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Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

20 August 2015



Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board

20 August 2015



Future Auckland Leaders Programme 2015

Volcanic Field Project: Otahuhu Pilot


Project Introduction


The Future Auckland Leaders programme is a two-year leadership programme which develops leadership skills for mid-career professionals.  It is run by Committee for Auckland and focuses on developing individual's connectedness and their understanding of city and civic leadership.  All participants share a belief in, and commitment to, helping make Auckland one of the great places to live, work and play. In the second year of the programme, participants deliver a legacy project that seeks to benefit Auckland beyond the completion of the leadership programme. This project needs to be complete and delivered by 30th October 2015.


Our Project team:

·    Elizabeth Cotton Head of Human History, Auckland War Memorial Museum

·    Rachael Davies – Head of Content & Interpretation, Auckland War Memorial Museum

·    Austin Kim – Strategic Advisor – Diversity, Auckland Council

·    Tim O’Halloran – Business Transformation Manager, Mighty River Power

·    Helen Ross – Group Services Manager, University of Auckland

·    Graham Tipene –  Cultural Advisor Māori, Counties Manukau District Health

·    William Ulugia – Regional Labour Market Manager, Ministry of Social Development

·    Stefan Winstanley – Commercial Asset Manager, Kiwi Property


Our legacy project aims to develop a model that organisations and local communities can use to tell the stories of local Maunga across our city. We have identified Ōtāhuhu as our site for a pilot project and, in collaboration with the community, we have designed our project around their needs to collect and tell the cultural and community stories of this Maunga.


Through this project, we aim to engage Aucklanders and visitors to Auckland in the amazing stories about the unique landscape this city is built on, Māori and Pākehā culture, archaeology, heritage, geology and botany; it will pull together these stories into accessible formats and information and make them widely available.

Ultimately our project aim is to help reveal the mana of the site through community engagement with the Maunga.







What will we create: Project strands and outputs


The following are our current project strands.


1.    Youth Theatre workshops.

A series of three Youth Theatre Workshops with Massive Theatre company, working with young people from the Performing Arts Department at McAuley High School, on the knowledge and stories of Ōtāhuhu. Creating a series of theatre ‘stories’ or vignettes that will be filmed  and screened through social media channels.

Funding: In place from Auckland Council Creative Communities grant; funding for additional expenses being sought.

Timing: Due to happen August and September



2.    NZ Book Council Project with Ōtāhuhu Intermediate School. 

We have facilitated visiting experts, from mana whenua and Auckland Museum on geology, botany and archaeology, whom have met with students on a visit to the Maunga of Ōtāhuhu. Students are now in the process of creating Ōtāhuhu-related stories that will be published as part of an existing Book Council project, working with Paula Morris, nationally acclaimed NZ author. We will publish these stories on our website. We would also like to film the visit to the Maunga for use on the website.

Funding: NZ Book Council, and in-kind support from iwi and Auckland Museum

Timing: Now end-August.

Input requested: Feedback welcome.


3.    Maunga Clean Up Day, with Ōtāhuhu Rugby League Club.

We are planning a clean-up day on the Maunga in conjunction with the Otahuhu League Club and Scott De Silva, Manager of Volcanic Cones, Auckland Council who will assist us in putting on the day. This event will be part of the Auckland Heritage festival, aiming to bring in the community of Ōtāhuhu. We will also be filming this event, and show the film and photos on our website.

Funding: Some commercial sponsorship has been promised, with in-kind from sports clubs.

Timing. Saturday 3rd October.

Input requested: We are in need ~$800.00 for protective gloves


4.    Film. Jin Hong, Multimedia Producer at AUT, has agreed to work with us to create a series of film clips or a film documenting the stories of Ōtāhuhu.

Funding: Offer of low cost filming, with expenses to be sought from sponsorship/donation.

Timing: August/September 2015.

Input requested: Feedback welcome.


5.      Online Stories. We hope to be able to include written stories and history on our Blog from different experts, including mana whenua and other community sources, funding allowing. We envisage that all blog content will be available under Creative Commons licensing, allowing others to use the stories and content that we curate.

Funding: low set up/koha, being sought

Timing: now to end October, ongoing if new owner found.

Input requested: Feedback welcome.


6.      Social Media. Facebook profile and Instagram hashtag that we hope people will use to document their participation in the events above, but also share their stories, pictures and memories of the Maunga. See “Maunga Mana” on Facebook

Funding: no/low costs.

Timing: now to end October, ongoing if new owner found.

Input requested: Feedback welcome.


Support from the newly formed Maunga Authority was granted at the last committee meeting held 10 August 2015, for all of the above activities.


Contacts:             N: Rachael Davies


P: +64 9 306 7070 ext.7237

N: Stefan Winstanley


P: 021 709 272