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Wednesday 8 April 2015


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9.1       Rendt Gorter - Aotea Family Support Group

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Great Barrier Local Board

08 April 2015



Great Barrier Local Board

08 April 2015








March 2015


Wed 4:             Local Board Office day. Paperwork catch up.


Sat 7:               Attended a rabbit meeting with current contractor and other parties to “school up” on this voracious grazer. Learnt many things, but the most poignant was the 3C’s…. Control, Consistency, and Co-operation. WE can do the control, we’re not consistent enough, and we need 100% access to affected areas, which we DON’T have for co-operation. Unsupported actions by stakeholders, funded by our rate payers needs to be addressed, and will be bought up at a workshop. This will eventually be done on-island.


Mon 9:             Stephen Town visit. Good to catch up with one of the men in charge. Very intuitive, well researched and aware of our islands uniqueness. That being said, tight times ahead.


Wed 11:           Monthly business meeting held in Auckland. Pretty good turnout, and then had the Have your say event, with part-time residents. Sandhills road was an issue once again. Best speaker was Nicola McDonald, chairperson of NRNWA Trust Board, vehemently denying support for any initiative to increase hardship, and poor baseline for all island residents and ratepayers.


Thurs 12:         Workshops in Auckland before flying home in the late afternoon. Seachange, Sealink, and broadband were my standouts. Good honest, open and informed discussions……it’s all about relationships.


Sat 14:             Have your say Port FitzRoy….thank you all for an amazing turn-out. Issues that resonated with me were solid waste fees, extending the road seal to Kaiaraara Bay Road, and absolutely the Abattoir. Our community is getting bang for their buck, with a highly visible, receptive, respectful and inclusive Local Board. Your needs and concerns are also ours. Please keep talking to us.


Mon 16:           Cyclone Pam…we battened down the hatches, and the island was OK. However, this cost us the Ultimate Waterman which incidentally was won by Daniel Kereopa. Judy attended the Hauraki Gulf Forum in my stead as she was in town and would save the rate payer money (more to follow).


Sat 21:             Attended Board funded event, the Weetbix Triathlon, with 15 children from Okiwi School. Thank you Aotea, and the Local Board for money well spent. I believe these experiences are essential for children who don’t get access to MASS participation events


Wed 25:           Local Board Environment Committee Workshop. Update as to where we are at with solid waste subsidies for the island, and they are working hard to bring that scary $1700 down and they are getting there. Great to hear from Shirley Johnson, towards our community conversation towards our environment. We are in great hands…..please give Shirley and her working Partner on this venture, Maree McEntee your support, ideas, and let’s see where it leads


Thurs 26:         Motairehe playground. Had local children give input to plans for the renewal of the park. Interesting to see the young give voice and then make a choice. To gain one, yet lose another, made for interesting discussion. Gary Wilton is a credit to his organisation….thanks mate. Unable to stay full length due to very ill uncle, Lance McGregor…….Toku arohatinonui kia koe matua


Sat 7:               After attending course, travelled to Okiwi to check out the local crews doing burrow fumigation……go hard guys. We have the skills on island and now we need the necessary paperwork and credentials on island. Later travelled to Port FitzRoy to catch up with locals there and they were very happy with seeing Izzy and Sue….thank you. 


Tues10 and Fri 13:


Time spent getting on island support for the Ultimate Waterman. Support was gained from excited Local Board, both Marae for Powhiri, and Okiwi School for the children, to support as they always do. To those less enthusiastic toward the event…..we should remember that an event like this promotes our island, our businesses, our economic development, and our people. On a Marae, you will among other things be judged by your manaaki. This could have been an opportunity for a showcase of the BEST, for not only visitors but for our children. I hope it was only the weather that kept them away, as we did get the best waves in NZ………and could have seen locals on Red Bull Sports TV……it’s all about relationships!!!!!!


Sat 14:             Had youth contribute towards conversation. Okiwi Hardstand. Our young adults  advised that they would be happy with a concrete pathway that they could skate, rollerblade and ride on would be a better start than a half pipe of any size. This would give all ages a play space




Dust suppressants are as always on the radar and Chris is organising a meeting with Sandhill residents to this end. Storm remediation is getting there…..please keep doing the great work

Hauraki Gulf Forum:

Unable to attend as stayed on Aotea to assist Ultimate Waterman. Judy had a great meeting and addressed items on our behalf, submitted papers for the Crayfish fisheries, and I believe served us well……thanks Judy…..Tu tonu mo o whakaaro.


CONCLUSION: a good month



Kia ora koutou



Naku noa, na Jeff Cleave