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Monday 9 March 2015


Howick Local Board Meeting Room
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Howick Local Board






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16        Local board input on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2025

A.      Howick Local Board's Feedback on the Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2025    3

22        Tamaki River Festival update

A.      Draft Budget - Expenditure for the Tamaki River Festival                                    5

23        Further funding required for ANZAC WWI Commemorations

A.      Budget - ANZAC Day Services 2014                                                                    7

B.      Budget - ANZAC Day Services 2015                                                                    9

Howick Local Board

09 March 2015



Howick Local Board - Feedback for the draft  Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 - 2025


1)    Howick Local Board’s [HLB} number one priority in light of recent announcements is that the AMETI project be completed in its entirety within the current staging plan. A grade separation solution (the proposed Reeves Road fly over) is essential and has been considered and agreed on for a number of years. The purpose of this is to (a) help ease congestion for vehicular traffic to and from Howick/Pakuranga/Botany, to  arterial routes and the motorways  (b) allow local   traffic easier access to  the town centre and (c) provide a satisfactory option for public transport delivery. HLB have previously agreed to improved public transport solutions with the introduction of the Pakuranga Road bus way which was not initially included in AMETI proposals. HLB feel that this latest proposal is short changing the community which has already been heavily impacted in regards to the AMETI project.  HLB also consider that better collaborative working is required between the development of the draft Pakuranga TC Masterplan and AMETI stages 2A and B, particularly given new development opportunities in the town centre. Note that many Howick commuters are not employed in the CBD and current and future public transport plans fail to address this issue, hence reliance on private transport for Howick residents remains a priority.

2)    The Half Moon Bay ferry terminal upgrade is critical for existing and future growth in the area – a transport hub with integrated transport solutions is considered HLB’s second top priority.  HLB have indicated their commitment of up to $2.5m of their Local Board Transport Capital Fund towards the provision of a new ferry  facility at HMB.  HLB appreciates AT allocating up to $1.8m towards the project and are very pleased to hear NZTA have agreed to subsidising this project. HLB look forward to both HLB and AT funding requirements being reduced on a pro rata basis therefore enabling the use of these funds in other opportunities  for joint collaboration.  HLB continues to suggest / plan for a ‘Coastal Strategy’ promoting sea transport to include ferry services.


3)    Works around Flat Bush e.g  Mainstreet collector link are essential in a timely manner given this is a spatial growth area and therefore a priority. The completion of the town centre at Flat Bush and the huge growth in residential and business areas in and around Flat Bush along with the roading network are essential to enable this area to develop with the appropriate infrastructure in place.


4)    HLB welcomes the review of the public transport network in our area. The board sees huge potential to make improvements that will encourage increased usage including increased frequency along key bus routes and a more connected network between interchanges and public transport modes. Effective public transport that addresses the East Tamaki - Highbrook commercial precincts is critical and with the new ferry facility at Half Moon Bay.


5)    Park’n’Ride facilities are essential to feed the public transport network but need to be developed in a timely manner. Such facilities could provide a revenue stream but should also add value to the community as the community are prepared to pay for safe, accessible and guaranteed parking spot in a well-lit, secure area. Park’n’ride that focuses on addressing inadequate parking at HMB is urgently needed to reduce congestion, increase ferry patronage and increase ferry commuter catchment.


6)    Further consideration needs to be given to changes to road network in Highbrook/East Tamaki area as these are essential feeder roads from the eastern suburbs to the southern motorway. This might include (a) a  review of the Highbrook interchange and roundabout and the relationship this has with SH and (b)  a link to Otahuhu.



Howick Local Board

09 March 2015



Howick Local Board

09 March 2015



Howick Local Board

09 March 2015