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11        Towards an Aotea Quarter Framework – Consultation Document

A.      Aotea Quarter Framework Summary                                                                    3

B.      Aotea Quarter Framework                                                                                     9

C.      Aotea Quarter Framework Boundary                                                                101    

Auckland Development Committee

13 August 2015



Attachment A - Towards an Aotea Quarter Framework, Summary Consultation Document (basic text version)



Help shape the Aotea Quarter


Towards the Aotea Quarter Framework - Consultation Summary




The vision for the Aotea Quarter

“The Aotea Quarter is the arts, culture and civic heart for the people of Auckland-Tamaki Makaurau:

A vibrant, resilient and unique place to indulge the senses, express creativity, and celebrate our indigenous & diverse cultures”


“Ko te Aotea Quarter te pūmanawa o ngā mahi toi, mahi ā-iwi, ā-tāone hoki mō ngā tāngata o Tāmaki Makaurau:

He wāhi hihiko, manahau me tōna kotahi nei, e whāngai nei i te hinengaro, e hua ai te wairua waihanga me te whakanui i ngā tini rerekētanga o ā tātou tikanga ā-iwi taketake, iwi kē rānei.”


Auckland is experiencing one of the most exciting periods of growth and change in its history. It is evolving from a small city on the world stage to becoming a well-recognised mid-sized city renowned for its quality of life, giving it the opportunity to grasp what already makes it great and address some of the challenges and issues that hold it back.

One part of the city now ready to meet its potential is the Aotea Quarter – made up of Aotea Square itself and the blocks surrounding it. Much has been achieved over the past decade, with new and enhanced cultural facilities such as the Q Theatre and the award-winning Auckland Art Gallery, upgraded spaces including Queen Street, Aotea Square, Lorne Street, Khartoum Place and Bledisloe Lane, the first stage of improvements to Myers Park and the establishment of a lively events programme.  Thousands of people have made this area their home.


However there is still plenty of untapped potential, including several underused council sites, and this potential is growing. In the years ahead, the area will become increasingly well-connected by public transport – by bus, train and potentially light rail – making it better able to fulfil its role as the civic and cultural heart for all of Auckland.

City Centre Quarters with an energy and pulse are places to which people gravitate. They cannot be manufactured but their foundations can be put in place and nurtured. This is an opportunity to be bold, to embrace the rich history of this complex area and to unlock an exciting future.


Shaping the Aotea Quarter Framework


The Aotea Quarter Framework will update and advance the strategic direction set down in the Aotea Quarter Plan and more recently the City Centre Masterplan in 2012.  This summary and the full consultation document have been developed in discussion with many of the key stakeholders, outlining the main issues and opportunities affecting the area and presenting key ideas. Reflecting the change already happening and the transformation yet to occur, it will provide the strategic vision for the next 20 years.


Your views will help shape the final framework when it is published at the end of 2015. This will be used to inform future direction, decision-making and investment in the quarter, guiding the work of the council family and its partners.


Go to  to read the full consultation document and details about what’s proposed.




Feedback form

Have your say on the draft Aotea Quarter Framework

The full consultation document sets out four outcomes for the quarter in more detail. We want your input to help achieve those outcomes. Please give us your views by Wednesday 30 September 2015.


Future Outcome One: Te Aronganui – Tahi

The quarter as the enduring home for the arts, culture, entertainment and civic life, creating a unique destination experience. 

1.           What events or activities (large or small) have you enjoyed in and around the Aotea Quarter? What else would you like to see? What would you prefer not to see?


2.           How would you like to see the quarter fulfil its potential as the creative, civic and cultural heart for all of Auckland (for example types of businesses, design, activities)?


Future Outcome Two: Te Aronganui - Rua

Liveable, vibrant and diverse inner-city neighbourhoods, engaging with and supporting the quarter core. 

3.           If you live - or would like to live - in the Aotea Quarter, what amenities or facilities would you like to see in the area? What would encourage more children and their families to live near or visit the area?


4.           Which parts of the Quarter should be made:

a.   better for pedestrians? 

b.   better for people cycling?

c.   safer?


Please identify on the map and state how these areas could be improved.




5.           What, if anything, could the council and its partners do to assist rough sleepers in the area?


Future Outcome Three: Te Aronganui - Toru

A public transport node that improves accessibility, supports growth and enables high-quality development.


6.           The council owns several sites around Aotea Square, including uncovered surface car parks and the Civic Administration Building surrounds. How do you think these sites could be better used to help realise the area’s potential?


Future Outcome Four: Te Aronganui - Wha

Spaces and buildings that lead and showcase Auckland’s drive for sustainability and celebrate its unique cultural identity, through the Te Aranga Māori design principles.

7.           How and where would you like to see the quarter showcase Auckland's:

a.   Māori identity?

b.   other cultural identities?

c.   commitment to sustainability?



8.           Any other comments or feedback on other aspects of the Aotea Quarter?



Demographic questions:

Age, gender, LB area


Are you…

Male, female, gender diverse, I prefer not to say


What is your age?

U14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-74, 75 and over, I prefer not to say


Which of the following ethnic groups do you belong to? Please select all that apply

NZ European, Maori, Cook Islands Maori, Niuean, Fijian, Southeast Asian, Korean, Other Asian, Latin American, Other European, Samoan, Tongan, Tokelauan, Other Pacific Peoples, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, African, Other please specify, I prefer not to say 


Which area do you live in?

Within the Waitematā Local Board area (Parnell to Westmere), Elsewhere in Auckland, Elsewhere in NZ, Overseas, I prefer not to say 





Feedback open Wednesday, 2 September and must be received by 4pm, Wednesday 30 September 2015. If you have any questions, please email




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Auckland Development Committee

13 August 2015



Auckland Development Committee

13 August 2015