I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Waitematā Local Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

6.00 pm

Jubilee Hall
545 Parnell Road


Waitematā Local Board









Shale Chambers


Deputy Chairperson

Pippa Coom



Christopher Dempsey



Greg Moyle



Vernon Tava



Rob Thomas



Deborah Yates



(Quorum 4 members)




Desiree Tukutama

Democracy Advisor


9 March 2015


Contact Telephone: (09) 307 6071

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Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



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Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Chairperson's Report


File No.: CP2015/03537




Executive Summary

Providing the Chair with an opportunity to update the local board and community on the projects and issues he and the Waitemata Local Board have been involved with since the last meeting.



Board Chair: Governance, Local and Civic Leadership, Board Strategy, Policy and Planning Leadership

Portfolios: Arts, Culture & Events (lead), Parks & Open Spaces (lead)

Positions: Waterfront Liaison, Heart of the City, Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

Committees: Finance and Grants, Central Facility Partnerships (chair)



That the Waitematā Local Board:

(a)     That the Chair’s Report be received.

(b)     That the Waitemata Local Board consider its position on any matter raised within this report.



Activities undertaken from 2 February to 1 March 2015

This report covers activities undertaken during the period from Monday 2 February to Sunday 1 March 2015.


Highlighted activities, projects and issues

There are some specific activities, projects and issues that I wish to highlight; some for board members’ interest and as appropriate, some for decision.


1        Introduction

The Board has experienced an extraordinarily busy month last month, with many summer events, Myers Centenary, Wharf Strategy and Ports debate and the launch of the Long Term Plan (10-Year Budget), with the beginning of the public consultations and Have Your Say events.

During this period, Board members also continued to progress existing and proposed Local Board Plan priorities and current and proposed Local Board Agreement local projects and community concerns in their respective portfolio areas, LIPs proposals, residents, business association and community advocacy, providing input to regional policies, plans and strategies in workshops and briefings, providing input into resource and landowner consent matters, and responding to constituent and media enquiries.


2          Local Board Office Residents and Ratepayers’ Concerns/Issues

Recent concerns addressed.

·    Constituent concerned about broken fence adjacent to Faro fresh car park Grey Lynn.  Would like fence removed completely.  AT and Parks have advised that the fence is not council property and have advised to get in touch with Faro’s directly.  Pippa Coom in touch with AT to get resolution as fence is on Greenways path. 

·    Concenrs received from constituent regarding excessive speeds on Curran Street. AT has installed a feedback sign to tell drivers how fast they are traveling but the constituent believes it is in the wrong place.  Site visit scheduled for 2nd March.

·    Concern received about a car dealership on Great North Road which is continually illegally parking cars on the pavement and in the bus stop and behaviour by the business towards the complainant. Issue has been escalated within AT.

·    Concerns from constituent regarding free camping in Point Erin Car Park.  A homeless person has been free camping at Point Erin Pool, but the car is not parked illegally.  New parking restrictions will come into force soon and AT will work closely with charities to help those living in the car park.

·    Concern from an inner city resident, regarding recent AT changes around the Britomart area and in particular the increase in pollution within the area.  Forwarded to AT for a response.

·    Concerns expressed by Ponsonby Business Association regarding state of Ponsonby Road footpath and the need for upgrade.  Site visit took place 16 February 2015 to discuss issues and options.

·    Enquiring from city centre resident about the old gas lamps at Myers Park and whether they could be restored and used.  Email forwarded with Parks to see if this would be feasible.


3 Shared Governance Engagement

3.1 Engagement with Mayor/Governing Body

Engagements with the Mayor/Governing Body this period have included:


·    Governing Body Parks, Recreation & Sport Committee, 135 Albert St, 10 February 2015 - to support our revised terms of reference and draft resolution amendments for the establishment of joint Governing Body/Waitemata Local board Auckland Domain Committee. Accepted unanimously.

·    Governing Body Auckland Development Committee, Town Hall, 12 February 2015 – to address Committee in open meeting on Wharves Strategy, and in closed session on Unitary Plan response to Ports zoning. Wharves strategy option 4 not yet adopted, with more work to be done, and zoning rules for Ports reclamation eased to discretionary by 9-8 vote.

·    Governing Body Extraordinary Auckland Development Committee, Town Hall, 26 February 2015 – in closed session a review of last decision on Unitary Plan response to Ports zoning. Zoning rules for Ports reclamation maintained at discretionary by 12-10 vote. Local Board request to address the meeting declined.



4 Board Strategies, Policy and Planning Update


4.1 Local Board Chairs’ Forum


The regular Local Board Chairs’ Forum is held on the third Monday of every month. All Board members receive the agenda and the action points from the previous meeting when Chairs receive this information.


4.2 Council’s Long Term Plan 2015-25 (10-Year Budget)



Auckland Council's10-year budget is now in the public feedback stage. This is also known as the long-term plan (LTP) 2015-25.

All councils are required by law to set a 10-year budget and review it every three years. It covers everything we do and how we pay for it. This includes services like:

·    fixing roads and footpaths

·    upgrading our stormwater systems

·    transforming Auckland’s town centres.

The previous long-term plan 2012-2022 was largely based on inherited budgets and projects from the former eight councils.

This budget is the first opportunity to develop a programme of work based on the priorities of the Auckland Plan; the 30-year vision for the region, which was adopted in the first term of the council.

Auckland Council aims to create a long-term plan that achieves balance between the right level of investment in our city’s future and keeping debt and rates fair and affordable for all Aucklanders.

Auckland is growing quickly, there is a lot for us to discuss as a city and decide on which is why your input on regional and local priorities is important.  The three main regional topics of discussion are: transport, housing and rates.


Developing a draft budget

The mayor delivered his proposal for the draft long-term plan in August.

Since then the Mayor and Councillors have worked with council staff to develop a 10-year programme of work based on a number of priorities identified for our region and the mayor’s proposed funding allocations.

In early November the Budget Committee made decisions regarding what would be included in the draft 10-year budget.


Having your say

All Aucklanders are encouraged to have their say on the 10-year budget. This commenced Friday 23 January and continues until 4pm, 16 March 2015.

During this period there have been a number of ways you could have your say depending on what suits you, including written, email, using our online survey, or in person at one of our ‘have your say’ events.

A consultation document that outlines detailed information on the big issues and changes included in the budget were made available from 23 January.

The document is available on shapeauckland.co.nz as well as in hard copy at local board offices, council service centres and libraries.

A document summarising the issues and changes we want your feedback were delivered to households at the start of consultation.  See shapeauckland.co.nz


Our vision for Waitematā is to foster vibrant, connected, healthy and thriving communities. Our priorities continue to focus on preserving our character areas, protecting heritage and enhancing our natural environment. We strive for an outstanding public transport system and a people-focused city centre that is easy and safe to walk and cycle around. We have limited budget and we need your help in working out what needs to be done first.

What you have told us

Through the consultation process on the Waitematā Local Board Plan 2014, you told us that the key priorities for Waitematā are to improve and increase public transport options, pedestrian and cycling connections; reinforce local character and ensure quality design that embraces heritage and enhancement of local centres and neighbourhoods; protect and enhance the natural environment; provide affordable cultural and community activities and events and increase provision of informal recreation. From these priorities, we developed initiatives for the next three years in our local board plan.

What we propose to do

Over the last four years we have delivered some significant projects, such as the re-development of Victoria Park skate park, Tepid Baths restoration, installation of Pt Resolution Bridge, completion of two artificial turfs at Seddon Fields, refurbishment of Ponsonby’s Studio One Toi Tū and ongoing restoration of Symonds Street Cemetery.

Council’s shared governance model means local boards make decisions on local issues, activities and the use of local facilities. Local boards develop a three-year local board plan as the basis of annual funding agreements with Council’s governing body (the mayor and the councillors). Local boards also advocate to the governing body on larger scale investments, regional programmes and policy issues such as rates.

To keep rates affordable, we need to plan sensibly for the future. The following key proposals have been prioritised for funding in the Long-term Plan 2015-2025:


·       redevelop Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall as a city centre community hub ($3.6m)

·       fund a performance and temporary art installation series ($100k)

·       fund local events such as Art in the Dark, Grey Lynn Festival, Festival Italiano and Parnell Festival of Roses ($120k)

·       complete the Weona Coastal Walkway ($1.4m)

·       initiate the Newmarket Laneways project ($500k).

2016 – 2025

·       fund a restoration and ecological project at Waipapa Stream ($64k)

·       complete the development of Newmarket Laneways ($3.5m)

·       fund local events, art and culture programmes (approximately $280k per annum)

·            complete the Western Springs Native Bush Restoration Plan ($150k).

Other proposals

We want to make you aware of some governing body proposals that will impact on Waitematā and hear from you on projects we should be advocating for that are currently unfunded.


Governing body proposals

·       introduce a city centre residential targeted rate of $57.50 per year on each city centre residence. This will contribute an additional $800k towards developing and upgrading amenity in the city centre

·       develop a regional Greenways Network Plan to provide safe and high amenity walking and cycling connections

·            the Auckland wide proposal to reduce and standardise library opening hours would result in reducing opening hours each week by three hours at Parnell Library, seven hours at Grey Lynn Library, three hours at Leys Institute and five hours at the Central City Library.

Local board advocacy for unfunded projects

·       prioritise sand-carpeting the Auckland Domain sports fields from the sports field and local park programme budget 

·       complete the Auckland Cycling Network by 2030 to meet the Auckland Plan target

·       create a wetland in Western Park to mitigate damage from storms

·      develop a Parnell Rail Station. 

Have Your Say Event


The Have Your Say event in the Waitemata Local Board area occurred on Wednesday 4 March, in the evening, at the Town Hall. It was attended by Pippa Coom, Deborah Yates, Vernon Tava, and Greg Moyle, as well Councillors Chris Darby, Dick Quax, Wayne Walker and John Watson, and led by me as Chair. Purpose of this event was to give people the opportunity to be heard by decision-makers on regional and local matters, and the Regional Land Transport Plan.


Most who participated found it useful to input into the process, although numbers could have been better.


Local Feedback Event


Purpose of these events was as additional engagement with local communities on local issues to inform the local board agreements. The following events have occurred or are planned:




Date - time


City-Centre focused event

A local event organised in partnership between the Waitemata Local Board and the City Centre Integration Team.

Wednesday 25 February, 6pm

Pioneer Women’s Hall

Parnell Community Committee and Parnell Inc hosted event

A local event co-hosted by Parnell Community Committee and Parnell Inc.

Thursday, 26 February, 6pm

Jubilee Hall, Parnell

Presentation to Grafton Residents Association

Waitemata Local Board presenting at GRA’s regular meeting.

Monday 9 March, 7pm

Grafton Hall, 40 Seafield View Road

Grey Lynn and Arch Hill Residents Associations hosted event

A local event co-hosted by Parnell Community Committee and Parnell Inc.

Wednesday, 11 March, 6pm

Grey Lynn Community Centre


4.3 Dog Access Bylaws Review


This year the Waitemata Local Boards is looking at selected dog access rules in our area and seeking community feedback.

The local board wants to encourage individuals to express their views on dog access rules at the selected locations in our community.

This is an informal consultation. If the local board proposes changes as a result of their surveys, there will be a formal consultation to discuss those proposed changes in June - July 2015.

This informal consultation opened on Monday March 2 and will close on Sunday March 22, 2015.

Links to an online survey for the local board was available on www.shapeauckland.co.nz page of Council’s website from March 2 onwards, until the closing date. 


5 Project Updates

5.1 Great North Road Pohutukawa

A story of how people power took on Auckland Transport and won. The Board stood with the community to seek Auckland Transport board support not to proceed with plans in Great North Road to cut down the 6 heritage Pohutukawa trees, and won. Auckland Transport decided not to accept the independent hearing panel's recommendation to proceed with a second slip lane that involves the cutting down of the tress. Another way will be found. That's what we said should happen all along. Well done Patrick Reynolds, Jolisa Gracewood, Christine Rose and Tricia Reade for your community advocacy. Well done Lester Levy, Clr Mike Lee and the AT board.

Attached and marked as Attachment A is my presentation on behalf of the Board. Thanks to Pippa Coom in particular for her hard work on this matter.

See also my March Ponsonby News column for the full background story.


5.2 Parnell Train Station



Parnell Station passed two significant milestones in February.  Approval from the Parks, Recreation and Sports Committee for construction access and works within the Domain, and funding approval from the Auckland Transport Board on a streamlined project, now without an overbridge to the Domain, to enable the Parnell Station to be built.

The heritage building that was the old Newmarket train station building, built in 2008, and put into storage a century later in 2008, after a fight by many to save it, will be reinstated as the Parnell Station building, sitting right in the Parnell Heritage Quarter.

The final point of risk; namely negotiations with Kiwirail over access to the site now seems to have been resolved to enable works to be commenced and completed this financial year. This project that we have long advocated for appears to have passed the final hurdle. 

Works are otherwise going to plan and the station civil works are expected to be completed by June 2015.

A heart felt acknowledgement and congratulations to our Councillor, Mike Lee, who has long advocated for this project and has done much to assist it over the line. Well done to the Parnell community for their consistent advocacy, which also helped make it happen. We as a local board played our part too.


5.3 Ports Issue



It was extremely disappointing to witness Auckland Council move away from its previous precautionary approach of non-complying status for Port reclamation to the more enabling fully notified discretionary status. This is especially so in the face of Ports recently gaining, on a non-notified basis, planning consent for significant wharf structure extensions from Bledisloe Wharf, scheduled for construction in April. Council argues that this is the same zoning as the remainder of the waterfront, but the end game is evident for all to see with the wharf extensions. Our local board position remains that any further extensions or reclamations should be paused until the Ports Study 2 has been completed, and any expansion plans can be measured against an integrated Auckland Inc. view of the social, environmental and economic costs and benefits of the Ports and its future expansion plans.


5.4 Parnell Baths Centenary Book

Sue Monk and Joanna Boileau of Parnell Heritage have completed the text of the Waitemata Local Board funded Parnell Baths Centenary book. It is undergoing final checking before design. An accurate timeframe for publication will be available at that point, with a launch eagerly anticipated following that. Well done Joanna and Sue.


6 Portfolio Updates

Arts, Culture & Events


6.1 Events

·    Events sub-Portfolio – Auckland Council monthly meeting last met 3 December 2014.

·    Events sub-Portfolio – ATEED bi-monthly meeting last met on 3 December 2014


6.1.1 Events Consultation

The Waitemata Local Board based events that Council Events or ATEED have consulted the local board on, for events occurring since February, are attached and marked as Attachment B.


6.1.2 Myers Park Centenary



The Local Board funded community supported 100th birthday celebrations for City Centre Myers Park took place on Sunday, 15 February 12pm – 4pm.  This free event had a large range of activities for the whole family.  Bands, stalls and a food market as well as children entertainment including a Punch Show by the Auckland Fringe Festival performers.


The event was preceded by a civic opening. The event was well attended and supported by the local community and a great success. Great to have Lucy Baragwanath, Chair Auckland City Centre Advisory Board, Kate Misa, President K Rd Business Association, and Sir Douglas Myers, grandson of founder, former Auckland Mayor, Arthur Myers joined me with speeches celebrating the park reaching 100 this year and launching the event. Thanks to all involved.



Hopefully this may be able to become an annual event, with ongoing community support. The revival of Myers Park as an inner city park has truly begun.


Attached and marked as Attachment C are my speech notes for the civic opening


6.2 Arts & Culture

The Arts & Culture sub-Portfolio monthly meeting last met in 2014.



6.2.1    Misery K’Rd Artworks




Tanja McMillan aka Misery and John Oz's 'Twist' and 'Thief' public artworks commissioned and funded by the Waitemata Local Board as a child-friendly arts project were installed and launched in Beresford Square and in K’Rd outside Rendalls last month in a lovely blessing. A real treat and hit with their intended audience; the young people of Auckland.


Attached and marked as Attachment D are my Chair’s blessing remarks.


6.2.2 Art in a Day



Art in a Day - Amanda Brett's $2,000 1st Prize winning painting.


Art in a took place on Saturday 21 February. The local board helped with seed funding through its Community Grants, with TSB Bank as core funder. Artists from the neighbouring suburbs of Parnell, Newmarket and Grafton came together to show off their talents and compete for some great prizes.  Artists in one day captured the essence of their chosen suburb through drawing, painting or media. Board member Greg Moyle was one of the judges of the competition.

Art in a Day – Cr Mike Lee with his talented wife, Jenny Lee, an entrant with her iconic St Stephens Ave, Parnell painting – between us on the bench - which picked up a Judges' Commendation.

The following Saturday was art judging night for Art in a Day. All 50 fabulous artworks were on display for sale by silent auction at Jubilee Hall in Parnell. Well done David Haigh for bringing the Italian concept to Parnell and making it happen. A true community event.


6.2.3 KBA GASP Mural on Myers Park Caretakers Cottage


The recently completed artwork by artist, GASP and funded by the K Road Business Association. Fabulous.

The Background to the caretakers collage with credit to Edward Bennet of the K Road Business Association.

‘This has been boarded up since a fire in 2005. This house was remodelled in 1913 when the park was created - it is the only structure dating from before the period the park was laid out - the other 13 houses were sold for removal. This house probably dates from as early as 1853. The earliest owner of the land was Baron De Theirry who sold the property to a Mr Masters around 1848. Masters sold it on to a Mr Dobson in the early 1850s which is probably when this house was constructed. That would make it the oldest wooden structure in central Auckland.’


As a local board we have the scoping of the future of the caretakers collage on the radar as part of Stage II of the Myers Park redevelopment project. It may make a perfect project for private support and contribution for its restoration and future community use.


6.2.3 Grey Lynn RSC WWI Centenary Mural

Waitemata Local Board gave $5,000 support under its Events Portfolio WWI Centenary budget to this project in February.

I had the honour on behalf of the Board of being part of the blessing and ribbon cutting to launch the fantastic and colourful new 2015 Anzac Day commemorative mural on the Grey Lynn RSC building by local artists Dan Tippett and DLT (aka Darryl Thompson). The blessing was given by Rev. Mua Strickson-Pua. The project was completed in good time for Anzac Day. Well done Grey Lynn RSC.

Local Board support for a project for the community, for people to learn from, and to enjoy for many years to come.

Attached and marked as Attachment E are my chair’s speech notes.

6.3  Parks & Open Spaces


·    The Parks & Open Space Portfolio last met 5 February 2015.


6.3.1 Parks Project


Much planning and preparation for various parks development plans, playground upgrades, and parks improvements has continued over the period.


Recent months have seen progress with the following projects, amongst other renewals:

·    Point Resolution Taurarua Development Plan. The plan is scheduled to be brought to the Board for approval in April 2015. Any works beyond renewals now require budget support.

·    Costley Reserve Playground upgrade project. Construction imminent.

·    Coxes Bay Walkway project. Construction imminent.

·    Weona-Westmere Coastal Walkway project, including receiving budget in the draft 2015-25 10-Year Budget to complete the project in 2016. Stage I of site clearance and fencing is scheduled to commence this year.

·    Grey Lynn Park Development Plan, including playground upgrades, and flying fox reinstatement. The draft plan is scheduled to be with the Board for approval for public consultation in April 2015. Any works beyond renewals will now require budget support. The Flying Fox reinstatement has budget support.

·    254 Ponsonby Road civic plaza/park. Community consultation was competed in 2014. The outcomes of the community consultation is scheduled to be reported back to the Board in April. A decision on which option to support will then determine what budget support from the Governing Body any preferred option will require.

·    Western Park Development Plan, including playground upgrade and flying fox reinstatement, and stormwater wetlands proposal. The draft plan is with the Board for approval fro public consultation on this month’s agenda. In the interim the toilet replacement and re-siting has taken place under Council’s renewals programme. The flying fox reinstatement, some playground replacement, lighting and pathway renewal can occur under existing renewal budgets, but further development will require budget support. This development plan once approved is a priority for the Board going forward.


6.3.2 Other Projects


… and in the meantime, small things keep happening.


The latest community library in Brown Reserve in Ponsonby.


6.4 Auckland City Centre Advisory Board


The Board last met in 25 February 2015.


Attached and marked as Attachment F is the January 2015 Projects Progress Report.


The Board is progressing the following projects not impacted by the CRL for completion by 2015/16:

·    $1m for the Beach Road Stage II Public Space upgrade.

·    $2.7 m for the Freyberg Square Upgrade.

·    $2m for the Myers Park Stage II upgrade, including the underpass link to Aotea Square, Mayoral Drive accessway, and park improvement to parking for Myers Park Kindergarten.

·     $1m to improve Poynton Place and its connections to Myers Park and K Road as per the outcomes of the Karangahape Road Plan.

· $1m for development and implementation of city centre way finding strategy.


7 In the Press Update

Some of the activities from the last report of local Board activities were as follows:

(more next month)


7.1 Community Leadership

·    The Hobson, February edition – Chair/Board’s monthly report.


Copies are attached and marked as Attachment G.


·  Ponsonby News, March 2015 edition – “Chair’s Waitemata Local Board Report”. Chair, Board, monthly report.


    Copies are attached and marked as Attachment H.



8 Meetings/Events

In addition to responsibilities in constituency work and community engagement, and any matters noted above, I have undertaken the following Portfolio or Board Chair responsibilities:



8.1 Community & Civic Leadership:


·    Meeting with Warren Wilson re consultation, 5 February 2015

·    Waitemata Local Board Business Meeting, 10 February 2015

·    Ponsonby Road Walk About with Ponsonby Business Association, Ponsonby Road, 16 February 2015



·    Led Citizenship Ceremony, Auckland Town Hall, 16 February 2015

·    Addressed Auckland Transport Board Meeting, HSBC, 1 Queen Street, 20 February 2015

·    Friends Of Symonds Street Cemetery monthly meeting, 24 February 2015

·  City Centre 10 year budget community consultation event - Pioneer Women's Hall, 25 February 2015

·  Parnell (East) Local 10 year budget community consultation event, Jubilee Building, 26 February 2015


·  Ministry of Primary Industries Queensland Fruit Fly response site visit, Forward Headquarters, 18 Frost Road, Mt Roskill, 27 February 2015


8.2 Board Leadership


·    Art in the Dark sponsorship application, 2 February 2015

·    Weekly update with Relationship Manager, 2 February 2015

·    Engagement Catch up, 2 February 2015

·    LTP Consultation briefing on key issues for local board members, Reception Lounge, Level 2 Town Hall, 3 February 2015

·    Waitemata Local Board Workshop - Low Carbon Action Plan, Auckland Transport Update, 3 February 2015

·    Preliminary LB Governance / Finance discussion, 135 Albert Street, 4 February 2015

·    Parks Portfolio Monthly Meeting, 5 February 2015

·    Water and Wastewater Bylaw Review, 5 February 2015

·    Central local board cluster briefing on draft Corporate Sponsorship Operational Guidelines, 35 Albert Street, 8 February 2015

·    Meeting with Auckland Transport on Pohutukawa tree issue at Gt North Road, HSBC House, 1 Queen Street, 8 February 2015

·    Governing Body Parks, Recreation & Sport Committee, 135 Albert, 10 February 2015

·    Alcohol Ban Review, 10 February 2015

·    Briefing on the New Zealand International Convention Centre, 11 February 2015

·    Finance Committee & LIPs Portfolio Meeting, 11 February 2015

·    Weekly update with Relationship Manager, 16 February 2015

·    Engagement Catch up, 16 February 2015

·    Waitemata Local Board Workshop - Alcohol Ban Review, Western Springs MOTAT Precinct, Western Park Draft Development Plan, K Road Cycling and Walking Workshop, 17 February 2015

·    St Luke’s Interchange Design, 17 February 2015

·    Representation Review Working Party, 135 Albert Street, 17 February 2015

·    Symonds Street Cemetery Signage, 18 February 2015

·    ATEED Pilot Engagement Plan for Economic Development, 18 February 2015

·    Events Portfolio - AC - monthly meeting, 18 February 2015

·    Myers Park Stage II, 19 February 2015

·    Finance Committee, 19 February 2015

·    Central Facility Partnerships Committee Workshop Briefing, 20 February 2015

·    Weekly update with Relationship Manager, 23 February 2015

·    Local Board Chairs Meeting, 135 Albert Street, 23 February 2015

·    Local Board Chairs Meeting with Stephen Town, 135 Albert Street, 23 February 2015

·    Local Board Chairs focus group: Role of local boards and AT in place-making, 135 Albert Street, 23 February 2015

·    Waitemata Local Board Workshop - Point Resolution Taurarua Development Plan, Grey Lynn Development Plan, Six Monthly Report, 254 Ponsonby Road - Consultation Outcomes, 24 February 2015

·    LTP Central Community Events run-through, 25 February 2015

·    RLTP Feedback, 25 February 2015

·    Engagement Catch up, 25 February 2015

·    Meeting with Mayor Len Brown, Mayor’s Office, 135 Albert St, 25 February 2015 about Board accommodation

·    Meeting with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, 135 Albert St, 25 February 2015 about Wharves Strategy and Ports


8.3 Events, including Civic


·    Launch of Twist & Thief by Tanja McMillian (Misery) & John Oz, K Road, 12 February 2015

·    Auckland Theatre Company Opening night of The Ladykillers, Maidment Theatre, 14 February 2015

·    Myers Park Centennial Celebration, Myers Park, 15 February 2015



·    Opening of New cycleway Harbour Bridge to Wynyard Quarter, St Mary's Beach, Westhaven Drive, 16 February 2015

·    Auckland Pride Parade GlamStand, Western Park, 21 February 2015



·    Volvo - Opening Ceremony, Te Wero Island, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, 27 February 2015

·    Auckland Lantern Festival 2015 Function, Auckland Art Gallery, 27 February 2015



·    Auckland Lantern Festival 2015 Opening Ceremony, Albert Park, 27 February 2015

·    Blessing and ribbon cutting of the Grey Lynn RSC Anzac Commemoration Mural, Grey Lynn, 28 February 2015

·    Art in a Day prize giving, Parnell Community Centre, 28 February 2015



8.4 City Centre Economic Development

(Heart of the City & Auckland City Centre Advisory Board)




·    Heart Of The City Special Meeting, 26 Lorne Street, 4 February 2015

·    Heart Of The City Committee Meeting, 26 Lorne St, 11 February 2015

·    Heart Of The City Committee Meeting, 26 Lorne St, 16 February 2015

·    Auckland City Centre Advisory Board, 25 February 2015







Auckland Transport Board meeting Pohutukawa Presentation



Council/ATEED events have consulted on, for events occuring from February 2015



Myers Park Centenary Celebration Chair's Speech Notes



Misery Artworks Blessing Chair's Speech Notes



Grey Lynn RSC Mural Blessing Chair's Speech Notes



Auckland City Centre Advisory Board January Projects Progress Report



The Hobson, Chair's February 2015 Local Board Column



Ponsonby News, 'Chair's Waitemata Local Board Report" - March 2015





Shale Chambers, Chair, Waitemata Local Board



Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Waitematā Local Board

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Waitematā Local Board

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Waitematā Local Board

10 March 2015



Waitematā Local Board

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