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Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Great Barrier Local Board held in the Great Barrier Local Board office, 81 Hector Sanderson Road, Claris, Great Barrier Island on Wednesday, 25 November 2015 at 9:00am.





Izzy Fordham




Deputy Chairperson

Susan Daly

Entered the meeting at 9.14am




Jeff Cleave





Judy Gilbert





Christina Spence





Great Barrier Local Board

25 November 2015



1††††††††† Welcome


Chairperson IM Fordham opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present. Member JC Cleave led the meeting in a karakia.


2††††††††† Apologies

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3††††††††† Declaration of Interest


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4††††††††† Leave of Absence


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5††††††††† Acknowledgements


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7††††††††† Deputations


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8††††††††† Public Forum


There was no public forum.


9††††††††† Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


10††††††† Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.



Annual Plan 2016/2017


Resolution number GBI/2015/171

MOVED by Chairperson IM Fordham, seconded by Member JJ Gilbert:

That the Great Barrier Local Board:

a)           provide the following response on regional rating proposals for the Governing Body to consider noting that it will agree its final position on these matters once community feedback is received

i)             In relation to the Uniform Annual General Charge, the Great Barrier Local Board supports retention of the current charge on the basis that any increase will increase rates for lower value properties which predominate on Great Barrier compared to the rest of the region. It also notes that changing the UAGC would extend the time in which uniform rate increases can be applied to the entire Auckland region and this is considered to be a backward step after five years of uncertainty.

ii)           In relation to the Interim Transport Levy, the Great Barrier Local Board supports retention of the current levy on the basis that increasing business ratepayers share from $182.85 to $407 will significantly impact on the small number of business ratepayers on the island who are already struggling.

iii)         In relation to Maori Land Rates, the Great Barrier Local Board supports consultation on extending the Maori freehold land rates remission and postponement policy on the basis that the proposed changes will enable more Maori ratepayers to take advantage of this policy.

iv)         In relation to the Rural Rates Review, the Great Barrier Local Board supports the proposal to consult on recovering the costs of the proposed decrease in rates on large rural properties from across the region rather than from small farm/lifestyle blocks noting that half of all Great Barrier rural and lifestyle properties are small lifestyle properties


b)          agree the following key advocacy matters for 2016/17 annual plan consultation


Why is it a priority?

Advocating to

Road Seal

Increase regional road seal budgets and develop a road seal priority and maintenance programme so the island's roads can be sealed and driven on safely.

The board continues to support Auckland Transport seeking additional regional road seal funding but accepts there is no funding for this in 2016/17. Instead the board has initiated a dust suppressant trail on one of its key dusty residential roads in partnership with Fulton Hogan and an Australian company. The product is at no cost to council as the company is keen to establish its product here and Fulton Hogan are meeting application costs due to the potential benefit they see from this productís use elsewhere in Auckland.

The Governing Body

Glenfern Sanctuary purchase

Provide funding to purchase the islandís Glenfern Sanctuary

Glenfern Sanctuary is privately owned but is on the market. Purchase of the sanctuary is a key element in the Great Barrier Local Boardís objective of creating a centre of excellence supporting, ecological enhancement, and environmental and sustainability education. Public access to the sanctuary will also bring additional economic benefit, and enable the community and visitors to experience endangered species protection work first hand.


A consortium including Auckland Council is negotiating to purchase the sanctuary but the current offer is below the ownerís asking price. The board resolved at its November meeting to contribute an additional $175,000 in the hope this will break the current deadlock. It has also agreed in principle to allocate operational funding next year if purchase is achieved.†

The Governing Body

Reducing herbicide use for weed management

Reduce the use of herbicides for weed management in public places (roads, parks etc)

The Great Barrier Local Board wishes to see the public use of herbicides for weed management reduced, eliminated and replaced by alternative methods over time. This supports the communityís wishes that the island is increasingly free of toxins. This may increase costs as mechanical control is generally more expensive that chemical control.


The board is prepared to consider funding additional costs itself but seeks governing body and Auckland Transport support for moving towards herbicide free weed management practises where these are practicable.

The Governing Body

Resource recovery and recycling centre

Develop a resource recovery and recycling centre to provide a place where locals can leave or collect materials which still have a useful life

Auckland Councilís Waste Solutions Unit is supporting a trial this year to determine the feasibility of establishing a resource recovery and recycling centre as this will extend the life of the islandís landfill and delay the time when refuse needs to be shipped to town. Should the trial be successful Waste Solutions have indicated support for purchasing or leasing land for a permanent facility. The board supports funding for this being brought forward to 2016/17.

The Governing Body

Biodiversity Role

Create a part or full time island based biodiversity role to support enhancement of the islands ecological values

The Great Barrier Local Board continues to strongly support, promote and fund initiatives which protect and enhance the islandís ecology. Locating this position on the island will significantly enhance the achievement of this objective and support the existing fully stretched island based full time biosecurity role.

The Governing Body


c)††††† note that it is not proposing any targeted rate for consultation.




12††††††† Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.




9.46 am††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.