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19 September 2016


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Waitākere Ranges Local Board

22 September 2016



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24        Portfolio update - Member Saffron Toms                                                                   5

26        Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017 Progress Report                         9   



Waitākere Ranges Local Board

22 September 2016



Portfolio update - Member Saffron Toms


File No.: CP2016/20871




1.       This report provides an opportunity for Member Saffron Toms to give an update with regards to activity within his portfolio areas.

2.       Portfolio holders are responsible for leading policy development in their portfolio area, proposing and developing project concepts, overseeing agreed projects within budgets, being active advocates, accessing and providing information and advice.

3.       Member Toms has lead for the portfolios of Environment, Biodiversity and Youth.


Youth Portfolio Report (2013-2016)


4.       This report is to sum up the last three years in the Youth Portfolio space with comments under these broad themes: Voice; Belonging; Opportunities and chances to succeed; Getting around; Places to meet and play; Youth and the environment. Finally there is a brief summing up section.



5.       The local boards in the West inherited the Youth Council model from the old Waitakere City Council. Although the Youth Council had several members from Henderson-Massey, and the Whau local board areas, Waitakere Ranges struggled to attract and maintain representatives. Auckland Council is now reviewing the model and looking at other ways to engage with young people in the west. Going forward, there may be value in creating a local board-specific Youth Council and or exploring other opportunities to engage youth in governance decisions and direction.  It would also be great to experiment with enabling young people to take a more active role in events planning – events by young people, for young people. Waiheke Local Board, for example, has a huge youth involvement in the Christmas parade and this model serves to make the events more engaging for the young. The fact that this model also serves as a mentoring opportunity for younger kids to learn from the older ones is particularly exciting.

6.       This year we funded the media organisation, “Outlook for Someday” to deliver a Pacific-focused workshop with young people on sustainability-themed film making , to complement a range of workshops held across the region. Unfortunately, due to bereavement, the workshop (to be held at Ceramco Events Centre) was unable to be delivered this year, but will go ahead next year.



7.       We are excited that ZEAL is now focusing on Glen Eden, and soon working in the village a few days a week. We hope that the approach of their youth workers can assist young people to feel safe and foster a sense of belonging and value in place. 

8.       We are also excited to be on the precipice of spending approximately $1million on a civic space in the Glen Eden town centre. It is this Board’s intention that youth will be engaged with both the concept and design phases with a view to creating a place that fosters a feeling of belonging.

9.       We have also supported our schools as they reach out to the wider community, including supporting Prospect School Community Day.  We also gave a grant to Peer Health Development Trust for a civics’ engagement programme for young people.

10.     We put extra budget into the Kauri Karnival for youth-specific activities and were blown away

          by the talent from young performers.

Opportunities and chances to succeed


11.     At the beginning of the term it was difficult to engage staff from the Youth Connections team

          to work with our local board. I was told that as Henderson-Massey Local Board and the

          Whau Local Board were signed up to the Youth Connections programme, and as we lacked

          employers, comparatively, we were not a priority to work with. It was very frustrating. We

          held meetings with service providers to discuss how the Waitakere Ranges Local Board

          could put together a job summit, in a way that was not duplicating what was offered in the

          neighbouring local board areas. There was a lot of positive energy in the room and lots of

          people excited to offer something in Glen Eden, tailored to the needs of the youth of our

          area. This will happen.


12.     I am relieved that, with the new broker role, we have been able to get some Youth

          Connections staff time and have been able to progress some youth-employment related

          projects, including partnering with Youth Services West to deliver job-ready and transport

          workshops in Glen Eden, as well as offering on-site drop-in services. I hope we can expand

          on this in order to get more permanent youth service provider presence in Glen Eden.


13.     We have also been proud to continue the board support of Tula’i, a mentoring and

          leadership programme targeting young Pasifika people, delivered by the West Auckland

          Pasifika Forum. This year’s intake was very impressive and at their graduation they

          displayed a raft of talent and confidence. Congratulations!


Getting around


14.     Public transport is very important for young people and for the youth that live in our outer

          areas, increasing public transport is essential. The Board funded a feasibility study on

          feeder buses similar to the Kowhai Express in Rodney district. We eagerly await the report,

           which we understand is complete and hope to have some trials up and running in the near



15.     Increasing our greenways connections (walking and cycling) also benefits young people and we have put considerable resource into prioritising and implementing projects that link existing walking and cycle ways as well as improving pedestrian access. While we celebrated the completion of the Mountain Road pathway recently, we really look forward to the completion of the cycleway that will link Oratia Settlers’ Hall with Parrs Park and hope to complete the route to the Sunnyvale Station soon. Perhaps benefitting the largest number of young people will be the improved crossing from the dairy of West Coast Rd to the park, Hoani Waititi marae and the kura. We are also working on safety at Albionvale village where, assisted by Community Waitakere, the Board is bringing the community and key people from Auckland Transport together to come up with traffic calming solutions.   

16.     We have also engaged EcoMatters to run a “bike kitchen” where people can bring in old and broken bikes and be assisted with fixing them up. There are lots of opportunities in this model for young people to gain practical and work experience that could be useful on their CV as well as gain confidence.


Places to meet and play


17.     This Local Board has also been working on ways to get more out of already existing recreational spaces, both within Glen Eden and in our outer areas. These include investigating public-private partnerships, lobbying to the Governing Body for more resources, and possible aquatics project/s. Examples include Swanson childrens’ skatepark, which will be extended near Swanson Station; and we are working with trusts in Piha with a view to delivering new park facilities for children and young people.  We have also assisted Laingholm Primary School with a small grant to help kick-start fundraising for a new school playground.

18.     We have a new contract in place with Sports Waitakere which is focused on activating parks as places to play and recreate for young people as well as focusing on health and wellbeing more generally.

19.     Also worth mentioning is a Titirangi Waka Ama Feasibility Study (pursued under the Sports and Rec portfolio) and a youth-focused nursery project at Hoani Waititi marae.

Youth as environmental stewards


20.     We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Prospect School to present them with some assistance to plant bee-friendly gardens to help welcome their new beehives. We have supported EnviroSchools and Wastewise schools and kindergartens by attending prize-givings, awards ceremonies and paying for new signs, and we fund programmes such as “Little Sprouts” to assist our young ones to learn more about and connect with nature.

21.     The Karaka Award, part of this Board’s environmental champion awards is an award that targets young people working in the environment. We are pleased  to congratulate the winner of the category, Woodlands Park School, as well as the Orchard Group from Henderson Valley School, who won a judges’ commendation at this year’s inaugural “Love your Place” hosted by EcoMatters Environment Trust.

22.     We are advocating for the retention of Education for Sustainability programmes in the Local Board area because we see these as vital for healthy and thriving future generations.

In sum


23.     The restructure of the Council’s Community Development, Arts and Culture (CDAC) has resulted in the WRLB having a community broker based on site for about 30 hours per week. For the youth portfolio, this has been invaluable. Claire Liousse, in the new broker role, has enabled much more local concentration on networking and proactive engagement with providers and community groups alike.

24.     I hope the next board pursues more projects where young people can take more of an active role in design and delivery of youth-oriented events – events for young people, by young people. I am particularly interested in collaborating on a youth-focused event to take action against climate change, which I have been referring to as a “youth climate jam”.

25.     With the most recent rounds of significant restructuring, including massive parks restructuring and the looming review of Education for Sustainability, local board members need to keep a watchful and active eye, making sure to feed in and advocate as much as possible for retention of services where they are most needed.

26.     Our young people are our future and there is so much at stake. With jobs scarce, wages low, the oceans and forests in serious decline and as the reality of climate change becomes undeniable, what is needed most seriously is for young people to be empowered to take control of the future.



That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)      receive the portfolio update from Member Saffron Toms



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Tua Viliamu - Democracy Advisor


Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Waitākere Ranges Local Board

22 September 2016



Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017 Progress Report


File No.: CP2016/20870





1.       To provide an easy reference for progress against the key initiatives in the Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017.

Executive Summary

2.       The Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 – 2017 Progress Report provides an overview on the progress of initiatives funded and delivered, or advocated on, under the Boards governance, in the context of priorities and the aspirations identified in the Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017.

3.       The report covers the period from October 2014, when the plan was formally adopted, through to September 2016, as the current board nears the end of its electoral term.



That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)      receive the Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017 Progress Report (October 2014 – September 2016).








Waitakere Ranges Local Board Plan 2014 - 2017 Progress Report





Tua Viliamu - Democracy Advisor


Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Waitākere Ranges Local Board

22 September 2016