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Waitākere Ranges Local Board

08 October 2015



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15        Project Twin Streams Infrastructure Auckland carry-forward CAPEX 2015/2016 financial year                                                                                                                                  5   



Project Twin Streams Infrastructure Auckland carry-forward CAPEX 2015/2016 financial year


File No.: CP2015/20460





1.       To seek approval from the Waitākere Ranges Local Board for expenditure of the remaining legacy Infrastructure Auckland grants funding for Project Twin Streams’ CAPEX of $185,922 for the 2015/2016 financial year.

2.       This is part of the total CAPEX funding of $290,423 for Project Twin Streams which is shared with the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

Executive Summary

3.       Project Twin Streams (PTS) is a 10+ year large-scale catchment-based environmental restoration and stormwater management project funded by a legacy Infrastructure Auckland (IA) grant. This report seeks the board’s approval for expenditure of the final carry-forward of the remaining grant funding to complete Phase 1 of PTS.

4.       PTS Phase 1 is delivered across Henderson-Massey and Waitākere Ranges Local Board areas but is managed as one project.  When the budget was reallocated from the governing body to the local boards it was split between the boards on the basis of the percentage of stream length within each local board area - Henderson-Massey 63 percent and Waitākere Ranges 37 percent.  However while the total carryforward is correct ($290,242) the split between the boards has been accidentally reversed in the 2015/2016 financial year. This error has no impact as the project is managed as a whole within the total funding envelope.

5.       Last year, the key achievements of PTS included:

·        Development and delivery of community water quality monitoring (Wai Care) programme across PTS areas;

·        Transitioning management of PTS establishment areas from Infrastructure and Environmental Services to Parks, Sports and Recreation for ‘asset maintenance’ working with PTS community organisations and contractors;

·        Over 19,500 plants planted, more than 1,000 events held and around 9,000 volunteers spent over 17,000 hours working on restoration; and

·        PTS chosen as a Finalist in 2015 Morgan Foundation New Zealand Riverprize.

6.       The final year of IA CAPEX funding will go towards:

·        citizen science and restoration programme delivered by the four PTS community organisations;

·        a synthesis of past monitoring and evaluation data and reports; and

·        community restoration and, or other projects to be developed with the two local boards.



That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)      Notes the key achievements and outcomes of Project Twin Streams 2014/2015

b)      Approves the allocation of CAPEX expenditure of $185,922 for the 2015/2016 financial year towards:

i)        Community education, monitoring and information collection

ii)       Evaluation and monitoring synthesis, including additional data and information gathering

iii)      Support for community-driven initiatives, to be identified, to improve stream and waterway health.




7.       Project Twin Steams (PTS) sought to address the negative impacts associated with urban development originally in Henderson Creek, Oratia, Opanuku, Swanson and Waikumete Streams.  It aimed to improve stormwater quality, promote ecosystem rehabilitation and implement flood mitigation through the removal of properties within the flood plain and revegetating 56kms of stream banks with native trees and shrubs. 

8.       This (“Phase 1”) work has largely been funded via a grant from Infrastructure Auckland (IA).  A carryforward of $290,423 is the last of the IA grant to complete the project (establishment) this year and is being managed by the Infrastructure and Environmental Services Unit (I&ES).  Most of the work completed as part of this first phase has transitioned into maintenance.  Parks, Sports and Recreation (PS&R) have a budget of $984,889 (also split between Henderson-Massey and Waitākere Ranges local boards) for this maintenance work for 2015/2016.

9.       PTS Phase 1 is delivered across Henderson-Massey and Waitākere Ranges local board areas but is managed as one project.  When the remaining budget was reallocated from the governing body to the local boards (2013/2014) it was split between the boards on the basis of the percentage of stream length within each local board area - Henderson-Massey 63% and Waitākere Ranges 37%.  However this year, while the total carry forward is correct ($290,423) the split between the boards has been reversed in the 2015/2016 financial year.  This is not problematic as long as the project continues to operate as one whole.

Key achievements & Outcomes from 2014/2015

10.     The I&ES department has worked with Wai Care and the following community organisations; Community Waitākere, Ecomatters Environment Trust, McLaren Park Henderson South and Te Ūkaipō; to develop a community water quality monitoring programme across multiple sites across the PTS area. Water quality testing has been done at these sites quarterly with community groups, and the data collated and uploaded to the Wai Care website. All four annual sampling occurs within the same week by different groups across the PTS area. Each organisation has been trained by Wai Care to conduct both water quality and ecology monitoring using Wai Care methodology.

11.     I&ES has also worked closely with PS&R to ensure a smooth transition of the Project Twin Streams (CAPEX) established assets from I&ES to PS&R for ongoing (OPEX) ‘asset maintenance’. PTS community organisations (as well as contractors) are involved in ‘asset maintenance’ and funding agreements with PS&R for the provision of both physical and social asset maintenance (created through IA grants funding) have now been signed with all four community organisations.

12.     The community planted over 19,500 plants over financial year 2014/2015, and community organisations held more than 1,000 PTS related events and around 9,000 volunteers spent over 17,000 hours working on PTS restoration work throughout the PTS area.

13.     PTS was approached by the Morgan Foundation to enter the 2015 Riverprize national competition and was recently selected as one of four 2015 Morgan Foundation New Zealand Riverprize Finalists.

Other highlights from the Waitākere Ranges Local Board area:

14.     PTS supported Kauri Karnival with a dedicated stall, including a range of interactive activities promoting stream health. PTS’ presence at this event, and the activities offered, were coordinated collectively by Community Waitākere, Ecomatters Environment Trust, McLaren Park Henderson South and Te Ūkaipō.

15.     PTS worked with Glen Eden Intermediate, Konini Primary and Kaurilands Kindergarten to create over 60 individual artworks as part of the Atkinson Walkway Art Trail. Artworks include information about native medicinal plants, native bird species and information about the health of local species endemic to the Waitākere Ranges area.

16.     PTS collaborated with Waitākere Ranges Local Board and PS&R at Kōwhai Reserve where PTS organised a community planting day on 6 June 2015, to coincide with the official opening of the Kōwhai Reserve footpath. Over 500 trees were planted and mulched by 130 community volunteers. The day included educational and children’s activities, food and live music.

Work Programme Summaries - current financial year

17.     The Henderson Catchment has been identified as a regional priority for further work by the I&ES department.  Regional investment in PTS “Phase 2” will take a whole catchment approach with the aim of improving stream and harbour health.  Phase II will build on the methodologies, human and social capital developed as part of Phase I to better understand the state of Henderson Catchment.  This information will be used to prioritise interventions to further improve stream health within the catchment.

18.     The proposed work programme for the carryforward includes three components:

·        Citizen science and restoration packages delivered by the four community organisation partners - Community Waitākere, Ecomatters Environment Trust, McLaren Park Henderson South and Te Ūkaipō;

·        Summary and synthesis of all past monitoring and evaluation data and reports; and

·        Community restoration and/or other projects to be developed with the two local boards.

Citizen Science & Restoration

19.     The citizen science package includes the delivery of water quality and ecology monitoring, regeneration plot surveys and bird counts.  This will allow for increased understanding of the current state of PTS Phase 1 area stream health, which can subsequently be compared to baseline information from 2004.

20.     The procurement for this piece of work is well progressed.  The funding agreements with the four community organisations have been scoped and priced by the organisations.  The funding agreements are currently awaiting sign-off to proceed.

Monitoring & Evaluation Synthesis

21.     A synthesis report will bring together all known monitoring and evaluation information for PTS Phase I into one document.  This will allow for easy access to the information and clearly demonstrate how water quality and stream health has changed over time.  The synthesis report will include a gap analysis and recommendations for filling gaps. Some provision has also been made for additional data collection to fill identified gaps.

22.     The procurement for the synthesis report is currently being scoped by I&ES and will be sent out to tender as soon as approval of expenditure is received.

23.     This information combined with the citizen science package of work will increase our overall understanding of the effectiveness of PTS Phase 1 in meeting water quality and stream health objectives.

Community Projects

24.     Both local boards have indicated their desire to support other community water quality projects within the catchment.  It is proposed that some funding is set aside for further scoping with the board to identify appropriate community-based projects to be supported.

Given that riparian establishment requires a three year investment of CAPEX, the development of these community restoration projects will need to consider ongoing resource requirements.  Depending on the projects supported, this may be up to $10,000 per annum for a further two years.  Some provision for this can be made in the regional budget.

Regional Funding of Sediment Monitoring

25.     Along with the IA carry-forward, regional CAPEX of $100,000 has been allocated to Henderson Catchment.  The work programme for this budget line is focussed on increasing our understanding of the whole Henderson Catchment through a sediment investigation in the foothills and installation of long-term sediment monitoring sites.

Budget Allocation for Approval

26.     Table One, below summarises the proposed activities and intended allocation of funds to fulfil the remaining requirements of the (IA) grants funding of PTS for 2015/2016.  The IA-funded PTS establishment project continues to be managed in this final year as one whole project by I&ES, hence the work programme is not split by board.

27.     Henderson-Massey Local Board has already approved the IA carry-forward work programme in principle at a workshop in August with formal approval being sought at their 15 October 2015 business meeting.

Table One: Proposed activities and allocation of funds for PTS 2015/2016





Citizen science and restoration delivered through contracted community organisations

Community-based monitoring across Henderson stream reaches, for water quality and ecology (Wai Care), regeneration plots and bird counts

Education and/or other events to be carried out with the community at each monitoring event

Contribute to a stakeholder analysis for the catchment

Four or more restoration projects

Data and information to inform action for Phase 2 work in the Henderson catchment


Monitoring and evaluation synthesis

Summary and synthesis of 12 years of monitoring and evaluation data and information with the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of PTS Phase 1, particularly in terms of stream health and water quality improvements

A gap analysis of the monitoring and evaluation information, including recommendations to fill gaps

Undertake research/monitoring to fill in high priority gaps


Community projects

Support for community-driven initiatives to improve stream and waterway health.



$185,922 Waitākere Ranges
$104,501 Henderson-Massey


Local Board views and implications

28.     This report has been prepared specifically to formalise the Board’s approval for expenditure of this local board budget line following workshops with the both boards in August 2015 and a subsequent meeting with the Waitākere Ranges environment portfolio holders in September 2015.

Māori impact statement

29.     It is recognised that environmental management, water quality and land management has integral links with the mauri of the environment and concepts of kaitiakitanga.  Te Kawerau a Maki and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei have been involved in PTS in previous years.  Te Kawerau a Maki in particular has indicated an ongoing interest in stream and waterway health in the Henderson catchment.  A further six iwi (who have stated mana whenua interest in the Henderson Catchment) have also been contacted to gauge their interest in being more actively involved in the project.


30.     Upon approval for this budget allocation the work programme for the 2015/2016 financial year will commence.

31.     Implementation of PTS activity is managed by two operational arms of council.  Infrastructure and Environmental Services manages the remaining IA grant carryforward as well as regional funding (CAPEX) for Phase 2 work further up the Henderson Catchment.  Parks, Sports and Recreation manage the OPEX for the maintenance of Phase I.  Both units work closely together to align and deliver their work programmes and also link with the Community Empowerment Unit (previously Community Development and Safety).

32.     Council staff will work closely with the local board over the next financial year to further implement this programme.








PTS area with Local Board boundaries





Matthew Foster - Relationship Advisor

Finn Mackesy – Partnerships Facilitator, Sustainable Catchments Team

Viv Sherwood – Catchments & Incentives Manager


John Dragicevich - Manager Infrastructure and Environmental Services

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Waitākere Ranges Local Board

08 October 2015