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Puketāpapa Local Board

26 February 2015



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26        Puketapapa Youth Connections and Youth Development Budget                         5   



Puketāpapa Local Board

26 February 2015



Puketapapa Youth Connections and Youth Development Budget


File No.: CP2015/02104




1.       The purpose of this report is to seek local board approval for youth connections and youth development expenditure. 

Executive Summary

2.       The Puketāpapa local board allocated $30,000 towards Youth Connections and $30,600 towards youth development funding for the 2014/2015 year.  To date CDAC staff activity has focused on utilising 2013/14 budgets which were allocated in June 2014. 

3.       2014/2015 expenditure to date totals $1,000 for Youth Connections; no expenditure has yet been made against youth development. Staff propose that the funding from both budgets be used in the following way.

            Youth Connections:



Coordinated Youth Services Hubs


Steering Group Establishment


Employer Engagement




          Youth Development (Puketāpapa Youth Action Plan):



Connect-ed UP (Purakau)


Puketāpapa Youth Summit


Youth engagement, development and family programmes


Payd UP Grants




Youth Caucus








That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      allocate $17,000 for ongoing development of coordinated youth services hubs

b)      allocate $2,000 to establish a youth employment steering group

c)      allocate $10,000 to create and implement an engagement plan for local business and employers

d)      allocate $30,600 for the continued implementation of the Puketāpapa Youth Action Plan 2013-2015.




Coordinated Youth Services Hub

4.       The Youth Connections project has identified significant barriers which prevent young people from entering into employment, both locally and across the region. The way the ‘transitions sector’ is structured contributes to these barriers.

5.       Coordinated services hubs have been developed as a solution to this problem.  The hubs bring together the many stakeholders in the youth employment system to work together to help young people into employment. Key hub principles have been developed and the concept has been trialled at Roskill Youth Zone.

6.       In January 2015, nine stakeholders participated in the Roskill Youth Zone hub pilot. This trial highlighted the importance of increased visibility of the services available to young people, the connection between the services and the level of trust required across all relationships.  These are imperative for a successful hub.

7.       In the next phase, up to four existing youth hub locations will be established at the following locations across the local board area:

·        Mount Roskill Grammar School

·        Lynfield Rec and Youth centre

·        Roskill South REC Youth Development

·        Roskill Youth Zone.

8.       The hubs will focus on networking between stakeholders and service visibility. Each hub will support a youth leadership team to develop and implement a networking event.  Each event will be followed by a series of workshops relevant to the needs of local young people (for example mental health, drivers licensing, CV creation) and will also provide service delivery agencies the opportunity to increase their visibility to local young people.

9.       Staff propose that the local board allocate $17,000 to fund this next phase of hub development. This would fund costs such as venue hire, logistics and promotion for a minimum of three events, three workshop series, and marketing for the hub concept.   Hub locations and their staff, along with stakeholders such as youth service agencies, are expected to manage and maintain the hubs themselves once the programme is stabilised. This is expected to take place by the end of 2015.

Establishment of a Puketāpapa Youth Employment Steering Group

10.     A cross-sector of the Puketāpapa community have been selected by local board members and invited to a breakfast on 25 February to discuss the establishment of a steering group.  Staff propose the local board allocate $2,000 from the Youth Connections budget to establish the steering group, to fund the breakfast event.

11.     Staff recommend establishing a steering group to:

·        advise on the development of local youth employability actions

·        develop goals and priority initiatives for the Puketāpapa Local Board’s Youth Connections programme

·        connect businesses and communities, to increase programme engagement across Puketāpapa.

Employer Engagement

12.     Engaging employers into Youth Connections as key partners is a critical factor in seeing all young people engaged in education, training or employment.  Staff propose that the steering group focus on employer engagement, and that the local board allocate $10,000 from the remainder of the Youth Connections budget for the current financial year to enable this.

13.     Based on the employer engagement initiatives delivered by other local boards, such as employer research, a business breakfast, and the employers’ pledge, staff estimate that an allocation of $10,000 is sufficient to resource activity in Puketāpapa to the same effect.  This funding would be spent at the steering group’s discretion; the steering group would be chaired by and accountable to the Puketāpapa local board directly.

14.     Setting the steering group work programme in this way is expected to have an additional benefit of providing a true co-working environment, encouraging partnership and group cohesion.

Youth Action Plan

15.     The Puketāpapa local board provided $3,000 from the 2012/2013 budget to fund the creation of the Puketāpapa Youth Action Plan.  This followed on from the 2012 Puketāpapa Youth Needs Assessment.

16.     This plan was created in 2013 by Ant Backhouse of I Have a Dream Foundation.  The plan contains both new and existing initiatives, and is a living document that sits equally in the community and council with shared motivations, outcomes and contributions. 

17.     The Puketāpapa Local Board contributed $40,000 towards the plan’s implementation in the 2013/2014 financial year, enabling the development and implementation of the initiatives outlined below.  Funding is now sought to enable the continued development and delivery of these initiatives for the 2015/2015 financial year as follows:

·          Connect-ed UP (Purakau Website) $2,000: Support for youth organisation ‘Raise Up Puketāpapa’ to facilitate a group of local young people to keep this important platform current and relevant to a variety of stakeholders.

·          Puketāpapa Youth Summit $5,000:  For emerging youth leaders within Puketāpapa. The focus for this, the 5th Puketāpapa Youth Summit, will be more intensive development practices such as advocacy, negotiation and academic mentoring

·          Youth Engagement, Development and Family Programmes $7,000: A coordinated programme of mentoring for young people within three local intermediate schools (Years seven and eight), delivered in partnership by the Salvation Army, Roskill Baptist and 24-7 Youth Work.

·          Payd-UP Grants, $5,000: Continuation of the successful ‘for youth, by youth’ grant scheme designed and delivered by the Puketāpapa Youth Caucus, this funding pool provides grants to local young people to deliver projects in Puketāpapa.

·          Mentoring, $10,000: Contract a professional mentoring agency/service such as Brothers in Arms or Mentoring New Zealand to provide recruitment, training and on-going professional support of mentors. The aim is to generate a supply of adults/young adults to walk alongside and guide young people on their journeys.

·          Youth Caucus, $1,000: To continue the existing Puketāpapa Youth Caucus, maintaining a mechanism for young people to communicate directly with the local board on behalf of the local youth community.

·          C Dub, $600: C-dub is the Puketāpapa youth development network, a database of 84 youth development, youth service or youth support practitioners that has been operating for 5 years.  This funding is to support delivery of the network meetings by contracting a local community development practitioner to coordinate the meetings.


Local Board Views and Implications

18.     The local board allocated the umbrella Youth Connections and youth development budgets of $30,000 and $30,600 respectively. Discussions regarding the allocation of those budgets have progressed via the youth portfolio holder. This is the first time the local board has considered the specific recommendations contained in this report.

19.     These proposals have the support of the local board youth portfolio holder.

Maori Impact Statement

20.     While Maori are not being specifically targeted, staff expect Maori young people will participate in and benefit from the projects described in this report.

Implementation Issues

21.     The projects outlined in this report will be delivered by CDAC staff in partnership with the local community, local businesses and support agencies. Currently 40 youth focused organisations and groups are connected with the Puketāpapa Youth Action Plan.

22.     The work of Youth Connections in Puketāpapa is embedded into the wider community development work and is informed by the views of the C-Dub youth network, the Roskill Community Network and the partners in the Coordinated Youth Services Hub project.



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