I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board will be held on:




Meeting Room:


Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Level 26, Room 1
135 Albert Street, Auckland

Auckland City Centre Advisory Board






City Centre Stakeholder


Kate Healy

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei

Deputy Chairperson

John Coop

Urban design/institute of architects


Adam Parkinson

CBD Residents Advisory Group


Viv Beck

Business Improvement District


Mayor Len Brown, JP

Auckland Council


Greg Cohen



Shale Chambers

Waitemata Local Board, Auckland Council


Terry Cornelius, JP, FCA

Retail sector


Jillian de Beer

Arts and Cultural Sector


Prof Jenny Dixon

Tertiary Education (University of Auckland & Auckland University of Technology)


Andrew Gaukrodger

Corporate sector including financial and other professional services


Stephen Greenfield

CBD Residents Advisory Group


Mark Kingsford

Corporate sector including financial and other professional services


Mike Lee

Liaison councillor, Auckland Council


Margaret Lewis

Business Improvement District


Nigel Murphy

Tertiary Education (University of Auckland & Auckland University of Technology)


Alex Voutratzis

Property Council of NZ


Sky City representative (To be confirmed)


(Quorum 6 members)



Tam White, Democracy Advisor, 18 February 2016

Contact Telephone: (09) 890 8156 ,Email: tam.white@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz,

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz






Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

23 March 2016



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Apologies                                                                                                                        7

2          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   7

3          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               7

4          Extraordinary Business                                                                                                7

5          City Centre Progress Update for the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board - to 16th March 2016                                                                                                                     9 

6          Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Apologies


Apologies from Member A Voutratzis , Chairperson K Healy and Member N Murphy have been received.


2          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


3          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Wednesday, 24 February 2016, as a true and correct record.



4          Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”




Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

23 March 2016



City Centre Progress Update for the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board - to 16th March 2016


File No.: CP2016/04570



1.       To update the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board (ACCAB) on progress on City Centre projects to 16th March 2016.

Executive Summary

2.       The report provides a high-level overview of progress on projects and initiatives in the city centre, including:

a.       Targeted Rate Projects

b.       Other City Centre Projects

c.       City Centre Strategies / Initiatives

d.       Information Requested in Response to Board Resolutions

e.       Forward Planner


For each project, a coloured bar shows the three stages of development: 

Feasibility / Investigation


Design / Consultation





An arrow        then shows what stage the project is currently at.




That the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board:

a)      receive the City Centre progress report, updated to 16th March 2016.

b)      provide a timeframe for when the O’Connell Street Shared Space Artwork negotiations should cease.   




Targeted Rate Projects

O’Connell Street Shared Space   

3.       One building owner on O’Connell Street has agreed in principle to host an artwork from their building.  Unless agreement can be reached with the second building owner the artwork is not able to be delivered as it spans the width of the street.  It is recommended that a timeframe for reaching agreement with the second building owner is agreed by the board.


Myers Park Upgrade – Stage 2

4.       Construction works for the Mayoral Drive underpass, associated side entrances and alterations to the Queen Street park frontage were tendered in December 2015 and tenders closed mid February 2016. Tender evaluation, clarifications and supplier negotiations are underway and are expected to be complete by end of April.

5.       Heritage New Zealand authority was granted end of February and Resource Consent and approval is expected end of March 2016. Building Consent, final Auckland Transport technical approval and Engineering Plan Approval will be lodged once the construction contract is awarded.

6.       The construction for the Mayoral Drive underpass and associated side entrances was originally scheduled to commence mid to end of June 2016, following the exit of the Pop-Up Globe Theatre who have applied for a one month extension for their shows. The commencement of the construction works is now forecast for mid-August 2016, subject to the successful suppliers programme.

7.       Auckland Transport has undertaken a seismic assessment of the Mayoral Drive bridge, including abutments, to ensure the structure meets current earthquake standards and results confirmed that no further detailed investigations are required.

8.       Further site investigation for the splash pad construction is underway and the project will be delivered through a separate procurement process. The construction of the splash pad will commence in June 2016 and is planned to be completed for the summer season 2016 / 2017.


Beach Road Cycleway                                           

9.       Chris Bailey has won the expression of interest for the design and construction of a Maori waka themed artwork for the Beach Road Stage 2 walking and cycle project.  Five bronze sculptures are proposed to be located on the existing “waka plinths” between Britomart Place and Tangihua Street by November this year.


Wayfinding Signage 

10.     Prototypes of the Explorer, the Mini Explorer and Gateway type Information Hubs have now been manufactured including artwork.

11.     A presentation on the completed wayfinding signage will be brought to the April meeting of the board.


Freyberg Square and Ellen Melville Centre

12.     The Waitemata Local Board approved the final design for Freyberg Square and the Ellen Melville Centre at its March 2016 meeting.

13.     Consents will now be lodged and detailed design will progress.

14.     Construction is planned to commence in August 2016 (subject to consents being granted) and is anticipated to be completed by September 2017.


High Street Precinct   

15.     Staff have commenced work on identifying activation and mitigation opportunities during the construction phase of the Ellen Melville Centre and Freyberg Square upgrade.

16.     The focus will be twofold.  The primary focus is to encourage visitors to the High Street precinct while construction activity is underway.  The supporting function is to ensure that businesses are supplied with timely information about the construction programme.


Karangahape Road Streetscape Enhancement

17.     The Karangahape Road Streetscape Enhancement Design (Phase 1) contract was awarded to LandLAB in December 2015.  Mana whenua engagement and initial public consultation has begun.

18.     A presentation on the project will be brought to the March board meeting.


Federal Street upgrade

19.     Work on a reference design for future upgrade of Federal Street and the adjoining side-streets has commenced.

20.     The timing and scope of the Federal Street Upgrade is being considered through the review of the City Centre Targeted Rate Work Programme and will be discussed as part of that item at the March workshop.


Other City Centre Projects

City Rail Link

21.     The utility diversions are well underway in preparation for the pipe jacking along Albert Street.  A micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM) will start its work at Victoria Street and travel underground to Swanson Street.  When it reaches its destination it will be removed and put back into the Victoria Street shaft to make it way south to Wellesley Street.

22.     A three day information hub was set up in Queen Elizabeth Square (17-19 March) to give people an opportunity to discuss details of the work with project team members.

23.     The second phase of bus shifts will be in April before digging for the cut and cover tunnels starts in Albert Street in May.


Hobson and Nelson Street upgrade    

24.     A reference design was presented to the Board in September 2015, to inform development of options and decision-making for adjacent projects (for example the Nelson St cycleway and potential Nelson St Slip-lane upgrade).

25.     Initial staging of the streetscape upgrades will be aligned with construction of the NZ International Convention Centre, indicating a potential construction start in 2016/17. A presentation on the NZICC has been arranged for the board’s April meeting.


Lower Queen St & Albert St Reinstatement upgrades

26.     The preliminary design for the Albert St public realm is currently being reconsidered in light of the discovery of extensive underground utilities.

27.     The preliminary design for Lower Queen St public realm is due for completion in April 2016.

28.     Construction will be delivered in conjunction with the CRL Enabling Works contract, and is scheduled for 2017-2019.

29.     These projects are being considered as part of the review of the City Centre Targeted Rate Work Programme and will be discussed further as part of that item at the March workshop.


Victoria Street Linear Park

30.     A design study is currently being undertaken by the Auckland Council’s Auckland Design Office (ADO). This study is to provide the background information and design principles required to inform the briefing, design and construction of the Albert and Victoria Street intersection.


Downtown Public Spaces

31.     As reported in February, the Board has endorsed the allocation of a $1.45M CCTR funded loan for the investigation, design & consultation of new / improved Downtown Public Spaces (phased over 2016/2017).  As agreed, staff will provide an update to the Board on the satisfaction of the conditions of the Development Agreement between Precinct Properties and Council, prior to drawing on targeted rate funds later in 2016.

32.     The CCTR funded loan will be used to fund design and investigation work for the Downtown Public Spaces, incorporating other interdependent projects in the precinct including the repair of the Quay Street seawall and the future operations of the ferry basin.

33.     The investigation work will include an assessment of construction options to assist in decision making around the feasibility of undertaking repairs to the seawall and constructing new public spaces in this vicinity while Stage One CRL works are underway.

34.     The investigation work will inform how much funding needs to be brought forward in council’s Long Term Plan to complete the full scope of works associated with delivering the Downtown Public Spaces, in particular the seawall.

35.     An appeal to the decision approving the Downtown Shopping Centre Plan Change has been lodged by the Auckland Architectural Association.  Appeals will be resolved through the Environment Court over coming months.


Quay St Seawall Seismic Upgrade    

36.     Refer to Downtown Public Spaces above.


Ferry Basin Redevelopment

37.     As above, Council and AT are considering options to enable funding of initial stages to align with timing for Quay St Seawall upgrades, and delivery of Downtown Public Spaces in 2018.


Westhaven Promenade

38.     Stage 2 is currently in the early design phase – construction is budgeted for in the 2016/17 financial year.


Wynyard Quarter Redevelopment

39.     Panuku and Auckland Transport are completing streetscape upgrades within Wynyard Quarter.  Panuku is delivering Madden Street and Pakenham Street.  The first phase of Madden Street opened at the beginning of March and phase 2 is due to open in May 2016.

40.     The upgrade of Pakenham Street between Daldy St and Beaumont St is due to start on 1st April and the next stage (between Daldy St and Halsey St) is due to start in May 2016.

41.     Construction of the 650 seat ASB Waterfront Theatre is well underway and expected to be open for use by the end of 2016.


Transport Infrastructure

42.     Further reviews of the outputs of the Wynyard Interchange and Fanshawe Street bus corridor study are continuing.

43.     The Learning Quarter bus improvements study has begun with engagement with key stakeholders having commenced in March.


Cycle Network

44.     Nelson Street Cycleway– comprised of stages as follows:

·        Nelson St Bridge and Off-ramp (NZTA) – Completed

·        Nelson St Off-ramp to Quay St

a.      Stage 1 – Union St to Victoria St – Completed

b.      Stage 2 – Victoria St to Quay St – Construction of the cycleway is planned to be completed by September 2016.          


45.     Quay St Interim Cycleway

·        Construction began on 7th March and the cycleway is due to open in July 2016.

·        Initial construction work is focused on Quay Street between Lower Hobson Street and Commerce Street.  This section of the cycleway is planned to be completed by mid-May before CRL works begin in the same area.


Sky Path  

46.     An Environment Court pre-hearing meeting was held on 8th March 2016 and clear directions were received from the Court on the next steps prior to a hearing.  The Court set key dates to work towards in terms of narrowing issues.  A comprehensive report back to the Court is required by 27th May 2016.


City Centre Strategies / Initiatives

Programme and Funding

47.     A review of the programme of City Centre Targeted Rate projects has commenced and will be discussed as a separate item at the March workshop.


48.     The 2012 City Centre Master Plan Outcomes and Targets have been finalised (subject to future review and update), and have received support from the Board.  The refreshed CCMP Targets were endorsed by the Auckland Development Committee at its February meeting.

Precinct Frameworks

49.     Framework documents are underway for key city centre precincts, to collate planning and project information and inform decisions on projects and initiatives. 

a.       Downtown – complete. 

b.       Aotea – complete (endorsed by the Auckland Development Committee in February 2016).

c.       Learning Quarter – implementation plan is underway

d.       Victoria Quarter – to commence 2016 (tbc)

e.       Quay Park

i.        The third workshop of key stakeholders (Council, AT, POAL, NZTA, Ngati Whatua and Kiwirail) was held on 1st March. Initial findings and next steps will be reported to the Board for feedback.


Central Wharves Strategy

50.     No further update - the Central Wharves Strategy will be informed by early outcomes of the Port Future Study, due mid-2016.


Digital Auckland

51.     Work is continuing with good progress on all of the Digital Auckland initiatives. 


Forward Planner

52.     Refer to Attachment B – ‘Forward Planner’.

53.     The Board is encouraged to identify further topics of interest for discussion at future meetings.


Local Board views and implications

54.     The Waitemata Local Board has endorsed the final design for the Ellen Melville Centre and Freyberg Square and engagement with the board on the Karangahape Road Streetscape Enhancement project has commenced.

Māori impact statement

55.     Monthly hui will be held throughout 2016 with Iwi representatives, to engage them in the scoping and design process of City Centre projects.

56.     A hui was held on 11 March 2016 to consider input to the Karangahape Road Cycleway Public Realm Enhancements project and for Beach Road Cycleway Stage 2 artwork.


57.     Regular meetings and workshops have been held with the Local Board, Learning Quarter, Iwi and the Auckland Development Committee prior to implementation of city centre proposals.







Progress from previous meetings



Forward Planner - March 2016





Catherine Edmeades - Development Programmes Lead


Ralph Webster - Manager Development Programmes


Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

23 March 2016



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Auckland City Centre Advisory Board

23 March 2016






Attachment B - Meeting Topics - Forward Planner



Auckland City Centre Advisory Board































General topics













CC Master Programme & Funding

Programme options based on funding scenarios










Evaluating & Prioritising Targeted Rate-supported projects











Targeted Rate Financial Report

Format and frequency of reporting









Financial status – funds, commitments, forecasts












Communications & Engagement

Moving towards the ‘most liveable city’










Managing & mitigating effects of construction












Comms and engagement programme












CCMP Outcomes & Targets











Aotea Framework

Progress Update - Issues & board feedback










Panuku Development Auckland











City Centre Works Programme Integration












Harbour-related topics













Central Wharves

Progress Update / Feedback












Transport-related topics













Integrated Transport

Constraints, drivers, & demands / Options & outcomes / Timelines & Funding / Constructability













Progress Update











Street / Public Realm Upgrades













Myers Park Stage 2

Progress update










Freyberg Square / Ellen Melville Hall

Progress update











Consultation Feedback








K’ Road projects

Scope, timelines, funding, responsibilities for implementation











High Street Framework

Progress Update










Britomart Streetscapes

Progress Update










Albert / Lower Queen St

Progress Update











Hobson / Nelson St

Progress Update










Federal St

Progress Update











Downtown Public Spaces

Progress Update









Beresford Square

Scope, benefits, costs and timing, with assessment against agreed CCTR investment criteria














Street life-related topics













CC Care & Maintenance

Progress report on consolidation and standardisation


Site Walkover 20th



Site Walkover






CC Activation/CCIP

Activation programme for city centre streets and places












(Refer to UPP)

Resourcing & funding













Progress Update












UPP Programme









Wayfinding Signage

Report and presentation on city centre signage strategy & implementation plan










Private Sector













Downtown Shopping Centre/Tower
























Port Future Study












Quay Park Update












NZ International Confrence Centre