Rural Advisory Panel






Minutes of a meeting of the Rural Advisory Panel held in Rooms 1 & 2, Level 26, 135 Albert Street, Auckland on Friday, 6 March 2015 at 12.30pm.





Cr Bill Cashmore

Franklin Ward Councillor

Deputy Chairperson North

Thomas Grace

Rodney Local Board Member

Deputy Chairperson South

Alan Cole

Franklin Local Board Member


Marie Appleton

Rural Women NZ

Bill Bourke

Aggregate & Quarry Assoc


Wendy Clark

Federated Farmers


Viv Dostine

Northern Equine


Richard Gardner

Federated Farmers


Chris Keenan

Horticulture NZ


Brian Mason

Landowners & Contractors Protection Assoc Inc


Andrew McKenzie

Beef & Lamb NZ


Roger Parton

Rural Contractors NZ and

Aggregate & Quarry Assoc


Geoff Smith

Equine Industry


Peter Spencer

NZ Forest Owners Association


Bronwen Turner

Western Rural Property Owners


Keith Vallabh

Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Assoc


Glenn Wilcox

Independent Māori Statutory Board





Helen Moodie

  For absence


Trish Fordyce

For absence


Cr Penny Webster

For absence





Jill Naysmith, Franklin Local Board










The Chairperson welcomed panel members and provided a brief update on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan process.


1          Apologies


Resolution number RUR/2015/1

MOVED by Chairperson WB Cashmore, seconded by Deputy Chairperson South AQ Cole:  

That the Rural Advisory Panel:

a)         accept the apologies from Cr Penny Webster and from members Glenn Wilcox, Helen Moodie and Trish Fordyce for absence.




2          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


3          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number RUR/2015/2

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson North TP Grace, seconded by Member G Smith:  

That the Rural Advisory Panel:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Friday, 5 December 2014, as a true and correct record.



4          Additional Items for Consideration


            The following items were requested to be considered under Item 9 General Business:


·         Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Update

·         Chris Keenan - Update on the Horticulture NZ research activity, document on water priority

·         Keith Valabbh - Pukekohe Hill

·         Geoff Smith – Equestrian commentary.



Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development  Food and Beverage Sector Plan and Innovation Plan


Zahra Champion, Strategic Initiatives Manager Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Economic Growth and Wendy Voegelin, Growth Programme Specialist Industry Development Business Delivery & Customer Experience Economic Growth, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development were present to address the meeting.


A PowerPoint presentation was provided. A copy has been placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.



The Panel thanked Zahra Champion and Wendy Voegelin for their presentation.




a     6 March 2015 - Rural Advisory Panel - Item 4 ATEED Food and Beverage Sector Plan and Innovation Plan PowerPoint



Queensland Fruit Fly Update


Phil Brown, Land and Water Advisory Team Manager provided a verbal update on the Queensland fruit fly situation in Auckland







Long-Term Plan 2015-2025 Questions


Member G Wilcox entered the meeting at 1.54pm.



Discussion took place on the Long-Term Plan 2015-2025 process.





Heritage Incentives Approach


This item was deferred.





Kaipara River Update


A brief verbal update was provided.




10        General Business




Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) Update


Warren Maclennan, Manager Planning - North/West, Lead Officer Support – Rural Advisory Panel provided a brief update on the PAUP.


It was agreed that the Panel would be updated on this matter at each meeting.




Chris Keenan - update on the HortNZ research activity and to seek a document on water priority that has been associated with the Rural Advisory Panel be tabled and reviewed for broader support or opposition


Chris Keenan requested that a document on water priority, which seem to suggest an endorsement by the Panel, be brought before the Panel and its status be discussed to gain the Panel’s view. It was agreed that this would be followed up and researched by Warren Maclennan.




Keith Vallabh - Pukekohe Hill


Keith Vallabh raised the issue of a drainage problem on a private property in Pukekohe, highlighting that a weather event would cause a flooding problem. It was agreed that this matter would be followed up by Keith Vallabh and Alan Cole.







Geoff Smith - equestrian commentary


Geoff Smith updated the panel on this issue and it was agreed that this would be discussed at the next meeting with the emphasis on a collaborative approach.




Next meeting


Equestrian issue - ATEED, equine and parks

Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan interim guidance delivery

Chris Keenan – document on water priority

Heritage Incentives Approach – deferred from this meeting.


Meeting schedule


It was agreed that a six-weekly meeting cycle is required, not two-monthly.


Consequently, the 2015 meeting schedule has been rearranged and the new schedule is:


1 May

12 June

24 July

4 September

16 October

27 November.


Future items


Google Loom project  - Viv Dostine to provide information for follow up.







3.15 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.