Meeting Room:



Thursday 9 April 2015


Manurewa Local Board Office
7 Hill Road


Manurewa Local Board






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14        Portfolio Update

A.      2 April 2015 Built and Natural Environment portfolio catch-up notes                    3

16        Auckland Transport Update – April 2015

A.      Local Board Transport Capital Fund - Financial Update for the Manurewa Local Board                                                                                                                                5

B.      Aerial map of Kirton Crescent, William Avenue, Claymore Street and Coles Place with indicative locations of speed humps                                                                      7

C.      Drawing of a typical (sinusoidal) speed hump                                                       9

Manurewa Local Board

09 April 2015



Built and Natural Environment Portfolio Minutes


What:              Meeting with Manurewa Local Board Built and Natural Environment portfolio holders

Where:            Manurewa Local Board Office, 7 Hill Road, Manurewa

When:             Thursday, 2 April 2015, 12.00 pm.

Present:         Angela Cunningham-Marino (Portfolio Lead), Danella McCormick (Portfolio Deputy), Varsha Belwalkar (Relationship Advisor Infrastructure and Environmental Services) John Adams (Senior Local Board Advisor) and David Hopkins (Local Board Advisor)




Who to Action


Follow up from previous meeting

Varsha reported on specific actions from the previous meeting.




Weymouth Beach update


Stormwater working together with the Wastewater team has identified, by using smoke detection and CCTV cameras, that there is one illegal connection from two properties putting residential waste water into the stormwater system that flows into the Manukau Harbour near Weymouth beach. Building Compliance team is sending a letter to property owners prior to issuing formal notices to rectify. Varsha will advise Board of progress.

Once Compliance advises that the matter is rectified, Environmental Services will again arrange for the testing of the water quality at the beach. This is likely to take a further 4 months. Varsha will advise Board of progress

Once beach water quality is regarded as suitable for swimming, the Safe  Swim beach monitoring programme will be notified to include Weymouth in its regular inspections of water quality at Beaches.

It may take longer before it is safe to eat seafood gathered near the beach.

The Board would like to consider a reopening blessing occasion as a further way of involving the community in the restoration of Weymouth beach. Communications team are to be advised.













Maintenance of stormwater pipes


Members requested a Memo briefing the Board on the overall maintenance of the stormwater pipes in Manurewa as they may need to advocate on this concern. How often are the major pipes checked and what is the nature of the checks? Is there any renewal or major maintenance planned in Manurewa in the next three years?







Plants vandalised


Plants planted by the Randwick Park school and Waicare have been vandalised/stolen. After extensive investigation no further information has been revealed.

Consequently the next plantings have been planned to go from the existing plantings down towards the stream rather than further along the banks. These new plantings will be less conspicuous. They will also be sedge grasses which bend in flood and thus do not obstruct the flow. They will help cool the stream and protect the fish and life in the water. 






Industry Pollution Prevention Programme (IPPP)


Board will consider a report on Thursday 9th April.

The recommendation from Environmental Services would be to at least commit $15,000.




Work Programming


Varsha tabled a draft for the work programme. Members reviewed and confirmed the draft is ready to go to a board workshop. Varsha will finalise the draft and circulate it. John will arrange a time for the board to consider the draft work programme in a workshop.








Stormwater Network Discharge Consent Local Priorities


Members agreed to hear in portfolio first about the Stormwater Network Discharge Consent Local Priorities. This matter to go to board workshop subsequently. Portfolio meeting usual time 2.30 pm Thursday April 16. TBC Workshop time to be arranged.










Manurewa Local Board

09 April 2015



Manurewa Local Board

09 April 2015



Manurewa Local Board

09 April 2015