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8 December 2016


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Henderson-Massey Local Board

13 December 2016



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Henderson-Massey Local Board

13 December 2016



Appointment of Board Members to Outside Organisations and Community Networks


File No.: CP2016/24776





1.       To appoint board members to external community organisations relevant to the local board area.

Executive summary                  

2.       Elected members participate as representatives of the local board on a number of external community and national organisations.

3.       The beginning of the new electoral term generates the need for new appointments. This report provides details of the external organisations relevant to the local board and requests that the local board nominates a lead and alternate member to represent the board on those external organisations for the 2016-2019 triennium.

4.       In addition, there are a small number of appointments due to legislation or the terms in a deed are the responsibility of the governing body, but because the relationship between the council and the organisation is local, the governing body has delegated its responsibility to nominate an elected member to the relevant local board.



That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

a)      Appoints the following board members to be liaisons for the external community groups and organisations listed below




Te Atatu Business Improvement District Executive Committee



Safer West Community Trust



Waitakere Taskforce on Family Violence



Massey Matters Community Project Fund Committee



Crime Prevention Reference Group



Waitakere Healthlink



Ranui Advisory Group



SH20 Waterview Connection Working Liaison Group



SH20 Waterview Connection Community Working Liaison Group







5.       A number of external organisations provide for the formal participation of Auckland Council elected members in their affairs. Elected member appointees will have a variety of duties and liabilities depending on the individual organisation.

6.       At the commencement of each triennium, the governing body and local boards recommend appointments to external organisations.

7.       As local board representatives, the nominated members represent the board, not in a personal capacity.  Board members will provide updates at local board meetings to keep the board regularly informed of discussions and decisions made of their activities unless good reasons exist for confidentiality, these updates are in the form of business meeting reports which maintain public transparency.

8.       The reasons for elected member participation in external organisations can be described in a number of ways:

·    a trust deed, that requires Auckland Council to make an appointment to an organisation

·    an organisation of interest to the local board is inviting elected member representation at its meetings

·    associations entered into by the council which provide for elected member representation

·    organisation governance, or project or programme oversight, such as regional or local parks management groups

·    a statutory or regulatory provision (for example a regulation providing for a community liaison committee) or

·    a resource consent requiring the formation of a committee or hearing panel.

9.       In making decisions about these appointments, it is suggested that local boards are mindful of;

·        the elected members availability

·        any conflict of interests, including whether the local board provides funding to the entity

·        relevance

·        historical relationship with the organisation and Auckland Council.

10.     Members are delegated in their capacity as elected local board members. Should they no longer be a local board member, their nominations would be automatically repealed.

11.     Board members may be part of any organisation in their private capacity and personal interests and are encouraged to disclose memberships to external organisations in the conflict of interest register.

Relevant external organisations

12.     The details of the organisations relevant to the local board are detailed below.


Local board views and implications

13.     This report seeks the local board’s decision on representatives to external community organisations relevant to the local board area.

Māori impact statement

14.     This report has no specific impact on Māori. It covers appointments of local board members to external organisations and community networks to represent the view of local communities, including Māori communities.


15.     There are no implementation issues as a result of this report.



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Andrew Simon Pickering - Executive Officer


Phil Wilson - Governance Director

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau