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Manurewa Local Board

11 June 2015



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17        Renaming the walkway between the Botanic Gardens, leading up to Orams Rd, opposite Peguero Place, as Pedestal Lane                                                                                 5   



Manurewa Local Board

11 June 2015



Renaming the walkway between the Botanic Gardens, leading up to Orams Rd, opposite Peguero Place, as Pedestal Lane


File No.: CP2015/11143





1.       The purpose of this report is to seek approval from the Manurewa Local Board, to rename the eastern section of Peguero Place, Manurewa.

Executive Summary

2.       Auckland Council has road naming guidelines that set out the requirements and criteria of the Council for proposed road names.  These requirements and criteria have been applied in this situation to ensure consistency of road naming for the Auckland Council.

3.       Local iwi groups were consulted and Ngai Tai ki Tamaki  responded indicating the proposed name was not supported and the alternative name Mai Totara ki Puhinui was suggested.

4.       Following assessment against the road naming criteria, the road name “Pedestal Lane” was determined to meet the road naming guidelines criteria.   The name Mai Totara ki Puhunui was determined not to meet the road naming guidelines criteria.

5.       The name Pedestal Lane is recommended for approval to the Local Board.



That the Manurewa Local Board, pursuant to section 319(1)(j) of the Local Government Act 1974, considers for the approval, the road name “Pedestal Lane”, proposed by the Applicant, for the eastern section of Peguero Lane located between Eugenia Rise and Everglade Drive.




6.       The Auckland Council Road Naming Guidelines allowed that where a road is requested to be re-named, parties shall be given the opportunity of suggesting their preferred new road name for the Local Board’s approval.

7.       Peguero Place currently is two parts separated by Eugenia Rise.  The northern section of Peguero Place is lined with residential homes.  The eastern section of Peguero Place between Eugenia Rise and Everglade Drive is a walkway, along an unformed road, with no attached residential addresses.   This section, while a walkway, is designated as road.  For this reason, the Local Board must be involved in the re-naming of the road

8.       The Applicant (P Dilley) has proposed the following names for consideration. 










Proposed New Road Name


Applicant Preferred Name


Pedestal Lane

Commemorates Operation Pedestal.  This was the name of a relief convoy to Malta which sailed in August 1942.  Only five of the original fourteen merchant ships arrived in Malta.   The escorting naval contingent lost an aircraft carrier, 2 light cruisers and one destroyer with damage to a further aircraft carrier and two light cruisers.  In total, 400 Allied lives were lost.  Of the five vessels that made it to Malta, one was the tanker Ohio.  It was the fuel on board the Ohio that enabled the defence of Malta to continue and it is argued was instrumental in the subsequent defeat of the Afrika Korps.

Ray Peguero, served on board the SS Port Chalmers during Operation Pedestal, one of the five merchant ships to survive. 

Iwi suggestion

Mai Totara ki Puhunui

The place where the Totara stand by the Puhunui Stream.


Figure One: Location and Layout of new Road





Decision Making

9.       The Auckland Council, by way of the Auckland Council Long Term Plan (2012 - 2022), allocated the responsibility for the naming of roads, pursuant to section 319(1)(j) of the Local Government Act 1974, to Local Boards.


10.     The Applicant’s proposed road names have been assessed against the criteria set out in the Auckland Council road naming guidelines;


Criteria Assessment


Meets road naming guideline criteria

Mai Totara ki Puhunui

Does not meet criteria as proposed name is too long for a lane. That short roads should have short names.

It is also not consistent with the general requirement that the name be less than three words (including suffix) and also less than 25 characters. This requirement can, however, be waived for Te Reo names.


11.     The use of the suffix “Lane” is appropriate in the circumstances and location.

12.     As the Applicant’s preferred name (Pedestal Lane) meets the criteria, it is recommended for consideration for approval.



Significance of Decision


13.     The decision sought from the Manurewa Local Board for this report does not trigger any significant policy and is not considered to have any immediate impact on the community.

Maori impact statement

14.     The decision sought from the Manurewa Local Board on this report is linked to the Auckland Plan Outcome, “A Maori identity that is Auckland’s point of difference in the world”. The use of Maori names for roads, buildings and other public places is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate Maori identity.



15.     Consultation was undertaken with nine iwi groups with only one iwi responding.  Ngai Tai ki Tamaki responded stating: 

Kia Ora

We do not support the proposed name.  Our name suggestion in lieu of ither iwi engaging in this invite is; Mai Totara ki Puhunui.

James Brown

Ngai Tai ki Tamaki

16.     The President of the NZ Maori Battalion Association expressed support for the proposed name change to Pedestal Lane.

17.     The family of Ray Peguero, for whose family Peguero Place was named, were consulted.  Comments supportive of the proposal were received and no objection to the proposal were raised.

18.     Where roads are being renamed, the Road Naming Guidelines suggest that a minimum of 75 per cent of land owners must be in agreement to the name change.  As the eastern section of Peguero Place has no address sites, this requirement is not relevant.

19.     New Zealand Post responded that “I can see no postal problems with the name “Pedestal Lane”.

20.     The Applicant has previously presented to the Manurewa Local Board on the background, history and rationale for the proposed name change.

Financial and Resourcing Implications

21.     The cost of processing the approval of the proposed new road name and any installation of road name signage is recoverable in accordance with Council’s Administrative Charges.

Legal and Legislative Implications

22.     The decision sought from the Manurewa Local Board for this report is not considered to have any legal or legislative implications.


23.     The Resource Consenting Team is involved in ensuring that appropriate road name signage will be installed accordingly once an approval is obtained for the new road name.



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Gayatri Devi - Resource Consent Administrator


Ian Smallburn - General Manager Resource Consents

Rex Hewitt - Relationship Manager