I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Rural Advisory Panel will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Friday, 24 July 2015


Room 1 & 2, Level 26
135 Albert Street, Auckland

Rural Advisory Panel





Cr Bill Cashmore

Franklin Ward Councillor

Deputy Chairperson South

Alan Cole

Franklin Local Board Member

Deputy Chairperson North

Thomas Grace

Rodney Local Board Member


Marie Appleton

Rural Women NZ


Bill Bourke

Aggregate & Quarry Assoc


Wendy Clark

Federated Farmers


Viv Dostine

Northern Equine


Trish Fordyce

NZ Forest Owners Assoc


Richard Gardner

Federated Farmers


Chris Keenan

Horticulture NZ


Brian Mason

Landowners & Contractors Protection Assoc Inc


Callum McCallum

Aquaculture Industry


Andrew McKenzie

Beef and Lamb NZ


Bill Millar



Helen Moodie

Dairy NZ


Roger Parton

Rural Contractors NZ and

Aggregate & Quarry Assoc


Geoff Smith

Equine Industry


Peter Spencer

NZ Forest Owners Association


Bronwen Turner

Western Rural Property Owners


Keith Vallabh

Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Assoc


Cr Penny Webster

Rodney Ward Councillor


Glenn Wilcox

Independent Māori Statutory Board

(Quorum 10 members)



Elaine Stephenson

Democracy Advisor


13 July 2015


Contact Telephone: (09)890 8117

Email: elaine.stephenson@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






·         To identify and communicate to the Council the interest and preferences of the rural based industries and rural communities of Auckland in relation to:


-       the content of the strategies, policies, plans, and bylaws of the Council, and

-       any matter that the Panel considers to be of particular interest or concern to the rural based industries and rural communities of Auckland.


·         To advise the Mayor and the Council’s Governing Body and local boards, of the Council processes and mechanisms for engagement with the rural based industries and communities in Auckland.


·         To deliver recommendations for accelerating the social, economic, environmental and cultural performance of the rural part of the Auckland Council region.





To provide a forum for consideration of issues affecting the rural part of the Auckland Council area and recommendations to Council including (but not limited to):


·           Driving economic growth

·           Food and fibre production and associated food and beverage processing (value adding) and equine based activities

·           Research and development support

·           Environmental resource issues including quarrying and aggregate production

·           Ecological, landscape and coastal values

·           Service delivery

·           Rural infrastructure, including transport

·           Biosecurity

·           Amenities and open space

·           Transport

·           Rating.




Rural Advisory Panel

24 July 2015



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                       

1          Apologies

            An apology for lateness has been received from Chris Keenan.                                     

2          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                    

3          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                                

4          Additional Items for Consideration                                                                              

5          Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan update - Earthworks Provisions (12.40 – 12.55pm)

            Michael Parsonson, Director, Southern Skies Environmental Ltd.

6          Natural Heritage Provisions and Incentivisation (12.55 – 1.25pm)

Jenny Fuller, Team Leader Biodiversity & Coastal Strategy.


7          Covenant Monitoring Programme (1.25 – 1.40pm)

Rachel Kelleher, Biodiversity Manager.


8          Ballance Awards (1.40 – 1.50pm)

Phil Brown, Land and Water Advisory Team Manager.


9          Catchment Management (1.50 – 2.20pm)

Gael Ogilvie, Manager Environmental Services.


10        Nutrient Management (2.20 – 2.50pm)

Phil Brown, Land and Water Advisory Team Manager, and Chris Keenan.


11        General Business