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Thursday 9 June 2016


Manurewa Local Board Office
7 Hill Road


Manurewa Local Board






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12        Manurewa Youth Council Update

A.      Aggreko invoice relating to the documentation tabled by the Manurewa Youth Council at the 12 May Manurewa Local Board business meeting                                          3

15        Chairperson's Update

A.      Manurewa Local Board Chairperson’s report for the period 12 May to 9 June 2016  5

23        Manurewa Local Board Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme 2016/2017

A.      Responses to questions raised at the Manurewa Annual Plan workshop held on 19 April 2016 regarding the 2016/2017 Renewals Programme                                          7

Manurewa Local Board

09 June 2016



Manurewa Local Board

09 June 2016






Member’s Report: Angela Dalton - Chairperson

Period covered by report: 12th May 2016 – 9th June 2016


Portfolio role: Governance

Having worked diligently through public consultations, two workshops, multiple portfolio meetings and financial briefings, the Board can be proud that tonight it is formally adopting its work plans for the 2016/17 financial year

I would like to thank our Local Board service team for their guidance and patience, thanks to the departmental officers for working so hard to capture the Local Board priorities within the work plan and with corresponding budgets.

At the conclusion of adopting the work plans we can then adopt the Local Board Agreement, on the proviso that there are no changes to the work plans. 

The adoption of the 2016/17 agreement will enable this Board to seamlessly enter into the election period without disruption or delay to officers which in turn will ensure the incoming Board post-election can enjoy the traction of the implementation of the annual plan.  That is good governance.

Tonight we also have the opportunity to allocate $17,000 from the 15/16 Maori responsiveness budget to Manurewa Marae to support their Whakapiki Ora project for homeless whanau.  There are further recommendations for allocations to existing work programmes to continue the delivery of the Local Board plan for approved work streams.  There is likely to be a residual amount left over from the last fast grants round of which prudent financial governance dictates will be noted as savings.

We can look forward to the completion of our capital projects which have been on the go for up to four years. Patience is a necessary virtue in Local Government.

Outside organisation appointments

Meetings of outside organisations the member has been appointed to, representing the Manurewa Local Board.

·         SIMP Wiri Prison

·         Wiri BID


Events and functions

Events and functions attended representing the Manurewa Local Board.


·         St Anne’s Blessing and Opening of their modern learning environment building

·         Judged Southmall’s Got Talent Quest


Angela Dalton



Manurewa Local Board

09 June 2016



Te Matariki Condition Assessment – 25 May 2016




·         Gutter clean – grass in western gutter. Gutters mossy.

·         Paint OK to poor condition – some damage and graffiti areas – recommend for next prioritisation 2017-18 year.

·         Exterior seats in Youth Zone need a paint.

·         North wall above Youth Zone – paint peeling below windows.

·         North fascia and exterior roof trusses peeling – pillars paint peeled – birds nest on steel work – needs a water blast.



·         Toilets/change rooms OK.

·         Foyer – OK, some paint peeling.


Youth Zone

·         Gib damage below high window.

·         Changes in panelling – pillars peeling badly.

·         Needs paint and repairs ASAP – maybe to seoncd floor height? 3M?

·         Floor – ugly tiles bit in sound condition. Some damage. Won’t be able to match.



·         New oven has been fitted.

·         Benches – all stainless steel in very good condition.

·         Walls – all Seratone – old holes etc. and some damage on corners.  However, cost to reline is prohibitive so defer for now.



·         Walls – patchy paint – blue – up to 2.4 meters could be painted.  Dawn was going to do?


Community Room

·         OK – some paint peeled and damage but Ok for now.



·         Very good condition internally and externally.


Kauri Kids

·         Inside – new floors very good.

·         Outside

-       Steel beams and timber fascias peeling

-       Play equipment repairs last year

-       Some shade sails replaced last year.


Front Entry

·         Interior walls between auto doors could be painted.