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30 November 2015


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Community Development and Safety Committee

02 December 2015



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Community Development and Safety Committee

02 December 2015



Update on safety activities

File No.: CP2015/26108




1.       To update the Community Development and Safety Committee on community safety activity, as requested by the chairperson.

Executive Summary

2.       Arts, Community and Events (ACE) facilitate the delivery of community safety activities to prevent injuries, crime, family violence, and graffiti vandalism as well as initiatives to support people experiencing homelessness and youth to make safe choices regarding drug use.

3.       This update outlines recent Community Safety activity, including the graffiti prevention survey scores, Operation Speedo, Safe Zone and the White Ribbon Campaign.

4.       Continuity planning is in place to ensure safety work continues under the new Community Empowerment unit, in line with the empowered communities approach.



That the Community Development and Safety Committee:

a)      receive the community safety update report.



5.       Arts, Community and Events (ACE) facilitates the delivery of community safety activities in the following areas:

·        graffiti vandalism prevention

·        injury prevention

·        homelessness

·        family violence prevention

·        alcohol and drug harm minimisation

·        environmental safety and place making

6.       This update outlines recent Community Safety activity, including graffiti prevention survey scores, Operation Speedo, the Safe Zone and White Ribbon Day.

Graffiti prevention survey scores

7.       Tasman Research Company have completed their bi-annual graffiti survey, which provides a snapshot of how ‘graffiti-free’ assets are across the city. 

8.       The survey provides an ambient score which reflects what the public would see, and includes assets in and out of scope of the current graffiti eradication contracts.

9.       The latest results from the September 2015 survey show:

·     a one point increase (from 97 to 98) of assets in-scope of the graffiti eradication contracts graffiti free. This is a seven point increase since 2011

·     a two point increase (from 94 to 96) of assets out-scope of the graffiti eradication contracts graffiti free. This is a four point increase since 2011.

·     a one point increase (from 93 to 94) in the ambient survey score. This is an eight point increase since 2011.

10.     The council continues to perform well above the targets set to maintain graffiti free assets across the region.  This has been consistent over the past five years.

Operation Speedo

11.     Operation Speedo is a joint safety initiative between the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, Waitakere Police and many other safety agencies on the West Coast including surf life-saving, Watersafe Auckland, Fire Service, First Response, St Johns, rural post and security firms. The project aims to reduce car break-ins and burglaries, increase police visibility on roads leading to beaches, provide safety information for the public, promote water safety and promote awareness of Civil Defense procedures.

12.     The Waitakere Ranges Local Board will launch the 10 year anniversary of Operation Speedo on 27 November 2015.  Operation Speedo will operate from 1 December 2015 to 31 March 2016 at Whatipu, Huia, Parau, Karekare, Bethell’s and Piha beaches.

The Safe Zone

13.     The Safe Zone has been successfully operating over selected summer weekends for three years.  The zone is a short-term designated safe area in the central business district where late night medical attention, social support and advice is provided to people who have over indulged in alcohol or drugs.

14.     This is a joint initiative between Auckland Council, Accident Compensation Corporation, St John, Red Frogs New Zealand (youth crew), Global Security, Red Badge, New Zealand Police, Health Promotion Agency and Heart of the City.

15.     The Safe Zone will operate Friday and Saturday nights (from 10pm to 4am) throughout February and March 2016 and weekday nights during 2016 student orientation week, and will be located in lower Queen Street. The Safe Zone command vehicle will also be located at major summer events.

White Ribbon campaign

16.     Auckland Council staff are working alongside local boards and the family, whanau and sexual violence prevention sector on the 2015 White Ribbon Day campaign. 

17.     The campaign aims to promote respectful relationships and to end violence. The 2015 White Ribbon is promoting:

·     respectful relationships between men and women

·     consent as a necessary requirement of all sexual relationships.

·     men challenging the attitudes and behaviour of other men that underpin all violence.


18.     A range of community events occurred in November, with most hosted on White Ribbon Day, 25 November 2015.

Future delivery under the empowered communities approach

19.     The new Community Empowerment unit went ‘live’ on 1 October.  A transition period is currently in place as the unit is established. Continuity planning is in place to ensure a continued focus on safety under the empowered communities approach. 


Local Board views and implications

20.     Community safety initiatives are delivered both locally and regionally, with local boards specifically involved in priority areas to deliver on local board plans.

Māori impact statement

21.     The work of the safety team contributes to the Maori Responsiveness Framework in the aspirations of whanaungatanga, wairuatanga and manaakitanga. Specific aspects relevant to Maori have been considered and consulted on where relevant, to ensure the views of local Maori are incorporated into community safety work.



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Manu Pihama - Practice Manager, Operations Community Empowerment


Graham Bodman - General Manager Arts, Community and Events