Ōrākei Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Ōrākei Local Board held in the St Chads Church and Community Centre, 38 St Johns Road, Meadowbank on Thursday, 10 December 2015 at 4.00pm.





Desley Simpson, JP




Deputy Chairperson

Kit Parkinson





Ken Baguley





Troy Churton





Kate Cooke, JP














Ōrākei Local Board

10 December 2015




1          Welcome



2          Apologies


Resolution number OR/2015/175

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Deputy Chairperson K Parkinson:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board accepts the apologies from Member Davis and Member Thomas for absence.





3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Leave of Absence


There were no requests for leave of absence.


5          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


6          Petitions


There were no petitions.


7          Deputations


There were no requests for deputations.


8          Public Forum


There was no requests for public forum.


9          Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


10        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.



Annual Plan 2016/2017 – local consultation content


Documents were tabled in support of this item.


A copy of the tabled documents will be kept on file and made available on the Auckland Council website.




Resolution number OR/2015/176

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Member K Baguley:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)         agree its indicative locally driven initiative (LDI) priorities for 2016/2017 (Attachment A).

b)        adopt its local content for consultation, as tabled at the meeting.

c)         agree that the Chair be delegated the authority to make any final minor changes to local consultation content for the Annual Plan 2016/2017 prior to publication, including online consultation content.  

d)        approve the following projects for implementation from its Discretionary Capex Fund budget of $1,531,314 (made up of $510,438 per annum in 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18), noting that the projects and budgets for 2016/17 and 2017/18 are indicative at this time:





2016/ 2017





Completion of Crossfield Reserve carpark




Walsh Brothers memorial sundial on Selwyn Reserve - Lighting




Madills Farm replacement full field floodlighting for 2 fields (2 & 3 or 1 & 4)




Hobson Bay Pontoon Development




Waiatarua Car Park Development




Churchill Park Development




Park Signage




Glover Park (Gentlemens Bay) fencing and signage




Visitor Trail Signage




Active Recreation Sports Upgrade




Feeder links to the Ōrākei Spine




Built Heritage Improvements




Total allocated $1,531,314 over 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18)





e)        request officers  to commence the planning and delivery of the Discretionary Capex Fund projects approved above with particular focus on the delivery of the 2015/16 projects as these have been in the planning phase for some time.




a     Local consultation content





Ōrākei Local Board Quick Response: Round Two 2014 - 2015


Resolution number OR/2015/177

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Deputy Chairperson K Parkinson:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)         receive the report.

b)        approve the following grants from its 2015/2016 local community grants budget:

Organisation Name





Noeline Wigg

Towards the purchase of daffodil bulbs for a World War Two memorial



Te Puna Reo Okahukura

Towards purchase of resources and products for an organic gardening and sustainability project


$350 if confirmation can be given that the garden is available to the wider Ōrākei suburban community

Eastern Bays Toy Library

Towards the purchase of a new laptop computer










c)        require all successful funding applicants to acknowledge Ōrākei Local Board support for their organisation and the event or project including the Ōrākei Local Board logo on marketing material.

d)        request that if funding relates to an event, an invitation needs to be extended to all Ōrākei Local Board members to attend.

e)        require Eastern Bays Toy Library to acknowledge Ōrākei Local Board’s support on all of their email footers.

f)         approves a grant of $3,000 from its 2015/2016 ‘Enhancing council-owned heritage features in the area’ budget to the Remuera Business Association Incorporated towards the cost of creation and installation of heritage plaques.

g)        decline the  Ōrākei Local Board Quick Response Round Two 2015 – 2016 applications as listed in the following table, noting these applications were either ineligible as they didn’t meet funding criteria, needing to reapply in the next local community grants round and/or were for activities well outside the Ōrākei Local Board area:

Organisation Name


Royal New Zealand Coastguard Boating Education

Towards the purchase of equipment and training for staff

Playday (Ōrākei Presbyterian Church)

Towards the purchase of a sunshade for the playground

Auckland City Triathlon Club Inc

Towards participants subsidies to attend a training programme and travel camp

Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust

Towards the purchase of resources, banners and volunteer training

Jeannie & Johnny Books Ltd

Towards the venue hire fee and equipment hire cost for a children’s workshop

Auckland Choral Society Incorporated

Towards the cost of vocal coaching

Auckland Young Womens Christian Association T/A YWCA Auckland

Towards the costs of delivering two workshops in the Ōrākei Local Board 


h)        note that there is $69,634 remaining in the Local Contestable Grants Fund 2015/16 for the Ōrākei Local Board.





Application for a New Lease on Ōrākei Domain, 40 Reihana Street, Ōrākei


Resolution number OR/2015/178

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Member T Churton:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)      receive the report and notes the application for a new lease by the present lessee (Ōkahu Bay Bowling Club Incorporated) be deferred until the Board has received and considered the reports requested on the future use of the Ōrākei Domain Reserve land of which the bowling club site currently forms part.






Reallocation of Ōrākei Local Board LDI Operational Budget 2015/16


Duncan Chisholm, Sport and Recreation Advisor was in attendance to speak to this report.


Resolution number OR/2015/179

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Deputy Chairperson K Parkinson:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)      approve the re-allocation of the $80,000 of Local Driven Initiatives (LDI) operational budget for the ASB Stadium Grant to the following projects:

·   Bowling green remediation assessment and options report ($20,000)

·   Ellerslie Domain concept plan  ($10,000)

·   Madills Farm stream restoration ($16,130)

·   Grant to Parnell Cricket Club Incorporated towards cricket nets at Shore Road Reserve ($4,580)

b)      note that $29,290 remains unallocated and could be used for the completion of projects where necessary and officers will report back prior to the end of the financial year.





Performance Report for the Ōrākei Local Board for 3 months ended 30 September 2015


Audrey Gan, Lead Financial Advisor was in attendance to speak to this report.


Resolution number OR/2015/180

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Deputy Chairperson K Parkinson:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)         receive the Performance Report for the Ōrākei Local Board for the financial quarter ending 30 September 2015.





Draft Regional Pest Management Plan Review


Resolution number OR/2015/181

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Member T Churton:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)        provide the following initial feedback on the draft Regional Pest Management Plan review:

             i.      request that the plan refer to and distinguish the link between the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw 2015 (and any other bylaw/legislation relating to pests) and the draft Regional Pest Management Plan

            ii.      request that the draft Regional Pest Management Plan clarify private and public landowners responsibilities

           iii.      request clarification on whether community can request poison-free zones under the regional policy

b)        request that the Auckland Strategy and Research Department provides the board with all local feedback obtained during the first stage of public consultation on the draft Regional Pest Management Plan review before the board provides final feedback.

c)        request that to avoid confusion and make the proposed Regional Pest Management Plan simpler to read, where sections relate to Maori land and/or direct feedback from iwi, the document contains information in both English and Maori but where sections of the document are generic then only the English language should be used.

d)        note that informal and formal local board engagement will be undertaken in early 2016 to inform the final draft Regional Pest Management Plan.






Review of the Food Safety Bylaw 2013


Resolution number OR/2015/182

MOVED by Chairperson DEC Simpson, seconded by Member T Churton:  

That the Ōrākei Local Board:

a)      endorse the proposal to retain the grading provision of the Auckland Council Food Safety Bylaw 2013 and require the display of food safety grade certificates.








18        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  


            In closing of the meeting, the Chair thanks all officers for their attendance and input in support of the above agenda items.




4.21 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.