day!





From: Lizeberle []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 7:20 a.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: mount wellington tennis club,s application for facility partner funding



With four grandchildren who attend the Mt  Wellington  tennis club each week for Tennis/Futsal activities which is wonderful to be able be held at the same venue and such a great crowd of varying ages which and we  are lucky to have so many willing coaches and parent helpers.

We can see that the clubs vision of a multi sport facility would be greatly used and attended.


We are  also sure that to be able to hold more sport activities in one venue would greatly help not only us but all parents and grandparents from travelling miles to achieve all the sports opportunities  we would like love our grandchildren to participate in and enjoy watching them doing without rushing from one place to another to achieve this .


The club itself seems to have great atmosphere and everyone that we talk to are wanting the best for the children and are right behind them .Be it Netball  volley ball and tennis or futsal .. An upgrade to the existing facilities are really  urgently needed to complete this wonderful club


Regards Bruno and Liz Eberle     





From: Genevieve Bowers []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 1:22 p.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Mt Wellington Tennis Club


Dear Philippa Hillman,


I have 2 boys currently attending the sunday morning futsal skills and games. We travel from the other side of town each week to attend the sessions due to the fantastic coaching the kids receive. It's a brilliant facility and the kids are happy to get up nice early to be apart of it, which we have done since the first day of futsal lessons a year ago. The facilities of the 3 courts are excellent, though since joining  the number of children that now attend have doubled or even tripled in size, which is great for the club but unfortunately does not enable the kids to have space to play. We love the fact that MWTC is open for multi sport purpose and understand in future that they intend to have netball and volleyball!

From talking to other parents, almost all are from the local community, it is lovely to see the community bonding in this way with their children for a positive and supportive outcome. 

We hope you are able to support the community and the Mt Wellington Tennis Club.


Kind regards,

Genevieve Bowers




From: Leigh Henry []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 9:43 a.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Mt Wellington Tennis Club’s application for Facility Partnership funding


My partner and I would like to show our support for the Mt Wellington Tennis Club’s application for Facility Partnership funding – we are regular members who love to go down to the club to have a game of tennis and mix with other members; we completely love the family atmosphere created by the ‘people’.


The facilities within the club house definitely need an overhaul and upgrade as outlined in the current application – this will go a long way to creating an even more inviting environment. The expectations are when you come to use the beautiful Astroturf courts, that there will also be clubroom facilities which also mirror that  ‘beautiful’ image – sadly that is not the case for members, potential members and members from other clubs.


As members who often use the facilities at the tennis club, we fully support the clubs ideas and the improvements envisioned to give us choices – it creates a ‘family’ outside of our own and gives those who live in the area the option to be part of a larger multi-sport community - this not only gives parents more options for their children, but it also gives the adults choices that we either had to drive away for or not be a part of at all.


Thank You and I hope you look favorably upon the application from the Mt Wellington Tennis Club.


Kia Tamatane

Leigh Henry and Hao Hu



From: juan patino []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 11:04 a.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: MWellington Tennis Club's Facility Partnership Funding.


Hi There:

My family name is Patino, and my son Samuel Patino is assisting to Futsal activities.

I just want to express my total  support to the club's vision to create a family multi-sport facility  for our families and community sport activities which  needs more support and upgrade to eke life easier for us as a parents having more choices for sport.

Wellington Tennis CLub is a nice spot and has nice staff who really want to keep the place and facilities a joy for the community.

I hope you can have a 100% support to the club.

Kind Regards
Juan Patino





From: Edith Ramirez []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 11:10 a.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Mt Wellington Tennis Club


Nov 17th 2014


Philippa Hillman 

Maungakiekie - Tamaki Local Board


Re: Mt Wellington Tennis Club's Application for Facility Partnership Funding.


I have two kids enjoying Tennis/Futsal activities in Mt Wellington Tennis Club, this facility is very important for the community and we are in need of upgrading the facility to have a more enjoyable multi-sport facility that is very crucial for the recreation and health of the kids in the community.


As members of the club we really enjoy the nice and friendly atmosphere and having an upgrade will help to provide better and more comfortable sports for the kids in the community.


I sincerely thank for your time and support.

Edith Ramirez



From: juan cadena []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 4:22 p.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Support Mt Wellington Tennis Club's initiative


Members of the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


The  MWTC's activities are a very important part of my family's weekend routine. We have been participating for over a year in the futsal program with my 9 year old son and I´m thrill with the results so far. The coaches do a great job to keep our kids engaged in sports, and I believe that the proposal to upgrade the club´s facilities is a great idea. 

I really hope you´ll consider the club for the funding.



Juan Cadena  





From: Campbell Burrowes []
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2014 10:04 p.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Supporting Mount Wellington Tennis Club's Application for Funding


Hi Philippa,

Recently our son Daniel joined the MWTC Futsal activities on a Sunday morning and is loving being part of his first team sport.

We've been advised of an upcoming board meeting and want to throw our support behind the club receiving more funding so that they can continue to create a family friendly multi-sport facility. We intend for our daughter to join in as well when she is 5.

Having lived in Auckland my entire life, but for the first time seeing the club over the last couple of months it's clear it's long overdue for an upgrade, so I hope the committee looks favourably upon their application. The more variety of sports available the better it is for our families and the community as a whole.

We live in Stonefields and know of a number of families that alraedy send their children there on Sunday. As the Stonefields community grows and takes part in events such as what MWTC can host over the next few years, it's going to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Kind Regards,
Campbell Burrowes




From: william bolivar []
Sent: Tuesday, 18 November 2014 9:37 a.m.
To: Philippa Hillman
Subject: Mt Wellington Tennis Club's Application for Facility Partnership Funding.


November 18th 2014


Philippa Hillman

Maungakiekie - Tamaki Local Board


Re: Mt Wellington Tennis Club's Application for Facility Partnership Funding.


Dear Ms Hillman,


My two young boys are currently practicing Futsal and Tenis at Mt Wellington Tennis Club, as a parent I really appreciate having good quality facilities for my boys and the community en general therefore having these facilities being upgraded to have these and other sports will be a huge improvement for the community.


Thank you in advance




William Bolivar



Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

18 November 2014