Rodney Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Rodney Local Board held in the Council Chamber, Orewa Service Centre, 50 Centreway Road, Orewa on Thursday, 28 April 2016 at 1.00pm.





Brenda Steele




Deputy Chairperson

Steven Garner

(from 1.10pm, Item 12)




James Colville





Warren Flaunty, QSM

(until 1.45pm, Item 12)




Thomas Grace





John McLean





Phelan Pirrie

(from 1.20pm, Item 12)




Greg Sayers








Beth Houlbrooke





Rodney Local Board

28 April 2016




1          Welcome


The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance.


2          Apologies


Resolution number RD/2016/34

MOVED by Member JG McLean, seconded by Member WW Flaunty:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         accept the apology from Member BP Houlbrooke for absence.





3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number RD/2016/35

MOVED by Member WW Flaunty, seconded by Member JG McLean:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Monday, 11 April 2016, as a true and correct record.




5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Petitions


There were no petitions.


8          Deputations


There were no deputations.


9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.


10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


11        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.



Community Places 2016/2017 Community Centre and Venue for hire fees


Kevin Marriott (Manager, Community Places) and Robyn McMichael (Team Leader Venue Hire) in attendance for this item.


Resolution number RD/2016/36

MOVED by Chairperson BM Steele, seconded by Member JG Colville:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)            defer the report on ‘Community Places 2016/2017 Community Centre and Venue for hire fees’ until the business meeting on 9 May 2016 to allow notification to regular hirers (as listed in Attachment C of the agenda report) of the proposed hire fee framework 2016/2017.




Chairperson BM Steele left the meeting at 1.40 pm.

Member WW Flaunty left the meeting at 1.45 pm.

Chairperson BM Steele returned to the meeting at 2.00 pm.


Secretarial Note:         Member Steele retired from the meeting from 1.40pm until 2.00pm during discussion on Item 12 and Member Garner took over the role of Chairperson during that time.




Annual Plan 2016/2017


Resolution number RD/2016/37

MOVED by Member TP Grace, seconded by Member JG McLean:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         confirm its final 2016/2017 Locally Driven Initiatives budgets by activity (opex and capex), within funding envelopes, as set out in Attachment A to the Annual Plan 2016/2017 agenda report.

b)         agree not to allocate funds to increase the parks gardens maintenance service             level following feedback received during the Annual Plan process.

c)         agree the following key advocacy points:

i)          Request that legacy levels of operational funding for arts facilities in Rodney be reflected in Asset Based Services budgets, being $20,000 of the $60,000 allocated by the Rodney Local Board from Locally Driven Initiatives budgets.

ii)         Request that resourcing be provided to enable a full time equivalent parks volunteer co-ordinator solely for Rodney rather than the current share of one full time equivalent parks volunteer co-ordinator with five boards given the geographic size of Rodney and the large number of volunteer groups in the area.

iii)       Request that the lack of resources and support for local planning and transformation projects such as mainstreets is addressed, particularly in circumstances where local boards have allocated funding to progress projects.

iv)       Request that the governing body ensures ‘ownership’ and delivery of projects, particularly needs assessments in Parks, Sport and Recreation and Chief Planning Office departments, so that if a project is in the Local Board Agreement then officer resourcing should not be an issue and if there is a resourcing issue, then the agreement should not be approved by the governing body and a discussion between the parties should occur.

v)         Request funding for the coastal priorities identified in the recently completed Coastal Management Framework, including a clear and well-funded coastal renewals programme.

vi)       Request that pest management is a funding priority due to the increase in possum and rabbit numbers in Auckland which has resulted in significant damage to natural areas.

vii)      Request that a council service centre be provided in the new Wellsford Library to service the community.

viii)     Seek clarity regarding the Glorit, Okahukura (Tapora) and Te Arai Drainage Board budgets, accountabilities and ongoing support for delivery.

ix)       Request funding and or resourcing to implement actions in the Community Facility Network Plan such as needs assessments and business cases, particularly those facilities which are a priority in the next Long-term Plan.

x)         Request that the Community Facility Network Plan recommendations and prioritised actions be reviewed and updated based on the recently released population figures Auckland as these figures may impact on the recommendations for projects such as the future extension of the Warkworth Library.

xi)       Seek acknowledgement of the role that private/community owned assets, such as community owned halls, play in contributing to the overall network of assets in the Community Facilities Network Plan.

xii)      Request increased funding for renewals based on current asset condition information, particularly for town centre toilet renewals, as the funding is insufficient.

xiii)     Advocate for the base level of service for the maintenance of parks gardens to be reinstated by the governing body to provide for a monthly visit and mechanical edging (level SH4) rather than the new level of six visits per year and chemical edging (level SH7).

xiv)     Seek confirmation that the consequential opex on footpaths funded from the local board’s Locally Driven Initiative (LDI) budgets will be funded by Auckland Transport.

xv)      Seek consideration for an allocation of greenways funds for cycleways and walkways in Rodney Local Board area to enable the delivery of projects in current and future greenways plans.

xvi)     Seek consideration for an allocation of funding for walkways and cycleways to include peri-urban and semi-rural environments e.g. the proposed connection between Warkworth and Snells Beach.

xvii)   Seek access to, and the provision of, a network of indoor sports and recreation facilities in Rodney.

xviii)  Request that the governing body place greater emphasis on ensuring that Auckland Council is an organisation that is responsive and supportive of the shared governance model.

xix)     Request that Auckland Council place greater emphasis on recognising the demands of growth, particularly in Special Housing Areas, and prioritise the need for structure plans that can better respond to the impacts of that growth.

xx)      Seek more accurate asset based operational funding to compensate for shortfalls in supporting assets such as art centres and community centres/halls, with a review of asset based funding to better assess needs and avoid the use of local board Locally Driven Initiative opex for these operational matters.

d)         provide the following feedback on regional financial policy issues:

i)          Support reducing the rural rates paid by farm/lifestyle properties over 50ha to 60% of the general rate.

ii)         Support  leaving the Uniform Annual General Charge at $397.

iii)       Do not support an increase in the business share of the Interim Transport Levy (ITL).

e)         do not recommend a new Business Improvement District targeted rate to be levied for Warkworth, following the unsuccessful ballot of businesses in the Warkworth business area.

f)          recommend $206k of 2015/2016 Locally Driven Initiatives opex to be deferred to 2016/2017 to complete project and programme commitments due to the lack of council resources being available to complete agreed programmes and projects in the current financial year as follows:


Amount to defer

Business case support multisport centre Warkworth Showgrounds


Feasibility study for Warkworth swimming pool


Complete Greenways Plans


Partner with the community to build new skateparks Wellsford/Snells Beach (capital grant)


Youth council


Planning for upgrades of main streets








14        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  









2.20 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.