Seniors Advisory Panel





Minutes of a meeting of the Seniors Advisory Panel held in the Ground Floor Board Room, Auckland Town Hall, Auckland on Monday, 17 November 2014 at 10.00am.





Margaret Devlin


Deputy Chairperson

Russell Rigby



Dr Judy Blakey



Janet Clews, CNZM,QSO, JP



Roger Fowler, QSM



Joan Lardner-Rivlin, QSM



Sonny Niha

From 10.24am, item 6


Richard Northey, ONZM






Cr Dr Cathy Casey

 Absence on council business



Seniors Advisory Panel

17 November 2014



1          Apologies


Resolution number SEN/2014/35

MOVED by Member M Devlin, seconded by Member RJ Northey:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)         accept the apologies from Cr Dr Cathy Casey for absence on council business and member Sonny Niha for lateness.




2          Declaration of Interest


Member Richard Northey declared an interest for item 6. As he is a board member of Te Tuhi Pakuranga.


Member Dr Judy Blakey declared an interest for item 6. as she is a Trustee of the Mairangi Arts Centre.



3          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number SEN/2014/36

MOVED by Member M Devlin, seconded by Member RJ Northey:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Monday 13 October 2014, as a true and correct record.



4          Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.



Item 6 was taken at this point.




Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan


Member Sonny Niha entered the meeting at 10.24am


Resolution number SEN/2014/37

MOVED by Member R Fowler, seconded by Member J Blakey:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)      provide advice on issues particularly relevant to older people and advise of any organisations that should be included in further targeted consultation to inform the development of the delivery plan.

b)      note the feedback given by members at a meeting, and request the Lead Officer to arrange a discussion with officers in relation to the information and co-ordination available for community activities in council and other facilities.




Rent Consultation Housing for Older Person Service


The Team Leader, Social Housing presented a power point presentation and sought feedback from members for the consultation on social housing.

A copy of the presentation is attached to the official copy of these minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website


Resolution number SEN/2014/38

MOVED by Member J Lardner-Rivlin, seconded by Member J Clews:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)         note the decision of the Governing Body on 6 November 2014 that

i.       rents be standardised across the council’s social housing units

ii.      be set at 30 per cent of tenants’ pre-tax income

iii.     for any given year, changes to annual rents (including increases and decreases) resulting be capped at $780 per unit (equivalent to $15 cap on weekly rents).

b)         provide advice on the most effective consultation process with residents and stakeholders.




a     17 November 2014, Seniors Advisory Panel, Item 6 - Rent Consultation Housing for Older Person Service consultation presentation  




Chairperson's report


Resolution number SEN/2014/39

MOVED by Member J Blakey, seconded by Member S Niha:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)      adopt portfolios for a period of one year as follows:

·          Housing projects – Joan Lardner-Rivlin and Russell Rigby

·          Urban Design - Russell Rigby and Sonny Niha

·          Public Transport & Mobility – Janet Clews and Roger Fowler

·          Health and safety - Richard Northey and Janet Clews

·          WHO age-friendly cities – Judy Blakey and Joan Lardner-Rivlin

·          Summit team – Margaret Devlin and Judy Blakey

b)      endorse that portfolios support the panel's programme of work and do not alter it or panel members' responsibilities.

c)      endorse that portfolios can be adjusted with the agreement of the Chairperson.

d)      note the intention of Age Concern to hold a forum around Vulnerable Older People in 2015.




Seniors Advisory Panel Work Programme Update


Resolution number SEN/2014/40

MOVED by Member R Rigby, seconded by Member RJ Northey:  

That the Seniors Advisory Panel:

a)      receive the Work Programme for November 2014 and the verbal update from the Lead Officer Support on the following:

-        Mike George has been allocated as the communication staff for this panel

-        topics on built design and urban design to come to the panel

-        fireplace bylaw and retrofitting to come to the panel

-        Long-term Plan consultation and engagement

-        James Liddell, Mayoral office is the new liaison person for the Seniors Advisory Panel

-        housing discussion for the 2015 summit

-        debrief on the International Day for Older People to be scheduled.




9          Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There were no extraordinary items.




12.45 pm                                            The Chairperson thanked members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.