Henderson-Massey Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Henderson-Massey Local Board held in the Council Chamber, Henderson Civic Centre, 6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson on Thursday, 5 March 2015 at 6.30pm.





Vanessa Neeson, JP




Deputy Chairperson

Shane Henderson





Brenda Brady, JP





Peter Chan, JP





Will Flavell





Tracy Kirkley





Luke Wilson








Warren Flaunty

For absence






Councillor Linda Cooper












Henderson-Massey Local Board

05 March 2015




1          Welcome


Member Brenda Brady led the meeting in prayer.


2          Apologies


Resolution number HM/2015/16

MOVED by Member BA Brady, seconded by Deputy Chairperson SP Henderson:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)         Accepts the apology from member Warren Flaunty for absence.




3          Declaration of Interest

            The following are members’ declaration of interest as at Thursday, 5 March 2015.


Brenda Brady declared and interest in item 8.3 as a Trustee of Keep Waitakere Beautiful.





Vanessa Neeson, JP (Chairman)

Ranui Sector Trial


Shane Henderson (Deputy Chairman)

Waitemata Community Law Centre
Ranui Action Project


Brenda Brady, JP

Keep Waitakere Beautiful
Safer West Community Trust
Sunnyvale Residents & Ratepayers Society Inc.
West Auckland Historical Society
District Licensing Committee


 Peter Chan, JP

Cantonese Opera Society of NZ
Asian Leaders Forum
NZ-Hong Kong Business Ass.
NZ-China Business Ass.
Auckland Chinese Environment Protection Association (ACEPA)


Warren Flaunty, QSM

Westgate Pharmacy
West Auckland Hospice
NorSGA Properties
Westgate Pharmacy Ltd
The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd Rodney Local Board
Waitemata District Health Board
Waitakere Licensing Trust
Massey Birdwood Settlers Ass.
Taupaki Residents & Ratepayers Ass.

Elected Member
Elected Member
Elected Member

Will Flavell

Rutherford College


Tracy Kirkley

District Licensing Committee 


Luke Wilson

NZ Police - Massey Community Constable
D.A.R.E. West




4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number HM/2015/17

MOVED by Member WI Flavell, seconded by Member TJ Kirkley:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)         Confirms the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 19 February 2015, including the confidential section, as a true and correct record.



5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Ward Councillor’s Update


8          Deputations



Tual’i Pacific Youth Leadership


Resolution number HM/2015/18

MOVED by Chairperson VS Neeson, seconded by Member TJ Kirkley:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives deputation from the representatives of Tual’i Pacific Youth.




Item withdrawn


This item was withdrawn.



Ecomatters Environment Trust - Damon Birchfield


Resolution number HM/2015/19

MOVED by Member WI Flavell, seconded by Member MFP Chan:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives presentation from Damon Birchfield from Ecomatters.



Secretarial note: Brenda Brady declared an interest in item 8.3 as a Trustee of Keep Waitakere Beautiful and did not take part in the discussion.

Tabled presentation is on file copy and can be viewed on the Auckland Council website.

The resolution on the agenda was amended to the resolution above.



a     Presentation from Ecomatters


9          Public Forum


The Chairperson invited public forum submissions.





Robert Culver

  • Mr Culver spoke on the flood risk of the property at 58 Glendene Avenue and requested.

Barbara Nash

  • Ms. Nash raised her concerns on cyclists on footpaths and the state of footpaths in Te Atatu Peninsula.

Brian Hooper

  • Mr. Hooper spoke about his concerns on the proposed Pram crossings on Waitemata Drive and asked for it to be made safer by adding speed humps.

Jo Rule

  • Ms. Rule also spoke about her concerns on the proposed Pram crossings on Waitemata Drive and asked for speed humps to calm the speed of vehicles driving through the street.

Michael Smith

  • Mr. Smith spoke on his concerns and objection to the Waitemata Drive West Bridge proposal and requested that the board visit the site to reassess their proposal.

Mary Hereora

  • Raised concerns that she did not receive a letter from Auckland Transport on the proposed Waitemata Drive bridge proposal. She also requested that the board considered alternative options for this project.


Resolution number HM/2015/20

MOVED by Member BA Brady, seconded by Deputy Chairperson SP Henderson:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)    Receives public forum submissions.



10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


11        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.



Auckland Transport Update Report – Henderson-Massey Local Board


Resolution number HM/2015/21

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson SP Henderson, seconded by Member LW Wilson:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)   Receives the Auckland Transport Report.

b)   Approves the sum of $149,000 from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund for Project 322, Wadier Place Footpath Improvements.

c)   Approves the sum of $40,000 from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund for Project 323, Pedestrian Safe Havens in Taikata Road.

d)   Approves sum of $104,000 from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund for Project 135, Bus Stops Glass-Etch Protection - at Bus Stations and Bus Stops in the Henderson/Massey Local Board area and approves the project to move to Detail Design.

e)   Allocates a workshop time to discuss with Auckland Transport the following applications:

I.    Henderson Valley Road Walking/Cycling Access to Corban Estate

II.   Henderson Central Shared Space

III.  Te Rangi Hiroa Reserve Development

IV. Henderson home and school zone

f)  Notes that the board was not supported by Auckland Transport staff and this has led to the board having to put aside decisions that could have been made at this meeting.




Auckland Transport Quarterly Update to Local Boards - For the quarter - 1 October to 31 December 2014


Resolution number HM/2015/22

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson SP Henderson, seconded by Member WI Flavell:  

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Receives the Auckland Transport Quarterly Report.




Local board input on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2025


Resolution number HM/2015/23

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson SP Henderson, seconded by Member BA Brady:  

a)         Agrees to provide feedback to Auckland Transport on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2025 by:

i)          speaking at the Auckland Transport Stakeholder event

b)         Provides the following feedback on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2025.

I.          The RLTP and our Local Board Plan

a.    The Henderson-Massey Local Board recently completed its second three year plan. It identified the outcomes the community wanted and the key projects it would like progressed to enable residents to be successful and our area to play its role in Auckland becoming the world’s most liveable city.

b.    In our consultation for the plan the most important concerns that came from our residents were that frequent and reliable public transport is a must, walking and cycling needs to be promoted and good transport links across the city are needed.

c.    We have summarised that desire into “Real choices between walking, cycling, public transport and cars”. Our priorities are increasing investment in walking and cycling infrastructure, improving public transport and reducing reliance on roads and cars.

d.    This contribution to the RLTP is seeking to deliver on our plan and its vision.

II.         Our vision for Henderson-Massey

a.      We want Henderson-Massey to be a place of growth and opportunity. Our growth areas are going to be a model for new and renewed area developments for the whole of Auckland. Westgate will be home to new large businesses that have relocated there because of its affordability, growth area location and proximity to the motorway network. Henderson will be a thriving metropolitan centre with a transport hub that increases business opportunities and encourages people to live there.

III.        Transport in Henderson-Massey

a.    About 70% of the working population of Henderson-Massey commutes by car because transport alternatives are not convenient or cost-effective enough.

b.    Henderson-Massey is lucky in that a lot of core transport infrastructure is in place, including the double-track electric rail line with four stations, the north western motorway and major roads. The area already has 30km of off-road shared walking and cycling paths developed over the past 10 years. However, there are still capacity problems along with untapped opportunities for improvement.

c.    The Henderson-Massey Local Board believes that good quality transport is key to Auckland becoming a more liveable and sustainable city. The board supports the Auckland Plan target of ‘doubling public transport from 70 million trips in 2012 to 140 million trips by 2022’. 

IV.        Specific Feedback

The Henderson-Massey Local Board would like to provide the following specific feedback on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan.

a.    Henderson is a metropolitan centre as per the Unitary Plan.

·         Henderson needs to be understood as a growth node by Auckland Transport and NZTA.

·         On the map on page 74 of the draft plan titled ‘Town Centre with Major Road Network’, Henderson is identified as a Town Centre. The board requests that this be amended to reflect that Henderson is a metropolitan centre and request that all relevant information and maps reflect this fact in the future.

·         The board is further concerned that an understanding of Henderson’s status as a metropolitan centre is not robust throughout transport planning and request that this be addressed.

b.    Prioritisation methodology

·         Greater emphasis should be placed on prioritisation of projects that enable growth in a way that supports communities and a high quality urban form development of growth areas (benefit 4 p.119)

c.    City Rail Link

·         Henderson-Massey Local Board supports the City Rail Link and formally stated in its feedback on the mayoral proposal (Resolution number HM/2014/188)

·         That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

·         vi. Supports the City Rail Link and considers it essential that a funding mechanism is agreed with central government.

d.    Link cycling and walking development priorities to Special Housing Areas.

·       Henderson-Massey is facing significant growth and our Board is committed to promoting a different way of living where more people in Henderson-Massey don’t need to have a personal car for daily local transport. This needs Auckland Transport to prioritise those areas facing significant growth and the real opportunity to change travel behaviour.

e.    Demonstrate the one system approach more strongly

·     The current plan promotes the concept of one network but does not clearly demonstrate this in action at a local level. For example the plan could more clearly demonstrate in the key priority growth areas the links between transport hubs and stops to walking and cycling links.

f.     Prioritise projects supporting the north western busway

·         CAPEX projects that enable the north western busway e.g. Te Atatu bus interchange and Te Atatu and Lincoln Rd corridor improvements need urgent prioritisation so that the north western busway can be built as soon as possible. This would also support the developing town centre at Westgate and the SHAs in that area which will have a significant population needing PT options. Related park and ride projects must be prioritised in conjunction with the busway.

·         Deferral of Te Atatu and Lincoln Road corridor improvement in the basic transport programme is not acceptable or feasible as it will be detrimental to an already severe congestion problem.

g.    Maintenance deferral

·         The board is concerned about using deferral of maintenance (sweating assets) as a cost saver. If roads and footpaths are not repaired when needed, it will cost more to fix them later.

h.    Support alternative providers of Park and Ride facilities

·         Auckland Transport does not have to be the only provider of secure affordable park and ride services in the urban and suburban area. For example in Avondale, Kiwi Rail has substantial land holdings next to the rail line that it is looking to lease. We submit that the community or private sector could provide Park and Ride services releasing AT’s capital investment for things only it can do. Auckland Transport should provide staff resources to promote these local opportunities to be delivered by other providers.

i.      Integrated fares

·         The Henderson-Massey Local Board supports the move to integrated fares but needs more information to support the high prioritisation of this project.

j.      Te Atatu ferry

·         The board would like to see this project remain in the plan for future investigation.

k.    Extending Passenger Rail to Kumeu/Huapai

·         Henderson-Massey Local Board supports Rodney Local Board’s views on the need for public transport to extend into Rodney and also notes that utilisation of the existing train station in Huapai does not feature in the RLTP. Development at Westgate and along State Highway 16 towards Kumeu needs corresponding public transport development and passenger rail on the existing rail line is an obvious place to start. The board supports extending passenger rail through to Huapai/Kumeu initially and extending to Helensville in the long term.

l.      Funding

·         The Henderson-Massey Local Board supports the Auckland Plan transport programme.

·         The board supports funding through a fuel tax in principle; it appears more equitable across the city and reflects the demand for new transport infrastructure which we all use. It is also most appropriate as fuel prices are currently low and vehicle demand is high.

·         The board does not support road user charges. In west Auckland the public transport system is not sufficiently advanced such that people have a realistic option to use it instead of driving to get to work. Neither does the board support a toll on motorways - in its view it is inappropriate to toll existing infrastructure.

·         PPP should be investigated as an alternative funding mechanism for the CRL. Across cities in America, Australia and Asia, this is a model that is finding success.



15        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  


8.57 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.