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Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Ōrākei Local Board held in the St Chads Church and Community Centre, 38 St Johns Road, Meadowbank on Thursday, 19 November 2015 at 5:00pm.





Desley Simpson, JP




Deputy Chairperson

Kit Parkinson





Ken Baguley





Troy Churton





Kate Cooke, JP





Colin Davis, JP





Mark Thomas





Ōrākei Local Board

19 November 2015




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Annual Plan 2016/2017


Resolution number OR/2015/160

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson K Parkinson, seconded by Member CRJ Davis:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)      agrees the following key advocacy issues for discussion with the Governing Body on 27 and 30 November 2015:


Why is it a priority?

Advocating to

Meadowbank Community Centre


This has continually been the Ōrākei Local Board’s priority for the five years of Auckland Council. The facility has not been fit for purpose since well before the amalgamation. Demand has increased and the building is at capacity.  Renovations and renewals have been deferred due to cost and uncertainty regarding the building’s redevelopment. As the facility is centrally located, easily accessible and on a major transport route, the upgrade would benefit a wider community than just the Ōrākei Local Board area.

The 2015-25 Long Term Plan (LTP) schedules the upgrade for 2020/2021. Well supported by our local community the Ōrākei Local Board requests the Governing Body to bring forward the upgrade to 2016/2017 as planned in the 2012-2022 LTP.

The Governing Body

Progressing the Tamaki Drive Masterplan

This has continually been the Ōrākei Local Board’s priority for the five years of Auckland Council. It is also a priority project from the widely consulted on Tamaki Drive Masterplan.

The community has expressed strong support for the project through consultation on the LTP, the Ōrākei Local Board Plan and the Tamaki Drive Masterplan.

There has been no progress to date even though substantial funding was included in the 2012-22 LTP. This funding was removed for the 2015-25 LTP, even though the Masterplan was signed and endorsed by the Mayor.

The Board requests that the Governing Body allocate $2 million funding in 2016/2017 to commence the development of the harbour side of Tamaki Drive, separating pedestrians and cyclists to improve the overall safety for all users of the road corridor, by reallocating funding for this from the lowest regional priorities.

The Governing Body/Auckland Transport

Selwyn/Pourewa Train Station

The Ōrākei community expressed strong support for this project through consultation on the LTP and the Ōrākei Local Board Plan. It contributes to the Auckland Plan transformational shift of moving to outstanding public transport within one network, helps our residents to get better value out of the City Rail Link (CRL) and better connects our residents to the public transport network.

Auckland Transport has undertaken a feasibility study on the project, which indicates that the project will become feasible once nearby Special Housing Areas (SHA) and iwi housing development projects are progressed. 

As these developments are progressing, the Board requests the Governing Body to allocate funding for detailed design and consents for the Selwyn/Pourewa Train Station in 2016/2017.

The Governing Body/Auckland Transport

Development of The Landing

The Landing Concept Plan envisages a number of improvements to the area, however there is no budget in the 2015-25 LTP to progress these.

The Board requests that the Governing Body approves that the operational revenue derived from local activities and initiatives at The Landing is ring-fenced and retained for future capital infrastructure investment.


The Governing Body

Retention of non-service property as recreation open space - 400 St Johns Road

Auckland Council considered its role in the provision of equestrian facilities in December 2012 and resolved that Council's primary role in the provision of equestrian facilities is to make Council owned land available on a subsidised lease to Pony Club and Riding for New Zealand Disabled organisations at a local level, where suitable.

An opportunity exists for Auckland Council to retain land at 400 St Johns Road, St Johns, currently designated for transport purposes, and reclassify it for recreation purposes to enable the provision of local equestrian facilities.

The Board requests that the Governing Body directs Pānuku Development Auckland and Parks, Sports and Recreation to develop a business case for retaining 400 St Johns Road, St Johns as recreation open space once Auckland Transport has indicated that the site is surplus to its needs.


The Governing Body

Central Facilities Partnership Fund


Since 2010, the Central Facility Partnership Committee allocated $10 million which was leveraged to provide community projects with a total value of $45m.  This community-led approach was consistent with the empowered communities’ philosophy.  With the establishment of the $10m Locally Driven Initiatives (LDI) Capex Fund, the Central Facility Partnership Fund has now ceased.

The Board requests that a sub-regional fund similar to the Central Facility Partnership be reinstated.

The Governing Body



A clear message from our community is that the rates burden is a significant issue for residents throughout our local board area.

The Board requests that the Governing Body explore further options for keeping rates affordable for all ratepayers, including reviewing non-core council activities and slowing the move to fully fund depreciation.

The Board notes the recently released reports on Alternative Financing have a range of options which can help reduce rates and urges the Governing Body to consult on these as part of the Annual Plan.

In looking to establish a fair level for ratepayers across the region, the Board determined during the 2015-25 LTP that setting the UAGC at $480 was fairer to all Auckland ratepayers, even though the legislated maximum would benefit the majority of the Ōrākei Local Board ratepayers. The Board therefore supports the proposal to consult on a UAGC up to $650 and requests that $500 is included as an option in the consultation material for the Annual Plan.


While supporting greater investment in transport, the Board opposes the Interim Transport Levy (ITL) for two reasons:

(i)     The Board considers that that the costs and details of the Interim Transport Levy were not clearly consulted on during the development of the 2015-25 LTP.

(ii)    It is an inefficient and unfair charge with Ōrākei Local Board ratepayers receiving no significant benefit from the transport projects that will consume the levy.

The Board supports consultation with the community on the proposals in the Annual Plan to:

(i)     more than double the charge to business ratepayers from $182.45 to $407 and to reduce the charge for residential ratepayers from $113.85 to $90.

(ii)    share the ITL requirement raised from the business sector based on capital value rather than a uniform fixed rate.


The Ōrākei Local Board notes that the proposal regarding changes to Rural Rates will result in an increase for Ōrākei ratepayers of $3 per annum (which means an increase in overall rates paid by our local ratepayers of approximately $100,000 per annum).

The Governing Body





12        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  




5.11 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.