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14 March 2016


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Hibiscus and Bays Local Board

16 March 2016



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26        Auckland Transport Update to Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, March 2016       5   



Hibiscus and Bays Local Board

16 March 2016



Auckland Transport Update to Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, March 2016


File No.: CP2016/04561





1.       To respond to local board requests on transport-related matters and provide information to elected members about Auckland Transport (AT) activities.

Executive Summary

2.       The report provides an update on transport matters for the information of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and a register of transport issues in the local board’s area, as collated by Auckland Transport’s Elected Member Relationship Manager North.




That the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board:

a)      refers the decision to proceed further with Project 486, construction of a footpath along East Coast Road, Silverdale, from its intersection with Hibiscus Coast Highway to the entranceway of 59 Tavern Road, together with the installation of a pedestrian phase on the north-eastern side of the traffic signals at the intersection of East Coast Road and Hibiscus Coast Highway and an associated pram crossing/pedestrian refuge in the vicinity of 59 Tavern Road, to the local board elected in October 2016.




Transport for future housing areas

3.       A Northern Busway extension, Matakana link road, upgraded Hibiscus Coast Bus Station and state highway improvements are part of potential transport plans to support large numbers of new houses in northern Auckland.


4.       Members of the public have a unique opportunity to help set the direction for the transport needed during the next 30 years for future communities around Silverdale, Wainui, Dairy Flat and Warkworth. These areas are currently rural land outside urban limits.


5.       A six-week public consultation on potential transport solutions for future urban growth areas in the north, which began on 25 February and will close on 10 March, is focussing on what transport priorities and what potential projects should be. Four weeks of further public consultation will begin in April.


6.       The feedback will be used to help identify the transport network needed to support the area’s growth during the next 30 years, which Auckland Council (AC), AT and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) are working together on.


7.       Significant new transport infrastructure will be needed to support about 30,000 new houses and 13,000 new jobs in Silverdale-Dairy Flat and 7,900 new houses and 4,000 new jobs in Warkworth.

8.       A plan to support Auckland’s expected growth during the next 10 years is already in place, with a number of projects already complete, under construction or well advanced in planning.


9.       AC, AT and NZTA are also working closely with developers to deliver new transport for special housing areas as they are built, with this work focused on identifying the additional new and upgraded transport infrastructure for future housing and business areas which will be built on land that is currently rural.


10.     Members of the public can have their say online at:

www. at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/transport-for-future-urban-growth/


Beating the feet for Walk Month

11.     Auckland residents are being encouraged to enjoy the benefits of travelling by foot and to win prizes in March for Walk Month. AT began inviting workplaces to enter teams in the Auckland Feet Beat Walking Challenge from 1 March so that the total distance covered by people in teams can be logged and progress followed and compared online with the team’s virtual distance around New Zealand. 


12.     The AT-sponsored challenge follows the hugely popular Auckland Bike Challenge and is part of the nationwide Walk Month. The highlight of the month took place on 9 March with Walk to Work Day, when AT set up pit stops on popular walking routes around the city centre, giving away prizes to acknowledge existing walkers and encourage others.


13.     Walk Month is an opportunity for people to think about walking instead of driving, especially for short journeys, challenging old habits and considering a mode of transport that is not only safer and healthier, but offers relaxation, fun and cost savings.


14.     Research shows that people who walk say they enjoy the time alone while others find walking together a great way to connect with family members and friends. Others appreciate the certainty of travel time when walking or cycling.

15.     More information and registration for the Auckland Feet Beat Walking Challenge is available at:

·    https://at.govt.nz/walkmonth

·    https://www.facebook.com/Walk-Month-March


Sharing our paths

16.     AT launched the Share the Paths campaign to remind people to be courteous and thoughtful of others while walking and cycling on the region’s 200km of shared paths on 26 February 2016.


17.     The campaign encourages people to ring their bell when cycling past someone walking, keep left while walking and just be courteous of other people using the path.


18.     The Share the Paths campaign will run during March. Three emoji stories will be seen on paths around Auckland during that time which will serve as a graphic illustration of these messages. An emoji is a picture, or a series of pictures, that are used instead of words to to communicate a concept or idea.  


19.     Four large emojis were placed on shared paths in Orewa, Pakuranga, Henderson and Kingsland and people walking and cycling are invited to post a photo with the emojis to win prizes.


20.     AT will be holding activities at the large emojis during the campaign at which free bells and other resources will be given to people walking and cycling.


21.     More information on these activities and the Share the Paths campaign can be found at: https://at.govt.nz/about-us/campaigns/share-the-paths/.



22.     AT received a mixture of feedback to consultation carried out in October 2015 for NSAAT restrictions proposed in Moera Place, Stanmore Bay. After reviewing that feedback, a revised plan with fewer parking restrictions was distributed to the local board’s Transport Portfolio Leads (TPLs) on 15 January 2016 with a request for comments no later than 16 February. No objections to the proposal were received from the local board.

23.     Road stopping documentation for the corner of Waterloo/Wainui Roads, and Weranui and Waterloo Roads, Silverdale, was sent to the local board's TPLs for their information and comment on 21 January 2016 with a request for responses no later than 27 January 2016. Members were advised that the applications for road stopping were also subject to public notification once the AT Board had approved the file progressing and that this would be considered at the AT Board's February 2016 meeting. No objections to the proposals were received from the local board.

24.     The local board's TPLs were forwarded documentation detailing a proposal to install a pedestrian crossing next to Stanmore Bay Park on Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, on 10 January 2016, with a request for comment no later than 25 February 2016. No objections to the proposal were received from members.

25.     Documentation explaining a proposal to install a pedestrian refuge adjacent to 874 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa, to assist those pedestrians crossing the road to the beach, public toilets and bus stop, was sent to the local boards TPLs on 1 March 2016 with a request for comment no later than 15 March 2016. Local board chairperson Julia Parfitt advised that, providing Member Fitzgerald as a Whangaparaoa resident thought that it was the right thing to do, she was happy. Member Fitzgerald advised that, while she agreed a pram crossing would be good to get to the beach, with a brow in the road and excessive speeds at this location, red textured surfacing and large 50km/h signs at either end of the beachfront may make the environment safer. Member Cooper advised that he agreed with Member Fitzgerald.

26.     Documentation explaining a proposal for safety improvements, to provide a safer and more accessible environment for pedestrians and encourage lower driving speeds at the Browns Bay/Beach Road intersection, Rothesay Bay, was sent to the local board's TPLs on 1 March 2016 with a request for comments no later than 13 March 2016. The improvements include reshaping the existing traffic islands at the intersection to accommodate a walking path, installing a speed cushion on Beach Road and installing pram crossings with tactile pavers. Member Cooper advised that he thought the speed cushion would be dangerous and would increase the likelihood of an accident.

27.     Documentation explaining a proposal to extend the cycle lane on Browns Bay Road, Rothesay Bay, through to Knights Road, by providing a 1.8m wide lane separated by a newly painted buffer and repainting the flush median to reflect the changes in width, was sent to the local board's TPLs on 2 March 2016 with a request for a response no later than 16 March. The existing cycle lane ends at its intersection with Beach Road and is used by a significant number of students cycling to Rangitoto College so the proposed changes will increase safety for these students and other cyclists. Local board chairperson Julia Parfitt advised that she was happy with the proposal providing the road width allows it and the connection point to Browns Bay Road is also made safe.


Update on the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board’s Transport Capital (LBTCF) Projects

28.     As at 1 March 2016, the remaining LBTCF budget available to the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board was $597,170, which it may allocate (funding for the 2016-17 financial year). This does not take into account the local board’s decision at its September 2015 meeting to retain 50% of its LBTCF for the 2016/2017 financial year for allocation by the local board elected in October 2016 (HB/2015/134).

29.     Construction of the following LBTCF projects nominated by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board has now been completed:

·  East Coast Road - footpath guardrail in the vicinity of Spencer Road (Project 094);

·  Safety improvements on Awaruku Road, Torbay (Project 096);

·  Duck Creek Road, Stillwater – new footpath (Project 097);

·  Titan Place to Silverdale Township, Silverdale – new footpath (Project 098);

·  504 Beach Road, Murrays Bay – footpath upgrade (Project 099);

·  201-246 Centreway Road, Orewa – new footpath (Project 100);

·  Grand Drive to Tauranga Place, Orewa – new walkway and footpath (Project 101);

·  Car parking along the southern side of Duck Creek Road adjacent to Stillwater Reserve, Stillwater (Project 209);

·  St John’s School, Mairangi Bay – new footpath (Project 229);

·  Construction of a 280m long footpath on the southern side of Whangaparaoa Road from 601 Whangaparaoa Road to Cedar Terrace (Project 232);

·  Project 240, the provision of a safe crossing point on Tavern Road, Silverdale;

·  Project 346, the provision of lighting on Western Reserve, Orewa;

·  Project 383, the provision of parallel car parks at 8 Galbraith Green, Silverdale;

·  Glenvar Road, Torbay - relocation of edge line (Project 385);

·  Okura River Road bus stop hardstand area (Project 395);

·  Project 409, provision of a connecting footpath from the existing path on Waiwera Place, Waiwera, to the footpath in the beach front reserve, plus shrub trimming / clearance and minor changes to the park fence;

·  Installation of two speed advisory signs on Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, to the north and to the south of the CBD (Project 444).

30.     The cost of $62,008.00 for the surface colouring of the Hastings Road service lane (4-16 Hastings Road), an additional aspect of Project 091, Mairangi Bay Art Walk, was approved by the local board at its meeting on 17 February 2016. In addition, $4,500 for the installation of the art poles associated with the project was also approved,

31.     Installation of the mosaic panels and art poles is expected to take place in March/April. 

32.     The detailed design for Project 411, Torbay Plaza Revitalisation, is nearing completion, with regular discussions continuing with the local board, the business association, Auckland Council staff and the landscape designer.

33.     It may be possible to finalise the local board’s TCF contribution to this project at the next working party meeting scheduled for 16 March 2016. In this case, a formal decision from the local board to reflect this firm cost estimate may be requested at the local board meeting also scheduled for 16 March 2016.

34.     It is hoped that procurement for construction may commence in March/April once all aspects of the project have been finalised.

35.     The local board approved construction of Project 445, a 3m wide concrete shared path over the section of Orewa Recreation Reserve and Orewa Domain, from the southern end of the beach to the southern end of the Orewa Reserve carpark, at its meeting on 17 February 2016.

36.     A meeting with local iwi took place on 2 March 2016 during which conditions of consent specific to cultural induction and monitoring were discussed. It is expected that resource consent will be issued in mid-March 2016. The tender award will follow with construction expected to commence in early April and be completed in June 2016.

37.     A rough order cost of $550,000 for construction of a footpath on East Coast Road, Silverdale, from its intersection with Hibiscus Coast Highway up to 59 Tavern Road, together with the installation of a pedestrian phase on the north-eastern side of the traffic signals at the intersection of East Coast Road and Hibiscus Coast Highway and an associated pram crossing/pedestrian refuge in the vicinity of 59 Tavern Road, was forwarded to the local board’s TPLs on 9 February 2016.

38.     An estimate for the cost of the detailed design for the project, requested at the local board’s meeting on 17 February 2016 by the local board chairperson, Julia Parfitt, is $75,000.

39.     Funds committed to detailed design work cannot be capitalised unless a project proceeds. Given that there is no guarantee that AT will have sufficient funding in its minor safety or walking and cycling budgets to construct this footpath in the foreseeable future, there is reluctance to proceed with such a costly detailed design without a commitment from the local board that it is prepared to proceed with the project.

40.     Should the local board not be willing to proceed with the detailed design and subsequent construction of the footpath using LBTCF monies from the 2016/2017 financial years, it is recommended that it defer any decision on this project to the local board elected in October 2016.


Issues Update

41.     The following Issues Update comprises issues raised by elected members and local board services staff to 3 March 2016:







ATHOP/Senior's Card request for reimbursement.

A request for reimbursement for charges incurred as a result of a HOP card not being correctly loaded with a senior's concession rate and considered previously but rejected was again referred to AT public transport staff on the request of the Office of Murray McCully MP. On 15 February 2016 Ms Stanford, Murray McCulley's Electorate Agent, was advised that the request to refund the fares paid by the elderly couple  on their AT HOP cards had been escalated to the AT HOP Operations Manager for further reconsideration.  However, AT will not be refunding the fares charged on this occasion. In order to receive the SuperGold rate for public transport, customers can either present their SuperGold card to obtain a paper ticket or utilise an AT HOP card loaded with the SuperGold concession.  Due to the fact there was no SuperGold concession applied at the time the travel was undertaken, the fares charged were valid and correct and cannot be refunded. In addition to information on AT's website, targeted advertising campaigns around the AT HOP card and concessions are run.  Furthermore, a notification sent out at the end of November 2015 saw a significant increase in the number of SuperGold concessions loaded onto AT HOP cards. In light of the recent changes announced by the Ministry of Transport whereby all SuperGold customers will be required to use an AT HOP card to receive the discounted travel fare from 1 July 2016, a review of the registration process is being carried out with the aim to make it easier and more accessible for customers.  Further information and the appropriate communications will be provided as these become available.


Gulf Harbour Ferries

Request for information about Gulf Harbour Ferry fees and schedule changes.

Member Fitzgerald asked on 4 February 2016 why the ferry charges from Gulf Harbour to the city had been increased by as much as $100 for the monthly pass, apparently without the local boards being advised of the changes, and also why there had been several cancellations of late, querying whether even the larger vessels weren't able to sail during inclement weather. On 23 February 2016 AT’s General Manager Metro advised that the monthly ferry pass is for use on the ferry only and is reflective of the single trip price, which in turn is representative of the cost of operating the ferry.  As ferries cost more to operate than buses and differ significantly by route, all ferry monthly passes are priced on an individual ferry route basis and do not include general bus and rail travel; there are separate bus and rail zonal monthly passes. It is intended to operate every ferry sailing but when the operator can’t operate, due to poor weather for example, an alternative bus is scheduled.  The use of the bus is covered by the ferry monthly pass.  AT does not issue reimbursements if ferries do not operate and buses have to be put on as this is intended to be infrequent.  If it did, the cost of the monthly pass would need to be increased. It was acknowledged that services over the last few months have unfortunately been affected by adverse weather and marine conditions, and also by occasional mechanical problems experienced with vessels.  AT continues to make progress with 360 Discovery in resolving these mechanical issues, and whilst this has already resulted in a significant decrease in cancellations and late running, weather conditions continue to be the largest cause of reliability issues on the service. Due to the ‘open water nature’ of the route to Gulf Harbour, services are still prone to the impact of rough conditions at sea and excessive swells which can even occur on a ‘blue sky’ day.  Whilst other routes in the region may be protected by the geography of the Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf, the route up to Gulf Harbour is not so well protected from a North easterly swell.  As a result, there are occasions when even the larger vessels are unable to safely operate and are thus unfortunately cancelled.


Whangaparaoa Road, Tindalls Bay

Query regarding the recent sealing of Whangaparaoa Road, Tindalls Bay.

On 17 February 2015 Crs W Walker and Watson queried the use of chip seal rather than smooth seal on Whangaparaoa Road heading up to Gulf Harbour (Tindalls Hill) instead of smooth seal. Referred to Road Corridor Delivery North.


Gulf Harbour Ferry

Gulf Harbour Ferry and the provision of ancillary services.

Cr Walker asked on 17 February 2015 about the provision of bus connections to the Gulf Harbour ferry service; and the provision of bike racks/electric charging facilities and bike rental services. Referred to PT Operations and PT Facilities.


24 Silverdale Street, Silverdale

Bus stop at 24 Silverdale Street, Silverdale, repainted incorrectly.

At a meeting with the Silverdale Business Association on 27 January 2016 it was advised that markings for a bus stop had been repainted incorrectly, the length of the bus stop having been reduced when the Hibiscus Coast New Network had been implemented in October 2016 so that it no longer impinged on the driveway of 24 Silverdale Street. Referred to RCD North.


Beach Road, Mairangi Bay

Request for traffic calming on Beach Road, Mairangi Bay.

Mr John Bower presented to the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board on Wednesday, 17 February 2016, about traffic safety issues in Mairangi Bay shopping centre. The local board asked that these be investigated and that appropriate measures be taken to calm traffic in the area.
A response was forwarded to members on 1 March 2016, advising that, in relation to the speed limit request, central government is leading substantial change in relation to speed management and associated speed limits. A new draft speed management framework is being developed. Supporting its development is a demonstration project to test a new approach to speed management using this new approach. The Waikato region has been selected to demonstrate the new draft guide over the coming year at a number of yet to be determined locations in the region. The guide intends to offer a toolbox of different ways to manage speeds on roads. The aim is to reduce deaths and serious injuries, while supporting overall economic productivity. Both the framework and demonstration of the guide align with the Government’s Safer Journeys Strategy. The aim is to develop a nationally consistent approach to speed management. This will better enable AT to be in a position to provide a more holistic response to speed management and consider this in the wider context of the aspirations for Auckland, including consideration of appropriate speed management of the Auckland CBD and town centres such as the Mairangi Bay Village. For this reason, there are no immediate plans for a speed limit reduction on Beach Road at the Mairangi Bay Village at this stage; however this road will be investigated as part of wider speed management planning in 2017. As a first step, AT is currently working on a pilot project for a 30km/h zone in the Wynyard/Viaduct area north of Fanshawe Street as part of this national demonstration project. The outcomes of this project will help to guide future proposals for reduced speed limits across the wider CBD and town centre environments within the region. Regarding the safety concerns raised, AT is considering the merit of the suggested safety measures, but is not yet in a position to commit to any of the suggested changes. However, the two roundabouts and the intersection between Beach Road and Hastings Road pose a low road safety risk and, based on crash records, are currently operating relatively safely.
Regarding the suggestion for a right turn prohibition for traffic exiting Hastings Road into Beach Road, there is no suitable alternative route and doing so would put additional pressure on other parts of the network. Right turn prohibition also has a very low level of compliance which creates additional potential for conflict. AT is therefore unable to proceed with this request. In relation to the proposed parking restrictions, parking restrictions on Beach Road north of the roundabout are proposed due to the geometry of the road and steep embankments, which mean that it is very difficult for residents exiting their driveways to see approaching vehicles.  Whilst the parking restrictions could result in a minor increase in traffic speeds it should also make it safer for vehicles to enter and exit driveways along this section of road.


Gulf Harbour Reserve, Whangaparaoa 

Request for cycle racks on Gulf Harbour Reserve, Whangaparaoa.

Member Fitzgerald requested the installation of cycle racks in the vicinity of the Gulf Harbour Ferry terminal, for use by those commuters who choose to cycle to catch the ferry, on 29 February 2016. Referred to PT Facilities.


Maire Road, Orewa

Spill from lights installed on Maire Road, Orewa.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chairperson, Julia Parfitt, asked on 24 February 2016 that light spill from lights recently installed along the southern side of Maire Road between #68 and the intersection of Harvest Road, onto a property north of the new formed subdivision, be addressed. Referred to Street Lighting Engineers.


AT Hop Cards

Purchase and use of AT HOP cards by Hibiscus Coast senior citizens.

At a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board transport portfolio leads meeting on 28 January 2016, Member Fitzgerald asked that a team from AT be made available at the Hibiscus Coast Busway Station in Silverdale to assist holders of SuperGold cards with the registration of their AT HOP cards, then loading of their senior citizens status onto their cards, prior to the time in July when all senior citizens must have purchased and be using an AT HOP card. Referred to PT.


Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa

Safety on pedestrian crossing at 226 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa.

At a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board transport portfolio leads meeting on 28 January 2016, local board chairperson Julia Parfitt asked that safety be reviewed at the pedestrian crossing outside Plantation, at 226 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa. Referred to Road Safety


2 - 58 Waiwera Road, Waiwera

Pedestrian Safety 2 - 58 Waiwera Road, Waiwera.

At a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board transport portfolio leads meeting on 28 January 2016, local board chairperson Julia Parfitt asked that pedestrian safety be reviewed along the stretch of 2 – 58 Waiwera Road, Waiwera. Referred to Road Safety.


Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa

Arkles Bay Bus Trial, Whangaparaoa.

At a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board meeting on 17 February 2016, Member Gaye Harding-Kirikiri asked for an update on the Arkles Bay bus trial. Referred to PT.


Beach Road, Mairangi Bay

Request for a raised pedestrian crossing on Beach Road, Mairangi Bay.

In response to a request from a constituent for a raised pedestrian crossing on Beach Road, Mairangi Bay, the local board's TPLs were advised on 2 March 2016 that the crossing will be added to the candidate list for minor improvements. This programme of work is subject to an annual reprioritisation of projects for delivery within the allocated resources and funding.


Whangaparaoa Road, Gulf Harbour

Pothole repairs required on Whangaparaoa Road, Gulf Harbour.

Member Fitzgerald forwarded photographs of a pothole on Whangaparaoa Road in the vicinity of Gulf Harbour roundabout on 1 March 2016, asking that it be repaired. Referred to Road Corridor Delivery.




Local Board views and implications

42.     This report is for the local board’s information.

Māori impact statement

43.     No specific issues with regard to the Maori Impact Statement are triggered by this report.



44.     The activities detailed in this report do not trigger the Significance Policy, all programmes and activities are within budget/in line with the Council’s Annual Plan and LTP documents and there are no legal or legislative implications arising from the activities detailed in this report.

45.     There are no implementation issues.




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Ellen Barrett, Elected Member Relationship Manager,  Auckland Transport


Jonathan Anyon, Tea, Manager Elected Member Relationship  Management , Auckland Transport