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Waitematā Local Board

13 October 2015



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Waitematā Local Board

13 October 2015



Proposed Pump Track in Grey Lynn Park


File No.: CP2015/21403




1.       To obtain approval in principal for the installation of a bike pump track in Grey Lynn Park by the Grey Lynn Residents Pump Track Group.

Executive Summary

2.       Residents presented the idea of a pump track in Grey Lynn Park to the Waitematā Local Board on 11 August 2015 WTN2015/015 where it was resolved, that officers report back on the viability of the proposed site.

3.       The Grey Lynn Park Development Plan adopted by Waitematā Local Board on 14 April 2015 does not include provision for a pump track.

4.       The pump track does contribute towards the long term vision for Waitematā to create quality parks and open space and provide recreation opportunities.

5.       Parks, Sports and Recreation officers find the idea and location viable and are supportive of a sealed bike pump track being installed in Grey Lynn Park subject to conditions outlined in section 14.



That the Waitematā Local Board:

a)      Approve in principle the installation of a pump track in Grey Lynn Park.

b)      Delegate approval of the detailed design to the Parks Advisor in consultation with the parks portfolio holders.



6.       Grey Lynn Park is a destination park located between Williamson Ave and Dryden St, Ponsonby.

7.       A bike pump track is a looping trail system either sealed or unsealed for bicycling without the rider pedaling. The name comes from the pumping motion used by the cyclist's upper and lower body as they ride around the track. The purpose of a pump track is to use this pumping motion to maintain speed around the track without pedaling.

8.       Pump tracks cater for a wide range of ages, from the very young to adults, if you can ride a bike you can ride on a pump track.

9.       Skateboards and scooters can also be ridden on a pump track.

10.     There are currently seven pump tracks in the Auckland region, none of which are in the Waitematā area and none of which are sealed. The closest tracks are located in Moire Park, Massey and Waipuna, Mt Wellington. Both these tracks are dirt tracks.

11.     Grey Lynn Park has been identified as a desirable location for the construction of a pump track for the following reasons:

·    Central city location;

·    Easy access from the Greenway/cycleway running through Grey Lynn Park;

·    Enough space to comfortably accommodate a good size pump track; and

·    Significant support from the Grey Lynn community and local schools.

12.     The Grey Lynn Park Development Plan (Development Plan) was formally adopted in April 2015. The pump track was not included as part of the plan owing to the proposal being presented subsequent to its adoption.

13.     The pump track meets the intent of the Development Plan in that it contributes towards Design Principle 1.5.3 to create “better play and recreational experiences”.

14.     The Parks Advisor and Sports and Recreation Advisor met with the proponents of the pump track and have considered the idea and potential location. They confirm the idea is viable and are supportive in principle of a pump track located in Grey Lynn Park subject to the following conditions:

·    The proposed sealed surface is preferred over a dirt surface to allow all weather access and to reduce long term maintenance costs.

·    Consequential opex needs to be considered and allocated. A sealed pump track would be considered hard surface in terms of maintenance and will incur annual costs of approx. $400 per annum based on a 2m wide, 100m long track. Any associated planting would be additional to this.

·    Drainage needs to be considered and a drainage plan for the area needs to be produced and approved in liaison with Auckland Council Infrastructure and Environmental Services, Stormwater Unit.

·    Any design needs to consider future development of the area in accordance with the Development Plan. This is particularly relevant if the track is constructed near the northern playground as proposed.

15.     Parks Sports and Recreation and the Local Board Parks Portfolio holders should be consulted at all stages of the design process


Local board views and implications

16.     The pump track contributes to the outcome of “Quality Parks and Open Spaces” in the 2014 Waitematā Local Board Plan to “encourage families to be physically active” and to “provide informal recreation opportunities for physical activity”.

17.     At the Waitemata Local Board meeting on the 11th August 2015 Grey Lynn resident Paul Wacker made a presentation and tabled a petition from over 400 Grey Lynn residents asking that the Board support the use of land in Grey Lynn Park for a pump track.

18.     The Board requested that the Grey Lynn Pump Track proposal be referred to officers for assessment on the viability of the proposed site and be reported back to the Board.

19.     Providing additional recreation opportunities for a variety of ages falls within the intent of the Development Plan but the pump track specifically has not been included or consulted on as part of the plan. This requires careful consideration particularly in regards to how it will tie in with the proposal to increase the footprint of the northern playground.

Maori impact statement

20.     Iwi engagement on this proposal has yet to occur. It is expected this would be undertaken by the Residents Group with support from Auckland Council as required.

21.     All thirteen Iwi that have an interest in the Waitematā Local Board area would need to be contacted to ascertain if they have an interest in this proposal.

22.     Te Aranga Māori Design Principles should be applied where possible.


23.     The residents group will be securing funding and are currently investigating funding options. This funding will cover all costs of the project including design, consent, consultation and physical works.

24.     The Local Board may wish to consider a contribution (up to 20% of the total project cost) towards the project as part of the Community Led Small Build Programme via the Boards discretionary capex fund.  The Community Led Small Build Programme is a new council programme, which supports small capital projects that are at least 80% funded by the community and where the total project cost is less than $250,000.  Based on the Napier Pump Track it is anticipated that the total cost of the Grey Lynn Park Track will be $150,000.

25.     All physical works should be undertaken using Auckland Council approved contractors and in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Act 2002, and any regulations made pursuant to Section 21 of the Act.

26.     Once installed the ownership of the pump track will be handed over to Auckland Council and entered into the asset register.

27.     Local and Sportsparks will undertake ongoing maintenance as part of the Full Facility Parks Maintenance Contract upon receipt of consequential opex and the asset will be depreciated in order to allow for any future renewal works.








Letter of Support from BMX New Zealand and photos of similar track in Napier





Trina Thompson - Senior Local Board Advisor - Waitemata


Mark Bowater - Manager Local and Sports Parks

Judith Webster - Relationship Manager


Waitematā Local Board

13 October 2015



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