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Minutes of a meeting of the Waiheke Local Board held in the Oneroa Bowling Club, 100 Oceanview Road, Alison Park, Waiheke Island, on Friday, 14 August 2015 at 10am





Beatle Treadwell





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Waiheke Local Board

14 August 2015




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Hearing and deliberation report for the Waiheke Local Board alcohol ban review 2015


Resolution number WHK/2015/1

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson BM Treadwell, seconded by Member JP Meeuwsen:  

That the Hearing Panel:

a)      in relation to the proposed Waiheke Local Board Alcohol Ban Review

i)    receive this summary of submissions report

ii)   receive the submissions

iii)  hear the submitters who wish to be heard in support of their submission.

b)           recommends to the Waiheke Local Board to retain, amend, and lapse existing             alcohol bans as per the staff recommendations outlined in attachment B in the             hearings report. 

c)         Notes staff recommendations have been resolved as a result of discussions             and data from New Zealand Police (1 September 2013 – 30 September 2014)             which indicate the levels of alcohol-related crime or disorder.

d)         Notes that there is an ongoing opportunity to create new alcohol bans for             specific areas from 1 November 2015.







11:14 am                                           



In accordance with Clause 3.19.2 of the Auckland Council Local Board Standing Orders, we hereby confirm the correctness of the minutes of the last meeting of the Waiheke Local board Hearing Panel held on 14 August 2015 prior to the next Auckland Council election.


Beatle Treadwell, Chairperson


John Nash, Relationship Manager

(delegate of the chief executive)